A Logical Target


The Democratic “Dance of Deception” is in full swing. The liberals have all donned their favorite dresses, the coquettes even have their socialist slips showing and their dance cards with the “impartial” media are already overflowing.. Its time for someone to step up and stop their attempt to gain any Marxist momentum relative to their collectivist culpability in what they have intentionally destroyed. If those who USED to report the news would stop trying to manufacture the news while desperately seeking the approval of their communist cuddle buddies, if they would turn over a few of the reactionary rocks outside of the Sleight House, the nation’s mentally malleable would finally understand the truth surrounding this situation..


While the “lid” that usually falls over what the “impartial” media used to call the “news” was screwed down for the weekend as it almost always is, those with more than just a few screws loose were unleashed upon the Sunday morning fascists fireside chats.. Their goal has become to “lay blame”, a “socialist suppressing fire” if you will and to make sure that it is laid anywhere else other than where it actually belongs. They have what they feel are a few “easy targets” in mind and they have begun to fire socialists salvos at them.. Anything resembling sanity or moderation has been jettisoned from the left’s thinking, (this has been the progressive program for over fifty years..) the more outrageous, the more untrue the better as they now have their progressive potentate to protect..


Everyone knows that the liberal “true believers”, those that receive their socialist stipends from the condescending collectivists, will accept anything from their captors as long as there is a sufficient series of bribes attached to it. These folks aren’t known for their “deep thinking”.. After all, the liberals have systematically enslaved them for generations and they have never noticed the Democratic not-so subtle transformation in their “thinking” from fire hoses and baseball bats to the welfare checks of the heresy of handouts. The liberals for years have followed Hitler’s maxim that the bigger the lie, the more believable it is to their chattel.. Even the liberals themselves, were they to ever have a moment of honesty, would have to admit how shocked they must be that so many people have willingly allowed themselves to be manacled to the left’s genetic need to enslave their inferiors..


Several liberal subversives stepped out yesterday doing what the liberals have done for years when they believe that they have found something that might help with their need to deflect and distract everyone’s attention from the destruction that they have achieved and actualized. They send out a few of their more obscure operatives who then “test the waters” by verbalizing these outlandish and obvious obfuscation.. If there is ANY blow back, these saps, who almost always have nothing politically to lose, will be blamed by their handlers/puppeteers for being “rogue agents” or “the administration denounces the words of Mr. So and So..” The liberals still don’t have the courage to just run with the ball right from the gate because they are too intellectually slow, even after all of these years of slavish devotion from the “impartial” media”, to realize that these liberal lemmings would never think to dismantle the left’s progressive propaganda as a public service to the rest of us..


With that, David Axelrod, John Kerry and even “Bathhouse” Barney Frank all set out to do their Democratic duty. The results are insultingly obvious to those of us who have not swallowed the Eucharist tainted with the progressive poisons..


John “Who?” Kerry, according to the Washington Post, (“Democrats seek to pin credit downgrade on tea party”) claimed that “I believe this is, without question the tea party downgrade..” First off, ANY time a liberal says the words “without question”, it is the Pavlovian cue for the “impartial” media to fall in line and to not “question” the sagacity of the liberal before them.. It would appear that there was some type of severe electrical storm in the Massachusetts area the night before last and that that was enough power to run through the cables attached to the bolts in Kerry’s neck to make him ambulatory once again..


Again, the “blow back” that might have befallen the invisible Senator and presidential LOSER, had the “impartial” media been truly “impartial” when such sophistry was voiced in their presence, could have been scoffed off as merely “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” by the “administration”.. This PSD would NOT have been from his almost wholly imaginary service in Vietnam but from his FAILED campaign for the presidency that even effected his ridiculous running mate (The North Carolina Narcissus) to such a degree that he had an affair and a love child all while his wife was bravely fighting cancer.. All that I know is that the people of Easter Island need to do a head count because one of their statues must be missing from the Rapa Nui National Park and it was last seen babbling away on “Meet the Press” yesterday wearing an ill fitting suit and a tasteless necktie..


Axelrod, according to the Washington Post article, “used the exact same phrase” to attempt to lay the blame for the liberal DEMOCRATIC failures that can be traced even farther back than when they had control of BOTH Houses, thus control of ALL spending”, in 2006. Again, the “testing of the waters” allows no deviation from the socialist script. From the left’s perverted perspective, if it works, repeat it again and again and again..


The most disgusting element of this is the effect of the response from the head of the S&P, David Beers. “Congress and the administration are jointly responsible for the concept of fiscal policy. So, this is not about either political party..” This “immoral absolutism”, if you will, is in need of further clarification that one doesn’t seem to have the time for on the Sunday morning squawk shows, thus their immediate appeal to the left as a socialist soap box..




It’s as if Beers believes that this “fiscal crisis” appeared the MOMENT that the House of Representatives lost its LIBERAL majority in late 2010. Beers appears to give tacit approval to the liberal “shift the blame” paradigm by merely glossing over the cumulative carcinogenic effects of decades of targeted liberal economic destruction. This BEGAN with the Frank/Clinton (probably the most perverted combination of liberals available during that time..) “crisis in lending” where “fairness” needed to be lovingly applied with devastating results “down the road”. (See Obama “Kick The Can” for further..)


The application of Obama’s heavy-handed socialism from early 2009 onward, accelerated the pace of the problem which comes from SPENDING, and in this case, foolish fascist spending and spending and spending.. Is Beers saying that the reason the S&P dropped America’s credit rating was because of the DEBATE over the idiotic idea that the CURE for the Obama wasteful spending was to gift EVEN MORE money for Obama to waste? Can Beers see the correlation between “spending and lending” and the destruction that invariably follows when the liberals are the ones doing it? If everyone had happily signed on and given Obama fifty trillion more ceiling-busting dollars right from the get-go, would Beers have allowed our rating to stand? If so, then exactly WHAT is this “rating” based upon, our ability to actually repay what the liberals waste or our ability to “just get along”?


Almost as disgusting is the relative silence of the Republicans as the liberals attempt to blame the Tea Party for this “mess”, “inherited” or otherwise. Is their silence the hope that the liberals and their helpful friends in the “impartial” media will somehow corral the few voices that are attempting to speak for the citizens of this nation? Is there a subtle collusion on the part of both the Democrats and the Republicans on this? Are the Republicans taking the Democratic tack of “who else are they going to vote for” with the Tea Party members? One thing that the Republicans had better remember is that when the Democratic voters get mad they start moving and when the Republican voters get mad they stay home..


By the way, according to Real Clear Politics, the same John Kerry said that “the media has a responsibility to not give equal time to the Tea Party..” Where is the Republican outrage? Why are they seemingly allowing the “impartial” media and the liberals to marginalize a group that basically represents the nation’s middle class? Why would they allow the Tea Party to be classified as “terrorists” by the Democratic liberal elitists and enthusiastically reported by the “impartial” media without so much as a few words of disagreement?


Proving that the liberals are also effective at “multi tasking”, “Rearview” Barney took a somewhat different angle.. According to the Associated Press, Barney feels that the “biggest reason the United States is seeing its credit rating downgraded is that it spends too much money being the world’s military policeman..” Leave it to the liberals to not only blame the Tea Party but as well they pile on and try to lacerate another of their favorite targets.. Remember what the liberal always say, “we support the troops, but we would like there to only be about twelve of them..” I will assume that Victor Willis (the police officer) and Alex Briley (the GI) weren’t Barney’s favorites within the Village People troupe, except for maybe on those wild and crazy dress up nights with “Barney’s Boner Brigade..”


Barney said, “reining in defense spending is going to be my mantra for the next few months..” This will replace his usual mantra of “More oil, faster, deeper, harder Brucie..” Frank (who is one of the MAIN CULPRITS responsible for the financial crisis, along with one of his many “life partners, Herb Moses and the other perverted progressive, Billy Bob Clinton..) like all of the liberals, can’t see the logic in “reigning in” the liberal hand out (NEVER use the word “entitlement”. These AREN’T entitlements, they are a GIFT from the left..) spending that neither creates jobs nor protects the interests of this nation..


“200 billion could be saved without in any way endangering our security by dialing back U.S. military involvement in the world..” Alright, Barney.. In this thirst for “reigning in” military spending, why haven’t you called on Dear Leader to fulfill one of his campaign promises relative to Iraq? Speaking of that backwards area of the world, where are your cries of outrage over Dear Leader’s “shadow war” in Libya while there is actually a “crisis” in Syria? It’s nice to know that a man/woman who has been responsible for the “House Financial Services Committee”, one of the chief architects of the nation’s financial crisis, is now an expert on the need to cut the military.. Barney, when it comes to your knowledge of the military and the defense of this nation, “don’t ask, don’t tell”..


Barney said, “the military establishment has always had this ‘great momentum’ in politics but says the credit reversal ‘could change our thinking’”.. People like John Kerry used the “great momentum” of a fictionalized account of his bravery and his intrepid testimony before the Winter Soldier blasphemers, to propel himself into politics.. Barney seems to forget the “great momentum” created by America’s victories in World Wars I and II.. This was BEFORE the Democrats were averse to patriotism.. When it comes to the defense of this nation, I say that it is time for the liberals like Frank to begin to “change their thinking” from their usual cowardly communism..


Frank finished by saying, “the military is a logical target ‘if we are looking for something that breaks the mold’ on spending..” The “mold” is what has formed upon the mind of the girly-spendy socialists and it is about time that we “break the mold” of the wasteful liberal which should actually be the “logical target”.. If they had been properly targeted years ago, we could have aborted (favorite liberal action word..) this “crisis” before it ever became one..


13 responses to “A Logical Target

  1. Family,

    I beg of you: forward this link to every conservative that you know..


    The apathy is spreading and we cannot allow this to continue.

    Get mad and stay mad.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Meantime while the Prez addressed everyone the stock market tumbled even more. I saw it go down 600 pts just now!!! I’d think he’s toast….stick a fork in him….he’s done!!!!

  3. Conservatives have a serious PR problem. “Where is the outrage from Republicans?” Exactly. Liberals get their marketing for free from the MSM – WE are going to have to kick and scream and probably pay big bucks to get the message out about their lies. The uneducated and uninformed masses are going to have to get the real factual information in very plain, simple terms, many, many times to counteract the liberal marketing hype. They (Kerry, et al) spent the entire weekend blaming the Tea-Party for all of the calamity. I only heard one, sort-of, “rebuttal” from Paul Ryan on Fox News – very wimpy. It is not going to be easy to crawl out of this hole. Surely there are some conservative marketing experts that know a better way to sell this! One of Larry’s best lines so far – “One thing that the Republicans had better remember is that when the Democratic voters get mad they start moving and when the Republican voters get mad they stay home..” Start the marketing campaign – immediately, if not sooner!

  4. renoman,

    See, no one can snow an old railroad man..

    As OWEbama spoke, puled, whined, etc., the Dow had its most expeditious drop.

    No plan, blame the “man”..

    OWEbama: One and DONE!!

    Thanks as always,


  5. CPB-Texas,

    Spot on..

    I can’t let the cat out of the bag too early, but later tonight a brand new TOTD, “Think Unconventionally” will be out.

    Its time to play for keeps.

    Thanks for your kind words,


  6. I cannot seem to get my head around the silent Republicans. The liberals are always getting headlines every time they open their mouth. Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Party Leaders need to get out there and call it a lie if it is and wipe it up tidier if it is a half truth. If these honchos started rebutting everything, they may break through the leftoid media. We must not get into a brawl, but a lively discussion relevant to what is going on will not go amiss. But please, SOMEBODY stand up and say something right away. Don’t wait until next week and bring up leftovers.

    CPB-Texas, I think we need to not make the Republicans mad so they stay home, but let’s get them involved and aware of what can be done and get them to get the vote out. That is going to be critical – VERY critical in 2012!

  7. All Republicans in congress should be rounded up once a month and given testosterone shot to make them more manly. Some of the females seem to have a good supply, but the males are all wimps. They need to stand up and call a liar a liar. The masses will never know the truth if they do not help. To HELL with the progressives feelings, tell it like it is.

  8. Family,

    Who is ready to go to the mat with the smelly liberals?

    The latest from BOTH NLTZ and TOTD:


    Thanks as always,

    Never give in, never give up and never again,

    OWEbama: One and DONE


  9. Richard,

    The funny thing is, if these same people would just ask me, I would say it like it is..

    Maybe that’s why no one is asking..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Graywolf,

    Would these shots be covered under the “ObamaScare Health Scam”?

    Oh wait, these are “con” gressmen, they aren’t REQUIRED to have such a crappy plan, theirs is much much better than anything available to us..

    Thanks as always,


  11. LMAO!
    Too many opportunities here, but let’s try…
    BUt first, a word of caution:
    Caution: Being Barney Frank may cause ANAL SEEPAGE…

    Republicans ARE concerned about the growing power of the Tea Party.
    We “rock the boat”…
    And if its one thing a “Ruling Class” cannot stand, its people who ROCK THE BOAT…

    Lightning doesn’t have the power to bring ol John FrankenKerry back from the Village of the Damned (DAMN STUPID DEMOCRATS)…

    Cut $200 billion from the military??
    Or, just take back the $200 billion these collectivist clowns gave away (FRIKKEN GAVE AWAY) to the IMF??

    I want my money back…


  12. Stitch,
    Don’t forget about the billions of dollars that went down the rat hole that we will never know about. This regime is not involved in “fuzzy math” , they are guilty of lies, fraud, and deception.

  13. beyond disgusted

    Stitch, you have nailed it. The answer is to primary every establishment Republican with a Tea Party candidate.

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