Tree Huggers


Already things are starting to leak from the “highly anticipated” OWEbama but obviously under-inflated lifeboat on “jump-starting jobs” Thursday night.. This isn’t a surprising turn coming from an administration that began “leaking” the moment that it was christened in January of 2009.. Yes, back then as the “Good Ship Lolly-Schlock” made its way down the socialist slipway, BACKWARDS of course, (what a shocker..) it hadn’t even hit the water when it began “leaking” middle class tax dollars and middle class jobs.. This most recent “leak” is for purposeful progressive political reasons alone..


Such skulking “leaks” have become all too commonplace within this administration which was supposed to be based upon “transparency”. “Transparency” should mean that the information being divulged to the “impartial” media wouldn’t consistently be coming from those who “speak on the condition of anonymity”, the collectivist cloak and dagger demagoguery that OWEbama’s minions are best known for. This method of “news gathering” has two benefits for the liberals.


One, it offers the liberals a chance to see if their next economic ticking Bolshevik bomb will meet with any disapproval. If it does go off somewhat prematurely, this time delay offers them the opportunity to have a day or so to fine tune their fascism, to make it more deceptive, more disingenuous and to scrub the evidence of Marxist malfeasance from the crime scene..


Second, if a firestorm erupts, they have a few options available when it comes to putting out the fascist fire.. They can blame a nameless faceless “rogue staffer” for the blasphemy. Who remembers Michael Caldera? Anyone? He was the unfortunate “low level” OWEbama staffer who was singled out for the lunacy that was the liberal lower Manhattan fly over in early 2009. As well, the licentious liberals can blame it on any or all of the following: the Republicans, the Tea Party, racism, high tide, low tide, bad weather, bad Karma.. Whatever, blame ANYTHING other than OUR liberal BAD political decisions and blame it often..


According to Yahoo News, “Obama to propose $300 billion to jump-start jobs”. Up to this point, the “jobs” that Obama has wanted to “jump-start” have almost all been involved in the imaginary “science” surrounding the “green” malarkey. Capitalism doesn’t respond well to the fascist force-feeding of socialist “science” onto the job market. The trillions that this Bolshevik has transferred to electric cars, solar panels and windmills have ALL been wasted as almost EVERY recipient of the redistributed middle class tax monies has gone belly up.. When a liberal government says that it wants to “create jobs”, BAD things, VERY,VERY BAD things always follow. Use OWEbama as your totalitarian template for this theory..


“Recovery Summer”, like EVERY cutely named progressive panacea fell well short of its lofty goals.. That’s alright, OWEbama spent the summer vacationing, golfing and blaming everything that wasn’t bolted down for HIS magnificent “historic” failures.. The tsunami in Japan, earthquakes, posttraumatic stress from Pearl Harbor, every excuse has failed as miserably as OWEbama has himself.


Just before the liberals started digging up pictures of Hitler or painting little black moustaches onto the images of Boehner and McConnell, OWEbama decided that he had to find something less popular than he is and he stumbled onto a progressive punching bag in “Congress”.. You must remember that deeply ingrained within the perverted perspective of the Kenyan Kollectivst, the ONLY “job” worth saving is HIS.. Even the socialist skeleton Harry Reid said that the DEMOCRATIC August of NO jobs and a ten percent unemployment is “a wakeup call to every member of Congress”..


Today, “Congress” is sort of an amorphous blob meant to deflect responsibility from OWEbama. As the election nears, “Congress” will mean the Republicans in the House and the scary Tea Party who have been seated for about 180 days. Miraculously the responsibility for the last FOUR YEARS of Democratic dominance will all have been washed away simply because a liberal Democrat (fill in the Bolshevik blank..) says that it is so..


“Obama is expected to propose $300 billion in tax cuts and federal spending..” In case OWEbama and his friends haven’t noticed, INEFFECTUAL out of control “federal spending” of an “historic” nature, is one of the vehicles within the fascist’s fleet that has gotten us to where we are right now.. That’s “compromise” within liberal land, a few mysterious “tax cuts” that will NEVER materialize but a lead-pipe cinch series of “federal spending” on solar powered box kites, various “green” imbecilities and of course the ever-changing and perpetually slippery “infrastructure”.. All of this is coming from the “party” that wants the opposition to “put the country ahead of politics” and all that that crackpotterie means is AGREE with them so that YOU can be blamed later..


“Obama has said that he intends to propose long-term deficit reduction measures to cover the up-front costs of his jobs plan..” In other words, time to dig into that “debt ceiling” kitty that “caused” the downgrade.. In case you were wondering about WHEN OWEbama might get around to “paying” for ANY of these imaginary jobs he is “proposing”, “Jay Carney said Obama would not lay out a wholesale deficit reduction plan in his speech..” It’s the “J. Wellington Wimpy” economic plan of “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today..” The unfortunate fact is that in the OWEbama economic world, Tuesday never comes, or failing that, “Tuesday” will come when someone else is in office trying to clean up the messes that he laughingly has left (literally) behind..


As well, Carney said, “This will be primarily focused on the short-term need to take measures to grow the economy and create jobs..” (Fox News) The interpretation from liberal-speak to English is, “short-term” means “BEFORE the 2012 election, after that, who cares”..


Noting the liberal propensity for making “busy work” for themselves, the “White House estimates a free trade agreement negotiated with Colombia, Panama and South Korea would create 250,000 jobs..” (By the way, what is Panama going to “trade” us, the Canal that Carter gave away? A few potential major league short stops or pitchers?) Keep in mind that the “White House” didn’t specify WHERE or on which continent those jobs will be created, Obama wouldn’t even narrow it down to any of the 57 states..


In the next sentence we read, “the administration wants the trade deals approved simultaneously with legislation to provide job training and other benefits for workers who will lose their jobs to imports!!!!” (Exclamation points mine) Obama Magic: Demand a trade deal that LOSES American jobs while claiming that it creates them, then demand that these “Democratically displaced” workers be retrained for jobs that the liberals will “free trade” away on a later date!


I hope that these “other benefits” aren’t the green light for the liberals to stomp about whining for a few trillion more non-existent middle class tax dollars to be redistributed for yet another Scamuli or other leftist nonsense, but I am sure that it is.. This “job training” better include teaching Spanish and Korean as the places where these languages are spoken are where OWEbama is “creating jobs”!!


The liberals are very big on the “environment”. With that in mind, why do the liberals constantly pollute the “environment” that surrounds “job creation”? Government in general should NOT be in the business of trying to “create jobs”, it’s “above their pay grade”, so to speak, they should leave the “job” to the experts. What government SHOULD do is to try to create the “environment” that is ripe for others to then create jobs. The biggest problem with this flawless analogy is the fact that the liberals believe that THEY are the “experts” at EVERYTHING, thus explaining their narcissistic naivete when it comes to capitalism..


I know that the liberals are very fond of ecology and the like. The mountains, the grass (Zoysia as well as their “recreational” stash..) and most importantly, the trees. Based upon the constant frenetic spend and spend and spend liberal mentality, they are so fond of trees because they believe that money that they love to redistribute grows on them..


12 responses to “Tree Huggers


    I have had the experience of dealing with a liberal planning board
    when building my retirement home. One comment by the biggest
    liberal was I had to save the matured trees when opening up my driveway
    The width was 20 feet wide and i had to do a 14 foot driveway and make sure the two utilities water and sewer were 6 feet apart. So I suggested
    I put the driveway underground to accomadate them It took me 2 years
    and $20,000 IN LEGAL FEES before I got a permit
    I told a member of the board I’d like to shove the trees up the other
    members rectum.
    Tomorrow nights speech is a campaign talk only and should be ignored

  2. I think one thing we can accurately predict regarding the ‘jobs’ speech – viewership will be at an all time low. His voice is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.

    I hope the debate is using responsible and hard questions regarding just HOW does this candidate plan to heal America. I read a headline that Obama is going to propose a long term cuts plan. I say the longest term should be four years. We need to hurt now and not make our kids turn against our Republic due to the debt we have allowed.

  3. Here’s another leak – the “no plan” jobs plan includes paying individuals to ” hug trees ” . These huggers will also be paid to attend classes in order to properly identify the trees to be hugged, along with the ‘proper’ hugging technique.

    The “tree Czar” has been appointed , along with the deputy tree Czar, seventeen assistant deputies, and a staff of 139.

    The entire “investment” is projected to be approximately 43 million dollars, and will create approx. 812 jobs.

    Your tax dollars at work !!!

  4. Since the above was just “a leak”, I cannot verify any of the info., although it sounds plausible with this adm.

  5. I was reading the opinion page of the Topeka Tribune in which a woman had written of her and five other neighbors choosing wooded location to build their homes because of the atmosphere with only a paved “walkers” path some distance behind the houses. Despite that there were still plenty of wildlife to be seen and the general beauties of nature to be enjoyed, for a while. The city then got a hair to make it “more safe” for the walkers by cutting down full grown trees and clearing underbrush twenty feet on either side of the threatened walkers.

    There are no bears in Kansas and it seems to me the cover of trees would be beneficial to the walkers in that it would keep the Wicked Witch of the East from swooping down upon them.

    To me this can only be explained as the liberals agenda of Green Jobs in their usual back-assward way.

  6. Rush Limbaugh reported that to skip “THE” speech watch the NFL pregame on USA channel. Great article.

  7. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  8. beyond disgusted

    I refused to listen to the speech tonight; didn’t have to. He’s going to use it to beat Republicans over the head when they don’t pass his new plan, which of course is not new at all & should be called scamulous II. Will that work? Depends on how many dopes there are.

  9. beyond disgusted,

    I don’t know of a soul who watched the Collectivist Carnival Barker.. Every time he opens his mouth, I hear the words, “Step right up folks..” and the snake oil salesman begins anew..

    Please note that the “Liberal Inflation” continues with this “plan”. Started at $300 Billion, went to $400 Billion at last check, up to $450 Billion..

    They never let you down..


  10. Apparently Mr. ” I Have a Speech ” was rather predictable. Wonder if Joe ‘Absolut” Biden jumped up and down , doing standing ovations, as often as Nasty Nancy did when she sat behind her boy ! Just a meaningless thought !

  11. Oxymoron of the day – ” Presidential Address “

  12. beyond disgusted


    Do you remember when Charles Krauthammer referred to Obama as the anti EF Hutton; when Obama speaks, no one listens…………………

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