As what’s left of Irene trundles up the East Coast, the nattering knuckleheads of the “globaloney warming” hilarity have found this to be the perfect opportunity to revive that which should have been dead long ago.. Since a “major” hurricane hasn’t hit the U.S. in years, the opportunity for the inherent over-exaggeration that accompanies EVERYTHING near and dear to the liberals black hearts is an opportunity that should not be missed out upon from their perverted perspective.. Nor was it..

Leading the charge is America’s favorite fish wrapping otherwise known as the New York Times. The “headline reads, “Seeing Irene as Harbinger of a Change in Climate”. Within the very first paragraph of this poppycock, we read that Irene is “reviving an old question”.. THEIR “question is, “are hurricanes getting worse because of human-induced climate change?” MY “question” is “when are the liberal “scientists” and their collectivist collaborators going to admit to their REAL motives behind their faux “science”?

Have no fear, the liberals and their “scientists” have NO answers but, just as OWEbama allegedly has his “jobs creation” plans and schemes, they are “working on it”.. “The short answer from scientists is that they are still trying to figure it out..” “Figure it out” simply means that the liberal “scientists” are trying to find a BETTER way to cover their tracks as opposed to emailing each other when it comes to being “found out” as frauds..

These “scientists”, involved in a COMPLETE cover up of their shenanigans through a coordinated email campaign, contained more proven collusion and more proven subterfuge than the entire Watergate “scandal” and these “scientists” are still being taken seriously because they continue to chant the “correct” enviro-mantras..

These “researchers” have come to “differing conclusions about whether that increase (in hurricanes and their strength) can be attributed to human activities..” Those who actually HAVE “differing conclusions” are never heard from and within THIS “scientific” community, they are treated as lepers.. The “science” of the “disbelievers” is consistently debased because it does not jibe with the “science” of “globaloney warming”.. For those not up to speed on the liberal nomenclature, “human activities” is another way of saying, “capitalists” or more specifically, AMERICANS.

The “climate change” claptrap always ends at the shores of the United States, as the OBVIOUS polluters in China, India and Brazil are strangely immune from the collectivist caterwauling of the enviro-nazis. The liberals are at least intelligent enough to keep their socialist side show within locations where they know that they WON’T be thrown in jail or worse.. All that it took was one three million dollar “anti-whaling” boat full of Bolsheviks to get an unplanned visit to Davy Jones’ locker at the hands of the Japanese and the liberals knew that their hogwash would play out better and much more safely here in America..

With the liberals and their “science”, the more vague, the more exciting it is to their followers and the more effective that it will end up being to these simple saps.. “The evidence for a connection between Atlantic hurricanes and global climate change is fairly compelling..” So says “an expert on the issue”, one Kerry Emnauel.. Why would the reporter call Emanuel merely “an expert” when in truth he is a professor of meteorology at MIT.. I am not sure where the intrepid Times reporter retrieved his quote from the professor because back in March of 2008, Emanuel announced that he was rethinking his previous conclusion that global warming increases the threat of more hurricane activity than normal..” (Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society)

Who can find the “crack” in this, a crack that allows all of the necessary liberal wiggle room? The liberals will claim that Emanuel changed his position when “global warming” was the rage, now that the left has pivoted to “climate change”, which is an even more vague postulation similar to “racism” morphing into “institutional racism”, the left has probably reeled the wandering “expert” back into the fold..

In order to find someone who “disagrees”, the Times located Thomas R. Knutson of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab in Princeton N.J. When the “impartial” media wants to be “fair”, they always seem to find someone who allegedly disagrees with the liberal “science” but in the end, they always end up agreeing with those that they allegedly disagree with.. “Knutson said essentially that Dr. Emanuel’s conclusion is premature, though he adds that evidence for a human impact on hurricanes could eventually be established..”

Again, the “vaguery” flourishes with the liberal “science”. “Scientists do not have great confidence in their ability to project the magnitude of that increase..” Nonsense, liberal “scientists” DO NOT concern themselves with CORRECTLY “projecting the magnitude” of ANYTHING, their every pronouncement regardless of how idiotic it is, is greeted with warm slaps on the back as long as it supports the established liberal line.. As a matter of fact, the more outlandish and un-provable, the better.. Knutson’s “group” has said that “the annual number of the most intense storms will double over the course of the 21st century but what proportion would hit land is another murky issue..” The liberal “science” of “globaloney warming” or “climate change” is ALL ABOUT being a “murky issue”.

Those who disagree with the liberal “science” may be making just as “murky” a series of projections about something as volatile as the pattern of hurricanes, but THEIR prognostications aren’t being used as a sledgehammer to formulate both opinion and politics. The guesses of the PROPERLY liberal “scientists” are the only ones receiving the ink from the “impartial” media. These glorified “guesses” are then transformed into a blanket condemnation of “human activities” or the “human impact” and soon there are windmills killing too many birds, your car (sort of) runs on bizarre overly subsidized and therefore over priced faux fuels and your “government” begins to demand the type of light bulbs you are allowed to have in the “privacy of your own home”..

Both proselytism and profit drive the liberal’s “science” as well as their politics.. They have a need to herd those who are weak and they do not have an aversion to money, they just don’t like it when those who disagree with them have it.. The liberals REFUSE to claim that they are “guessing”, theirs is a “science”.. Lets look at a few collateral issues, shall we?

Even relative to Irene we have, “If Storm Center moves over land, ‘could be slightly weaker than predicted’” (NHC) As well just a bit later the HNC said, “Storm Weakens, max sustained winds drop..” Now we have liberals like Bloomberg who DEMAND that people “evacuate” reinforcing the liberal need to herd the weak. In order for liberal politics and or their “science” to thrive, there must be chaos, panic or a “crisis”. Something as inexact as a hurricane fits in rather neatly.

The “crisis” is always enhanced by today’s “24 hour” news and weather formats. The “impartial” media likes to MAKE the news, the liberals make their “science” fit their Marxist misinformation. Keep in mind that ANY and ALL information, up to the second, should be utilized in relation to things like hurricanes and no one should take ANY “hurricane” lightly, but the idea of “choice” leaves the liberal lexicon when a kind-of “crisis” looms.. When a GENUINE “crisis” looms, say OWEbama’s attacks upon capitalism or even something like Hurricane Katrina, the Democrats are all mute.

As Katrina crossed the entire Gulf of Mexico, approaching New Orleans at about eight miles an hour, Democrats Knucklehead Nagin and “Cryin’” Kathleen all had no idea what to do for a city whose residents also didn’t seem to know what to do in an alarming number of cases.. AFTER the fact, BOTH Bolsheviks blamed the FEDERAL government because it was headed by a Republican..

Keep in mind that the liberals believe that the ENTIRE universe was created by chance, by mere luck. A hurricane, created by nature and guided by mere chance, is nothing more than the evil machinations of capitalism through greenhouse gases and the like according to the liberals.. That exact same “luck and chance” that assembles a hurricane is written off by “scientists” as “human activities”..

“The ocean has been getting warmer for decades and most climate scientists say it is because greenhouse gases are trapping extra heat..” Note the key word, “most”.. Note that the Times couldn’t locate even ONE of those “scientists” who REALLY disagree with such politically based “science” before this article went to press.. Might I add, which “ocean” is being discussed? What are the temperature readings from ALL of the OTHER oceans during this time frame? The Atlantic appears to be the only ocean that manages to prop up the agitprop of the leftist “scientists” and their fascist friends..

“Damage from hurricanes has skyrocketed in recent decades but most experts agree that is mainly due to excessive development along vulnerable coastlines..” There goes those damned capitalists again.. These “scientists” “pleaded for a reassessment of policies that subsidize coastal development..” Why would “scientists” be concerned with “subsidized” development? Isn’t the “development” the issue or is it the fact that these “subsidies” AREN’T therefore going to these “scientists” to continue their “research”..

These “scientists” find that “large hurricanes” like Irene (some will more than beg to differ on this “large” descriptor” but no one ever seems to hear from them..) are a “harbinger”. I find that the histrionics and the hysteria driven by the liberals and their “science” to be the “harbinger” of the fact that their politics, not the facts, drives their “science”..

“We are optimistic that continued research will eventually resolve much of the current controversy over the effect of climate change on hurricanes..” “Continued research” by liberal “scientists” is ALWAYS SUBSIDIZED.. “But the more urgent problem of our lemming-like march to the sea requires immediate and sustained attention..” Not quite, professor.. I find that the liberals and their “lemming-like” attraction to the profits and propaganda of their “climate change” and the requisite hysteria and hoopla that has enveloped their pseudo-“science” is what actually “requires immediate attention”..


26 responses to “Harbinger

  1. Hurricanes getting worse? Irene knocked on the door like a limp-wristed faggot yet word is out today the heavy handed gubment is going pay for most of the billions of dollars worth of damages.

    Quite a switch from those East Coast cupcakes who denied flood insurance to those who had it along the Missouri River last spring because of the flood of the river was “ongoing” and still is until September. A flood which the Corps of Engineers caused by fully opening upstream dams. Farmsteads, millions of acres of farmland, crops, roads, bridges, businesses and homes have been destroyed.

    We are Midwesterners and we will rebuild. Through tornadoes,floods or drougth we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again without any help from those bureauracratic boils on manhood in Washington.

  2. Larry: “they are “working on it”.. That’s a really scary thought.

    One good thing that came out of Irene here in New York was that, since a large majority of the usual suspects didn’t venture out onto NYC streets, the arrests for a comparable period of time went from 434 down to only 34.

    Joe: I live about 100 miles above NYC. We got a lot of flooding here from Irene. We’ve been having problems with floods for years and in my opinion, the Army Corps of Idiot Engineers has never done anything to correct the problems. In fact, the flooding gets worse. When I was a kid, people would dredge the streams to improve the water flow. Now, if anyone tries to dredge out the streams, they get fined. We will rebuild, but the problems will continue unless we change the government and stop their interference.

  3. Regarding global warming and air pollution, if China is the epicenter of air pollution, and GE is moving approx. 35,000 production jobs to China, and the CEO is a ‘best friend’ of OWEbama, and if the libs and OWEbama are so concerned about air pollution , THEN, why is the GE move applauded, especially after the jobs loss ? Could it be “liberal logic ” ?

  4. JJ,

    Sounds like a perpetual “oxymoron of the day” to me..

    “Liberal logic”..

    So obvious isn’t doesn’t need to be said, I suppose..

    Thanks as always,


  5. Family,

    Tomorrow’s TOTD will be “Harbinger Redux”..

    The media, “impartial” in nature, is piling onto the NHC..

    Time to point out the liberal hypocrisy..

    Must reading.

    Thanks as always,


  6. Hey family!
    Larry, once again, very well said! I especially liked your observation that Liberal Koolaid Logic requires anything that doesn’t further their agenda (creation, the beginning of life, etc…) is ONLY explainable by pure chance. However, those things that can be used to fomment the crisis or support their political agenda are ALWAYS the fault of man, capitalism, or this horrible meritocracy we are stuck with!

  7. Family,

    I couldn’t wait, this was done at about 9AM..

    Click over to read “Harbinger Redux”..


    If you read the first, you MUST read the second..

    Sheds the light on how quickly the left “changes”..

    Thanks as always,


  8. T,

    Thnak you, I liked the point as well.

    Liberal logic, if it exists at all, is as flaccid as the taffy at the state fair..

    Thanks as always,


  9. Hurricane Irene will be a “godsend” for the libs – they will want unlimited spending for infrastructure repairs and ‘improvements’ which will mean “more jobs created’ . They’ll want more flood control dams, beach erosion control,better bridges, higher standards for building construction.etc. Translation – bigger gov’t. with more wasteful spending.
    Imagine what it will cost to build a “storm proof” house.

    Some of those idiots probably hoped that the storm would have been more severe, in order to help their agenda.

  10. JJ,

    They hoped that the hurricane that was heading towards New Orleans right before the Republican convention in 2008 would devistate the area again.

    They were led by the Bolshevik Buffet Buster, Michael Moore who giggled with mirth over the potential damage to New Orleans and the hope that the convention would be cancelled.

    You HAVE to read tonights TOTD: “Collectivist Cirrculum” as it touches on these points..

    I hope that everyone is enjoying this amount of reading as much as I have enjoyed writing it..

    Stay tuned,


  11. Ahhh, psuedo-science on the march. No matter what the enviro-weenies do to louse up this country, Mother Nature will still confound their best efforts to explain her. Discussing the libs and their anti-whaling boat, I saw an episode of ‘Whale Wars’, and was very disappointed not to see the whales shooting back at the liberals. What you are seeing now is what they want to do to us, animal management will be the stepping stone to human management. After all, our Science Czar believes in mass sterilization. Between that and abortion mills, the Progressives can trim down the herds of undesirable people in the world. Afterall, the world would be a better place, in their eyes,if there weren’t so many people in it, because mankind is the one thing standing in the way between them and ‘enviromental perfection’

    The problem we have here is the libs will use a once in a century event to justify some new effort to stifle our economic freedom. Already they’ve outlawed the incadescent light, killing more American jobs just so some Chinese factory partially owned by Algore can have a monopoly on selling us overpriced spiral bulbs which require a Hazmat to clean up if they break. Its only too bad Irene didn’t clean out Washington DC of the filth within its city limits.

  12. Family,

    MORE on this topic tomorrow, as “The Rhetorical Envelope” is already “in the can”.. It is a scorcher.. The gloves are off as they have always been with me..

    Lord, how I wish that I was being paid for my writing..

    Thanks as always,


  13. Larry, I hope you realize the enjoyment your readers get from your talent as an observer and writer. I look forward daily to your gift to us…….Paid? well we do a lot of thing we don’t get paid for. Just ask this artist!

  14. Family,

    The latest from TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  15. LadyWolf,

    What really got me going on this whole thing was FEMA’s refusal to flood victims because of the “on going flood” caused by the Corps opening the gates of dams on the Missouri River. I researched and wrote to all three of my reps. and the Corps asking questions. I receive only one answer from one rep. and the Corps saying “there would be an investigation after the flood ends.” (a three month and still going flood.)

    But in my research, I found a curious thing. The Corps Manual of Operations has a section devoted, or should I say, mandated by enviromentalists. They are determined to revert all the nations rivers and water ways back to their “natural ways” for the good of wildlife.

    Does that sound wild? Consider this, 60 years ago the Corps began taming the river with dams and levees, more and more farmland was tillable, people were able to habit closer to the river and industry grew. Then 30 years later came Earth Day, then the Green Peace movement cleaning all our water and turning our skies back to blue again. But once that movement was over there was nothing to do for the hard core bark encrusted tree huggers to do except invent other “worthy” causes like global warming and green energy.

    So while these ignoramous enviromentalists, now the Corps and Washington sit about saving the animals, hey, I always for saving them too, right next to the mashed potatoes and gravy.

  16. Joe:

    They clearly have an agenda, but we can be sure that none of this is being done for the good of wildlife or mankind. In my opinion they want people out of certain areas. Maybe because it is easier to round people up if they are in heavier populated areas? Or to drive small farmers out of business so they move and large commercial farms take over and grow Monsanto
    GMO crops to poison us all? New Nuclear Plants? The possibilities are
    endless and frightening. My suspicious mind is working overtime, I’d better stop.

  17. G. Nichols

    I’m willing to bet the ranch ( again), that Al Bore’s mansion is not 100% CFL . The hippocrit ( intended spelling ) is on par with OWEbama in the telling lies dept.

  18. LadyWolf,

    “When we get piled upon in large cities, as in Europe, we will become as corrupt as Europe” ~ Thomas Jefferson ~

    Suspicions or reality? Steadily the number of privately owned small farms are declining. Farmers used to live their lives on their farms and pass them on to their children and their children doing so in return.

    I was talking with my son yesterday who is a small farmer in Missouri. He raises crops, cattle, drives over-the-road semi-truck seasonally, owns three rental properties and his wife is the manager of a large hotel. They aren’t rich by any means and he hates Obama and Democrats. (I raised him “right”)He was telling me that the EPA is coming out with mandates in controlling dust. Farmers must control dust when they are readying their fields to plant or when harvesting crops. Of course there are fines and the EPA’s “expert” knowledge on how to do this. Me, I’m working on the blueprints for a giant vacuum on tractor tires.

  19. LadyWolf, I just read a report that said Monsanto is experiencing problems with some of their GMO corn being attacked by the bugs they were modified to resist. We know in the medical field that super bugs are quite easy to produce, just overuse an antibiotic ans you have super bugs. Now what will they use to protect their ability to control the seed trade around the world?

  20. Joe,

    Regarding ‘dust’, what will those idiots expect the farmer to do if there is a drought and the ‘dust’ blows , as in the great dust bowl ? Makes one wonder if there is a contest in DC, to devise the most eggregious, costly, intrusive, invasive, and definetly assinine legislation.

    And while they’re attacking the farmers, food , especially fruit and vegetables,are coming in from other countries, and we have no idea what chemicals and fertilizers were used . Another fine example of ” Liberal Logic ” !!

  21. JJ,

    That’s another thing my son said the EPA will be pressing farmers on is the use of pesticides. One can see fairly clearly here the demagoguerary nationalism bearing down on our small farmers. LadyWolf’s “suspicions” are not inconceivable and proving reality. She, above all, should remain suspicious of the burearcracy, not of her own mind, instead trust in it.

    I find it kind of funny in that as I mentioned earlier, my son works seasonally as an over-the-road independent semi-truck driver. His best friend owns the two trucks they drive, the busiest times of the season? Hauling herbicides! Tanker trailers of ammonia fertilizers from one end of this great Union of ours to the other and anywhere in between.

    Forgive me for carrying on here, but what really gets to me is people paying a higher price for food because the two magic words appear upon them; “organically grown.” Without fertilizer, without de-bugging, costing less these people are paying more because the foods “good for them”…oops, make that five magic words.
    As the American life span has increased over the past decades I find it hypocrytical that the feat was ever accomplished without organically grown foods.

  22. Joe, you are not “carrying on’. This is the type info that the general population needs to know. Spread it on every blog you can. We are small in number, but we can be the squeeky wheel to spread the truth to the masses.

  23. Joe,

    And, aren’t the big agri-business corporations who make those fertilizers and herbicides the same ones who are getting major federal subsidies ?

  24. JJ,

    Yes, fertilizer and herbicide manufacturers receive subsidies and so do farmers. All business’ receive them, they are deductions claimed in conducting their business under our complex tax code. They simply insure that business’ recover their costs and are taxed only on their net income.

    But the point here is what LadyWolf touched on, the widespread control of farmers by government mandates on what and how to do their business, raising their cost and forcing many out of business. Enter the huge Agro-Farm business’ with the money and equipement, holding hands with the Federal Government and controlling the prices on a full range of products.

    For all intent and purposes, a socilistic monopoly.

  25. Joe & Greywolf:
    I worked for government for 22 years, I’m always “suspicious” of whatever they do. I trust my “gut instinct” entirely. If it tells me there is a problem, there is.

    The EPA Is not protecting us from anything but safe and healthy food.
    Monsanto and it’s Franken crops could very well destroy the world’s food supply. The GMO crops are already destroying native plants. Once they are gone there will be no replacing them.

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