Harbinger Redux

Now that Irene has left her mark upon the Northeast, the “impartial” media is all over the NHC. Leading the hypocritical charge is America’s best birdcage liner, The New York Times. The Times couldn’t contain their disdain for the “experts” who “did not quite call the storm right”..

The “impartial” media’s continual campaign of hype got caught with its progressive pants down, thus their “outrage”. I believe that the most important question relative to this is why this sudden expectation of perfection from “scientists” from the “impartial” media? Where is the liberal “outrage” over the fiction of “globaloney warming”? There is NO standard of perfection for the “scientists” who have leftist politics as their fulcrum..

THESE scientists have succumbed to the liberal brow beatings by admitting that theirs isn’t an exact science. “What we got wrong was the structure of the storm”. (James Franklin NHC) “Any combination of those factors will prevent a storm from intensifying..” (Dave Radell NWS meteorologist) Back to Mr. Franklin once again, “the accuracy of such forecasts has hardly improved over the past several decades..”

May we compare these honest evaluations by these genuine scientists to the apologies made by the “Climate change” charlatans in the past? I don’t recall any.. How about the liberally infused imbeciles that have called for any and all of the following: “Ice Ages”, “Global Famines”, melting polar ice caps and the rest? The “accuracy” of the liberal “political scientists” “hasn’t improved over the past several decades” either and their “accuracy” has INTENTIONALLY gone even farther south without any negative ramifications..

According to news my way, Director Bill Read said, “that’s a gap in the science”.. The liberal “scientists” who don’t even have “science” as their foundation, would never admit to ANY “gap” in their Swiss cheese progressive postulations and the “impartial” media will never ask for any reasons as to why these “gaps”, wider than the Grand Canyon, never seem to get any smaller..

The Times themselves just YESTERDAY were at the head of the parade calling Irene a “harbinger” of “climate change”. Since Irene fizzled out according to the left, are THEY going to apologize for over-hyping their imaginary “climate change” as the cause of this “massive” hurricane? Are they going to print a retraction over their hyperventilating over “human activities” and “human-induced” causes for a hurricane that didn’t pan out as “projected”? As NON-scientists, they aren’t REQUIRED to explain or excuse their inaccuracies because they are based upon liberal politics, not SCIENCE.

In the end, had Irene been the whopper that the “impartial” media and the liberal “science for profit” fascists had hoped that it was going to be, it would have been George Bush’s fault..


10 responses to “Harbinger Redux

  1. Apparently these “non-scientists” are so confused, or indoctrinated, that they believe they are required to ” feed the hand that bites them” ( intentional wording) , but don’t realize they are getting bitten !! Which will come first – running out of ‘feed’ , or tired of the ‘bites’ ?

  2. What gets me is these same clowns believe that climatoligists can predict the melting of the polar ice caps, and all the other milestones of humanocentric global warming. How can they predict the climate fifty years into the future, when they can’t tell you if its going to rain on Friday? Liberals are Grade-A snake oil salesmen, whom have proven PT Barnum correct that you can fool some of the people all of the time.

  3. Kurt (A little right of Attila)

    Just returned from 10 days in Tuscany, no TV, no news, nada. Landed in Atlanta via Rome and was immediately greeted by the our fearless elected because of Johnny Mac poten”tainted” black leader who in the first 20 seconds said I at least 5 times while addressing the American people followed by Janet what’s her name and the FEMA director who looked & sounded like he would have trouble spelling CAT. What a pathetic charade. I started laughing and couldn’t stop until it was over. I got some very strange looks. I met people from England, Scotland and obviously Italy. Everyone asked me how did American elect him. It was embarassing. All I could say was, I didn’t vote for him.

  4. G.,

    Always love your comments. Couldn’t live without ’em..


  5. The whiners just hate it when their whining doesn’t get them anywhere… reminds me of a five year old who is all ready to throw a fit because she thinks someone has taken her toy only to figure out that she is sitting on it! They were trying to “not let a crisis go to waste” and it turned out there really wasn’t a crisis… and they weren’t able to manufacture one out of thin air! Poor Babies!!!!

  6. I’m sure someone in the administration will discover Bush seeded the clouds and caused 35 deaths. Or maybe it was Brownie!

  7. Dick, it was the evil Dick Chaney. Are you the EVIL one?? All the libs I know never took a science course they did not have to, and then probably cheated to pass it. I figured out why Nappiepalatino was made Sec. of Homeland Sec. She was perfect, as they needed someone dumb enough to be led around by the member of the Muslim Brotherhood that works for her.

  8. Family,

    The latest TOTD:


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  10. Wait until everyone gets a load of tonight’s TOTD..

    Still laughing, it comes out tonight at 7PM CST.. Entitled, “NOW I Know”.

    Guaranteed to please..


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