The Rhetorical Envelope


Every once and a while, the “Enviro-blimp”, the progressive poster boy of poppycock, gets a bit miffed that he isn’t in the news anymore. Mencken once postulated that all presidential losers should be hanged and in the case of Al Gore, considering the time since he LOST the election and what he has done with it, the idea certainly merits consideration..


After Gore LOST the election of 2000 in the most preposterous and embarrassing of manners, a bumbler like Gore, addicted to the swooning of Methadone addicts, HAD to find something to immerse himself in.. As an uber-liberal almost beyond the pale, his desire to acquire personal wealth, wealth the size that he used to dream of taxing and redistributing when it belonged to others, needed to be slaked.


The idea of building clapboard houses with Dhimmi Carter was not an option. One look at Gore’s expanding equator meant that physical labor was out and buffets with Michael Moore were in.. The idea of just giving speeches, playing “Free Willy” with unsuspecting women and shilling for Mooselim countries like his former boss didn’t have the “star appeal” necessary for the numbskull narcissist.. He had to find something of “consequence”, something that could touch on all of the hysteria needed to keep the attention of the overmedicated slackers of the left focused on HIM.. Then he found it.


He invented “Al Gore Disease” and he discovered that the Earth was suffering from it.. Here a field that had literally been laying dormant since the last collectivist crackpot tried to claim that the Earth was flat or that it was going to freeze over in a few days was ripe for the picking.. A man with the personality of a dial tone could now do what the Arkansas Pervert was doing: give speeches and get paid handsomely for it.


BUT, Al had to be doing so to “make a difference”. Billy Bob did it to not only escape Hillary the Harpy, he did so in order to grope a larger group of gals.. In the presence of “certain” crowds, the “difference” that Al Bore was trumpeting to anyone who would listen was the “crisis of the environment”. The REAL “difference” that Gore wanted to make, like ALL liberals do, was to his bank account..


In due time, Bore wrote a book, frighteningly titled, “An Inconvenient Truth”. When Gore realized that the liberals are all illiterate, he then made a “documentary” by the same name.. Most recently, he wrote a few children’s books entitled, “Know Climate Change” and “101 Q and A on Climate Change”.. Based upon the topic, ALL of Gore’s works whether in print or on the screen, should be categorized for “children”.. Then, as all liberals do, they started heaping undeserved and sanctimonious awards on Gore. A Nobel Prize, an Emmy, a “Webby” and of course, an Academy Award. All of which afforded Gore a number of chances to shoehorn himself into a tuxedo where he looked not unlike a pregnant progressive penguin..


Eager to stoke the flames of stupidity, Gore would go anywhere to talk about his new found folly.. As long as there was an ample paycheck attached. Gore’s concern for the environment took a back seat to flying about in his private jet so that he could lecture others about flying about in their private jets.. Gore’s haranguing over energy was hypocritical at best being that his mansions all use more energy than your average shopping mall.. As always with the left, as long as you are SAYING the right things in public, what you are DOING is another matter altogether..


In interview after interview, Gore would intone darkly in order to create the panic or crisis that always requires the application of a liberal progressive panacea. No matter that Gore isn’t even a “scientist”, never mind that he did miserably in science classes in school, never mind that Gore didn’t even complete law school sensing the PROFIT that could be made from running for the House, Gore was now an “expert” and he was an “expert” on a mission..


These interviews have not only been immensely humorous, they have been filled to the brim with the progressive pollution that can only be endured by the lemmings of the left. Let us take one interview from the past and then lets take a recent interview in order to find the similarities within this sophistry and that which has “changed”..


In November of 2008, the Progressive Pravda, otherwise known as the New York Times, interviewed Al Bore. For years, the Times has been a repository (or a suppository..) of any and all leftist lunacy and when it comes to “globaloney warming”, they have held true to their “impartial” ideals..


Gore launched into his philippic of piffle right out of the chute.. “We must make an emergency rescue of human civilization from the imminent and rapidly growing threat posed by the climate crisis..” The creation of a “crisis” is PARAMOUNT to the foundations of liberal fascism. Note the use of the flammable words like, “emergency”, “imminent” and of course, what liberal diatribe would be complete without, “crisis”.


Progressive puffin fish like Gore just can’t help but be pedantic.. “To those who are still tempted to dismiss the increasingly urgent alarms from scientists around the world, ignore the melting of the north polar ice cap and all of the other apocalyptic warnings from the planet itself, and who roll their eyes at the very mention of this existential threat to the future of the human species, please wake up..” Please note that three years later, NONE of these “apocalyptic” events have occurred, “existentially” or otherwise.. It is funny that Gore chose “existentialism” for use within his puling..


In but a few words, existentialism holds that the “individual” is in the unique position as a self-determining agent that is responsible for the authenticity of their own choices.. When a liberal “expert” speaks, you are NOT allowed to “self-determine” anything, as they will do all of the heavy intellectual lifting for you. In the liberal world, “choices” are only available to those who want to end the life of a fetus, otherwise you must sing the tune of the Horst-Wessel-Lied song sung by the socialists.. Gore and his minions are allowed to “roll their eyes” at disbelievers however, if disbelievers “roll their eyes”, they need to “wake up”.. The hype and hysteria has to be applied in heavy sweaty doses, anything less and the left won’t consider it a “crisis” worthy of attention.


Proving that Gore is as good a prognosticator about “globaloney warming” as he is about what proved to be the failures of OWEbama, I offer this buffonery, “here is the good news: the bold steps that are needed to solve the climate crisis are exactly the same steps that ought to be taken in order to solve the economic crisis..” Lets see.. The first crisis mentioned is a figment of the imagination of a liberal and the second crisis is the result of the liberals of the OWEbamanation..


“We should begin the construction of a unified national smart grid..” The liberals always like to toss “smart” into everything that they talk about.. Maybe if this comes to pass, Gore can say that he invented it just like he did with the Internet..


“We need to secure a global agreement, re-establishing the United States as the country with the moral and political authority to lead the world toward a solution..” The application of “morality” to liberal “science” is necessary for them to sit atop the throne of self-imposed superiority. Thus they are always “doing the right thing” which, regardless of the results, allows them to “feel good” about what they have done.. The United States should certainly “lead the world” but not relative to the embarrassing faux fascism surrounding “globaloney warming”.


Now let us turn our attention to the most recent Gore interview. Speaking of “here’s the good news”, interviews involving Gore have become considerably shorter in duration as even the comatose liberals can’t stand years of being talked down to by such a bombastic Bolshevik.. It has even gotten so bad that even Tipper has left him.. Please make a note of the “tone” of Gore’s ridiculous rhetoric NOW as opposed to just a few years ago..


According to mediaite dot com, Gore “compared skeptics of climate change to racists during the Civil Rights Movement.” “There was a time when racist comments would come up in the course of conversations.. They were just natural. Then there came a time when people would say, ‘hey man, why do you talk that way, I mean that is wrong.. Slowly the conversation was won..”


I will assume that this reenactment NEVER took place around the Gore family dinner table during the “Civil Rights Movement” because Al’s daddy did yeoman’s work AGAINST the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the Senate.. Little Al’s “awakening” must have come when he was out of arms reach of the old Democratic racist.. I just can’t imagine Little Al getting “all up in” Old Al’s face because the old gopher called the maid who scrubbed Little Al’s undies the same thing that ghetto blacks call each other every two minutes or so..


“In some circles, according to Gore, just using the words ‘climate change’ is considered taboo as was the case with Southerners bringing up racism..” Actually, giggling at the “globaloney warming” simpletons outside of their “neopagan pentagrams” IS “taboo” as we know that differing ideas are NEVER welcome within the “big tent of ideas” allegedly occupied by the liberals..


“Gore suggested that there is a moral component that both arguments share..” Again with the “moral component” business.. Since Gore only draws “crowds” the size of a typical MSNBC “news” broadcast, no one else heard Gore compare the civil rights movement to the bowel movement known as “globaloney warming”..


“It’s not in (scientists’) nature to get ready to constantly defend themselves against political attack..” The ONLY “political attacks” that are done relative to “scientists” are done on the “scientists” behalf by the liberals in defense of the liberal “political science” of globaloney warming! This is coming from the guy who moments ago said that if you don’t “believe” what he says, you are a racist! Then again, having grown up with a confirmed racist as a father, who would have more “moral authority” than Al Junior when it comes to calling people “racists”?


The article said, “Al Gore pushed the rhetorical envelope” when comparing disbelievers to racists. Who can blame him? Gore now shows up for the rare interview sans necktie and sporting both his comely collectivist comb-over and his lethargic Lilliputian logic..


Al is fighting tooth and nail against his own plunge into obscurity, so the depths to which he will go to in order to try to save himself shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially based upon the flimsiness of the silly “science” of “globaloney warming” and the paychecks that he stands to lose if his endorsement begins to fall upon more deaf ears than it already has..


23 responses to “The Rhetorical Envelope

  1. Family,

    Tonights TOTD is a MUST read. It will be out at 7PM CST.

    Entitled, “NOW I Know”.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Jim Sullivan

    Al Bore really needs a quiet room, padded, to avoid injury. Since he and Obummer won the Nobel prize,it doesn’t seem to be as noble as it once was. Jim S

  3. Larry,
    Wow, you’re on fire – good read !
    Perhaps Al has finally figured out why Billie Bob picked him for VP. It’s the same reason that OWEbama picked Biden. These two are such idiots that they make their Presidents look intelligent and competent.

    Although he really and truly believed that he deserved the awards and accolades that he once received, reality is now “knocking on his noggin” with the truth, which he can’t handle, therefore he’ll begin to do desparate things. His temper will flare up, and he’ll say things that he’ll regret – and the downward spiral begins. The question is – how long will it be before he “self-destructs” ?

  4. JJ, speaking of ‘questions’, Al Bore refuses them after his diatribe!!! Larry, U did it again… fantastic write up and so true!

  5. Larry, it’s been quite a while since I have laughed so hard through your first ten paragraphs! It’s too bad that you can’t take your comedy routine on the Jewish Catskill route!!

  6. Poor Al… He might have to give up one of his gas guzzling lear jets, or one of this energy wasting mansions if his investments in the “green” economy don’t pan out. Maybe he can go to South America. I understand you can live like a king on very little money in Peru.

    I don’t really care where he goes, I just know that I’m sick to death of listening to him insult my intelligence and call me names.

    Can’t wait to find out what you know now…. 🙂

  7. Jim,

    Great point. The Prize committee has debased the Prize itself. OWEbama, Bore, Arafat, Dhimmi Carter..

    Hurry 2012..

    Thanks as always,


  8. JJ,

    My point exactly.

    Witht the left, you know that you have scored when they begin sputtering and they run to the barely polysyllabic responses.

    The personal attack the the last chance for the empty mind and with the left it is quite telling that they refer to it right out of the chute..

    Thanks as always,


  9. Fred,

    There you have it, who can question those that know it all?

    Even the “impartial” media tires of being talked down to by the likes of Gore..

    He’s all bent out of shape because his ox is being AlGored..

    Thanks as always,


  10. trivia man,

    GREAT to hear from you again.

    It sounds as though I let you down relative to the last fourteen paragraphs..

    Should have quit at ten..

    Thanks as always,


  11. T,

    No matter where he goes, the “impartial” media will find him..

    Oh well..

    Thanks as always,


  12. Al “the boring one” Gore said in a taped interveiw that, “debating with him over Climate Science is the moral equivalent of being a Bull Connor racist.”
    Claiming his generation watched Bull Connors turn aggression against civil rights demonstrators and thinking, “Whoa, how gross and evil is that?” He then says he and his ‘generation’ asked the older “people” why discriminate against just because of the color of their skin. Without clear answers his “generation” became obsessed with discrimination. (It’s not mentioned that his father opposed the civil rights movement.)

    What Gore is doing is trying to make a comparison between racism and global warming as he says, “slowly we have won the conversation on racism, but we still have racism, God knows. But we have to win the conversation on climate (whether we’re truthfull or not) as in some quarters it has become almost politically incorrect to use the word.

    So now we are forbidden to use the C word or the N word?

  13. That was an oxymoron itself – Impartial Media. How sad America is being tarnished by blowhards and mega ego twits. There is a lot wrong with America, but I say there is substantially more right than wrong. We can save our country by forwarding Larry’s columns and TOTD to family and friends. I have done this often. I like to forward responses too, as the family really has a brain and it is not withering because of non use. I salute you all.

  14. beyond disgusted

    I think it was Michael Savage who said “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.
    Here we have Exhibit A – Al Bore, a true mental case. To those of us with an IQ over 5, this guy is a total joke. That should tell you all you need to know about his looney-tune followers.

    Larry, I agree with JJ – you are on fire! Super post!

  15. Joe,

    Screw ’em, use any word you want.

    I do..

    Thanks as always,


  16. Richard,

    God bless you.. I couldn’t do it without you.

    Thanks as always,


  17. beyond disgusted,

    Thanks for your kind words..

    I am just “speaking truth to power” as the fascists are so fond of saying..

    Never give in, never give up and never again,

    OWEbama: ONE and DONE,


  18. Here is another example of Liberal Logic :

    OWEbama’s economics Czar apparently realizes that the “tax the rich” scheme won’t bring in enough moolah, so now he wants a consumption ( sales ) tax, because it will bring in more moolah, since it includes everyone. He does admit that the tax will be a hardship on the poor , because it results in a higher percentage of the low income of a poor person. But, OWEbama wants the tax income to ‘help’ the poor.
    The result : tax the poor, so that the poor will be helped !!

    OWEbama will be happy, since it will create jobs, namely more gov’t. persons to administer the new tax. And, it fits in with the “redistribution of wealth” scheme that OWEbama cherishes.

    Think of it as a’banner program’

  19. WordPress strikes again !! The rest of the post should read:

    Revenue is increased. The poor get help. Jobs are created. Wealth is re-distributed. The libs are ecstatic.

  20. Just saw a recent photo of Al , he looks terrible, as though “reality” smacked him squarely in the face !

  21. Green jobs anyone? And I don’t mean cleaning up the slime of the followers of Gore or Obama. I had posted before about Seattle, W. receiving $10 million dollars from the federal government for their green jobs projects last year. All that money is now depleted with a total of new jobs created of 14. Looking upon that I can only assume three things, the wages these workers received were way above scale or the cost of living in Seattle is in outerspace which makes me wonder why anyone would choose to live there. The third third thing is if the first two assumations equaled each other out, the un-employment line wouldn’t suffer that much of an increase in numbers.

    However, I found out today that a company here in Nebraska by the name of Solyndra that makes solar panels had also received $535 Thousand Green Dollars last year. This would not be quite so embarrissing had not the Head Coach of our proud Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Team, touted it, “leading the way in Green Jobs.” Solyndra also has another company in Mexifornia and today both are belly up. The number of workers layed of, 1,100 combined.

    No matter how large or small the amount, Green job money seems to have a common bond…disappearance within a year and it should be investigated.

  22. And speaking of presidential losers should be hanged, isn’t that a bit racist in regards to Obama? I mean afterall he’s definitely a loser and the blacks use hangings as examples as often as they can. But hey, this would be a first in presidential assasinations wouldn’t it? Where oh where is $harpton and Je$$e when you never really don’t need to hear from them but keep coming back like festering boils on your ass.

  23. Joe,

    Perhaps $harpton and Je$$ie have finally realized that they can’t really defend him anymore. Heck, even James Carville has started to defect !!

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