The Wizard Of ODDDD’s


Since “kick the can down the road” is now officially the stance of both of the major political parties but primarily the position of the progressive poltroon in the Sleight House, those who support him has better realize that ALL of what has preceded it has enabled and exaggerated ALL that will follow.. The funny part is, the person responsible for all of this Democratic destruction wants the chance to do it all again for another four years.. Imagine trying to defend the record of someone with a record like that.. That is why the left won’t mention a thing about it..


We had better begin to understand that the liberals set up this economy like a row of dominoes. The first domino was knocked over back when Barney Frank and Billy Bob Clinton demanded the idiotic application of “fairness” in the home lending industry. The “centrist” Clinton, “centrist” ONLY because of the “Contract With America”, proved his liberal socialist provenance by intruding upon the private sector in this carcinogenic manner. Accompanied by the lisping liberal, Bath House Barney, the one whose “somewhat life partner” was the head of Fannie Mae, (Herb Moses) an unnatural number of loans were made to the undeserving leading to the REAL “faux” Clinton economy which finally collapsed upon itself years later..


The liberals never realized that lending money to other liberals would become an unacceptable even idiotic risk to the entire economy, even the world.. The jealously behind Putin’s (doesn’t this guy look too much like Templeton the Rat from “Charlotte’s Web”?) recent statement calling the American economy a “parasite on the world’s economy” aside, America IS the world’s economy, or at least it used to be before the liberals began their vivisectionist programs and policies..


Now it seems as though the last of the Democratic dominoes are about to fall even AFTER the raising of the OBAMA debt ceiling.. The Dow Jones lost over five percent of its total value since this AMAZING liberal cure-all was passed.. The S&P 500 lost over eight percent of its total value.. Monday will probably prove again that the OWEbama gravitational pull on the nation’s productive hasn’t lost its magic touch.. It’s hard to imagine how many more percent the Dow will lose as well as how many more middle class tax dollars will be sequestered and then wasted..


The economy is the foundation of any political office holder or aspirant. If Obama hadn’t destroyed over fourteen million jobs (and counting..), if Obama hadn’t made the idea of a ten percent unemployment rate progressively permanent, the majority of the nation might be of a mood to forgive some his other forays into fascism.. If the economy were soaring, if unemployment was at about four percent, we would still get upset over such lunacy as the “ObamaScare Health Scam” but its cumulative economic effects wouldn’t be quite as painful. You CAN’T place one miserable economic failure upon another and expect the chance to have four more years to inflict even more damage..


But this is the “game plan” of the socialists. Obama’s “success” has literally scared any other potential liberal challenger into hiding.. Even the feral fascist, the pantsuit progressive who has so long yearned for the brass ring, wouldn’t consider what would be her last shot at the office that her husband so defiled.. Still, the liberals want the nation to give the “Kenyan Kevorkian” another four years.. They want the “Wizard Of ODDDD” (Deficits, Debt, Depression and now Default.. Default by any other name, namely the S&P downgrading of the nation’s credit rating) to retain his title and to have another chance at all of the knobs, levers and pulleys that are attached to the economy.. These fools have to now prop up someone who has gone from “O-BOW-ma” to “OWEbama”.. With that as your “blackdrop”, prepare yourselves for some first class Democratic deception..


The first thing that the left will realize is that they have the same problem to overcome with Obama in 2012 as they had in 2008, however the “problem” has spun to a 180 degree different angle.. “Experience”. In 2008, they had to overcome his LACK of experience, now they have to overcome his ACTUAL “experience” of the last four years.. Today’s “experience” will prove to be a larger obstacle to detour around but these are the liberals and they not only understand childish pop psychology, they utilize it with aplomb.. With task of defending the undefendable, before the election of 2012, they are going to be as busy as Joe Biden’s designated driver and after the election, we “hope” that they will be as busy as Michael Moore’s aerobics instructor..


It seems that every four years or so, the “impartial” media begins barking and howling about the fact that “this is the dirtiest election on record..” “Mudslinging” will be the constant topic of discussion. “Perspective” will become of primary importance as the liberals will try to paint anyone who actually talks about the Obama record as participating in the polluted political practice of “mudslinging”.. Once the Obama record is revealed in its entirety, the liberals will call it “mudslinging” (Or worse.. More on that to come..) and they will loftily claim that they will remain on the “high ground”. (Where else would the drug induced liberals be?) By denouncing EVERY element of the Obama record brought up for discussion as “mudslinging”, they will therefore not need to answer any of the claims because they will not “lower themselves” to answer the accusations made by a “mudslinger”.. “Next question, please..”


The Republicans have had the House just about long enough for the new members to put its address into their navigation systems, but EVERYTHING that has happened, EVERYTHING that has turned out so poorly since Obama took office from the perverted perspective of the progressives, will be the Republicans fault..


They will also insultingly seek to marginalize the Tea Party so that the weak-willed Republicans will abandon them as well.. IF the liberals were as intelligent as they claim in public that they are, they would actually encourage the efforts of the Tea Party and their common sense candidates. The Tea Party will only siphon votes from the Republican side of the ledger reminiscent of the Ross Perot phenomenon that propelled the Arkansas Pervert into the White House. (The smart move were that to happen, would be for the Republicans to formally embrace the Tea Party, its constituents and its candidates.. By the way, this is the “smart move” anyway but will the Republicans do it?)


Watch for the scary specter of the invisible and imaginary “racism” to make a comeback.. That said, watch for the lowest of the lowest Democratic demagogues, $harpton and Jack$on, to appear from out of hiding.. The left has already begun experimenting with this fabricated fiction and they have trotted out relative rookies when it comes to this ruse just to see if it will still be tolerated by the rest of us.. If so, then the veterans with their collection plates in hand will come in from the Bolshevik bullpen..


Here is just a partial list of the liberal luminaries/lunatics that have recently begun to heave the dead carcass of “racism” around on behalf of the “putting poltroon”.. September 16, 2009, Dhimmi Carter. (Telegraph co UK) Representative Mike Turner (L-TN) (Nashville City Paper 03/22/10) Keith OlberWOMANN (01/29/10) (Have no fear, this was done on MSNBC so even if all six of the networks viewers were watching, in the end it won’t make any difference..) Maureen Dowd, the perpetually petulant, vitriolic virago of the New York Times claimed that Joe Wilson’s two words of “free speech” directed at Obama during one of his Health Scare screeds (“You lie!”) was racist.. We sometimes forget that the first amendment ONLY applies to the liberals and their flexible definitions of “speech”. Those who disagree with the left aren’t entitled to the rights and protections of the Constitution.. By the way, Wilson’s words were incredibly meek compared to ANY of the liberal’s exercises of “free speech” when disagreeing with any Republican.. (Wilson actually apologized to Obama for his “free speech” prior to the Obama alleged state of the union address in January of 2011..) Jim Clyburn, May 2011..


The only effective method of arguing with the liberals, who will not want to argue, is to constantly ask the same questions based upon the horrible record of Obama and the liberals in Congress. So-called answers like “we inherited this economy” should be met with, “Even if that were so, why haven’t you done anything positive in the four years that you have been in a position to ‘change’ things? Shouldn’t things be better now than they were four years ago, not worse?”


What can Obama say? “I DID ‘change’ things.. Fourteen million unemployed, record spending, record deficits, the first lowering of the nations credit rating in the nation’s history, see, I DID ‘change’ things..” No he will blame the “obstructionist” Republicans.. Then answer that nonsense with, “If the Republicans have been so “obstructionist”, how many times have you had to veto bills that they have brought to your desk?”


Sensing the Bolshevik blood in the water, follow up with this.. “I thought that you were a ‘unifier, not a divider’? How can you explain the most divided nation and Congress in history?” “How can you explain the trillions of dollars demanded through the stimulus that haven’t helped with the economy or with the creation of much needed jobs in the least?” “Weren’t your alleged ‘bailouts’ given to those that you said ‘got us into this mess’ and why hasn’t that helped with the problem?” “With a record like yours and the Democratic Congress, how can you feel that you deserve another four years to undo what you have already done?”




15 responses to “The Wizard Of ODDDD’s

  1. Family,

    There is no letting up..

    The latest TOTD..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    OWEbama: One and DONE.



    45.8 millions on food stamps sure it does not include the illegals
    true unemployment of 12 %
    47% of homes under water mortgage more than current value
    every trade out of work because of lack of home sales and new building
    real estate brokers appliance sales and furniture jobs all lost
    guess we are now a third world country
    so the WH wants to tax the rich if they took all the rich peoples
    money it would only help for maybe two weeks and they have no future


    Checked out your thought of the day and am glad you are not giving up
    Also I think I mentioned Robert Ringer the Author before but now he has a web site and newsletter that is superb Long time ago he wrote
    LOOKING OUT FOR NUMBER ONE The best line in that book was
    He has a post today about BARRY GOLDWATER that mentioned years ago that the future of AMERICA could some day elect a person
    THAT would become a dictator with too much power due to
    CONGRESS being to lazy and giving the President too much power

  4. The MSM has to marginalize the Tea Party, because to do so is to maginalize the everyday working stiff whom is forced to pay the taxes needed to feed the liberal Leviathan they created. I cannot fathom how they can spin the current economic mess we are in and generate votes for our Dear Leader in 2012. ‘Hope and Change’ has now become ‘Hope They Don’t Figure Out What’s Coming Next’.

    This doesn’t mean we’ll have an easy time getting somebody to beat the Annoited One. He has the MSM, armies of thugs, goons, mobsters, Black Panthers, SEIU, ACORN and others to keep him in power either by deceit, outright fraud and theft. However, the youth whom supported him last time may not come out for him this time, assuming they don’t just stay home. There are no jobs for these youngsters coming out of college that doesn’t have ‘do you want fries with that?’ figured in somewhere. Any of them that support him this time around are either mentally deficient or are as Communist as he is. Not all blacks will support him either, though the majority are too bound up in their own racial identity to figure out they’ve been sold into slavery by their Mullato Messiah.

    All that said, we must find a candidate whom is a conservative and speaks for our ideals, and not some ‘centrist’ whom thinks compromise will get us out of this mess. That’s how we got John RINO McCain in 2008. Anybody fool enough to vote for the debt ceiling whom faces reelection next year needs to face a primary opponent, and needs to be oustered. Anybody whom campaigned on fiscal responsibility and didn’t follow through cannot be rewarded with another term. We need to show our elected ‘representatives’ that we are serious and we will not accept moral slips on their part. This election isn’t simply a referendum on all things Obama, but a fight for the heart and soul of the Republic. We’ve run out of second chances.

  5. The GOP should bite the bullet (their own flavor) and join whole heartedly with the Tea Party. When this happens, start cutting out the dead wood at the top of the party and pare it down to the peoples choice. ANYONE who wants to open their eyes can see big government is the plague. Honor the Constitution and return sovereignty to the individual states.

    OWEBama – One and Done!

  6. The MSM have already started trying to co-conspire the fact that the Tea Party and the Republicans are one in the same in the morons who don’t pay attention. While there are some Republicans who do share true conservative values I believe most can’t be trusted, they are simply “government.”

    An interesting side-note, I caught a video about Hillary Clinton’ presidential campaign involving one top name Hollywood producer and high ranking associations. Campaign funds were received illicitly, Clinton was close to investigation although she offered excuses, told the producer she didn’t want any money from him, then less than a month later he received a letter from her campaign asking for $100,000.
    You can always count on the “Corrupt” Clintons but someone more corrupt than they forced her out in showing them how it’s done.

    Washington is the name, corruption is it’s game and it’s all about taking your money, no matter which party it is.

  7. JR,

    The left may say that they want the rich folks money because it sounds nice and sexy to the bottom feeders.

    The left wants the middle class’ money. THAT’S where the numbers are..

    Thanks as always,


  8. G.,

    I always appreciate your comments. They are always thought provoking and they are always well prepared.

    If you ever get your own site, let me know as it will well be worth reading.

    Thanks as always,


  9. Richard,

    Spot on. It usually takes me about 1,500 words to make a point as well as you do..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Joe,

    As I have always said, the screw hurts just as bad regardless of who is turning it..

    Thanks as always,


  11. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  12. Family,

    I implore you, please forward this to every conservative that you know.

    Apathy is festering, we cannot allow this to continue.

    Thanks as alwys,


  13. Also, Owebama ‘inherited’ a bond rating of AAA . Let’s see if tries to blame Bush for the reduction to AA minus !

  14. JJ,
    As normal, only misdirection and the twisting of facts make political fodder for liberals. A ‘twisting’ of inheriting was played upon while AAA rating was ignored for political gain. Owebama, who had no debt reduction plan of his own, has instructed bootlickers such as John “Francios” Kerry and Nancy “Needles” Pelosi to start blaming the Tea Party. Look for more to come on this, the Tea will be blamed for ever financial misfortunes that make the news by the impartial MSM, from foreclosures to McDonalds spilled coffees.

  15. Joe,

    Absolutely, and just wait until next fall when the TEA party will be condemned unmercifully, and blamed for just about every error that this regime has committed . The TEA party must prepare for it , because it is coming.

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