Rethinking Myself..

A few days ago, a “thought” passed through my fingers entitled, “Sad Or Happy”. Within those paragraphs of sarcasm and information (not necessarily in that order..) I postulated that Dhimmi Carter had to be the happiest person around. I believe that I need to rethink that thought..

It would seem that the left was intent upon pushing the self-destruct button, not only of the Democratic Party, but of the nation as well, back in 2008.. “History” has proven that they chose the worst possible candidate whom then went on to become the worst president ever. (The question becomes, was this particular “historic” banner the one that they intentionally wanted to unfurl?) (It took quite a lot of concentration for OWEbama to pass the formerly “happiest person in the world”..) The task then became to choose a running mate for the unknown usurper. The perfect addition to the collectivist couple had to be the Democratic dipsomaniac, Joe “Stoli” Biden.

Enter the newest candidate for the “happiest man in the world”.

Biden has had an ample history of inserting both his foot into his mouth and his cranium into his anus. Any “normal” politician, liberal or otherwise, who has made such a career of verbal stupidity would next be heard saying, “would you like to super size that order?” Even the total anonymity that normally comes with the vice presidency hasn’t stopped Biden from being… Biden..

The liberals are proving that they have an emerging sense of humor as they just sent Biden to China for reasons that escape me. The results were typically “Biden-esque”..

Here is Biden paying homage to the idea of brevity.. “And so language, the ability not only to master the ability to put your ideas into words succinctly on a platform to communicate ideas to your own people, it is even more impressive when you have the capacity to do that and communicate your ideas, especially as future business and political and moral leaders of the world in the language of the people to whom you are speaking..” I am going to assume that OWEbama’s addiction to the teleprompter hasn’t sunk in with Biden and as well, his improvisational imbecility in this most recent case probably caused his Chinese translator to be executed moments after Biden left the podium..

Biden felt compelled to pay tribute to one “Zhu De” calling this “illustrious” Chinese alumnus, a “founding father of the republic” and to boot, Biden tossed in, “Zhu De was one of the most illustrious figures in recent Chinese history”.. (CNS News) According to Terry Jeffrey, “Zhu De, in fact, was the commander of the People’s Liberation Army and a full partner with Chairman Mao in transforming the world’s most populous nation into a communist dictatorship..” Based upon Biden’s assessment of “illustrious” figures and their abilities to implement communist dictatorships, Biden must believe that OWEbama is both “illustrious” and a “founding father of the republic” here in America..

Biden was stumped trying to “explain the greatness of America and our people..” “It’s hard to explain what an American is..” Here Biden is a “victim” of the liberal “Destroy EVERYTHING American” pogrom. The liberal success at implementing the “multicultural” concept of hyphenated Americans, of ending every tradition that America USED to believe in and then portraying these traditions as “vile and hateful, exclusionary” has worked its magic upon Biden’s simple but alcohol soaked mind. Can you imagine Dick Cheney having trouble with this question?

As if enough damage hadn’t been done, Biden continued on with this show stopper, “your policy has been one which I fully understand-I’m not second guessing-of one child per family..”

OWEbama’s own State Department said that this program, given the okie-dokey by Biden, “in some cases resulted in forced abortion or forced sterilization..” It is therefore logical that Biden as a liberal would approve of “forced” abortions, this would fit well with the abortions the liberals approve of right up to the moment of birth. Biden’s alleged “Roman Catholic” beliefs and their “rulebook” have an altogether different take on this whole “abortion” thing but if you are an important enough politician, your “beliefs” outside of the pew are excusable on Sunday morning, right?

Since most of the lunatic liberals still hold fantasies about nebulous “population explosions”, (not unlike their Globaloney Warming fallacies..) fictions that they have been childishly revamping and repeating for decades, “forced sterilization” would help with the liberals “Mengele Mantras” that go along with such stupidity.. Make note that I said that this was “logical” based upon Biden being a liberal, I didn’t say that it was “ethical” or “humane” as these descriptors are never applied to liberals by ANYONE other than by liberals themselves..

“It also caused the selective annihilation of baby girls..” Shouldn’t this information have the bearded feminists howling and wailing as they sport their overalls, flannel shirts and crew cuts? This seems to be a pogrom directed exclusively at females and this news is accompanied by the sounds of crickets from the feminist’s liberal lairs.. One comes to expect such hypocrisy from the same hirsute harridans that not only ignores the rampant violence directed at Mooselim women by their smelly husbands, they ignored the proven charges against Arkansas’ progressive pervert.. Let one man get promoted in Ottumwa Iowa over an unqualified woman and all of these wrinkled relics start screeching at two hundred decibels..

“The abandonment and neglect of baby girls remained problems due to the traditional preference for sons..” So says the OWEbama State Department, the rest of the liberal caliphate remains silent, all except for Biden who endorses these “ideas” or he is not “second guessing”.. Here we have an obvious case of sexism implemented by a “government” and the feminists are nowhere to be seen (having seen most of them, this isn’t a BAD thing..) or heard from..

Thanks to the complete collectivist failure that is the OWEbama presidency, the liberal lunatic who flies about in Air Force Two has had his streak of career-ending verbal diarrhea upstaged and back-burnered.. We have come to expect such imbecility from this man and he is one seat away from the presidency.. After all, placing the political equivalent of Foster Brooks in front of a microphone certainly makes for an “interesting” distraction away from OWEbama’s focused destruction of America..

As the administration sends Biden out to embarrass the nation and himself, our attention is redirected away from OWEbama and all of his “accomplishments”.. A man who has to screw his hair into his forehead each morning is flying about the world saying things that would get a “normal” person drawn and quartered..

This socialist simpleton HAS to be the happiest person in the world..


21 responses to “Rethinking Myself..

  1. So, who on this planet didn’t expect Biden to screw up ?
    Another question might be – who would be the worst choice to go to China , Biden or OWEbama ?

  2. beyond disgusted

    Biden equals moron of the century! I’m still laughing at his comment about when the stock market crashed in 1929, Roosevelt went on TV. Truth be told, the fact that Obama & Biden are President & Vice President, says more about the people of this country than it says about them.

  3. Dang! In all due respect to the parents, I really dislike them for choosing that name for their brainless boy. Why couldn’t they have named him, “Bill”, it has such a soothing reminiscence reminder of Bolshevic buffoonery. And to the normal and number of times he kept his head in his in the depths of his anatomy, is their any question as to why he had his dome re-furred?

    Decades ago, when the news of China killing female babies first leaked out, it raised the ire of humanitarians in the U.S. and around the world. Yet now, “Bumbling” Biden ‘understands’ the concept.

    One needs not to rethink himself but to stand fast in his thoughts and, if anything, re-read the TOTD, “Coexist.” Liberals are humanitarians and therefore should be against the taking of human life. Imagine if the same standards of China were employed here.
    This also apply to the “we love making babies” whether here illegal or declared safe by mass amnesty. Would they be headed back across the border?
    The current situation as is, there may be a “rainbow” in the end (pun intended) for the U.S. As with males vastly outnumbering the females in China, free from our imperialistic government, there will be plenty of gays shipping out on rainbow vessels to start a new “rife.”

  4. Larry, new word pogrom what does it mean I counted u used it twice…first time I thought perhaps you meant program but when I saw it repeated, I’m curious. As usual great word smithing and certainly reveals the real Biden!!!

  5. We are always trying to name the worst President, what about worst Vice President.

    Politics are not for the faint hearted nor the dog and pony show which comes to town every time a politician breathes. I want to rethink myself also.

  6. Richard,

    I Googled it and came up with a list of worst Vice-Presidents not all by their political ideologies. Starting with the third Vice-President of our country,
    Aaron Burr of 15 candidates in all. Interesting reading to say the least.

  7. Joe,

    Biden ‘understands’ the Chinese concept of killing female babies just as he ‘understands ‘ the Liberal concept of inviting pregnant illegals into the US for free pre-natal care, free infant delivery, and free accessories upon leaving the hospital , while at the same time the Liberals want ‘free’ abortion on demand for anyone.

  8. As vile and disgusting as the dynamic duo of Biden and Obama are, I have to agree with “Beyond Disgusted”. The fact that these two clowns have been elevated far beyond their intellectual capacity says a lot more about the American electorate than it does about this freak show.

  9. JJ,

    But it would be “fully understood” forced abortion on demand by the government if it were a girl, says one side of the mouth, while the ‘humanitarian side says we’ll give you all loving choices.

    Biden has made a career in politics not because he is brilliant, rather than because of the fact that he sways like marsh grass to the slightest gentle breeze. Until gaining the Veep job he didn’t worry, nor does he now, about his speeches being factual or truthful…afterall, he was speaking to fellow Democrats. About the time the thought of intelligence and Biden enters your head, plageurism gets in the way.

  10. Larry,

    In another article I’d said that I thought F.D. Roosevelt surpassed Obama leaving Carter a close third primarily in economic policies. But there was something nagging at me about that so I’ve been re-thinking myself since and have come up with this.

    While FDR’s policies were poor and his taxing proposals worse than OWEbama’s, he as president was his own man. OWEbama, I believe, is controlled by others. I’m not talking about your every-day, run-of-the-mill political pressure or influentual groups here, I mean single cause string pullers that can make this puppet dance or fall on his butt. They could care less about him or the United States of America and capatilism. That in fact, is what they would like nothing more to see the demise of.

    I think the DNC Elite had no full understanding of what they were about to “unfurl.” Stupid is as stupid does.
    Just sayin….

  11. And they had the nerve to call Sarah Palin “stupid”.

  12. Joe-
    I have always thought OWEbama was a puppet for someone or someone’s. And your vivid mind picture of one pulling the strings let’s me see half a dozen or so behind the curtain and fighting amongst themselves.

    Excellent advice – we should not be afraid to rethink who we are and check to make sure we are on the correct path and if not, make corrections.

  13. MACK, Lady Wolf said it well here in a comment. She said”a liberal is someone educated above their intelligence level”. How right she is. I added that they are educated by kooks that received their advanced degrees from an institution that does not give poor or failing grades to students as to not harm their self esteem.

  14. Graywolf,

    In the presence of liberals, for years I have said that the left is “a standing argument for the fact that education is by no means synonymous with intelligence.. Actually, due to the capitulatory reflexes of the left, it isn’t a ‘standing’ argument, it is a kneeling one”..

    That ALWAYS sets them to sputtering..

    Thanks as always,


  15. renoman,

    A “pogrom” is basically an organized massacre.

    Examples: Hitler’s “Final Solution”, Nanking China, The Terror Famine, the liberals abortion and welfare travesties..

    Thanks as always,


  16. Joe,

    First off, your comments of late have been inspirational. Spot on..

    About OWEbama not being his “own man”, I have to say that when I last swa him, I thought that I saw Soros’ hand behind his neck..

    Thanks as always,


  17. JJ,

    Great point about the dichotomy involving the left’s prostrating themselves before the ILLEGALS as long as they are “with child” which in the liberal lexicon translates to “with anchor baby” or “next up: chain migration”..

    Thanks as always,


  18. Graywolf,
    Social promotion in the schools has been going on for a long time, and it affects all, not just the libs. This resulted in the “dumbing down” of our youth, which in turn makes it a lot easier for people like OWEbama to continue their agendas. In addition , consider the ease with which some cult leaders have been able to attract “loyal” followers. A weak mind is very succeptible .
    Years ago, the honor roll in high school listed just a few students, because the requirements were very high. Now, it seems like almost 40% make the ‘honor roll’ and then about 20% make the “distinguished honor roll”. Now, more than 50% are on the so called honor rolls !! Did the kids get so much smarter – no, the ‘standards’ were LOWERED.

    Is it safe to say that WEAK minds = STRONG followers ??

  19. I agree Larry, the puppetmaster behind Owebama is Soros.

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