Out Of Ammo


According to the Reuters News Agency, “Obama, Bernanke out of ammo to boost jobs, growth..” Sounds like the nation under OWEbama has the same problem as the military does under a liberal, no ammo..


“The United States has a jobs problem and there’s not a lot that Obama and Bernanke can do about it..” As 2012 creeps ever closer, it is OWEbama that has the “jobs” problem. Actually, AMERICA has the “jobs problem” that is has “inherited” from OBAMA.. Maybe there isn’t much they can “do about it” because OWEbama and his liberal lackeys “tried” to do so much about it.. So much of what they have “done about it” has accomplished so little of a positive nature.. As an aside, there is really only so much that anyone could do by fiddling with monetary policy as the Fed has tried. As “clueless” as Bernenke is about one of the “economic soft patches” of a few months ago, this is OBAMA and the Democrat’s problem alone..


“In the face of rising risks of a recession that could imperil his re-election chances next year..” This “re-election” was the collectivist catalyst behind the “kick the can timetable” that Obama demanded for HIS debt ceiling fiasco. Whether it “does” anything positive about the problem is irrelevant, Obama can now say that he did “something”.. (By the way, how did OWEbama’s “can plan” do? The Dow dropped well over 500 points today alone, on top of the hundreds of points it plummeted in the past two days..) With the left, “results” can always be blamed on someone or something else..


“He has little political leverage, he does not have much presidential persuasion left. He is running out of capital..” Thanks to Obama and his Marxist minions, AMERICA itself has run out of “capital”, THAT is the problem, one among many that are the direct result of the Democrats and their fascist funny business..


“It seems we’ve thrown everything at it. We’ve had QE1 and QE2. (“Quantitative Easing” a Fed money manipulation trick..) Stimulus 1 and Stimulus 2. The unemployment rate is still 9.2 percent..” I am not really sure who this “we’ve” is. The ONLY ones doing any “throwing” have been the liberals, regardless of all of the idiotic distraction techniques of “it’s the Republicans fault” that they have been humorously heaving around of late.


“Maybe there are just not many options here at this point..” How about this novel idea: can the left concede that the “options” that they have been exercising since both 2006 and 2009 have done NOTHING to stem the Democratic demolition, the economic black hole that is Obamanomics? In the end, the “option” of raising the OBAMA debt limit makes as much sense as giving the gift of a poppy field to a heroin addict.. The availability of even more money will NOT suddenly make OWEbama into a confirmed capitalist..


Having both time and the middle class’ tax money, the left’s “options” played up until now, have produced record deficits, record debt and record unemployment. The Carter “Malaise Days” now looks like the Roaring Twenties compared to the OBAMA implosion. From our perspective, shouldn’t this be classified as a fascist failure through and through? Is this “failure” the result of liberal stupidity or are these “historic” heresies the result of the liberal’s plan being executed perfectly?


Maybe the “options” of ANYBODY other than the pernicious progressives might begin to at least dam the reactionary river.. This river is “denial” as the greasy spokesMAN for the liberals, WasserMAN yesterday said that “we’ve really begun to turn the economy around..” (Freerepublic dot com) Again, we have to ask, if the liberal’s oily oligarch believes that they have “turned the economy around”, when the Dow has lost nearly a thousand points since Obama’s “victory”, the “corner” the liberals want America to turn is Depression and destruction. The liberals aren’t stupid and by the way, neither are we. This is intentional. This is war.


Here is an “option”.. “A major option is extending the payroll tax cut. We did that in December and the economy grew at a 0.6 percent rate..” With OWEbama and the Democrats, a measly “0.6 percent” INCREASE in growth is something to celebrate. Note to the liberals: a tax CUT produces growth. The only “growth” a tax increase creates are otherwise known as “economic tumors”..


Another wizard from the “Babbling Brookings Institution”, Karen Dynan said, “there is a good case to be made for additional stimulus..” Perfect.. The first TWO “Scamuli” didn’t work (again based on the idea that they were supposed to do something POSITIVE for the economy..) another socialist salvo from these same sophomoric socialists won’t work either..


That said, before the ink was dry on OWEbama’s latest “save/destroy the nation” farce of raising the debt limit, one of his Marxist minions was unveiling his progressive plan to RAISE taxes on Americans. When Obama is said to be “pivoting” back to “job creation” (stop giggling..) why would the left immediately begin raising taxes which ALWAYS penalizes both employers and consumers?


Obama is only concerned about those “employed” by the liberal welfare machine. As long as the nation’s slothful, America’s slugs, receive their “checks” which under liberalism has become their RIGHT, under the perverted perception of the demented Democrats, all will be well with those who have no choice under the liberal caliphate but to bankroll the unending Bolshevik benevolence of the left..


After TWO failed “Scamuli”, after “extraordinary” measures taken by the Federal Reserve and after this latest OBAMA debt ceiling fiasco, NOTHING is available to help those that ACTUALLY keep America’s economy moving FORWARD, the employers and the middle class consumers..


Watch carefully as the liberals do a little more “pivoting”, not only will the leftists be trying to blame the Republicans for the “mess” that they have “inherited” from themselves, now they will try to drag the Tea Party into the swamp of socialism that has been working its magic on America since 2006..


“With lawmakers out of town for a summer recess..” They have earned it, haven’t they? This is Obama’s cue to rustle up the clan and head off for his 198th vacation on the backs of the American taxpayers.. “Although Obama does plan a Midwestern bus tour from August 15 to 17 to talk up jobs..” “Talk up jobs”? Instead of “talking” about them, maybe Obama should get around to CREATING a few MILLION of them.. “Talking up” jobs means another visit to the fairy tale land of “jobs saved or created”.. When asked about Obama’s “plan”, “the White House declined to say what he had in mind or when he would lay out suggestions..” There’s no hurry.. There is no “crisis”, is there? What is the name for his Bolshevik bus tour, you ask? “Barack E. Newman, ‘What Me Worry’ 2011..”


The ONLY reason that OWEbama and Bernanke are “out of ammo” is because the liberals have, in a drug induced orgy since 2006, spent their time shooting into the sky.. As proven by the OWEbama recklessness, AMERICA is “out of ammo”. Several Scamuli, Bolshevik bailouts, Health Scare Scams and the list goes on and on and on.. Obama has done something else “historic”, he has run the American well dry proving that he is a better socialist than all of his European and Soviet heroes who have preceded him into the “dustbin of history..”


12 responses to “Out Of Ammo

  1. Family,

    Right now, if you had $35,000.00 laying about, you too could be sidling up to the Brown Bolshevik at his 50th (according to his invisible ink birth certificate..) birthday bash.

    THESE are the people who should be doing their “fair share”.. And as an act of “fairness”, OWEbama should turn all that cash over to the government to spend..

    Oh well..

    Thanks as always,


  2. Hi Larry, sorry to have missed some of your posts. I have been on my dream road trip, driving from Phoenix to Alaska and the wifi is spotty. This trip really makes you realize this is God’s country. So many resources and beauty. Breath taking sights.

    After spending days in Canada, the brownish bolchevik is affecting the economy here too. One glaring example my husband and I noticed are the lack of travelers from the US. It is peak season here and the RV camp sites are close to empty. One owner said this is his third bad year. He is hanging on by a thread and will probably lose everything. They know it’s Obama.

  3. Hi Larry, sorry to have missed some of your posts. I have been on my dream road trip, driving from Phoenix to Alaska and the wifi is spotty. This trip really makes you realize this is God’s country. So many resources and beauty. Breath taking sights.

    After spending days in Canada, the brownish bolchevik is affecting the economy here too. One glaring example my husband and I noticed are the lack of travelers from the US. It is peak season here and the RV camp sites are close to empty. One owner said this is his third bad year. He is hanging on by a thread and will probably lose everything. They know it’s Obama.

  4. Sorry for the duplicate. Tired I guess

  5. Monica,

    If you think Canada is great, wait ’til you get to Alaska ! Another reason the Canadian economy isn’t booming, is the high personal tax rate, ( someone has to pay for the ‘free’ socialized healthcare !! ).
    Enjoy your vacation, and forget about the fraud in the WH while you’re gone. He’ll be there when you get back.

  6. Can ‘Liberal Logic ‘ really be explained or understood. For example, if someone who loves the ocean, the waves, the beach, the breeze, etc. , but happened to live in the middle of a desert, why would they expect the gov’t. to bring the ocean to them ? Wouldn’t it be far more intelligent to ‘move’ to the ocean?
    By the same token, if someone really wants to live in a socialist country, why not simply move there, and enjoy it immediately, instead of fighting to change this country ??

  7. Monica: We have an RV and haven’t been able to travel near as much as we did a few years ago. A mere two-hour adventure from home costs $100+ in diesel!! Thanks Obamanomics! Found this on a Facebook post yesterday:

    If the US Government was a family, they would be making $58,000 a year. They spend $75,000 a year & are $327,000 in credit card debt. They are currently proposing BIG spending cuts to reduce their spending to $72,000 a year. These are the actual proportions of the federal budget & debt reduced to a level that we can understand. – Dave Ramsey

  8. I continue to be amazed at the friends who worship at the temple of OWEbama. They blame FOX, the “rich” and big bidness! Getting on a bus is so approiate, soon that will be the only transportation we can afford. Love those bus stations in the big city, don’t you?. Dims are moving the bus station in their convention city way ahead of the second imaculation of the “one”

  9. Nails obama & liberals on the head….

  10. My Republican Senator voted for this limp-wristed debt plan saying, “We’ll be able to show not only Americans, but those across the world that the U.S. can pay it’s bills.” Hmm, raising the money debt ceiling, in effect borrowing more money, in order to lower your debt just never worked out in any of the economic classes I’ve taken, Senator. Although the Senator is a fairly young man and only in his second year I think he is showing the signs of

  11. Larry, I really like the experiment on this article/thought of the day. Sometimes your TOTD have me dwelling on them most of the day. You fleshed this one out to show I wasn’t paranoid on some of these topics.

    The ‘Era of Records’ OWEbama has going, will definitely end up in the Guinness Book of World Records. I pray the next POTUS can make records of a nature to totally cancel out OWEbama’s abysmal report card. Your analogy of giving a poppy field to a heroine addict was a bullseye! I very much believe OWEbama needs a shrink in the worst kind of way. It is frightening to see a person take an OATH of office one day and burn it within 24 hours. He has truly sailed only on the river of denial.

    OWEbama has certainly turned the economy around and around – actually spinning like a top creating a black hole (and no, I am not being racist – have you ever heard of a white hole?)

    One last point I want to play up – ECONOMIC TUMOR! It goes side by side of CPB-Texas With a tumor you need to strike fast and hard to begin the healing. The strike needs to be a return to Constitutional purity. We have lost our way and we need to quickly find our way back to the base of our government. It was built on a firm foundation many years ago, but too many self interest groups and subversive elected officials have perverted the Constitution to the point it is stained, tattered and shows signs of jack boots wiped on it. We should hang our heads in shame for allowing deterioration to reach this point. We must raise our conservative voices in a shout to God to once again direct our leaders. And frankly, we need to replace the leaders with haste. One question I would like to see during this campaign would be to get EACH and EVERY candidate to answer if they believe in the Constitution and would they take their oath of office seriously.

    God grant us One and Done and bless our wounded nation so we may soon heal.

    NEVER give up! NEVER give in! and NEVER again!

  12. I would like nothing more than to watch Owebama’s mouth drop to the floor in presenting him with the Inheritance Tax on the deficit he so mind-numbingly keeps claiming. But then he’s just following in Hitler’s footsteps with “Tell a lie.”

    In fact there needs to be a short refresher course dispersed of the person(s) who caused this deficit and budget crisis. In 2006 it began with Nancy Pelosi saying, “Elect us (Democrats) and the price of gas will go down.” In 2007, after being Democrats in both House and Senate making a majority were elected, Pelosi again said to the voters, “You don’t need God, you have us.”


    During that first year, Congress had to contend with President Bush who, I think, belatedly got tough on spending increases and they had to compromise.

    In 2009 though, good ol’ Pelosi and Reid-“ocialists” bypassed Bush by passing continuing resolutions to keep the government running until a Democrat president, and in this unfornute case it was Owebama, could take office. At that time they passed the massive omnibus bill to complete the 2009 budget.

    Senator Barack Obama was a member of that same Congress who passed all of these massive spending bills and as sitting president, he signed the omnibus to complete 2009.

    If this apologetic, spinless whiner inherited anything it would be his own deficit of his own doing. In 2007 the federal deficit was around $2-3 Billion, the following year, in 2008 under democrat control, it increased to over $6 Billion. And in 2009 according to the CBO the grand sum of the federal deficit amounted to $1,845,000,000,000. (as in trillions)

    It is no more than they teach in the schools today; blame someone else for your inadequacies. It lifts ones self-esteem

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