The Democratic Drought


In 2008, the liberals put up the haughty hilarity known at the time as “Stop the Smears”. This was the snitch site on Al Gore’s Internet that was devoted to taking the legitimate arguments against the poltroonish potentate and to classify them as “smears” so as to marginalize them and to de-legitimize them.. I sarcastically (imagine that..) said at the time that John McCain should have immediately responded with a web site that should have been called “Stop the Ears”..


This was the dry run to test the waters for the full throttle application of “racism” as a Democratic default political “argument” as November neared.. The more obscure the liberal, the more outlandish that they could get away with being when rolling out the Democratic depth charges. This made the OWEbama not-so thinly veiled racist nonsense of “I don’t look like the other Presidents” and “They’re trying to make you sacred of me” seem somewhat sublime but just as ridiculous..


It’s hard to think of the liberals having “arguments” as the liberals have taken the idea of an “argument” over time and reduced it to one or two words.. This is taking “CliffsNotes” to an illogical degree but what other degree would the liberals utilize other than an illogical one? An “argument” that diminutive isn’t even a discussion, let alone an “argument” but its more than enough “proof” from the liberal perspective..


Please keep in mind that the liberals do not need “proof” from those that they support, their collectivist crackpotterie is welcomed with warm slaps on the back. The “proof” that the liberals require has to come from those that have been falsely accused by other Bolshevik bullies and no matter the definitive “proof” that you provide, it is never enough to exonerate you in the jaundiced eyes of the simpleminded socialists..


Simultaneously, the liberal “argument” has become so devoid of substance through this resorting to “argumentative minimalism” that they simply CAN’T “argue” with anyone anymore. They heaved all of their intellectual baggage over the side of the socialist ship decades ago leaving them with only the hand grenades of heresy to try to fight with.. It is an embarrassing intellectual atrophy.. Thus their “argument” invariably involves you having to defend yourself against baseless one-word attacks, simply calling you an “-ist” or attaching some silly “-ism” to your intellectual contributions.. Failing that, they just try to use volume and reactionary rudeness to stop your participation in the conversation. Failing that, they just remove your First Amendment rights altogether..


Now we fast forward to 2011 and the same socialists have just launched ANOTHER snitch bitch web site where they implore you to “get the facts, fight the smears..” The liberals ALWAYS seek to tar and feather your arguments against their destructive socialism as nothing more than “smears” because this is just their reflexive “progressive projection”. For example, how can calling your opponent a “racist” be ANYTHING BUT a “smear”? The left may try to pule about, calling ANY disagreement with the liberal lunacy “defamation of character” and the like but in truth it is the “DEFINITION of character”, or actually the lack of character..


One portion of the left’s game plan has altered in a pernicious way. In 2008 the left had to “create” an OWEbama Bolshevik biography, now in 2011, they have to try to erase the ACTUAL evidence of what has transpired since 2009 because it bears their fascist fingerprints.. If they can’t “erase it”, they have to deflect everyone’s attention from it.. Failing that, they have to blame the results of their experiments in socialism upon anyone or anything else.. Failing that, “racist”.. You will note that as each of these attempts have failed to garner the desired results, the next attempt that has followed has become even more infantile than the effort that preceded it.. Please note that since the left is left with the barely polysyllabic and baseless “racism”, this will be the one that will have the biggest impact.


One way that their game plan hasn’t altered is the idea of sending progressive pinatas out there to experiment upon, mere totalitarian tackling dummies.. If these collectivist chum get eaten by the sharks, well so be it.. OWEbama just goes out and says the same things only with a few hundred more words comfortably surrounding it.. The left has always sent its most volatile and idiotic lemmings out, those with a lead pipe cinch lock on their socialist seats, to lower the bar of rhetoric and to then gracelessly limbo beneath it.. These are the Democrats seen constantly hiding in the cloak rooms to avoid the men with the white jackets and the nets.. Maxine Waters, John Kerry, James Clyburn and on and on and on.. A list taken straight from the neatly pressed pocket of Nurse Mildred Ratched..


The black (appropriate..) home page for this latest liberal joke contains a few drop down tabs and a few areas that need to be filled in. They want to know where the “smear” in question came from, a “rumor”, a “web site or blog”, etc.. They encourage you to place a link to anything that may offend your delicate socialist sensibilities because if it offends you, it will certainly offend the thin brown thin skinned egomaniac.. This will provide the opportunity for the liberals to trot their “Not-So-Fairness Doctrine” onto the political stage once again and to target a very specific group as well.. Disagreement is verboten, not unlike the state of things in Germany in the early to mid- 1930’s..


Soon the arbiters of “fairness” will be jamming up web sites, blocking access for anyone only to CERTAIN web sites, basically saying that the right of free speech is only available to those who “think” in a particular manner.. Or should I say in a PECULIAR manner..


What is lost upon the liberals is the fact that we encourage the leftists to spontaneously combust verbally specifically because we want their lunacy to be made a part of the public record. If the left were to remain silent, the world would be left to only guess as to how unstable and idiotic their “ideas” are.. The left however has the insight to understand that if enough people are exposed to the conservative ethos, the Democratic caucus would consist of Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich and about twenty of the severely undermedicated Democratic droolers who wander about by day pestering you for your change and who live under a highway overpass by night.. Thus their absolute need to silence those who are intellectually superior to them while brandishing the dull accusatory scimitar of “hate speech” and other such progressive propaganda of piffle.


These are the tactics of the desperate, those with a barren intellectual field from which to try to harvest political ideas.. This is certainly the season of the “Democratic Drought”..


20 responses to “The Democratic Drought

  1. Family,

    The latest from TOTD:

    Thanks as alwys,


  2. WOW! You are on a roll tonight. You must carry a notebook everywhere you go to write down your brain storms of eloquent prose. I tried to count, but I was laughing out loud and doing knuckle bumps and missed a few. Your articles are always read aloud pieces.

    Liberals using the “ist” and “ism” words could not be truer. And the lack of a full sentence used in a debate is right on. I got to wondering just how many liberals are employed just to reduce any and all arguments and erasing previous facts or “smearing” anybody they don’t happen to like, and that would be a huge number. They often don’t even like their own comrades and will attack to deflect you seeing the saying and doing don’t match up. And all it takes is one of your articles or thoughts of the day to part their veil of secrecy and shine a light where the dirt is buried under the rug. Larry, you really rock!

    Never give up, never give in, and never again. O M G

  3. Richard,

    Thanks so much for your very kind words.

    Before I put together the web sites, I used to carry small legal pads and between calls I would jot down a thought or two, an outline to embellish later. On very slow nights, I would compose an entire article by hand and then type it up at home.

    Now, I just sit and it flows. I will print the article that motivates my article, use a highlighter and then I start in.

    This is too easy. If I can do it anyone can.

    Tonights article came from just a small headline. It just happened.

    In a large number of cases, “Thoughts of the Day” become full blown articles.

    Comments often motivate either “Thoughts” or NLTZ articles. Once the spark ignites the embers, it takes off all by itself..

    Thanks as always for your contributions to these sites,


  4. Whoooooooo Hooooooooooo both special elections went Republican!!! Wow!!!

  5. Agreed. I don’t watch much TV, but I have never seen or heard a liberal answer a direct question – it’s either change the subject or go into attack mode. So, upon watching this nonsense take place, I either yell at the TV with my usual ” answer the da-n question”, OR I switch channels. Obviously, I would not be a good talk show host !

    Larry, as usual I enjoy your insight – keep ’em coming !

  6. JJ,

    Disagree, you would be an excellent host.

    Your show, an hour long lets say, starts with you asking the liberal, “Exactly how many taxes are you going to take from the middle class in order to pay for the alleged latest jobs creation plan?”

    The liberal begins to tap dance..

    You ask your question again once they run out of wind..

    They again begin to dodge and deflect..

    You again ask your initial question as it hasn’t been answered..

    The liberal “your shoe’s untied” starts again anew.. An hour later, the credits roll and your question hasn’t been answered..

    This may sound like a boring and unintersting show but it directly shines the light of truth upon the indirect nature of the liberal animal.

    I feel that you would be doing a great service to our nation.

    Thanks as always,


  7. Larry,

    Initially, I was almost ready to disagree with you ( if that is possible). since I probably wouldn’t give the lib 10 minutes of my time. However, yes it would be fun to allow the lib to continue to dig a deeper and deeper hole, and continue to make a fool of himself, and at the same time show the listener / viewer exactly how poorly the lib brain functions.

  8. I think we all should go to their site and report such lies as Giden spreading rumors the O administration created or saved xxxx jobs, Debbie Wateriubherpants Schultz saying people who say the stimulus did not create jobs are full of bologna.There must be enough of this trash to swamp their servers. Great job Larry.

  9. Larry… so very true… deflection is the name of their game…. Oh look there’s a chicken! Your shoe’s untied! You spelled that word wrong! You hurt my feelings by asking me to tell the truth! You didn’t believe my lie, so you must be a racist. The list is long and really… comical if you think about it. Maybe the answer is just to stand there and laugh at them… and then ask “Do you really think I’m that stupid?”
    When I was teaching my boys as teenagers why they didn’t want to lie to me about whatever they were getting in trouble for, I would tell them that when you lie, it is the ultimate in disrepect, because you think that the person you are lying to is not smart enough to see through the lie. I still believe that, and that is why the ‘spin’ and twisting the story and half truths makes me so crazy. I can argue with anyone as long as we can both act like adults. But lie to me or treat me like I’m stupid… I’m done with you!

    Graywolf, I love your idea. Lets all go to this website and report THEIR lies and half truths and talking points and ridiculousness. Crash the site a few dozen times a week… I think it is the best idea I’ve heard today.

  10. Graywolf,

    As I watched the interveiw on Fox of Wasserman, she credited Stimulus I with having created 4.6 million jobs and saving thousands of fireman, police and teachers from being fired or having their pensons reduced therefore “wafting in the wind.”

    When asked by the moderator as to how Stimulus II will be paid for, “Don’t ask me” Debbie completely evaded the question and went to how good it is. Asked by the moderator three separate times where Obama and his devotees like this brainless babbling _itch (pick your own rhyming letter) intend to find money we don’t have to finance this second mistake, “Was sup” Wasserman finally mentioned the rich.
    Maybe Obama’s advisor for job creation, billionare Warren Buffett, can pay up his billions in back taxes he owes and just “wants” to pay, to get things kicked off.

  11. Larry describes some ot the on-line “tell-on-you” tactits in which finger pointing leftists are so accustomed. Surprisingly, it was out of public outrage that the first of these were withdrawn. Only have the leftists in their quest of monarachy of socialism gone so far as in encouraging what I consider the traiterous acts of their followers to blow the whistle on citizens of different thinking.

    Yet now, and with obviously limited success, Obama and Biden, in their new campaign watch, have opened a new website, “to monitor innacuracies, falsehoods, gossip and smears against Obama.

    One thing I can say for Obama, I received an unsolicited email from his campaign asking for a donation, $1,000 being it’s lowest contribution. While the man is driving our country into bandruptcy, he is, by no means, a cheap-ass!

  12. Darth,

    Apparently the shampaign believes you are a Dem. , Liberal, or “Rich” 🙂

    BTW, did you respond ?!?!?

  13. JJ,

    My son, I am democratic but not a Democrat. I am liberal in the equality of all man, but not the support of and the percieved prolongness of sufferings or victimizations. I am “rich” solely in that I am a citizen of our blessed United States of America and have good family, no matter the monetary or materialistic possesions I may hold.

    BTW, I responded by deleting the request. I felt that I should have something to say about it and at the lowest of $1,000, my thoughts would have amounted to no more than the stains on Monica’s dress.

  14. Joe,

    Excellent response – but, it is getting ‘scary’ , because you sounding more and more like my father. But that is OK 🙂

  15. JJ,

    Your Father sounds like a good man. The three of us must meet someday. You may learn much from us in your becoming a Jedi conservative of the “Right Side.”

  16. Joe,

    Are you implying that I am not conservative enough? 🙂

  17. JJ,

    I never imply anything, I say it young JJ. You are conservative otherwise you obviously wouldn’t be part of our Family but with age comes wisdom in fully applying “The Force” of conservatism.

  18. Joe,

    At what age would I expect to be able to ‘fully apply’. . . “The Force” of conservatism ? Just looking for ‘words of wisdom’ from a father figure. Thanks

  19. JJ,

    Your question is beyond my knowledge for the answer lies only within you.
    Continue with steeled moral and ethical convictions and you may come of age while you can still get a hard light sabre and use it for something other than a flashlight…. : )

  20. Joe,

    Thanks. BTW, I prefer to use the standard variety flashlight – they have always served me well ! 🙂

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