Lets Do The Time Warp

On a day that “normal” people are trying to enjoy, the Bolshevik Brummagem was out and about. After all, WE are paying for his fascist field trips, his golf games, his vacations and his family “get-a-ways”, I can’t believe that he hasn’t taken more.. This little Labor Day mission is all part of “Save My Kenyan Kan 2012”, the ONLY “jobs” program that this progressive poltroon ACTUALLY believes in.. OWEbama, as a man of considerable courage, decided to go yak in front of a “friendly” gathering. This “gathering” was “friendly” to him, just as ANY victim of “Stockholm Syndrome” is to its oppressor.. The psychological implications of this entire demented Democratic event is only just the beginning of what “lies” (literally..) ahead for the nation.

According to Fox News, Teamsters President little Jimmy “Where’s My Daddy?” Hoffa called on “workers” to “take these son-of-a-bitches out”.. Based upon OWEbama’s “historic” record of job DESTRUCTION, one thought that the assembled “workers” were going to bust some narcissist noggin.. No, the “sons-of-a-bitches” are the members of the Tea Party..

“Hoffa then declared there’s a ‘war on workers’ and vowed that organized labor would ‘remember in November’”.. This dystrophic demagogue is correct, there IS a “war on workers” and the Generalissimo was up on the progressive podium with him.. “Workers” that can barely “remember” to put all of the bolts on one of the fine Government Motors cars based upon the constant “recalls” involving their products probably won’t “remember in November”, unless someone pays them to do so.. (Bailouts, anyone?)

“You can see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party”.. Is Democratic dementia this prevalent a problem with everyone who is a member of the Teamsters or for that matter, ANYONE who supports the licentious liberals? The answer based upon today’s disgusting display by all involved is an unquestionable YES.. Never has “denial” had the potential to be even MORE destructive than it was in 2008..

To OWEbama, little Jimmy said, “this is your army, we are ready to march..” No kidding, due to the FAILURE of OWEbamanomics, a lot of “workers” will have the TIME to march as opposed to manufacturing more electric cars that no one is buying.. (Pop Quiz: which happened MORE often in August, someone bought a Government Motors Chevy Volt or someone got a JOB under OWEbama? Tie goes to the runner..) This “army” will be joining the Black Panthers (Who??) as they will try to intimidate voters just like their cuddle buddies did in Philadelphia in 2008. Politics makes for strange bedfellows and it doesn’t get any stranger than a “union” between the Black Panthers and the Teamsters..

Hoffa wants to “get” “lawmakers opposing the president’s agenda..” Do these “workers” seriously believe that the “president’s agenda”, virtually unopposed for nearly THREE YEARS, THREE YEARS full of waste and intentionally ineffective socialism, THREE YEARS of Democratic dominance in BOTH Houses, ISN’T what’s to blame for what the nation is experiencing? In going from the sublime to the ridiculous, little Jimmy recycled the nonsense of another liberal lunatic as he said that these “workers” should “keep their eyes on the prize”..

On and on with “”right wing politicians in Congress”, “holding the country hostage”, to “preserve tax cuts for the wealthy”.. To top all of the insanity with a collectivist cherry, “union leaders” said that “Washington’s focus on deficit reduction was ‘misguided’”.. If these “workers” all believe what these “leaders” were saying, then for the safety of your family I am advising you to purchase vehicles manufactured elsewhere for their obvious loss of their mental faculties has got to be effecting their abilities on the job..

Speaking of the “Prize”, next up was the sanguine socialist himself. He called for “Congress to get on board..” “Congress” is now the “enemy” within the despotic Democrat’s world. What “Congress” actually MEANS changes from moment to moment, from poll to poll.. “Congress” has been polling even lower than the liberal limbo contortionist OWEbama so this scrap is the political equivalent of picking a fight with a quadriplegic. No matter, OWEbama just wants to WIN, how it ends up happening is irrelevant. When a massive failure like OWEbama uses the metaphor “get on board” it’s the same “sinking” feeling that you would get if you got an engraved invitation to “get on board” the Titanic.

“Obama effectively dared Republicans to oppose what he described as the ‘new way forward’”.. Well, OBAMA is RESPONSIBLE for the “OLD WAY BACKWARD”, the one that the nation and its “workers” have had to suffer through for over three years. After a while, the idea of asking for ANOTHER opportunity to plant IED’s becomes ridiculous, but being ridiculous is what being a liberal or their supporters is all about.. The Democrats and their “workers” have through out time proven that one of their least redeeming qualities is their enthusiasm when it comes to humiliating themselves in public.

Obama wants to know if they are “straight shooters”, do they “put country before party”.. Another interesting analogy as Obama has placed OBAMA above country, (Kenya and America..) party or anything else if it would help him if it were properly sacrificed to the gods of the retention of power.. OBAMA put OBAMA above even “party” by not only demanding that they sign onto his carcinogenic collectivism since 2009, he now places ANYONE within this amorphous “Congress” label that he routinely tosses around as he grins and mugs before groups of socialist simians.. “Congress” has been exclusively Democratic since 2006 yet the Obama zombies, properly programmed by both the “impartial” media and by paid-off pontificators like little Jimmy, see “Congress” as being Republican..

“Show us what you’ve got, no more manufactured crises, no more games..” Obama is trying to step into some kind of a time warp. He feels that if he never mentions HOW HE managed to put America into the position that it now finds itself in, NO ONE ELSE will mention it.. He is campaigning in 2011 as thought it were 2008.. Everything is the same, the depression, the defaults, the downgrades but in Obama Land, SOMEONE or SOMETHING else is responsible.. The psychological sickness that has invaded the Democratic body politic has now moved into a terminal phase.

“No more manufactured crises”?? The CRISIS was MANUFACTURED by YOU and your collectivist colleagues and it is REAL. By the way, one of the reasons for YOUR “crisis” is that NO ONE in America is “manufacturing” ANYTHING, that is, outside of those entities that you have “bailed out” or “taken over”.. “No more games”? The idea of ENDING the assault upon America and its middle class (which almost ALL of these “workers” belong to..) is now a “game” to Obama and the Democrats and their “supporters”..

“Let’s put America back to work..” Here we have someone who has spent (literally..) nearly three years putting people OUT of work just so that he can demand that “Congress” “get on board and put America back to work..”

This Democratic/OWEbama”game plan” of avoiding the responsibility for their intentional or unintentional (let’s be honest, it’s intentional..) destruction of America MUST be met with fact. It is time to “speak truth to lies”. It’s time to go “Joe Wilson” on Obama again.. With each passing moment, the left is adding another brick to the progressive Potemkin Village that they are going walk everyone through in 2012 and they will get away with it if we allow them to..

As a final Bolshevik bone thrown to the “workers” who spent the day prostrated before their “leaders”, “Obama vowed to stand up for collective bargaining ‘as long as I am in the White House’”..

That should be about sixteen months unless the impeachment proceedings begin sooner..


13 responses to “Lets Do The Time Warp

  1. beyond disgusted

    What a perfect post for Labor Day. Timing is everything. It truly is sad that so many “workers” can be so stupid; but shows just how successful the demented left has been. Another example of what we are up against.

  2. “ready to march”, or goose-step?

    “get on board”… the SS Titanic is setting sail…

    Another OWEbama IED? (Improvised Economic Disaster)

    My new bumper sticker:
    Hillary 2012
    when all else fails…
    lower your standards

    In 16 months the “historic” will become…. HISTORY!

    The only thing missing from this idiot’s speech today was, “pull my finger”…
    Just to see how many other idiots would…PULL HIS FINGER!

    Dhimmy Hoffa is declaring war on me??


  3. The dumbocraps have no idea where Labor Day came from. They have no idea they are being brainwashed and herded like a flock of sheep to disappear in the swamp. Actually, if I were a lot younger, I would think long and hard about running for any office because of the mind set in America.

    I really like to know more about our nation. One series I watched was ‘How The States Got Their Shapes’. Wow! The information I picked up was worth the time to watch and learn about our country. I learned one thing of great value. Most all the state lines were created by politicians wanting to have it their way. So the Federal Government has a rich history of monkeying with the land which we call the United States of America and they did it mostly out of spite. Sorry, but I just CAN NOT stand manipulative people. Sadly, we have allowed idiots to set boundaries and make laws without much push back from us. We must all stand up and start pushing back.

    Did any congressman in your states hold any live chats or fireside chats? How about ‘Meet Your Congressman’ or ‘Party Open House’? Neither did my state and those around me. Please note, everybody! THEY are AFRAID of us. Now you have the truth, please question without fear and keep questioning until you get an answer, not a brush off.

  4. Stitch – last tiime someone called me a SOB he ended up on the floor with a bloody mouth and a couple teeth missing. I am going to the tea party express next week here.. If this crap continues there are going to be some nasty confrontations. As you say, bring it on.

  5. Jimmy “Hitler” and his boys of the Auto Reich must have been in a month long celebration after the government so graciously bought GM and Chrysler in order to keep them from going bankrupt and to save jobs to notice the ordering of dealerships of those same companies. Maybe those people aren’t union but they are American people. But in the eyes of progressive liberals ( and welfarians) it’s all about me, me, me.

    It’s actually old news as it was exposed in 2009 but it’s relevant since it fits in Hoffa’s roomy reichland boxer shorts, that out of the 789 dealerships closed by the federal government, 788 had donated money exclusively to Republican causes. The remaining one had donated to Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. These business’ and close to upwards of 100,000 jobs lost.

    Because of this there has been another Executive Decision handed down upon us peons by his “Excellency” in changing a colloquilism;
    The term “Nigger Rigged” is now no longer accepted. You will refer to it as a “Presidential Solution.” A perfect example of which you have here, no matter how you say it.


  6. If congress is the enemy and Owebama the “friend” of the people, can he convince the people that only he can save them – that he should be named emperor or “dictator for life” like Caesar?

  7. Richard,

    My three reps. advetised in one way or another of the intended visits back to my state and how happy the would be to “get first hand to see and hear their consitituents feelings on the issues of our country.” A Rep. Senator and Representative included full schedules of they would be for various types of “meetings”. The Dem. Senator didn’t bother himself with such details however, and the only way you could find him was after he was already gone and it had been reported in the local town’s newspaper.

    An organization I belong to, “Nebraskans For Limited Goverment” sent out emails asking, “Where’s Ben Nelson?” showing Nelson playing peek-a-boo from behind his hand with a smile on his face. A week later a card was in my P.O. Box asking the same question with more information explaining the question. I’ve known the Post Master for many years and I, being a good citizen, asked her permission then taped it on the Post Office’s front doors at eye level… and she helped!

    There still is no schedule for stops of any kind on Nelson’s website. It appears as though he prefers to “pick” his appearances where he knows he will be welcomed and the questions will be easy. And he’s up for re-election this year, remind you of another “shadier” one?

    And ‘How States Got Their Shapes’ is a very interesting show!!

  8. No, no, no, ‘Nigger Rigging’ is no longer an accepted term, it has become ‘African-American Rigging’, after all we don’t wish to offend anyone here. The words of Jimmy Hoffa Jr. should be of little surprise to anyone whom reads Larry’s prose here, and should be a stark illustration of the truths coming into focus. The unions had thrown their support behind President Obama, as they’ve always supported every other Democrat since the days of Truman, and they’re unapologetic in their fervor. They have also chosen to declare war upon the everyday working stiff whom pays his union dues, by supporting a man whom has no qualms about destroying this country’s economy simply for his own aggrandizement.

  9. in 2008 the UAW kissed OWEbama’s ass…
    in 2009 OWEbama shit in their face!

    He didn’t close any auto plants in MEXICO, did he??
    He didn’t close any auto plants in CANADA, did he??

    Stupid unions…
    Stupid UAW…
    THANK GOD, I am SOOOO done buying ANYTHING made by a DAMN UNION…

  10. Speaking of jobs and labor, why is OWEbama negotiating trade agreements with countries with cheap labor ? We cannot compete with countries where the average wage is around $1.50 /hr. . And what can we expect these low income laborers to buy from us ? Nothing or very little.
    So, how is that a trade agreement ?

    We need a balance of trade – we can’t continue importing more and more, and exporting less, and less.

    Imagine, if we stopped importing just one commodity, for example – clothing. We would create millions of jobs , not just in the actual manufacture , but also in all of the ancillary industries, along with all of the increased revenues. And this is private sector money, not tax dollars.

    We need factories and industrial plants running full time, not this ‘paving roads’ nonsense which lasts only a few months of the year, and is paid for by tax dollars. What has been particularly egregious, has been the number of roads that were repaved, in spite of the fact that THEY DID NOT NEED TO BE PAVED !! But, since it was “free” money, the states wasted it.

    And, let’s stop sending our technology and jobs to China.

    Just a thought.

  11. Since these union leaders want more people to join a union, let’s go along with that plan – we’ll form the American Patriot’s Union, whereby anyone can join for $1.00 ( the nominal contractual amount) . Then , when some union thug wants you to join their union, you can say ” no thanks” and honestly claim that you already belong to a union. And, this will eliminate the “card check” problem for workers who elect to not join a corrupt union.
    Also,since unions usually respect other unions, there should be “no problem ” with the American Patriots Union !!!

    Furthermore, all of the hard core union leaders would be ecstatic with the huge increase in union membership

  12. Without our going to the depths and lengths of degenerative slang, nouns or verbs that is common to our America’s in-house foe in describing anyone who doesn’t fit into their mold, we use it more as a form of levity. I’m sure I don’t have to explain this to you here as Larry’s articles and the comments following each are filled with truthful thoughts, figures and facts. Afterall, this is Conservative Commentary Served Cold and we take No Left Turnz!!!

    No Regrets, No Apology, No Surrender!

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