Think Unconventionally


Throughout history, those who have lost conflicts invariably did so because they didn’t honestly size up their adversaries, nor did they properly gauge the severity of the struggle. As well they didn’t consider the type of war that they were engaged in.


For example, if you fight an unconventional war in a conventional manner, you will lose. This is what I feel has befallen the conservative movement, a movement within the Republican Party and a Party that seems to be sending the Tea Party out to sea..


Those who do not or will not concede the fact that the left has declared war on America have not honestly sized up their adversaries and they definitely do not understand the severity of the struggle. The left has declared war. Period. Now, go back to watching American Idol..


Today as OWEbama’s debt takes its toll upon the life savings of the middle class, OWEbama and the liberal lemmings are ALL saying that ALL of THEIR responsibilities in this matter are the responsibilities of .. The Tea Party.. This certainly qualifies as “unconventional” warfare as the idea of removing common sense from daily discourse is at least unconventional.. However, with the left and the rest of the docile within the country, it has become effective, so they return to the template continually, getting a bit more outlandish each time that they return to the perverted plan..


Therefore, it is necessary to fight back using ANY methods necessary, unconventional or otherwise.. The whole Marquis of Queensbury stuff is out the window.


Ignore their claptrap. Present the facts again and again and again. For example, just a moment ago, I watched for only three minutes what passes as the “news” and another of the OWEbama excuse makers was doing their best to deflect the deserved Democratic blame. This person used the words (allegedly) of a conservative commentator and said “it is nice to finally hear a voice of reason”.. The liberals will call you a “voice of reason” either if you agree with their polluted positions or if you haven’t yet managed to reveal their Marxist machinations.


This “voice of reason” comment almost stopped the show.. Had I been there I would have said, “Can you explain your sudden embrace of the whole ‘voice of reason” business? As just one example, how did the left respond to the ‘voice of reason’ that was Joe Liebermann when it came to Iraq? Didn’t the Democrats remove him from his committees and then didn’t the Party back another Democrat to run for his seat? Didn’t Liebermann have to become and independent candidate in order for the voters to return him to his seat? Nice try..


When it comes to “thinking unconventionally”, an unconventional thought comes to mind. This entire “debt ceiling/Dow sell off” is planned. You heard me. Planned.


Some may consider this to be similar to the liberals and their “conspiracy theories” but if the idiots of the left can believe that George Bush placed explosives in both the Trade Center and the levees in New Orleans, then we can have our fun too..


As properly predicted here, the “debt debate” literally ran until the last second. This prompted already nervous “investors”, justifiably nervous since the OWEbama caliphate slithered into Washington, (As well a group that used to soil themselves whenever Alan Greenspan would wiggle his eyebrows..) and at the prompting of the S&P, held a little Bolshevik bonfire that became today’s sell off. Panic filled the air. Panic is nothing more than the liberal aphrodisiac, or since this is OWEbama, wouldn’t that be an “Afro-disiac”?


As with sell offs in years past and when you look at the charts based upon the lowering of Japan’s status a few years back, one sees a steady comeback based upon the availability and the relative inexpensiveness of stocks. These return rallies usually take anywhere from twelve to eighteen months to fully mature. Is there anything of consequence happening in about that timeframe? Say in the area of November of 2012?


Timing is everything and you have to wonder why the S&P would get around to devaluing debt from the United States just recently since OWEbama has been spending and spending and spending like Barney Frank at a Lane Bryant BOGO sale for far too long.. The S&P basically said with the timing of their devaluation that it was merely the DEBATE over the debt, not the debt ITSELF that caused their change of heart relative to America’s solvency.. If exorbitant debt were truly the issue, the S&P would have devalued American credit back after the first imbecilic “Scamulous”..


Therefore I have to ask, “what did OWEbama know and when did he know it”? How long were his negotiations with the S&P so that they would DELAY their devaluation until OWEbama needed them to?


I say to those who are willing to listen, think unconventionally. Most importantly, just “think”.. You have EVERYTHING to lose and if you aren’t willing to fight for it, the liberals will gladly take it from you..


15 responses to “Think Unconventionally

  1. Well according to the brilliant Bob Beckel the downgrade was a conspiracy on today’s program ‘The Five’ on Fox News…Owebama is such a narcissistic person so we sure tahel can’t blame him for this 634 pt crash on todays Stock Market can we???

  2. I totaly agree, Larry. The whole debt whoop was in his plan to banrupt our country. He will try everything to accomplish his goal. He will either have to be voted out or impeached to get rid of this sorry idiot. Everything he does or says is part of his plan. Just remember this and speak out every chance you get.

  3. You are right on target with this one, Larry. The liberal leftoid has, for years, lied, obscured, hid and destroyed to their liking because they knew the conservatives were a bunch of yellow-bellied chicken livers and RHINOS. At this time we need to hark back to Glenn Beck: QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS; HOLD TO THE TRUTH; SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR! Powerful words and a good battle cry.

    Then there is your motto:
    NEVER GIVE IN; NEVER GIVE UP; NEVER AGAIN. I can’t stress it enough, we need to be prepared because the left will get dirtier and dirtier the closer we get to the elections and we already know anything goes with these thugs.

    By the way. Word Press has sure played havoc with the reply section. If you move your cursor you lose your place then have to resort to the arrows to get where you want to go.

  4. Bob Beckel is put on Fox for comedic relief – to illustrate how idiotic the libs are. He’s another fine example of “Liberal Logic” !!
    He also looks as if he would give Michael Moore a run for the money at the ” all you can eat ” buffet.

  5. The collapse of the Stock Market was a no-brainer, and I certainly expected it, and yes, it was a planned event. If one understands the strategies of Kloward and Piven (whom were all the rage when President Obama was shluffing his way through Harvard), it makes sense. They suggested in their writings that the way to create a new socialist order is to stress the current social systems to the breaking point, and then…well, break it.

    Once social order breaks down, one simply introduces the new order as the means of salvation. If one looks at the endgame which took place in the dying days of the Weimar Republic, one can clearly see similar things which took place then are taking place now. We even have the Christians and Jews as social pariahs, along with the saner conservative voices being shouted down, in full Saul Alinsky style. Barack Obama’s socialist mentors would be pleased to see how much of their works have been made manifest.

    We need to stay alert, and understand as Larry states we are at war, and the Progressives understand that if they can’t win at the ballot box, then they will use other methods to achieve their ends. Consider the face that the FFC is looking at resurrecting the ‘Fairness Doctrine’, not to ensure all sides get a piece of airtime, but ensure that only their message will be heard. They understand that whomever controls the argument will win, and they need only win over the hearts and minds of the undereducated masses to maintain control and put in whatever they wish.

    Should the Progressives win in 2012, we’re dead as a nation. Obama, Reid and Pelosi will be able to do as they wish, because they won’t have anyone to answer to then. Worse, consider that by then the troop drawdowns overseas will have taken place. While the timing suggest that it is simply a cheap political ploy, I suspect there are far more sinister events playing out, and what we are seeing in London, Greece, and, God help us, Syria, may be coming to a location much closer to home..

  6. Question. How much will Soros make with the wild fluctuations in the stock market? What will be Obummers cut? Who determined the timing of the cut in the credit rating release. Gosh, lots of questions we will probably never know the answers to, but of tremendous importance to the country.

  7. What we are seeing in London is coming to a city near you near term. The recent mob behavior in Philadelphia and Wisconsin is only a prelude. The USA malcontents and the unemployed youth are going to explode (like Barneys rear end on MSNBC). It’s inevitable.

  8. More bad news – Murray, Baucus & Kerry named to Super Committe by Harry Reid.

  9. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    Stick with me, we have a lot to cover. No time to let down,


  10. Family,

    If youe AREN’T a suscriber to the Thought of the Day site, you are going to miss out on some hot stuff.

    I would highly suggest it..

    Thanks as always,


  11. Well said, G Nichols!!! We are most definitely at war. Liberals get their marketing for free from the MSM – WE are going to have to kick and scream and probably pay big bucks to get the message out about what is really happening to this country. The uneducated and uninformed masses need the facts – consistent facts – in very plain, simple terms, repeated many, many times to counteract the liberal marketing hype. Every lie, misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the facts needs to be confronted – no wimps allowed. This IS war and it’s going to have to get messy. Surely there are some conservative marketing experts that know how to sell this! A statement in one of Larry’s previous articles – “One thing that the Republicans had better remember is that when the Democratic voters get mad they start moving and when the Republican voters get mad they stay home.” We need to make sure Republican voters are mad enough to try to change the status quo and NOT give up and stay home! We need to get with the program – now is not soon enough!

  12. Richard,

    Since 2009, “change” really hasn’t been good anywhere..

    We are conservatives, we work through it..

    Thanks as always,


  13. G.,

    Wow.. What a comment.

    Thanks as always,


  14. Basically, they seem to have 3 to 4 of their mouth pieces talking up their side and the hate of the Tea Party to 1 of ours. This should be RNC’s job. From time to time the various canidates of the conservatives need to really step forward w/ some quality tv time and address the lies.

  15. G,
    And the unions , which have given tons of money to Owebama, are being used as pawns, but they don’t know it. Under Socialism, the regime will control the labor force, including wages. Therefore the unions will have no say in anything. Doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the labor honchos !!

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