Benefit Most


Just as OWEbama finished heaving his grubby gripsacks onto “Air Farce (I Am) Number One” for vacation/getaway/golf game number 1,650, the rest of the leftists left behind in “Pelosi’s Swamp” continued to inflict the Bolshevik blueprint upon the nation. Back in January of 2009, the left knew that they had a “window of opportunity” available to them that was going slam closed upon their fascist fingers with the mid term election of 2010. The last of their progressive portholes will be welded shut in November of 2012, so they still, as OWEbama often says, “have a lot of work left to do”, “left” being the crucial word..


One of the areas in which the collectivist caliphate has been deficient has been in the area of granting a blanket AMNESTY to the millions of ILLEGAL aliens inhabiting/invading this country. After all of the helium filled promises made to the Hispanics during “Hot Air America 2008”, Obama breezed the “National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials” (Yet another of the “we want to be “separate’ but we want to be ‘equal’ too” groups..) every year since his pontification. According to the National Journal of July 25, 2011, Obama crowed to the crowd at the National La Raza (The Race) confab that “he has fallen short of his campaign promises to Hispanics but blamed a hostile Congress for his problems. ‘I need a dance partner here and the dance floor is empty..’”


Within OWEbama’s demented Democratic world one has to ask, which is “emptier”, Obama’s dance floor or his “ideas”.. OWEbama had no explanation for both his inadequacies and his absences for the first two and a half years of his dictatorship when the Democrats ran everything.. Obama was not-so-subtly saying that Congress has only become “hostile” since the Republicans grabbed the House.. (They’ve had the House for less time than it takes for Michael Moore to wipe out the average buffet line..) By the same token, even though Obama had no explanation, these Hispanics never thought to ask the question..


In order to make up for lost time and at a time which strangely coincides with the beginning of the reelection “shampaign”, the administration has begun to “postpone the deportation of illegal immigrants without criminal records..” (Breitbart 08/19/2011) Shall we “overlook” the fact that if they are here ILLEGALLY, they already have a “criminal record”?


This is being done, according to yet another “unnamed administration official”, “so that they (ILLEGALS) no longer clog the system”.. “The official noted that the government could reopen a case at any given time..” Might I suggest that this “given time” would be no earlier than AFTER the November election and as far as the left is concerned, they will NEVER be “reopened”..


“We’re going to provide additional guidance to our people in the field when they encounter someone in the country unlawfully..” This “guidance” can be found in the Obama “Little Red Book of Fairness” on page 387. It says, “look the other way”.. Or failing that, refer to page 663 which states, “if you encounter anyone who says that they are ‘here to do jobs Americans won’t do’, refer them to any ‘Obama for President’ office so that they can become an ‘undocumented volunteer’”..


With an “estimated 11 million” ILLEGAL immigrants skulking about America (unless there is a march going on in California somewhere, then you would be able to ‘locate’ about ten million of them..) the Obama administration managed to deport “392,000” ILLEGALS which is a “record”.. Wow, less than FIVE percent of the ILLEGALS kicked out and they are thumping their chests.. That breaks down to about 354 ILLEGALS a day deported since Obama mounted his throne.. That’s about fifteen ILLEGALS every hour.. Someone’s taking way too many coffee breaks.. At that impressive rate, I’ll bet that they could find an entire day’s worth of ILLEGALS just by dropping by any one of Pelosi’s vineyards..


According to New York’s favorite bid cage or cat box liner, the New York Times, Obama is going to “suspend deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants who pose no threat to national security or public safety..” (“Fewer Youths to be Deported in New Policy” 08/18/2011) The Times certainly knows their audience as the article repeated the entire “public safety” bilge on FOUR occasions. Even Janet “Pat” Napolitano got into the “those who pose a threat” nonsense through a mash note passed to Dick “Turban” Durbin.


As a matter of fact, several of the liberals more important “points” were repeated over and over within the body of this article. It seems that the Times understands that when the bulk of your “readers” are the constantly “recreationally medicated” of the left, you had better repeat yourself a lot if you want your propaganda to sink in.. Indoctrination passed off as “journalism” needs such constant reinforcement with the Bolshevik burnouts..


Obama wants “prosecutorial discretion” so that these geniuses can “focus on cases involving criminals and people who have flagrantly violated immigration laws..” We have the “the definition of ‘is’” people now defining “flagrantly”.. The hair splitting of the liberal’s definitions of severity have no bearing on the overwhelming fact that if you are here ILLEGALLY, you have “violated immigration laws..” Which is more “flagrant”, jumping over the fence or crawling under it? Which is more “flagrant”, swimming into America or sneaking in stuffed into the dashboard of a Buick? Regardless of the soon to be amorphous and vacillatory “definitions” of “flagrant”, if you have “violated immigration laws” aren’t you therefore a “criminal”?


Dick “Turban” Durbin “has argued that ‘these young people should not be punished for their parent’s mistakes.’” Sending the ILLEGALS, regardless of age, BACK to Mexico for example, is DOING THEM A FAVOR based upon the handiwork of Obama and the liberal Democrats and their focused destruction of America’s economy and the American job market.. On a side note, believe me when I say that EVERY “parent” of today’s liberals SHOULD be “punished”..


“Obama and Congress has ‘overpromised and underdelivered’ on immigration and other issues of concern to Latino voters..” Welcome to the Aesop’s Fables of fascism, Obama style. I’d ask the Hispanics to get in line with everyone else who has experienced broken Obama promises but it seems that the Hispanics are more than just a little impatient when it comes to waiting in line, that’s why so many of them are here ILLEGALLY..


The last time that I checked Obama’s “Dream Act” was rejected by Congress, “hostile” or not.. Oh wait a second, Obama “back doored” the Act via an “executive order”.. NOW he can “back door” a TOTAL amnesty for his once-forgotten but now remembered ILLEGAL friends!


Obama isn’t “granting relief to a whole class of people, but reviewing cases one by one..” Speaking of “clog the system” just how long will a “case by case basis” take? Just where will these “case by case” suspects be while they are awaiting their turn, jail, house arrest or the streets of Los Angeles?


Who didn’t see this one coming? “The White House is interpreting ‘family’ to include partners of lesbian, gay and bisexual people..” Just to add another ironic twist to this “inclusion” of the “twisted”, “J. Kevin Appleby, director of migration policy at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, said the initiative would keep immigrant families together. ‘It’s consistent with the teaching of the church that human rights should be respected regardless of an immigrants legal status..’” I’m wondering if anyone asked Appleby about whether the whole “gay” thing which seems a bit more than IN-consistent “with the teaching of the church” is relevant to this issue of ILLEGALS.. Isn’t it more than just a little bizarre that the Christianity hating liberals NOW want the opinion of the “Catholic Church” on the matter of ILLEGAL immigrants..


When the liberals start braying about “human rights”, when they start facetiously fawning over minority “special interest” groups, “compassion” has NOTHING to do with it. It is ALL about political self preservation.. How can the liberals EVER lay claim to cornering the market on “compassion” when they intentionally suppress and enslave people through their cancerous welfare “benefits”? How can the liberals sanctimoniously espouse their “compassion” when they have enthusiastically donned the rubber aprons and utilized the suction machines of the abortionist’s abattoir?


This “political self preservation” has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that due to the forced absence of last election’s Obama helpers from ACORN, Obama and the liberals have several million votes to either acquire legally or to again manufacture out of thin air.. NOW the Hispanics are “important” again..


Following the “repeat when necessary” New York Times tradition, “the new policy ‘will not provide categorical relief for any one group’”.. YES IT WILL, this “group” is the ILLEGAL aliens.. This “relief” is another friendly liberal word for AMNESTY.


According to Roy H. Beck, “the decision to grant work permits was distressing..” These “work permits” for ILLEGALS might very well effect ANOTHER liberal special interest group, the unions, proving that chumming for votes means that you can’t please everyone.. Then again, with the Democratic decimation of millions of jobs, the granting of “work permits” to anyone in Obama’s America, borders (ILLEGAL alien pun..) on being a cruel hoax and is certainly a waste of paper..


“People in deportation proceedings stand to benefit most from the new policy..” No kidding.. They will undoubtedly “benefit” by being rewarded with “benefits” redistributed from the LEGAL middle class. Obama will “benefit” from all of these votes taken from “back door” ILLEGALS through his “back door” amnesty/executive order. Those paying these “benefits” for these ILLEGALS who are here siphoning “services”, those who will lose jobs to these ILLEGALS, stand to lose the most..


23 responses to “Benefit Most

  1. Larry, this is excellent and points out one of the more shadowy threats to our country that the liberals are pressing. I urge you and all the Family and anyone that you all can persuade to join NumbersUSA. It’s free, (donation) it’s non-partisan, it fights for lowering total immigration numbers as well as fighting against illegals. You can send free e-mails to your Senators and Representatives and the Brown Clown of the Town. Although I’m sure those are immediately shredded by “Peggy” in the expanded portion of the guard house outside the gates. NumbersUSA is a great site, I’ve been with them for years and they keep you abreast of all immigration issues. Those e-mails to your reps. DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, believe me!

    The U.S. takes in 1 million legal immigrants each year. That is more than all other countries in the world combined. This is not to mention the foreign 300,000 green card workers taken in each year even though our unemployment rate remains at 9.1% and the various refugees we take in.
    This is getting bad. Now I’d be happy to go back to the days when I could barely understand what the other end of the phone was saying when I had a problem with my computer. Now it’s when I ride in a cab or talk to the person across the counter at Casey’s or Quik Pik!

    Through figures I’ve gotten there could be as many as 300,000 not so “illegal criminal” aliens that could receive work permits from our politically correct idiots that would be pitted against the 22 million Americans that are now currently unemployed and looking for work.

    The problems of the influx of illegal immigration goes deeper than just jobs and that’s what a lot of people aren’t seeing and/or don’t realize. It involves not only the nation’s economic well being, it’s standard of living and it’s unnatural population growth but most importantly the nations enviroment.
    There are currently a few leading enviromentalists who have rung a bell to this fact, let’s hope they find a bigger bell.

    Am I racist towards Mexicans? Nah. After working as a pin setter in a bowling alley when I was 8 years old to save up enough money to buy a brand new Schwinn bicycle, a group of them tried to steal it from me. Let’s just say I don’t like them very much.

  2. And another thing, remember when our libelous leader said, “There are also those that claim our (Obamacare) reform efforts would insure illigal immigrants. This, too, is false.” That’s when Congressmen Joe Wilson shouted, “You lie!” from the Congress floor and he was right.

    The Department of Health and Human Services will be funneling millions of cold hard Obamacare cash to “community health centers” that service migrant and seasonal workers. Since the better majority of these workers are undocumented only common sense tells you they are illegal aliens (or immigrants.)

  3. Joe,

    Not only have I been firing off a large number of salvos at the socialists of late, it seems at though I have fanned the flames beneath your rock solid conservatism.

    I’m personally thrilled by that because when I began this venture, that was my goal: to get those who visit here to get involved not only here but where they live. First one talks, then they act.

    Your point about the HHS and their “funnelling” as absolutely spot on.

    That is only the beginning as to how much the ILLEGALS will get that they are not entitled to.

    More accountants, less liberal lawyers in DC.

    Thanks as always my Omaha buddy,


  4. Joe,

    Another relative thought:

    The “you lie” moment came as OWEbama was lying before Congress (a liberal trait regardless whether it has to do with Health Scare or the stains on a blue dress..) trying to drum up support for his fabrications and fables.

    A few nights later was the OWEbama “I’m not going to tell you the REAL State of the Union” address.

    Wilson actually sought OWEbama out and apologized for being RIGHT!!

    What has Congress become..

    Thanks as always,


  5. So, what will be the actual status of the illegals that are not initially deported – will they be put in the line-up for naturalization ? Will they be paying taxes and getting benefits the same as a citizen ? And, how long before they are able to vote, since that seems to be the primary reason for the amnesty ?

    Also, with the high birth rate of some ethnic groups, isn’t it time to reduce the number of foreigners that are applying for citizenship. Another consideration is the number that are coming here from US territories! This country cannot sustain an ‘infinite’ number people. Here’s where we can bring Al Bore into the picture , since too many people will hasten global warming. In fact it could be a good reason to deport all illegals, to at least slow down the global warming in the US !!! Wouldn’t that make Al and his lib friends ecstatic ?

  6. JJ,

    That was the idea behind my asking, “just where will these ‘case by case’ suspects be waiting..”

    Of course, the left has no answers..

    My answer: Coming soon to a city or town NEAR YOU..

    Thanks as always,


  7. JJ,

    According to Aug. 19 Wall Street Journal article, the brown bent One “has come under scrutiny by pro-amnesty groups over the record numbers of deportations, despite it’s policy of focusing only on illegal aliens with criminal records.” There was nothing in the announcement about illegal criminal aliens attraining citizenship, I believe this would take an act of Congress.
    But what they are doing is making work permits available to these “non-criminal-legally-criminal-illegal-aliens” and that, all possible 300,000 of them, is where the problems lie. Typically “non-criminal-legally-crimanal-illegal-aliens living in the U.S. don’t apply for a work permit for FEAR of being deported. But hey, after the Glib Grape Stomper at Martha’s Vineyard has gotten his way, it’s ‘Out of my way, Senor, I want the job your doing because you don’t like eet at wetbacks pay.’

    Obama is petting the flea ridden fur of the pro-amnesty groups such as El Raza while not delivering the full goods of mass amnesty that he’d promised. There’s that word again, promise. Obama and the word fit together so well, it’s saddening, first to the nation, that the speaker and the allegiances are hollow. And this is a good example of it as OWEbama was unable to pass partial or mass amnesty when the Dimocrats were in control of both Houses and he cannot ever hope to attain mass or partial amnesty with this sitting Congress with and even stronger Republican one to come this November. He’ll be to busy campaigning for his criminal “non-illegal-criminal” failed re-election.

    You’ll never see Gore questioning illegal aliens and the effects upon Americas enviroment. He’s part of the political machine and wouldn’t disrupt it’s motion. Gore has no more working factual knowledge of “global warming” than did the dinosaurs before a meteor hit them in the ass.

    One day, one of the T Rexs said, “Guys, I believe that it’s going to get to hot here because your eating to much and pooping all over the place causing methane gas and it’s going to destroy the Ozone layer. Everyone laughed and then a meteor hit, causing the temperature to rise and one of them said, “Hmm, maybe he was right!” And then they all froze to death from the dust cloud enveloping the earth blocking out that “hot” sun.
    Joe’s common sense conservative bedtime story for children.

    Didn’t mean to overstep here, Larry, just certain things will really get me going but I’m always “fired” when it comes to conservatism, it’s in my blood.

  8. Joe,

    Step like mad.. This is your home.


  9. Joe,

    Since the deportation process is rather lengthy, weren’t the high numbers due in part to those that were already in the pipeline from the Bush years ?
    Nonetheless, those numbers are still too low, and the process takes too long.

    Of course, the lawyers don’t care how long it takes – more cash in their pockets.

    Just wondering – has OWEbama ever done one thing that was totally aboveboard, transparent, legal, non-partisan, not backdoor, and good for the country ?

  10. Joe,
    You are exactly right about NumberaUSA. I have been a member for four years. I have sent a slew of free faxes to my Rep.(Tim Johnson) and Sen. Kirk. I don’t bother to send any to Durb Dickem unless it is a twofer. It’s an excellent way to get in touch with your rep. and senators. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a personal call from Rep. Johnson to discuss my concerns. You can’t do better than NumbersUSA. And if you have even a couple of dollars a month-and I’m not kidding about the amount- to give to this fine organization, I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to do so.
    Let’s show them what our Family is made of.

  11. Joe I have belonged to numbers USA for several years as well as Sling Bladde. Even my RINO, Kay Bailey Hutchison responds to messages sent from there.

  12. JJ,

    You are correct in that the deportation process is lengthy but also in addition to that thanks to regulations installed by OWEbama, PEWlosi and “RED” Reid, the “non-illegal” illegal aliens have the RIGHT to appeal their deportation which throws (and slows) it back into the court’s dockets in three or four months time. Meanwhile these sombreroed sewer rats are free to roam the streets of the country they “have a right to be in” but won’t enter leagally or swear allegiance to.
    Another thing that slows the deportation process down is they have to wait until a convict has completed his sentence and is realeased from prison/jail before they proceed. This seems like a no brainer to me, have the papers ready for the dude when they spring him and a bus, what’s say we use that nice shiney black one OWEbama has when he isn’t using on campaign, I mean “listening” tours, paint Mexico on the side and just make the rounds. Like DUH!!

    Concerning your question; “Just wondering” You have all the answers right there, my friend, so you really needn’t ask.

  13. Sling Blade,

    I’m glad to hear your with NumbersUSA, they are an excellent group.

    And thank you for mentioning something that I’d forgotten in my opening statement. Numbers will supply your Reps. phone numbers to call (if you don’t have them handy) and give you talking points to convey to the Rep. or the Staff on a given immigration issue.

    And your right about the donations. “If you are sick or on a limited income” they don’t even want you to consider pitching a penny in.

    I’m with you, Sling, in, againg, urging everyone in to join NumbersUSA. They and their members have helped keep legislation at bay that would have screwed this country beyond repair.

  14. Graywolf,

    I know how you feel with a RINO. I’ve got one myself in the House and worse yet a Demo as one of my Senators. All Nebraskans where we are 90% Republican these three had ratings of C- to B- on Numbers “gradecard.”

    My RINO House Rep. has “tele-town hall” meetings and my number is on the list of those to call. How I got on there I don’t know but I’m not about to give it up because you can play hard ball and see if they come up acting like Goober or John Wayne. It was during one of these several years back that I asked him about his low score on Number’s grade card. (a C-.) He told me that he wasn’t familiar with NumbersUSA and didn’t know anything of the score. I told him that he should educate himself in the group and their effort and told him that I know a lot of people that are dissatisfied with his lack of tough voting record on illegal immigration and wouldn’t be afraid to show it at the polls. (I always like to have a little fun with them. You know, they lie to me, I lie to them, fairs fair isn’t it?)

    It seemed almost miraculous but over the next few years his, as well as my other reps. grades began to rise. They stand now between B- and A-s. The RINO? He went from his C- to a B+. But I think also the increase in membership here in Nebraska as well as all over the United States in NumbersUSA is a big factor in staving off even the Democrat majoral led Congress.

    Just gotta keep pluggin’ away and bombarding them with e-mails and phone calls and, of course, every once in awhile mention their being out of a job if ththey don’t do it your way!

    We may not squeak as loud but we are the biggest wheel.

  15. What do they mean when they say they shouldn’t pay for the sins of the father? How can they not realize it is the younger ones doing the most crime? Gangs anybody? And the process of deportation could be speed ed up to warp speed and we would still have illegal aliens here because we are putting the horses in the barn with no door! And you are so right when you say they have an adverse affect on our climate and infrastructure. The freebies these illegals obtain, are more than double or triple those legals on Social Security and Medicaid.

    Numbers USA is the real deal. I also am a member and fought side by side with others when Bush tried his end run to Amnesty with McCain and Kennedy firing salvos over our homelands. When that ended, I cheered.

  16. We can expect Obama to backdoor amnesty for illegals because he understands there is no support for it otherwise, either in Congress or amongst the people of this nation. After honking off darned near every other group which supported him in 2008, including many of the blacks, the illegal vote is what’s going to save him from having to get a real job to feed his kids and Michelle (Ma Belle). Once the illegals have the right to vote, you can bet they’ll vote Democrat, and, short of civil war, we’ll never get this country back on track again.

    We are a nation at war, folks, with the enemy inside our borders, an active Fifth Column (previously referred to as the ‘Fourth Estate’) and the enemy sneaking in. The Feds refuse to enforce pre-existing laws against illegals, and they sue the states forced into having to do the job themselves, and they are even allowing the UN to sue Arizona and other states because of their tough stand. Given the circumstances, they should be grateful there aren’t bands of militia out there using illegals as an excuse to spruce up for buck season. We also have a DoJ and the BATF engaged in wacko operations that would have had Bush and Cheney publically pilloried, and yet Reichsmarshall Von Holder seems to be in no danger of having his cushy job terminated. We must be on guard, people, as Waco and Ruby Ridge demonstrated very starkly, the BATF doesn’t think we can be trusted with the Second Amendment.

    As I see it, we should be micro-chipping the illegals and shipping them out in railcars, forty to a car. We should also restrict legal immigration to no more than one hundred thousand a year, and only if they have skills we need. The time has come to pull in the welcome mat, seal the borders, and throw out the illegals.

  17. Richard,

    I worked as a steafitter union craftsman for 30 years. (no belligerent strikes or breaking heads) Part of that work entailed building power plants. There was building of such a plant in the early 1970’s that went non-union using “hablo no Engle” workers (at even less pay than non-union) for labor. A superintendant on the job that was a personal friend of mine told me that ICE paid regular visits to the job site, would load up on buses and deport the illegal aliens. However, he said, within one to two months some if not all of them would be back to work at the job site. The scenario would be repeated over and over again. My point is that the deportation process was more fluid then. Legislation of our “fine” politicians, pressure from special interest groups and lobbyists have choked up the oil and weakened the hinges in closing those “barn doors.”

    Maybe I’m just gettin’ older but, damn, I long for a cleaner oil can…

  18. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  19. Family,

    The streak continues, the latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  20. Oxymoron of the day – ” Legal Illegal “

  21. OWEbama is closing power plants all over the country…
    but, he has a plan…
    Rolling Blackouts!
    But that’s ok….
    in 14 months WE’LL be “Rolling a Black Out”…

  22. Stitch,
    Wish we could do it in14 hours !!

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