Weather Or Not


The Associated Press, which calls itself the “essential global news network” put out a piece that just caught my eye. Using this eye-catching article as a template, if we “change” but a few words (all of which will be placed within parenthesis..) we have an altogether different take on what is ACTUALLY the “news”.. To boot, the usual liberal suspects make their progressive presence known as well as their ulterior motives which can’t escape without being “reported” by this observer..


The article was entitled, “Disasters in US: An extreme and exhausting year”. With a title jumping out at you as this one does, I immediately thought that this was going to be about OWEbama.. Now, as if by magic, it will be about OWEbama.. I cannot resist taking other elements of this “news” story and exposing the liberal licentiousness as well..


Right out of the gate, “Nature (Obama) is pummeling the United States this year with extremes (extremists). The laundry list of disasters helps to reinforce what the article gets at hundreds of words later.. “Unprecedented triple-digit heat and devastating drought. Deadly tornadoes leveling towns. Massive rivers overflowing. A billion-dollar blizzard..” The use of the hyperventilating adjectives are important for what comes later, however I immediately thought of ‘Unprecedented ten-recent unemployment and devastating debt. Deadly Democrats leveling towns. Massive fraud overflowing. A TRILLION-dollar Bolshevik blizzard of Scamuli and progressive panaceas..’


“Total weather losses top $35 billion and that’s not counting Hurricane Irene..” Here OWEbama proves that Mother Nature is a piker compared to him as OWEbama’s failed fascism easily “tops $35 TRILLION and that’s not counting the Health Scare Scam..” Weather “losses” are NOTHING compared to the “losses” inflicted by the “Kenyan man-made disaster” that is OWEbama..


The actual undercurrent of this article is even more subtle than my interpretations of this as being a piece about OWEbama.. The left has a liberal axe to grind in the name of “climate change” and they are constantly trying to sharpen it.. Then again, with the “crowd” that the leftists are dealing with, the DULLER their axe/argument, the better.. We are talking about that which USED to be called “global warming” until the libs needed to make things even more vague after being discovered as wholesale frauds and fakers.. What has ALWAYS been the most important point about this “point” from the perverted progressive perspective, is that there is a paycheck to be had, a paycheck that comes from our government and its liberal politicians, which is sent to those endorsing and encouraging the “globaloney warming” heresy and hysteria..


“But 2010 was bad globally and the United States mostly was spared..” Maybe when it comes to “devastating” weather the country was “mostly spared” but 2010 was when the “devastating” OWEbama “weather” of bailouts, takeovers and scamuli were reeking their havoc on the nation’s economy and the middle class.. The fact that others were “devastated” and we allegedly weren’t “weather-wise” MUST mean that “human-induced climate change” hadn’t really happened here in America even though the left has been crowing about it for years.. Or was the lack of “devastating” weather here in America similar to one of those “soft patches” in the economy that none of the Obama experts can explain? “Globaloney warming” is nothing more than the heresy of hearsay, “science” that can be retrofit as the circumstances dictate, which means that SCIENCE has nothing to do with it..


We learn of the “earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Australia’s flooding and a drought in Africa..” Wow.. Leave it to the liberals when looking to drive a point home to then go outside of the boundaries of the “point”, using UNRELATED disasters to reinforce “climate change”.. Earthquakes and their related tsunamis have nothing to do with Al Gore Disease. Nothing. Even better, we learn of a “drought in Africa”..


Really?? A drought in Africa? When HASN’T there been a “drought in Africa”? Would the large amount of African territory covered with SAND help to explain the LIFETIME of “droughts” there? Two deserts alone in Africa, the Sahara and the Kalahari, cover at least 40 percent of the continent’s land.. Excitedly reporting the “news” of an African drought is about as newsworthy as reporting of Michael Moore and morbid obesity..


Now after all of the details of these disasters have been breathlessly revealed, it is time to repeatedly drop the hammer.. “There is something more to it they say, many of them say Man-made global warming is increasing the odds of getting a bad roll of the dice..” No, the “odds” are the ones who transparently repeat this tripe.. “Many of them” leaves out the “many” that see through this “scientific” groveling for a socialist stipend.. They say that it is a “roll of the dice” to get bad weather but “globaloney warming” loads the dice.. Another liberal “grassy knoll” crackpot conspiracy theory..


The liberal “flexibility” lends itself to this bogus “argument” of “globaloney warming”. When the next cycle of cooler weather appears, the left simply explains that it is due to “their diligence at getting the world to listen to their arguments about the dangers of man-made climate change, the horrors of greenhouse gasses..” Long since heard from, what ever happened to the oft-repeated environmental scare of the “hole in the ozone layer”? Have no fear, as soon as it is convenient or if it is required in order to inaccurately increase the “fear”, this “hole” will reopen for business..


After setting the table with hundreds of heart-wrenching words, any and all of the derivatives of “globaloney warming” were mentioned SIX times in the last portion of the article..


They don’t want to paint themselves into another environmental corner so they make the references darkly with just enough wiggle room for the snakes to slither away when necessary.. “Individual weather disasters can’t be directly attributed to global warming..” “Hurricane and tornado outbreaks don’t seem to have any clear climate change connection, the heat wave and drought do..” Give these liberal “scientists” enough time and a sufficient enough number of government grants and they will make this “connection” as long as enough coin awaits them at the back end..


As I have stated before, when the “impartial” media wants to laughingly appear “impartial”, they find someone who allegedly disagrees with the liberal sentiments but in the end, they actually agree with the liberal line. “Judith Curry of Georgia Tech disagreed, saying that while humans are changing the climate, theses extremes have happened before..” Quiet lady, we are “changing the climate” so the sky is falling, get it?


The liberals always seem to try to bring up as many of their Bolshevik bogey men as possible regardless of the initial topic. “Unlike last year, when many of the disasters were in poor countries, such as Haiti and Pakistan, this year’s catastrophes have struck richer countries including America..” This is just the luck of the geographic draw, but not to the class separationists. (By the way, the economic “disaster” that is OWEbama is trying quickly to turn America into Haiti or Pakistan..) “People are building bigger homes and living in more vulnerable places..” “Bigger” homes.. Tornadoes are actually drawn towards SMALLER homes, say mobile homes for example, but this doesn’t jibe with the globaloney warming/damned capitalists theory being forwarded..


“The idea is that these events keep happening, and with global warming they will occur more often..” This intrepid prognostication came from Kathleen Sullivan NOAA’s “deputy chief”.. How vague is “keep happening”? They will ALWAYS “happen” and as they do, the liberals believe this to be the all of the evidence necessary for their anti-capitalist sentiments based upon silly “science” to be mandated by law. Actually, the “idea” is to keep this “idea” in the news cycle and as with the liberal “news” or liberal “science”, there is NO proof necessary for their asinine assertions..


What is their “excuse” if these “events” slow to a crawl next year? We must refer back to the fascist flexibility. “The world has listened to our cries and responded responsibly. However, our work isn’t done..” What if the winter is unusually chilly? “The impending Ice Age is the result of the ignoring of the warnings of climate change..” The enviro-kooks “spin” so much they should all be outfitted with liberal Lazy Susans..


Isn’t it more than just a little ironic that the “devastation” brought on by the implementation of Obama’s socialist/Democratic policies, which are CONSIDERABLY MORE “costly” than the damage caused by Nature, never seem to raise the LEAST amount of concern from the meteorological Marxists? The facts are there, they are obvious and REAL unlike the faux “facts” submitted by the left as they try to prop up their sophomoric “science” whether or not, make that “weather” or not, they choose to believe it..


9 responses to “Weather Or Not

  1. Family,

    The latest from TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. Here’s my question – would Al Bore be selling global warming, if he were not profiting from it ?

  3. What party killed the wind power industry in the 70s? Gosh, could it have been the tax,tax, tax crowd of dumbocrats? I always though I was an environmentalist until a fat drunk senator from Mass. told me we can not have trees in the median of interstate highways to grab pollutants where they are produced as people could run off the road and get killed. I guess it is better to let drunks cross to the other lane and kill people. I soon stopped thinking being a sensible environmentalist was not possible, then the real nuts came along and I decided I was just a general biologist.

  4. Larry,

    We’ve got to have a little demonstration outside WordPress’s offices. (bring Daimon along just for fun) I had posted on this early this morning (12 hours ago) when only JJ and yourself were the initial responders.

    NOAA and the NASA Terra sattelite data are consistent with long-term data indicating that cirrus clouds and high level humidity are not increasing as predicted/indicated by the alarmists computers. Again, if you feed information into a computer and then repeat the process with different information you will get different information, in the case for the environmentalists, slanted information.

    The sattelite data showed far more radiation, and thus heat, escaped into space between 1985 and 1999 than the alarmists computers predicted.

    This opposing data, showing a huge discrepancy between alarmists computers and real world facts, has been reported in a peer-reveiwed scientific magazine and you’d think that politicians, the media and “climate scientists.”

    No? Maybe we have a few of these ignorers as editors on WordPress!

  5. As I have said before, they can’t accurately predict the weather ten days from now, so what. who, how and why do they think they can warn us of an ice age or a tsunami or a sunburn? I am hoping one day they will finally develop a medical brain reset button to stop the recycling of globaloney and climate change paranoia.

    One and Done
    OMG – Obama Must Go

  6. Oxymoron of the day – ” Word Press Competence “

  7. Nothing has ever been said about the increase in food production if, in fact, global Goreming were true. Think of all the masses who could be fed with the increase in crop production! The truth is that the Good Lord has placed the Earth just far enough away from the Sun so we wouldn’t freeze or burn up! Why does the Earth have a circular orbit while other planets have an elliptical orbit around the Sun?

  8. albert4,

    Imagine what Al Bore would say if he were asked that question.

  9. albert4,

    “Global Goreming”..


    Thanks as always,


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