The Insanity Offense

One of the more unsavory “arguments” that is usually made by lawyers (liars) when they are trying to allow the plainly guilty to run free again is the “insanity defense”. Here they claim that their “client” is nuts and therefore devoid of any responsibility whatsoever for any and all of the crimes that they obviously committed.. Meet the liberals of 2011 and their new “attack” plan.. They have put an interesting twist on this idiotic angle by playing the “insanity offense”..

This ridiculous ruse isn’t anything new for a group that relies upon insanity when both attracting voters and writing a political platform.. Now it has morphed into full-blown delusion and outright fantasy.. They are going on the offensive by saying what has to be some of the craziest things ever uttered by politicians alleging to be serious..

The group that has tried to pass off such Marxist moonshine as Globaloney Warming, the Ice Age, the Population Explosion and even the blowsy buncombe of “institutional racism” has decided to go “all in”. It is the equivalent of football’s “Hail Mary” play.. The liberals are so desperate that they are resorting to words that were they mumbled by the unwashed liberal at the bus stop on his way to the Methadone clinic, the dirty Democrat would be cooling his heels in a nicely rubbered room and he would be given medicines similar to the ones occasionally taken by Howard Dean..

The liberals are definitely desperate, but please keep in mind that they are at least “realistic” about their chances in about a year and thus the need to try to turn things around even through collectivist chicanery.. This is certainly a daring move but daring moves based solely (since this is OWEbama’s fault, that would be “soul-ly”..) upon desperation rarely if ever succeed..

The liberals are going on the offensive using the insanity of blaming the Republicans for SIX YEARS of Democratic destructive spending in Congress and the last TWO YEARS following the OWEbama Democratic dance through the Marxist minefields of debt, unemployment, spending and depression.. This is the logical extension of the “insanity” of several “Scamuli”, bailouts given to the RICH OWEbama friends, a socialist exercise in “OWEbamaScare”, which is a “health care plan” that would make Mengele giggle with mirth..

The question becomes, who are the liberals trying to impress? When John “Winter Soldier” Kerry stumbles off of Dr. Frankenstein’s table and says that this is the “Tea Party Downgrade”, we see the first steps towards the self-application of socialist straight jackets, but whom is he talking to? The liberal base doesn’t need to hear this, they are already manacled to the Marxist maniacs. Is this the left’s plan for convincing the “independents” and the “undecided” to give them another chance? Are they kidding?

The liberals are just so used to talking to their own “crowd” (a crowd that believes in the “compassion” of enslavement to handouts, for example..) therefore they don’t have any idea how to speak to those of us who always invite one liberal to a party so that there is someone there that everyone can laugh at.. From their convoluted cries of “racism” to the liberal lunacy of calling abortion a “matter of privacy”, the left has had insanity as their intellectual default setting for over fifty years. They are so used to speaking to only “friendly” crowds who all go “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” at the sight of an American flag, a Bible or a bathtub that they haven’t a clue as to how to approach societies “normal” people..

Take as your latest example the socialist skeleton Harry Reid. Reid, the patriarch of the biggest crime family in Nevada, sat down on Friday afternoon to lay out the socialist line. Relying on the new liberal plan called, “that’s the craziest thing I have ever heard”, Reid picked up the ball since folks like Kerry didn’t seem to advance this new preposterous progressivism with ANY success when they floated it last week..

According to the article (“Reid expects Tea Party to fade away” lvrj dot com) “Reid blamed everything that ails Washington and the nation on Republicans..” Again, no “normal” person would make such a claim outside of an asylum for fear of being immediately placed into one.. It also seems painfully obvious that the bloodless liberals don’t have the capacity to blush. Even if the liberals started saying that they haven’t taken their “happy pills” before launching into these humorous homilies, this still couldn’t justify such forays into fantasy.

Reid then singled out Mitch McConnell by saying, “McConnell has done a good job bringing the country to a standstill..” Those with a measurable IQ would THANK McConnell for this as Reid, Pelosi and OWEbama certainly “kept the country moving”, “moving” right into the embankment and just for fun, they hit the accelerator.. Before one can “change” directions”, one has to come to a stop first so as to not damage any of the other moving parts.. Someone had to say “no” and it took way too long for someone to do so..

The liberals are acting like Hitler in his “Furherbunker” on April 30, 1945, with the Russians overhead finishing off the last of the Nazis in Berlin saying, “We’re still in this gang, don’t give up the ship!!” Or even better would be Hitler exclaiming, “This is all the Peruvians fault!!” The fact that SO MANY presumably intelligent people slavishly follow the forlorn fascists and their every perverted progressive word convinces me that “denial” and “delusion” are derived from the word “Democrat”. It is also obvious that the anti-psychotic medicines available on the market today must be financially out of the reach of the average aluminum can smashing dumpster diving leftist..

Reid proudly stumbled on, “The Tea Party was the result of a terrible economy. I’ve said that many times and I believe that..” OK.. The real problem here is that Harry and his perverted partners are saying that this “terrible economy” belongs to the Republicans who have only managed to take a working majority in the House in the last six months. Harry seems to have forgotten about the last SIX YEARS and especially, the last TWO YEARS sadistically driven by the vacationing vagabond, the community organizer, the Bony Bolshevik..

Reid refuses to see that hadn’t he and the rest of the reactionary wrecking crew WASTED COUNTLESS TRILLIONS of dollars on socialist strychnine, there wouldn’t have been a need to RAISE OWEbama’s debt ceiling. If the intensely intellectual liberals had come up with even ONE program, plan or scheme that would have made any kind of a positive difference in what OWEbama allegedly “inherited”, there wouldn’t have been a need to raise OWEbama’s debt ceiling. EVERYTHING failed.

“Reid said someone will have to pay more. He singled out the rich and oil companies as especially deserving of punishment..” Reid and the rest of his collectivist cronies realize that they will be “singled out” come 2012 and EVERYONE knows that they are “deserving of punishment..” I wonder who makes more on a gallon of gasoline, the oil company that finds, removes and refines the product or the federal government who collects TAXES on each gallon having risked NOTHING..

Desperation also requires bringing back old failed flailing just in case people aren’t paying attention.. Reid “opened Friday’s group interview with a two-minute reminder that George W. Bush is responsible for the country’s spending..” That is as idiotic as saying that the CIA created crack to kill blacks.. Wait a minute, the liberals do say that.. That’s as idiotic as saying that George Bush planted explosives in the World Trade Center AND the levees of the lower ninth ward in New Orleans.. Wait, the liberals say that too.. It’s becoming harder by the minute to come up with a comparative analogy that is not only insanely idiotic but as well, isn’t one that the liberals don’t already firmly believe in..

Pushing his collectivist chips into the middle of the table, Reid said, “the stimulus just wasn’t big enough..” Not only have the liberals stretched the meaning of “too big to fail” to its illogical extreme, now things are “too small to succeed”.. Please keep in mind that even though we all know that the “Scamulous” was a massive failure, NOTHING since the “Scamulous” has worked either, so I suppose using the lacerated liberal logic, none of those progressive panaceas were “big enough” either..

This HAS to be the angle that the left is now utilizing: “We aren’t responsible for this ‘mess’ because we are clinically insane and we are off of our medicines.. The Republicans should have fixed this “mess” since we are incapable and incapacitated and since they didn’t fix things and since they know that we are all insane, it’s their fault!” Yes, just call it “Democratic Diminished Capacity”.. (This would be about the best idea that has ever from the left, it figures that it would come from a conservative..)

Just as mentioned above, “their client is nuts and therefore devoid of any responsibility whatsoever for any and all crimes that they obviously committed..” I can think of no better excuse for their Bolshevik barristers to use when the litany of liberals are brought up on all applicable charges relative to the “crimes that they have obviously committed”..


14 responses to “The Insanity Offense

  1. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. You are right on, Larry. The Democrats do the crime and we pay the fine. The current system is FUBAR and totally broke so we need to trash it and get back to the Constitution and principles of the nations founders.

  3. Kerry’s fellow serviceman kept him strapped to the bottom of the Swift Boat the entire time he served. That, of course, depending on which way the keel was pointed, away or towards any action.

    The sky (and my face) is falling Pelosi never mentions jobs going overseas when critisizing Rep.s because she smell like a can Charlie Tuna. Why else do you suppose they made her speaker, she has a chair all by herself!

    Condidering myself somewhat sane, I can’t figure out why Reid has been re-elected by Nevadans so many times. This has not only caused me to have sworn off going to Vegas, but think the whole state should be considered where Wensday is ” state basket weaving day.”

    All in all there is insanity within the liberal party concerning these three, Owebama and the ACORN “nuts” don’t you think?

  4. Reid was reelected by crooked unions. He could not be elected by people that know he took too many punches to the head and has scrambled eggs for brains. My question is, “How much profit does the corn/alcohol producers make on a gallon of gas?” With the extream heat here in Texas the MPG on my truck has gone from 22-23 to 16-17. If the elite know it alls had taken a real educational course in high school or college they would know how rapidly alcohol evaporates in high temps.

  5. Harry Reid has been elected because he has the unions in Nevada backing him. Between the public and private unions, there are enough footsoldiers out there to raise a ruckus when needed. Consider that roughly 12% of the workforce is unionized, if most of them vote then there’s a bloc of Democrats consisting roughly 20% of those likely to vote. From there its simply a matter of rounding up enough Independents, illegal aliens, et al. to get Harry another term as Senator.

    Our modern American liberals can say the outrageous things they do and get away with it because they are the inheritors of the lessons taught by the first generation American Progressives to the Nazis. If you tell a lie often enough it becomes truth. This is how the fallacious Humanocentric Global Warming theory was able to gain traction. When you couple a lie with numbers, and a dire threat if something isn’t done, it is becomes all too easy to fool the undereducated masses.

    Here in lies the problem. Those of us who know and understand the problem aren’t going to be fooled, just as those whom perpetuate the lies won’t usually be fooled by their own BS. The masses whom comprise the bulk of the voters don’t pay attention to what their leaders are doing (something the Democrats have counted upon for many years), and understand even less of the nuances of the arguments. They also get their news from the MSM, if they get any at all. Many more simply tune out the discourse, and can’t understand why their elected officials can’t or won’t get anything accomplished. Somehow we have to convince them to put down the Twinkies and stop watching American Idol long enough to gain an understanding of what at stake here.

  6. Graywolf,

    How DARE YOU apply legit science when speaking of the liberal Globalony Warming.

    Wash your mouth out with soap..

    By the way, they can just say that they were “educated” in the public schools..

    End of debate.

    Thanks as always,


  7. Graywolf,
    The oil companies get a subsidy of approx. 47 cents per gal.
    If the ethanol evaporates off at high temp., wouldn’t that leave you with “real” gasoline , and wouldn’t that be a “good ” thing ? Just a thought !

  8. G.,

    Spot on.

    Take Globaloney Warming as the example that you used.

    There must be a “crisis”. Initially, everyone pays attention due to the alleged severity of the “crisis”.

    Then the “enviro-blimp” Al Bore steps up and begins pontificating.

    He has just lost at least half of the crowd.

    He continues by basing his thesis upon complete non-science, the louder the voice the less appeal to reason..

    There goes another quarter..

    Some are still paying somewhat attention, after all this IS a “crisis”..

    Then the “scientists” involved are all pegged as frauds and liars, all in collusion to keep the evidence of their bias and their complete lack of scientific proof.

    There goes another percentage of former supporters..

    All that is left.. Is the left..

    The left has the “impartial” media whose “impartiality” is stretched further with each broadcast about this NON-issue..

    The beat goes on..

    Thanks as always,


  9. Family,

    Just put the finishing touches to “Unsurprising Parallels”.

    It will be out as well as a new TOTD at about 8PM CST..

    The liberals just make this too easy..


  10. As well has been pointed out by the Family, labor unions are responsible for Reid’s re-elections. I didn’t count that factor in as I belonged to a union for thirty years, every single year of which, I was sent a pre-checked “ballot” telling me who I was supposed to vote for. I resented that.

    I am what might be called a commense conservative, although I can identify with the GOP because of the true planks in that party’s platform are stronger than any others upon which to build America. However, I disagree with some of the characters in the party machine and am not obsessively partisan. Though I don’t like political labels due to the idiosyncrancrasies of party machines.

    As a common sense conservative, I believe conservatism is a respect for history and tradition, including traditional moral prinicipals. I don’t believe I am more equal, certainly no better, than anyone else. But I do believe that man has fallen. The world is not perfect, it never has been and never will be and politicians will never make it so. This, above all else, is what informs my pragmatic approach to my worldveiw, my thoughts, to politics.

  11. Joe-
    Your comments are right on target. Respect of history is certainly lacking in all politicians lately. And you mentioned moral principals. We will continue to lose ground and not rebound without a moral compass. It seems to me that once you get elected to office, you can take off the suit and play it any way you want.

  12. JJ, if 10% of the gas/alcohol boils off before I use it I loose 1 gal for every 10 in the tank. Less miles per tank does not help my MPG.Our temps have been over 100 for about 1 month and people are complaining about the loss of MPG on all vehicles.

  13. Graywolf,

    Yes, I realize that. But , ethanol is only about 65% as efficient as “real” gasoline. Also, since both expand as the temp. increases, and since it is sold by volume, and not by weight, if it is stored at a higher temp, then you are not getting a “true ” gallon of fuel. Just a thought – thanks for your comment.

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