Marxist Makeover


The past few weeks have been tough on OWEbama. After years of Democratic majorities in both Houses and after nearly two years with the Bony Bolshevik wo-manning the Sleight House, the chickens have come home to roost. Well, the chickens have left for their “August recess” and right on cue, OWEbama is hot on their tail taking vacation number 247.. Before heaving his leftist luggage onto Air Farce One, OWEbama made a few pit stops for profit. Something strange, strange even for the perpetually strange liberals, has begun..


According to the AP, OWEbama said that “the public deserves better than what it’s getting from Washington and that people are beginning to realize they need to speak up about it..” He allegedly said this at a $35,800.00 a liberal fundraiser in Manhattan. Please try to remember, OWEbama is “looking out for the little guy..” Turbo Timmy Geithner was there dispensing advise on how all of these limousine liberals can get around all of the “tax the rich” plans in the OWEbama future..


First off, “the public” deserves better than OWEbama has given them. Ask yourself, “are you better off than you were two years ago?” “Washington” USED to make policy and law but since the Obama oligarchy slithered into “Pelosi’s Swamp”, Obama has DEMANDED that policy and law follow his dystrophic dictums. “People are beginning to realize they need to speak up to get it..” (“It” I suppose is this “better” that Hussein is blathering about..) In case OWEbama hasn’t noticed, “people” HAVE been speaking up, they are called the Tea Party but when your SEIU thugs aren’t trying to physically assault them, when Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi aren’t calling them “un-American”, when socialist simpletons like John “Easter Island Statute” Kerry isn’t blaming them for YOUR failures, YOU have been completely ignoring them.. Nonsense..


What are we seeing and hearing here? Read the Obama quote again.. It sounds as if HE is running for office for the first time.. Obama the Outsider.. He sounds more like a community organizer as opposed to the fascist fellow who has driven the car into the ditch, the embankment, the lake.. Whatever. Living in denial as all liberals do, Obama the Outsider believes that a little Marxist makeover will have everyone believing that this is EVERYONE’S fault but his..


He berates “Washington” as if he were some lowly liberal ward heeler who is the VICTIM of the progressive poison that HE has put into the economic bloodstream. Looking indignant before those who aren’t intelligent enough to stop sniffing his fascist flatulence might work in Manhattan, but Main Street isn’t going to buy it.. Actually, because of OBAMA, “Main Street” has been all but shuttered with no chance for any “change” until there is a “change” on Pennsylvania Avenue..


Obama “delivered a sterner version at a battery making plant in Michigan. It was his first trip outside Washington since spending weeks negotiating on the debt..” Hang on.. “Negotiating HIS debt..” By the way, he spent “weeks” negotiating HIS debt because he spent nearly two YEARS CREATING HIS debt.. Never mind, it’s all “Washington’s” fault and with OWEbama’s ability and feral desire to blame ANYONE for HIS DEBT, I am surprised that he doesn’t mean George Washington..


“Aligning himself with a public fed up with economic uncertainty, Obama said, ‘there’s nothing wrong with our country, there is something wrong with our politics..’” This new “pivot” to Obama as the outsider is already intolerable and it is only hours old.. “Aligning himself”? He had better do this “aligning” from a comfortable distance because the REAL “fed up public” KNOWS who is responsible even if the drug taking liberal left doesn’t.. There IS “nothing wrong with our country”, (except for the fact that far too many liberals are still breathing..) but there “is something wrong with HIS politics..” Obama’s new “pivot” is as psychopathic as the idea of Hitler as a Holocaust denier..


There was “frustration in his voice”.. Certainly, but for a number of different reasons. As a Marxist megalomaniac, Obama hasn’t come to terms with the fact that the nation that he has truly victimized with HIS debt, HIS deficits and HIS depression, doesn’t love him as much as he loves himself.. He is “frustrated” that his plan to convert America into the Soviet Union hasn’t been welcomed with warm slaps on the back..


He is “frustrated” that the rest of the liberals who slavishly followed his DEMANDS relative to the “ObamaScare” fiasco, the lunacy that cost (not nearly enough) liberals to lose their seats at the trough, aren’t swallowing his DEMANDS this time through. Obama has shown his appreciation and his ability as a “team player” by blaming “Washington”.. He is placing his fellow Democrats into the mix as the culprits by using the generic “Washington” as opposed to having the complete audacity to blame HIS Democratic disasters on the Republicans alone.. No matter, it isn’t HIS fault, is it?


“Gridlock has undermined public confidence and impeded our efforts to take the steps we need for our economy..” Please understand the depth of this socialist’s sickness. He is saying this in public and with a straight face. The REASON for this “gridlock” is the MASSIVE FAILURE that your entire presidency has been. SOMEONE has finally said, “NO!!” and that was well after someone else finally said, “You lie!”.. The “partisan debt debate” as Obama called it.. Well, there wouldn’t even be a need for a “debate” if the OBAMA DEBT DIDN’T EXIST in the first place.. The obviously “non-partisan” liberal love-fest that has been going on for nearly two years has CREATED the OBAMA DEBT.


It is hard to imagine that this kind of a speech wasn’t being given to two groups of children with their milk money in one hand and their “hope and change” button pinned to their lapels.. Then again, it was given to a group of limousine liberals in upper Manhattan and a group of union workers in Michigan so I stand corrected, it WAS given to two groups of children..


Obama the organizer continued on, not necessarily oblivious to the fact that it is ALL his fault, but trying his level best to appear oblivious for the assembled imbeciles.. “You’ve got to tell them you’ve had enough of the theatrics, you’ve had enough of the politics, stop sending out press releases..” Without shallow “theatrics” how else could the Kenyan Kollectivist have managed to beat even someone as beat-able as John McCain? (Several million illegal votes didn’t hurt his collectivist cause either..) Obama IS a “politician”, he ISN’T whatever it was that he was pretending to be as he stood before these Democratic dolts. I say, “stop LYING about your record of abysmal failure, stop sidestepping YOUR responsibility and step down NOW so that we can save us from all of the ‘theatrics’ in November of 2012..”


“They” (these ‘Washingtonians’) need to spend more time out here listening to you and hearing how fed up you are..” Mind you, this imbecile is saying this to a group of people who paid $35,800.00 for the immense pleasure of watching him fill the room with the rotting stench of his progressive pabulum.. These idiots were too stupid to realize that if they ARE “fed up”, the person that they should be “fed up” with is right there within arms reach.. Not only that, he is sarcastically asking them for their money so that he can go back to “Washington” for four more years to do more of what has allegedly gotten them “fed up”..


Speaking for both crowds as “diverse” as they were within the demented Democratic universe, Kevin Eaves, one of the union employees, another jejune jock sniffer said, “I was really surprised at how stern he was on Congress, it was kind of an eye opener..” Both of these “groups” are standing proof that life CAN exist within a vacuum.. THESE are the people who will be gulled by such a display of abject sophistry by someone as caustically calculating as OWEbama.. Little Kevin has gone through life with his eyes closed but now they are “open”. His mind? I wish his proctologist the best of luck in trying to find it..


19 responses to “Marxist Makeover

  1. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    We need to see MUCH more action on these sites. NO APATHY!

    Get mad and get even.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    OWEbama: ONE and DONE

    Thanks as always,


  2. If you really want to get rid of this nutcase, just get the word out to the muslim world that he has become a Jew. Then the muslims will take care of the problem.

  3. It is difficult to imagine how anyone, including the rich ‘idiots’, can support this fraud and his regime, especially after all of the problems he/they have caused. I would suspect that most of these rich fools are being adversely affected by the Owebama policies, and yet, as Larry stated – they continue to support him !
    Why would any sane person support someone who is spending millions to erase his past – what is he hiding ??

    I would be willing to bet that this narcissist has NEVER uttered the following phrase : ” I was wrong “.

  4. Makes you kinda wonder what kind of tele-communications this black baron has been using. Two tin cans and a string? “The people” have been sreaming at Owebama and his liberal logjam before they shoved Obamacare down our throats. Me thinks there never was a knot in the string through the can at that boy’s end.


    I like that idea! Why not slap on a couple of giant bumper stickers of the Star of David on Air Farce One just too get their attention.

  5. Have you noticed the increase in size of the guardhouse on Pennsylvania Ave.? I’m sure they’ve expanded this to make room for TV’s insurances customer representative, “Peggy.” I am almost sure that the person I talk with whenever I want to chew, I mean, speak with Obama, and tells me she’ll pass along my thoughts to the president, has the same voice tone as that burly, bearded, hairy chested, Peggy.
    Another reason for the expansion to the guardhouse is for the addition of multiple shredders in which the emails and faxs sent to Owebama is sent and the need for additional storage space of the useless shreddings. The draw of electrical power on the White House and it’s monthly bills may also been of concern. In moving everything to the guardhouse where everything met a similar faith, but was on a seperate meter. Thus avoiding a complete Brown House “Black Out.”

  6. Larry and commenters have said it all…Hopefully ‘he’ will find out just how ‘wrong’ he is Nov 2012 or possibly before!!! I can dream ‘impeachment’ can’t I!!!

  7. Thanks Larry, right on the money as always. My only question for you is how on earth do you manage to actually sit and watch him give these speeches in order to do a commentary? I can’t stand to hear his voice, much less look at him. How do you do it?

    I happened to be in a restaurant the other day when he was giving a speech on TV and it was playing. One of the employees walked by and said, “What’s he talking about?” to no one in particular. I said, ” I don’t know but whatever it is, he’s lying.” The guy laughed. Another patron sitting near me turned and glared at me for a good five minutes. I swear, by the look in his eye, he would have loved to kill me on behalf of his messiah and god, Obeyme. How can people be so blind?

  8. beyond disgusted

    I’m with jafamimi – I also can not stand to hear his voice or look at him; immediate change of the channel. He’s a million times worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.

    I find the people who support him to be truly frightening; they are the real problem. How do we solve that? They are not interested the facts or the truth.

  9. jafamimi,

    It’s simple. I await the transcript. I print it, next stop about 1,500 words lacerating the liberal lunacy.

    More often than not, I like to use the articles relative to his speeches written by the “impartial” media. They always add a bit of socialist sauce to the mix..

    Thanks as always,


  10. beyond disgusted,

    We DON’T try to solve that..

    They are beyond the pale, our job is to remind, convince, badger, whatever the “independents” the “uncommitted”..

    The liberal left, the OWEbama zombies should be committed themselves.

    Work on those with a measureable IQ, say one above room temperature..

    Thanks as always,


  11. JJ,

    About the “rich” who support OWEbama:

    They employ LOTS of smart folks who know how to get around the IRS.

    Second, like ALL liberals, whatever they do is done so that they “feel good”.

    It was a cathartic vote, one that was supposed to make up for hundreds of years of DEMOCRATIC racism..

    Socialist sanctimony, thy name is liberal..

    Thanks as always,


  12. I would LOVE to be in some kind of elected office when it comes to Ramadam time..

    My menu would consist of bacon sandwiches.

    Get ’em while they’re hot, camel kissers..

    Thanks as always,


  13. Larry, when I post your articles on Facebook I get so much grief back you can’t believe. Unfriending, bullies in the closet, and just plain nasty remarks. The truth with a little sarcasm sure gets the lefties panties in a wad!
    Keep up the wonderful work and I will continue to enjoy .

  14. Dick,

    Not surprising.

    “Farcebook” as I call it, the evil spawn of MySpace, whose liberal addicts were called MySpace cadets by yours truly..

    Here every liberal can amass hundreds if not thousands of imaginary “friends”, faux fascist friends..

    I prefer the genuine “friends one finds outside of the narcissistic nattering of Farcebook.

    Genuine peole use this to possibly stay in touch with family and true friends, its nothing more than a reactionary Rolodex for the phony fascists..

    Thanks as always,


  15. This was a fun one. After I read the article and the give and take in the responses I couldn’t stop grinning. Sometimes you have to smile at the chaos of the leftoids. I also you picture you guys at a roast, and that made me burst out laughing. Good thing I was alone, they probably would have me committed!

    It really is going to take a powerhouse of a new presidency and congress to get all the lines untangled and working again. Picture an electric pole in India where everybody and their dog hooked up to the power. We need a real electrician to sort it out and clean it up. How sad it is to see what we as a country has let happen to us because we have a severe case of apathy!

  16. light crosser

    Vote them out if they still manage to steal the election throw them out, I bet if 10 million pissed off voters showed up en mass in DC i bet they would listen then. LC

  17. Family,

    The old “lagniappes” articles are probably going to be a thing of the past.

    These used to be small collections of thoughts that were submitted once they reached 1,000 words.

    These thoughts will be placed on the Thought of the Day site. Those who do not visit or subscribe will miss these little snippets.

    If this desn’t help in plcking up traffic at TOTD, the site will be closed and the lagniappes will again be used.

    The TOTD keeps these thoughts fresh and timely as opposed to holding them until 1,000 words are reached..

    Opinions, please.


  18. If 10 million pissed off voters showed up enmass in DC, the Owebama LSM would report there were approx. one thousand !! And, they would “interview” a few Owebama LSM moles ,all of whom would use the same ‘script’, in an attempt to downplay the whole thing !

  19. Modern day torture – being a conservative while growing up in a family of hard core liberals. Ouch !!

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