Conventional Wisdom

According to the Washington Examiner, “It’s conventional wisdom in Washington to blame the federal government’s dire financial outlook on runaway entitlement spending..” Believe me when I say that only one word needs to be removed from that previous sentence.. Before we begin to dissect this analogy, a few mundane but nonetheless revealing statistics need to be perused..

The OBAMA debt now stands at $14,639,000,000,000.00. When OWEbama was taking the oath, (has he fulfilled the oath??) the debt was $4,247,000,000,000.00 LESS. This “historic” liberal leader managed to add this very impressive total in just 945 days. (Please keep in mind that this $10,000,000,000.00 total that was in place before OWEbama slithered into “Pelosi’s Swamp” was accrued by liberal “leadership” in BOTH Houses and with a moderate fiscal Republican in the Presidency..)

For each and every day that OWEbama has been over at Pennsylvania Avenue, HIS debt has gone up ANOTHER $4,247,000,000.00. The debt went up nearly five trillion under Bush, but it took him and a VERY cooperative liberal House and Senate 2,648 days to do it.. The OBAMA debt goes up by three million dollars a MINUTE. In the time that it took you to read these assembled statistics, another THREE MILLION has been tacked on to OBAMA’S debt.. (All statistics from the LA Times “Top Of The Ticket”) As well today we learned that “new home sales on pace for worst year in history”.. (AP) Compiling more proof of the abject failures of the OWEbama administration becomes easier with each passing day, actually, with each passing moment..  Oops, there goes another three million..

The proper focus is needed at this point so that the logical idea of stopping spending isn’t convoluted by the collectivist convolutionists and contortionists.. The idea of taking Obama’s lustful liberal spending sprees and blaming the entirety of all of it upon “entitlements” falls right into the liberals greasy hands.

The liberals are thinking way down the road on this one, by “way down the road” I mean right about late October of next year, well before the area where they just “kicked the can”.. Entitlements are a part of the picture but they’re are nowhere near the WHOLE picture..

The liberals have massaged and manipulated the discussion that surrounds OBAMA’S debt so that it is swaddled in the comfortable blankets and comforters of “entitlements”. The liberal’s world is DOMINATED by “entitlements”. The recipients of these “entitlements” are OVERWHELMINGLY members of the Democratic voter base.. Those who are perceptive are picking up on the progressive pattern..

“Entitlements” are given to people, mere “spending” goes to obscure and vacuous things such as “infrastructure”, bloodless inanimate objects.. Here the liberal’s faux “compassion” becomes self-evident and has an opportunity to shine. Their self-placement upon the moral high ground and their slimy sanctimony oozes from them as they weep and moan over people like OWEbama’s Aunt Zeituni Onyango..

With the left, if you manage to escape the womb, as the liberals surround you with their rubber aprons and their suction machines right up until the moment of birth, your value to them increases as your value to society lessens.. The more independent you grow up to be, the less “value” you have to the “compassionate” liberals and as well, the more successful that you become, the less “value” liberalism has to you..

“Infrastructure” always seems to need to be explained. Infrastructure is vague and complicated intentionally for both dramatic effect and for the ability to create collectivist confusion.. Pie charts, bar graphs and polysyllabic words all envelop the fascist fog that pollutes the air as the liberals speak in their mesmerizing mysterious totalitarian tones..

Besides, the liberals never want to have to explain anything because to do so would open the door to investigation of the liberal’s wanton waste, fraud and outright deception. Within all of the cracks and crevices constructed within the liberal “infrastructure”, countless billions of dollars disappear never to be seen or accounted for again..

“Entitlements” are people, friendly faces or very sad faces carefully screened and created for the collectivist cameras which end up as deceptive Democratic demagoguery, otherwise known as Democratic political campaign commercials. By focusing solely upon entitlements, the liberals can claim that the Republicans “hate the poor”.. “Hating the poor” also provides the seamless segue for another of the liberals patented depth charges, “class warfare”. (Remember, the liberals don’t hate “rich” people, they hate “rich” people who don’t agree with them..)

If I may give you but ONE example, “infrastructure” is half a million “Scamulous” tax dollars ending up as 1.72 jobs in Nevada’s “green industry”. (Fox News) Never mind that this represents the entire amount of jobs “saved or created” by Obama during his pathetic reign, and never mind that such chicanery would naturally seem to go on in a state run by the Reid crime family.. Never mind that there are so many well documented cases of “Scamulous” tax dollars going to imaginary congressional districts, etc, etc..

Let’s carry the “infrastructure” and the “green industry” analogies farther, shall we?

Why have the liberals invested so much of their “intellectual” stock into the whole GREEN malarkey? Because they have “invested” so much of their PERSONAL stock into these “green” corporations.

Liberal politicians place their progressive portfolios into these “green” adventures, they can craft legislation further funding these forays into fantasy, thereby feathering their own financial nests and the nests of their “rich” friends.. This by any other name is “insider trading”.

Why has the left has invested so much of their “intellectual” stock in this green phantasm? They fully understand the amount of “green” that they not only get to redistribute from the bank accounts of the middle class, but the amount of “green” that they stand to make personally by endorsing it. Just ask Al Gore.. Just ask the “scientists” slaving away on the university campuses, “scientists” that have been proven to be in collusion over their attempts to silence the overwhelming evidence to the CONTRARY, these “scientists” who live off of government grants and subsidies to produce more palpable fiction..

The liberals know that the “green” business comes from their creation of a “crisis”. A “crisis” ALWAYS needs immediate attention and the “immediate attention” is always available from the “impartial” media. Creating a “crisis” is nothing more than “job security” for the members of the left and for the left, creating their OWN “job security” has proven much easier than providing “job security” for the nation’s middle class..

The “conventional wisdom” actually holds that socialist spending is socialist spending.. Where the dollars go isn’t as important as the fact that whenever a liberal is the one doing the spending, the dollars are GONE, never to return..


15 responses to “Conventional Wisdom

  1. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. Conventional? What is that? There is NOTHING conventional in politics. The liberals and many, many conservatives/republicans need to be marked by a scarlet letter to let everyone know they are drunk on power and their lust for spending other people’s money. All governmental salaries and wages can be listed as ‘entitlements’, but we never hear a peep about any reductions. If ‘everything’ was on the table for negotiation, how the hell did we let congress keep their Hindenburg sized salaries?

  3. Wonder what Kermit the frog thinks of the libs ‘green’ schemes. As an amphibian ‘of color’ he should definitely be offended . !!

    Does anyone know why social security payments to qualified senior recepients are lumped together with welfare checks, and Medicaid , and all are called ‘entitlements’ ? Especially. since the amount that we get from SS is dependent upon what we put into it . The same does not apply to welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, etc. So, why should they be lumped together, and given a negative connotation? Is it to make seniors feel guilty for receiving their retirement benefits? Just a thought .

  4. By calling SS an entitlement they are able to hide the true dagger’s on the economy. Like everything in this administration there is always a hidden agenda, plan, screwing for the serfs.If the general population knew the truth most of the Dumbocrats in congress would be dumped. Knowledge to a progressive is like the sun light to a vampire. Gosh, that must be true for all bloodsuckers. If we do not get the crooks of the entitlement, and SSI we are doomed as a free nation. No one in Washington is interested in finding the $1000.00 a month crooks. If it isn’t a million or more they say it is too little to bother with and we end up with what we have now.

  5. Wisdom in Washington ? Not many there seem to see the consequences of their actions on the country. Looking for wisdom with these people in charge I feel like Diogenes looking for an honest man. There aren’t too many of those in DC either.

  6. The Charader In Chief never took and oath, he gave a boast of becoming President.

    I liked that, “massaged and manipulated (and) swaddled in the comfortable blankets.” Makes it clear where Chris Matthews ‘a tingle up his leg’ comes from doesn’t it?

    Bush’s exiting debt had not been that high had it not been for a Democratic controlled Congress. The President fought proposed legislations of the Dimocrats in his second-to-last year but “Pooh on you” Pelosi and “Irrespondible” Reid passed continuing spending resolutions circumventing the President. Resolutions which OWEbama voted in favor of that the woe-is-me King of Ineptness could claim as his inheritance.

    Ever notice how OWE and woe are interchangeable?

    OWEbama and the rest of liberal’s lunacy’s brightest idiocy in the Stimulous to perk up the economy, instead turned out in waste and to rhyme with that black disc hockey players chase about on the ice. Having no infrastructure plan, no shovels and no jobs and no planning, it was a bust. Unless of course you were a pork dealer. As in the likes of Nanny Pelosi, who while grinding up Tuna fish, everyone knows she’s compasionate about anything from the sea.And in so being took a sleighty reward of her own for her district in Mexifornia for the preservation of the salt water sea mouse.

    And let’s not forget those fine folks in the state of Washington who recieved $10 million of your kids money for the study of the fruit fly’s mating habits.
    OK, say after a night of wine, dinner and dancing the fruit flies come home to their little fruity love nest. What did these “researchers” do, window peek? Or did they have high tech mini cameras hidden in the bedroom? Which brings up another question: Are there fruit fly pornography rings out there? How do these ”researchers”, while wasting taxpayers money, cover all the angles, as in younger flies out parked in a bananna somewhere.
    And the biggest question; What are they proposing? A birth control program for fruit fliess or shovel ready jobs?

  7. Graywolf,

    Do you see my point that focusing ENTIRELY upon entitlements becomes votes for the left?

    Entitlements MUST be dealt with, but the left is using things like “infrastructure” to do even more damage.

    The problem with the government is that though we would like to reduce its size, a more effective method would be more accountants, reduce what it is allowed to redistribute.

    I KNOW that ther are “$1000” crooks as you mentioned but what about the $1,000,000,000,000.00 crooks? Shall we get them first?

    Thanks as always,


  8. wingman,

    Agreed. DC is probably the strangest place in the US, a close second is Vegas.

    Wierd things happen to people once they go there for periods of time..


  9. JJ,

    Why are they lumped together when the liberals speak?

    It’s ALL about getting a vote on election day.



  10. Why is Social Security considered an entitlement? Easy, so that Grandma can be suitably outraged when any Republican dares to say ‘entitlement reform’. Afterall, Obama and his crew need her vote in 2012 to win, after which she and all other senior citizens are expendable, and will be subjected to ‘Aushwitz-care’. Really, people, its all about getting the vote, liberals care nothing for us except that we vote for them. It is also become painfully clear that they will not be running on their ‘achievements’ in 2012, and we will see the most acrimonious campaign in history. Obama won in 2008 on a message of ‘hope and change’, rather similar in tenor to the Clintons. Now there will only be ‘bad guys’ and ‘worse guys’. Obama is banking on that the common man really is stupid enough to vote for him twice. We can only hope ‘Joe the Plumber’ can confront the ‘Liar in Thief’ with a ‘See, I Told You So’ moment.

  11. G. Nichols,

    Quite right! Unfortunately the “Grandmas” who possessed common sense are slowly dying off and replaced by a growing number of entitlement ideoligists.

    In the analogy between Obama and Clinton, dare I say Bubba was white, well-spoken and all most clean.

    Off subject but discussed before, it seems as though the billionare and person OWEbama has called in to help formulte a jobs program, Warren Buffett has been a little lax in paying his taxes! The man who penned to op-ed for the New York Times about the “government coddling the rich,” has consistently been late in paying taxes owed over the years, since 2002. Now being an upstanding American, calling for higher taxes on the rich, I would think the man would be more than happy to chuck a few bills out of his wallet or write a check to do his part in not being “coddled” wouldn’t you?
    Not a chance of a snowball in hell. Warren and his company, Berkshire Hathaway prefer to fight the IRS in court litigations.

    Speaking from both sides of the mouth

  12. The latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  13. Graywolf-
    If it isn’t a million like you said. But if the IRS even gets a whiff of a regular Joe owing $10.00, audit for next three years!
    Fruit Fly sex? I’m as stumped as you!
    Wouldn’t it be fun to set up a ‘Candid Camera’ sting for the Congress critters? What would happen if some brave soul made a pie chart seperating out the categories where entitlements are misused and unrolled the banner from the observation deck of the House and Senate? Truth in advertising and probably jail!

  14. Larry, My point is that the crook stealing $1.00 should be stopped just like the one stealing $1 trillion. There is no reason we can not find those cashing SS checks for dead people. If the computer power of the government were used to catch crooks rather than keep track of those of us that comment here. People need to know that the cool dude down the street that gets SS disability money while playing football, drinking and dancing all night, and weight lifting is NOT stealing from the government, but is stealing your money that you paid, are paying into the SS fund. Funny how those fruit flies are able to hide their sex life for so long. That was required study in Biology in 1954 when I took Biology 1. How many Billions have been paid for the same study before and since 1954? Have to stop and go to a day long course put on by the local police Dept. to help us thwart terrorist attacks on our churches. This in East Texas. I wonder if Homeland Security will be there to keep track of us Bible carrying, white (mostly), gun loving terrorists.

  15. Larry,

    Regarding the question of lumping together – yes, that is true for the libs, but the GOP and independents , and media also do it . That was the reason for the question.

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