Another Brick In The Wall


I am willing to state for the record that there is an element within the liberal ethos that unequivocally supports, encourages and enables the terrorists of the world. These liberals somehow function within a “legal” vacuum where everything is reduced to an endless stack of lifeless and bloodless pie charts and bar graphs, a series of dusty an useless legal tomes and nothing more.. To tweak things a bit, I find it to be an IMMORAL absolutism where the “grays” of liberalism flourish.. The “approval” of these socialist simpletons is at least tacit in nature and most of the time they can be counted on by those who have the destruction of America and its citizens as their goal to be even more helpful than that..


Before reading the next portion of this article I will ask you to make sure that you are seated as today we learn that the “CIA Inspector General is investigating whether the agency broke the law by helping the New York police department build intelligence-gathering programs that monitored life in Muslim communities..” This is being spear-headed by an “investigation by the Associated Press”.. “The government’s top intelligence official conceded that it looked bad for the CIA to be working with city police departments..” (Breitbart)


“It’s my own personal view that that’s not a good optic, to have the CIA involved in any city-level police department.” So says James Clapper the U.S. Director of National Intelligence.. It certainly depends upon whose “eyes” these “optics” are being viewed from.. I would like to give you just ONE moment in history where this symbiosis of organizations might have made a difference in what ended up being the unfortunate historical outcome..


In November of 1990, Rabbi Meir Kahane was giving a speech in New York. A terrorist named El Sayyad Nosair assassinated the Rabbi and was arrested. (Lets not get into the fact that liberal weasel William Kunstler convinced jury of imbeciles that the Egyptian terrorist DIDN’T do what he did.. Thankfully the liberal Kunstler is now feeding the worms but his progressive protégé, Ron Kuby, like Kunstler, enjoys sniffing the radical rears of terrorists like the “Blind Sheik” Omar Abdel-Rahman who orchestrated the 1993 WTC bombing..) After being arrested, the authorities searched the terrorist’s apartment and located forty-seven boxes of terrorist materials including materials leading to what was then called the “planes operation” which came to life just ten short years ago in lower Manhattan..


This inter-agency cooperation “maintained a list of 28 countries that, along with ‘American Black Muslim’, the department labeled ‘ancestries of interest’”.. Here we have people who are simply using the BASIC POWERS OF OBSERVATION. As well and above all else, it may not be where you are from but what is uniform in all of this is “what you believe”, if you know what I mean..


Never let it be said that I do not give credit where credit is due.. “The programs have continued with at least the tacit support of President Obama whose administration has repeatedly sidestepped questions about them..” This common sense approach to fighting an UNCONVENTIONAL enemy isn’t shared by ALL of the liberals..


Representative Jan Schakowsky (L-IL) wanted to know about “enhanced interrogation techniques” and whether there was “electronic surveillance of some U.S. citizens..” This before a “rare joint intelligence oversight hearing..” Jan proves that having “intelligence” isn’t necessary when it comes to being a member of some Congressional committee, regardless of even the inclusion of the word in the title.. “Do you believe that domestic activity by federal intelligence agencies has crossed the line?” This “line” is the one that the liberals like to point to when they boast of there not being a “terrorist incident on American soil since 9-11..”


The terrorist apologists and enablers are always bandying about the specter of “American citizens” and “lines being crossed”.. They want the image of grandma being “surveilled” as she discusses cake and cookie recipes.. You know, the SAME grandma that gets the “feel and grope” from the TSA if she dares try to board a flight.. Who the liberals are standing up for are the “American citizens” whom aren’t REALLY “Americans”. These “rubber-stamped radicals” with their coloring book passports, their well-worn terrorist handbooks at the ready, their “Magnificent Nineteen” sweatshirts and their ticking turbans, these are the “Americans” that the liberals want to protect..


The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, decided to try to use some of this “intelligence” stuff in answering Jan’s idiotic and heart-pounding questions.. “Clapper said some of what Schakowsky cited was done in response to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon..” The fact that that even needed to be said is all that we need to know about the liberals and all that we need to know about the Mooselims happened at the WTC and the Pentagon..


It would appear that the liberals want to reassemble the “wall” that separated the intelligence agencies and law enforcement. Do they believe that if this “wall” is rebuilt that no terrorist would ever seek to further their avowed goal of destroying the United States? The safest places in the world have to be within the “walls” of the New York Times headquarters, the ACLU’s headquarters, and now we can add the Ass Press headquarters. (MY abbreviation..) Why would any self-respecting terrorist want to target the home of his allies, it would be as insane as one of them bombing one of the their own little terrorist tea pots with minarets..


Hod carriers of heresy like Kunstler, and also Jamie Gorelik assembled the “wall” in question. Here is a little “history” on Gorelick..


She was a Deputy Attorney General under impeached embarrassment Clinton. From 1997 to 2003, she was a Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae even though she had NO training or experience in finance and we all know what being thrust into a high level position without ANY experience gets us.. She wrote the “wall” memo, actually called “walled off” within the text and just for fun, this “impartial” person who did the tuckpointing on the “wall” was elected to the “9-11 commission”.. This makes as much sense as asking Hitler to be a judge at the Nuremberg Trials.. This is just the lineage of but ONE liberal..


Now the liberals feel the need to flock to the “cause”. “Civil (Snivel) rights groups have urged the Justice Department to investigate the NYPD for what it said was racial profiling.” The New York Snivel liberties union (another union..) “applauded” the CIA investigation but they want a PARALLEL investigation of the NYPD. “The NYPD should not be engaged in warrantless surveillance or racial or religious profiling..” The ACLU has NO problem with “profiling” (or persecuting..) Christians or any outward signs of Christianity as this is what they themselves routinely do. Now that the rodents on rugs are involved as the “alleged victims”, all bets are off.. Racial profiling always has been and always will be, the hue and cry of the guilty once captured and by those who are financially rewarded for repeating it..


The liberals like to bring up McVeigh, Columbine and the “Uni-bomber” when the tens of thousands of “Middle Eastern” terrorists are actually the subject.. These three lone alabaster examples are simply individual kooks, they didn’t end up “praying” with eighteen other “Americans” in some terrorist incubator led by some bearded baboon as they perverted the “religion of peace”.. And by the way, that wasn’t “discovered” until AFTER their dirty deed was done, which is just the way the liberals like it..


Enter Representative Rush Holt. (L-NJ) (Anyone detecting a pattern here or is it just me?) “Holt, who previously served on the Intelligence Committee, said he doesn’t remember being told about these programs or about the CIA’s involvement.’ Since Holt “doesn’t remember”, he is off the hook as all liberals are whenever they use this excuse.. “I think this is pretty troubling. It sounds to me like profiling..”


What is actually “troubling” is the uniformity of the left when it comes to trying to stop terrorism BEFORE the explosions and the shrapnel start flying.. The terrorist “army” doesn’t have a uniform. They do not have tanks. They do not have an air force and they do not march down the middle of the street. They do their “dirty work” hiding in the shadows as they simultaneously use willing lackeys like the liberals to clear the way “legally” for them.


I am going to go out on a limb and “profile” our liberal friends as being “terrorist co conspirators”.


11 responses to “Another Brick In The Wall

  1. Another great shot across the bow. Here is a URL from a historian,teacher and author:

    Very scary when people in the know make something transparent. Without these great minds opening doors, We The People continue to sleep.

  2. So, if there is no co-operation between the CIA , the FBI, and local police, then the liberals can’t condemn them if some major catastrophe occurred, even though shared info. would have averted the disaster !!

    And, all a terrorist has to do is proclaim they are fighting a ‘holy war’, and any surveillence therefore, will be considered ‘religious profiling ‘ !
    If all of the above is what the liberals want, we have a problem .

    Yes, and I too would label them as co-conspirators .

  3. “terrorist co conspirators”… Yes, they certainly are.

    They have a common enemy. That common enemy is individual liberty, especially the social, economic and political freedom guaranteed by the American constitution conceived by the Framers. Conceived by men who saw government as a necessary evil to be rigorously limited — not as an essential good to be empowered for the very purpose of forced servitude.

    They both support totalitarian systems. They both would attempt to recreate mankind, intending to perfect us by indenturing us to their utopian schemes. They both abhor individual liberty, unfetted reason, freedom of conscience, equality of opportunity rather than result and the bedrock values of Western culture.

  4. Sounds as if we have Jeanne Gorelicker back under a different name. The libs find a stupid cause and act like Bull dogs and never let go no matter how much damage is done to the country.The next Conservative president should adopt a liberal program, and play FDR. He/she should round up all these liberal nuts and send them to North Korea as foreign aid. A few more judges placed in the right place will doom what we know as the USA. It is time to clean out the Kremlin on the Potomac, and vote in real Americans. We have had more make believe americans than we will need for the next 2000 years.

  5. Yes, Graywolf, 2000 years. Striving to rid those within our government of who would tear our Republic down, saving those who have been awakened to the truth and losing those who consider wealth over patriotism… It will be a long struggle, for we are few but God, His might and our determination will win out, I can feel this.

    The Muslim culture has existed for thousands of years and their contributions towards math and science is well documented. The biggest mistake the tent wearers made (and it was SUPER big) was they were on the wrong side of God. History books the size of Muslim armies did gain them some victories and, in case some political allegiance was needed not unlike our modern-day liberals, they gained a few more. But all victories and lands conquered by them freed and the Muslims were driven back time and time again untile they call such places as Pakistan and Afghanistan, both perfect for rock raising, home.

    Thousands of years…a similarity but not an impossibility.

  6. In theory the CIA is supposed to operate outside the borders, with the FBI picking this up once they enter the country. The idea of the CIA spying on citizens is unnerving, and rightly so if it is without just cause. With the current regime, anybody with a differing opinion from that espoused by the MSM qualifies as a terrorist and a hate-monger. By this, all of us whom post here are candidates to be turned in to CREPO’s (Committee to Re-Elect President Obama) brand-new website ‘’. With a President gathering an enemies list, we should all be wondering what the CIA is doing operating within our borders. This beggars the question of what will Obama do when he’s made his list and checked it twice?

  7. Family,

    The latest from NLTZ:

    Thanks as always,


  8. Family,

    Already “in the can” is yet another NLTZ peice, “Below Zero” (it’s about Rodham.. Teaser time..) and three TOTD’s.

    This is the time for speed, no letting up, no letting down.

    Are you in or are you out?

    Never give in, never give up and never again.


  9. I’m still in criticism of Obama’s decision of closing Guantanomo Bay, where enhanced interrogation techniques had led to life saving information. When American intelligence can no longer obtain information from the only people who have it, how will the U.S. thwart their plans?

    A big part of keeping attacks on our homeland at bay is a strong troop presence overseas. Here again with Obama having no more combat experience than being on the streets of Chicago, has his strategy flawed from the start. Now it’s getting worse, in that as Congress cuts an already burdened defense budget and faces a heavy troop drawdown, an order that came before the troop buildup began.

    Obama wants to keep America safe by using a limited number of special boots-on-the-ground forces, laser guided missles and drones. This playing “whack a mole” are perhaps good tactically but no good as a world-wide strategy. Obama intends to peck at the tubin topped tent wearers just as Clinton and Bush did prior to 9/11. My guess is that it won’t be that many years before we are right back where we were on that fateful day.

  10. G. Nichols,

    From what I’ve been able to find out about, it was implemented last January. This is not the first attempt by Obama in encouraging his moron minions to turn their fellow countrymen in but due to public outcry the sites were pulled of line.

    I tried going to Attack to suggest the name of a rather devious democrat I know just for the giggles of it and to see if it might give him a sort of bitch-slap as to what kind of socialism he was following around on his knees.

    If you haven’t tried the site it more a purveyor of liberal lies than a collector of smears featuring what Beck, Romney and Perry are twisting the “truth” about.

    I could have turned my looney liberal in but I would have had to give my email address also and I wasn’t about to get anywhere close to that.

    The Tea Party has now come out with a counter site called Attack Wire. I haven’t explored that yet.

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