From Whom?


The socialist smoke may never clear from this most recent OBAMA “debt debacle”, so we had better begin trying to clear the air as soon as possible ourselves..


Right out of the chute we read that, “The US Treasury said Monday that it will step up borrowing after the debt ceiling is raised..” (Breitbart) This ridiculous raising of the OWEbama debt seems to have had no effect on why the debt ceiling needed to be raised in the first place.. STOP SPENDING. Cut ALL unnecessary expenditures.. Wouldn’t that be a hoot, having all of the Washingtonians scrambling about trying to decide what is “necessary” and unnecessary”? That scenario would be as full of fun and excitement as the OBAMA “debt debacle” was itself..


“Treasury said it expected to issue $331 billion in net debt in the July-September quarter, up from $190 billion in the previous period..” Speaking of “expected”, I expected the Treasury under Turbo Timmy and OWEbama to do just that.. “During October-December, the Treasury will borrow another $285 billion..” I just have to ask but one question relative to that..


From whom will they be doing all of this “borrowing”?


After two years of collectivist chicanery, who in their right mind would lend the liberals ANY more moohlah? Are the Chinese that stupid?


What will happen if no one wants to lend OWEbama any more money? Will “borrow” then come to mean “just printed in the basement of the Treasury building”? After all of the trillions wasted by OWEbama, trillions that HAVEN’T taken any of the fourteen million Americans away from the OWEbama unemployment line, is there even any money left to “borrow” from anyone?


Treasury was sounding the panic alarms, “if the ceiling isn’t raised by August 2nd, the country will have to renege on some commitments..” Since OWEbama is in charge, “renege” certainly seems a waggish descriptor.. What has this “raising” actually accomplished?


“Budget experts hail the 2.5T deal as a step in the right direction, (a “spit in the ocean”, it has already been called..) but say it falls far short of the drastic action needed to address the problem..” (Fox News) Uh oh, watch out for those liberal buzz words, “drastic action”.. History has proven that very strange things always happen when the hysterical liberals begin to see the need for “drastic action”..


In the end, this WAS the typical OWEbama kind of “drastic action”. Liberal “drastic action” NEVER seeks to solve the problem that it allegedly sets out to address. The left merely wants the appearance of “drastic action”, but their “actions” are deviously devised to exacerbate the problem, never to solve it. As long as the “problem” exists, the liberals will need to be there by the boatload in order to try to “fix” things..


The ONLY concern of the left when it comes to their “drastic actions” is their “timetable”. For example, if the next election is eighteen months down the road, the liberal’s “drastic action” will purposely peter out about twenty months down the road.. This “debt ceiling” fallacy will fit that bill rather handily, OWEbama hopes that this topic will just disappear..


The left NEVER wants to cure a “problem”, they want to caress it so that they can then frighten their collectivist constituents over and over again with it.. Take the “problem” of “racism”.. All of the mau-mauing over this absolute non-issue is done expressly to keep the races separated. (See: Jack$on and $harpton..)


The question becomes, why wouldn’t OWEbama want to take “drastic action” in this case? Wouldn’t all of the liberal’s socialist spending sprees qualify as a “crisis”?


Wasn’t the Health Scare Scam enacted due to the need for “drastic action” relative to the “crisis” in health care? What about the “crisis” that led to the Scamulous? Wasn’t that billed as a “crisis”, a “crisis” so dire that the Democrats NEVER took the time to READ thoroughly what they eventually passed onto the backs of the nation’s middle class? When OWEbama kept puling about “kicking the can down the road”, we should have all known that this was nothing more than “progressive projection” and that “kick the can down the road” was EXACTLY what OWEbama demanded be done.. He got his wish.


Part of their “projection” has been their humorous attempts to blame the Republicans for this “mess” of their own making.. Let’s do a little review in order to help to clear some of the smoke..


As soon as the collectivist confetti was being scraped off of the streets, as the Bolshevik bunting was removed from the podium, the liberal “spoils of victory” were being showered onto those responsible for all of this “historic change” nonsense.. The socialist spend-a-thon went on and on and on, without any opposition until Dead Ted’s well worn seat changed ideological hands (so to speak..) After the liberals lost their wide open, unencumbered chance to do their reckless open field running, THEN it became time to financially address “genuine” needs. The damage was done, the liberals ineffectively ran through trillions of middle class tax dollars that begot nothing more than a permanent ten percent unemployment rate..


The Republicans desperately tried to explain that the liberals need to stop spending on useless and ineffective gibberish. They tried to stop the spending but that becomes hard to do when the liberals lock you out of the meetings.. The “big tent” of inclusion was nothing more than a group of smelly unwashed liberals with a collectivist chip on their shoulders..


Since there is nothing left to “spend”, the liberals simply stand before the “impartial” media and claim that Republicans “hate seniors”, knowing that “seniors” comprise a large percentage of the “independent” and “uncommitted” voting bloc.. Never mind that the liberals ignored “seniors” when there was actually money available for them and their needs.. What is much more important is that the liberals LOVE the Medicaid, WIC, AFDC (etc, etc, etc..) sucking siphons of their voting base.


How can any of this really be the Republicans fault when the left has had both Houses since 2006 and then they pilfered the presidency in 2008.. How will it be the Republicans fault when Harry Reid has already vowed to raise taxes? (Real Clear Politics) Why would the bill need $32.4 billion per page if the liberals hadn’t spent like Bill Clinton at a strip club? How could this bill possibly “help” this OWEbama “problem” when according to Rand Paul, it adds over seven trillion MORE to the OWEbama debt?


Since the Debt ceiling has been raised, who is in line to lend us money to help with the OWEbama debt, deficits, and depression? Anyone?


23 responses to “From Whom?


    Keep them coming Larry
    What a farce
    Another couple of TRILLION for the dems to spend
    Hope we can reverse all of these fiascos in 2012
    Tubby Ted’s seat is up for Senator Brown real soon
    Talk of having another Harvard brain professor to run against him
    He is part RINO but at least votes right sometime vs a DEMOC++

  2. While liberals use the elderly, Medicare, and welfare to fan the flames of their scaremongering it does nothing but burn my bu*tt.

    I have one well known “Cornhusker Kickback” Democrat Senator, Bill Nelson from my proud state of Nebraska. A state which is predominately republican followed closely by independents.

    I wrote to the senator urging him to vote for the cut, cap and spend act. I received a reply back telling me he could not because of the cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Social Security?? How in the heck would this cut Soc. Sec.? More smoke. The Senator told me that he was always looking out for the elderly of Nebraska.

    I wrote back. I asked him if “he were always looking out for the elderly” of which I am one, please explain why I hadn’t seen a cost of living raise in my meager monthly allotments while the elite such as himself and his fellow members of Congress have seen their way clear to award themselves a pay raise.

    Nelson is up for re-election this year, if I’ve got anything to do with it he’s not going to make it. He may get the newspaper coverage but I’ve got a whole file of his screwups from over the last four years and I’m reminding all the short attention spanned people.

    I’m keeping a similar file on Obama.

    Facts. It drops liberals faster than wasps off a nest.

  3. “Smoke” is at best, a wussy term. I would call it more the eruption of gas from the southern end of a north bound cow. While the liberals are busy blowing gas into the American citizens face with this plan, nothing good can be said for it other than it just plain stinks!

    The plan has weak spending cuts in the short term, un-enforceable spending cuts in the long term (remember folks, no future Congress can be bound on spending levels by a prior Congress), and pushes us over another $2 trillion in debt!

  4. JR,

    Right as rain.. As always.

    Thanks as always,


  5. Joe,

    “Cornhusker Kickback”.. Brilliant.

    As well, this “bipartisan commission” will be loaded up with RINO’s like Collins and Snowe..

    A wicked combination of “back door taxes” and UP FRONT taxes await us.

    Meanwhile, OWEbama parties, vacations and golfs on..

    Thanks as always,


  6. John Boehner and all his spineless ilk suck and need to be voted out asap.

  7. In all seriousness, did ANYBODY with half a brain EXPECT that this debt ceiling sham would result in meaningful spending cuts ?!?!?
    The hacks in DC won’t be voted out, because we have too many stupid , gullible, and misinformed voters. However, miracles do happen, so there is still some hope to remain optimistic !

    On a side note – does anyone know , with absolute certainty ( no guessing please), who will become the POTUS, if Obama were proven to be a fraud ?

  8. As well I’ll bet my bottom dollar that we’ll see more “emergency spending bills” coming out of Congress. Busness as usual….

    The natural successor to the presidency would be the vice president, “Pop-A-Top” Joe Biden. Although I consider both of the yahoos frauds in their respective offices and both should be taken out. Should that happen the Speaker of The House would then take over as POTUS according to the Constitution.
    My only “hope” if they institute this “change” would be that they deport the illegal alien boy-king on a slow boat to Kenya. (All in the interest of a smaller carbon footprint of course.)

  9. Joe,

    That is true for a valid election, Since we do not vote for the VP,we vote for the ticket, and if the ticket is not valid, then the VP can’t be valid. That is the reason for the question. Therefore, wouldn’t the runner-up ticket be the duly elected POTUS and VP ? Also, impeachment applies to a duly-elected POTUS , not one who is ineligible to legally hold office.
    Many forget that we vote for the ticket, not for the individuals.


    Shake the s*** out of them if found election fraud and McCAIN AND PALIN TOOK OVER THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS TO Mc Cain
    and PALIN BECOMES potus

  11. Bill Shambrook

    The debt ceiling bill is just window dressing and does not address the core and fundamental problem which is the bloated federal bureaucracy. If the debt problem was being addressed correctly it would result in the downsizing or elimination of departments and many employees. I would anticipate that enough redundancy, waste, duplication or worthless services, would be identified that their elimination would quickly bring the budget into balance. It would certainly cause an uptick in the unemployment number but I would expect that the unemployed in the private sector would not shed a tear.


    As part of the process in identifying federal programs and departments that should be cut or eliminated, the Republicans should use the same criteria that insurance companies must meet in Obamacare. Specifically the maximum that is allowed for admin expenses is 20% of the premiums collected and benefits paid out. Given that the government does not have to meet a bottom-line profit to stay in business, let alone grow, I would suggest that the admin expenses for government programs be limited to 15% of the benefits(if they even exist) provided. Each department should be required to build a “Zero-based budget” plan to justify both its existence and spending programs based upon measurable objectives and returns. I expect this would cut or eliminate many departments, and duplicate and useless programs. I also expect that there would be much waste found in the administration of the “entitlement programs”. By removing this it could make a major contribution to dealing with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security running out of money.

  12. Bill,

    Excellent thoughts..

    Again, if we demanded more accountants and LESS lawyers in DC, things might brighten a bit for those burdened with the involuntary financing of the liberal government.

    Thanks as always,


  13. JJ,
    I misunderstood your question. I was going in the direction of the “birthers” more than legally and duly elected to office. JR NOT OF DALLAS is correct , the Republican ticket of McCain/Palin would win by default if Obama/Biden’s election were proven fraudulent in any way. Don’t hold your breath over there ever being an investigation, BY ANYONE. Funny, isn’t it, how this country has degraded itself when it could care less now who is their president now and raising hell over Monica on her knees in the Oval Office?

  14. Well, barry has already been proven to be a fraud, the birth certificate has been examined and proven well beyond a doubt that it is a fraud, the story of the illegal use of a social security number is totally ignored, and the fact that barrys alleged father being a british subject is also ignored.

    As to the question of who would be POTUS should barry be drummed from office, it would at this point be speaker the house boehner, because if barry is proved(and again, it has been proven) to be a usurper and in the office because of fraud, any and all of his laws, decrees, and selections of personnel and czars would be null and void.

  15. I read this morning’s paper and gawked at the quotations. They were the votes of my two senators, one Repub, the other Dimo. on the dept deal. My Rep. senator had voted yes and defending his vote by saying, ” I feel very stronly that the United States of America must send the signal not only within the Unite States, but across the world, that it will pay its bills.”
    To quote a man who has my admiriation, “anyone with an I.Q. above room temperature”, would know you don’t increase your debt to pay your bills.

    The Dimo senator voted against it on the premise that “It kicks the can down the road yet again on the biggest decisions and and hands all the power about how to cut spending to a committee — so members of Congress can avoid responsibility and continue to point fingers.”

    What a hoot! As I’ve mentioned before, this guy is up for re-election this year and trying to play “good guy.” Avoid responsibilty? He and his progressive party have been spending trillions of dollars while sitting on their hands doing nothing about addressing balancing the budget. Pointing fingers? Let’s add name calling along with it, a totally unigue asset unto Democrats only.

  16. I had no delusions about the ‘ceiling’ crap. This particular ceiling has several high speed fans and you know what happens when —- hits them! Without a doubt, the middle class will be totally covered in the fallout and made to clean it up. We REALLY need to get our ducks in a row and recycle these self serving egotistical socialists in 2012. My house is right across the street from an elementary school and I plan to make use of my front yard as my ‘bully pulpit’ as so many people drive right by me (kids don’t know how to walk to school, dontcha know) so many parents will be learning with their kids.

    “Drastric action” is code for gang rape of the citizenry. And sadly the first to attack the citizenry is Boehner! But he won’t be too successful as I see him much too flacid. He has just too much wishy washy language to be SOTH. I would really like to see him defeated in 2012 – along with nasty nancy and the Maine trolls, just to name a few.

    JJ, thanks for asking the question that has been in my mind for ages. I think I would die laughing if it were to come to pass. What then would be the state of all the laws and administrative actions and appointments the louse put in our beds? We really should find it hard to sleep at night knowing OWEbama is still roaming in our jet and bowing to muslims and has his hand in our pockets.

  17. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  18. beyond disgusted

    Margaret Thatcher said it best – the problem with socialism is, eventually you run out of other peoples money.

  19. In the words of Curly(Jack Palance) from the movie City Slickers… I crap bigger than you…
    In fact, the other day a pinched a loaf that truly impressed even me!
    I was so impressed that I got a Q-tip and made it 2 little eye sockets…
    then I gave it a name…
    then I ran into my office and printed it an authentic Hawaiian birth certificate…


  20. For me it was all oveer when McConnell came out a few weeks back and made that stupid statement about just letting Obama raise the debt limit whenever he wanted to. After that it was just a dog and pony show because they already knew exactly what bill was going to pass. They just went thu the steps until the very end. The set-up was in and it just needed to play out and it did. The American people once again have gotten screwed. Anyone surprised? I’m not.

  21. Family,

    The latest TOTD with a spin..

    Trying a new trick: I will take this TOTD and later today, it will morph into a full article.

    Lets see if it works, tell me what you think..

    Thanks as always,


  22. Regarding the question as to who would be POTUS , there were three different answers — Biden, McCain, and Boehner. So, which is the correct answer ?
    It may sound like a trivial question, but as whosebone indicated , there are apparently many problems with the legitimacy of Owebama. That is one reason why I had asked for a correct answer, and not a guess !
    Nonetheless, thanks for the responses, and I hope we will eventually get a clarification !!

  23. JJ,

    If the fraud charges are strictly against Owebummer and removed, Biden would be the president.
    Boehner, only if Owebummer is removed, Biden, as president, tripped over his empty booze bottles, popped a hair plug out and bled to death. He’s third in line.

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