This Fervent Religion


I will say that the reason that the entire planet is suffering so horribly from “Al Bore Disease” is because the liberals are the ones who are financing those who allegedly have the “cure”.. Maybe if the liberals would stop “investing” OUR forcibly taken tax dollars into companies that THEY have “an interest in” shall we say, the “free market” would determine who the liberals should “invest” OUR money in.. Then again, the “free market” DOESN’T need the liberals “help”, but since the free market is as much a mystery to the left as is a bathtub, their stupidity is understandable but by no means excusable..


As time has slowly and painfully passed since the FIRST OWEbama browbeating that resulted in the “Scamulous”, several companies that the liberals “invested” in have gone Bolshevik belly up. Leave it to the left and their apologists to start rolling out the excuse machine for THEIR failures when it comes to business acumen.. The latest “excuse” proves to be as humorous as ALL of their other excuses for ALL of THEIR other failures.. The saying goes, “failure is not an option” but with OWEbama and his “investments” since 2009, “failure” seems to be the ONLY option..


The overwhelming majority of companies that have failed, companies that the liberals “invested” in using OUR money, were related to the whole “Green Scam”. Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt and Olsen’s Mills have all done the deep six and they have taken an inordinate amount of the middle classes’ hard earned redistributed income with them. No matter, the liberals were doing the “right thing”, so no harm no foul..


Solyndra, if properly and thoroughly investigated, (OWEbama’s Justice Department, sure, that will happen..) should be at least as interesting as the trumped up Watergate but not as interesting as Billy Bob’s “ZipperGate”.. OWEbama’s minions sat in on board meetings, the “Green Galoot” himself went for a visit there to crow about how amazing this company was in May of 2010.. Two months BEFORE OWEbama’s visit, the accounting firm of PricewatershouseCooper LLP warned OWEbama about the company and its obvious insolvency.. So what, said OWEbama and soon they were scratching checks to the “green” company.. Fast forward about 400 days and the FBI is “visiting” the homes of Solyndra executives.. Now if we could just get them to “visit” a few of the OWEbama executive’s homes we might be getting somewhere..


Now we turn to SpectraWatt, “solar cell company”. In June of 2009, they received their socialist stipend from the liberals only to have them floating on the top of the pond last month. At least SpectraWatt took longer than the others to prove that the “investment” was a complete waste..


The SpectraWatt excuse? They “could not compete with Chinese competitors which receive ‘considerable government and financial support.’” (Fox News 09/15/2011) What, it isn’t the “Republicans” fault? Isn’t the “Tea Party” to blame? Could there be any over-priced/under-producing unions at fault here? How about the fact that NO ONE has any use for these “green” devices which cost an arm and a leg and don’t produce enough energy to light the glove box of your petroleum-burning, environmentally polluting car.. Dhimmi Carter installed these idiot devices at the White House and Ronald Reagan took them down because they didn’t work..


Keeping the “it’s someone else’s fault but mine” liberal mantra going, Deputy Secretary of Energy (The Energy Department, ANOTHER liberal failure that needs to be abolished, one that was brought to life under OWEbama’s hero, Dhimmi Carter.. Pattern there? Nah..) Daniel Poneman “blamed China in part for the failure of U.S. solar manufacturers to compete” in the USA Today. Doesn’t this sound like the Teamsters whining when the “Japanese” imports were justifiably killing the domestic automotive industry? These people, like the simian unions, just want “protection”. The facts surrounding their defective, undesirable or unneeded “products” are irrelevant.. “Compete”?? They want ANY competition either eliminated or penalized and THAT is why they turn to the liberals.


Poneman also said, “winning will require substantial investments..” What does Poneman call the monies that were gifted to these loser companies from the Scamulous? “Investments” in liberalspeak means, “subsidized for life”. If you have to have a totalitarian template for this I offer you Amtrack. There is no “competition”, there is no “winning” under this rogue regime..


Poneman wasn’t done just yet.. The “China” excuse didn’t seem to be catching on so, the “short-term softening demand, a product of the banking crisis in Europe and its wider economic effects..” The first four words are the insider-sounding excuse for a product that doesn’t work therefore no one wants to purchase it.. This “short-term softening” sounds like the economic “soft patch” that neither OWEbama nor Bernanke had a clue about here in America. BEFORE the Europe “crisis”, OWEbama and his fascist friends had personally created the REAL CRISIS here in America.


Keep in mind that the left views such “investments” as MANDATORY. Listen to Juvenile Jay Carney. “We have a choice to make as a nation, because we will be buying renewable energy products you know, whether its wind, biofuel, solar, whether alternative, rather you know advanced battery technology..” (Fox News 09/15/2011) Note the mandatory implication, “we WILL be buying renewable energy products..” Doesn’t matter if they WORK, doesn’t matter if they are MORE expensive to produce than ACTUAL fuels, doesn’t matter if no one else on the planet would be idiotic enough to “invest” in them, “we WILL be buying..”


“We have to be aggressive in competing in the global economy. (You know, the global economy that INCLUDES China..) And, you know, high-tech clean energy industries are going to be key to winning this century economically..” “Aggressive” in liberalspeak means taxes, tariffs, protectionism and penalties.. So far, this “key” has broken off in the lock because “we WILL be buying” crap that no one has any use for because the liberal oligarchy will DEMAND that we do.


According to Fox News, “Republicans balk at claims that Obama can decide which companies are winners or losers..” Again, if you need a template for this, just look at the candidates that the left has “chosen” ever since Obama first sat in his throne in January of 2009.. How did they do in the mid term election? How did they do in any of the special elections? Bottom line, submit a list of ten companies, let Obama choose five, “invest” in the five that he DOESN’T pick..


Even milquetoast Republicans are swallowing the Green Eucharist. “Solar panels cannot make it in the competitive world without all these subsidies.” So says Republican Cliff Stearns. Cliff, are we subsidizing the cell phone industry? Every pimply kid has at least one of these annoying devices, are we “subsidizing” Apple? Everywhere an I-this and an I-that, do they need subsidies? No, because their product WORKS and everyone wants it and they want it NOT because the liberal government tells them that they have to.. Cliff even chimed in with “China is flooding the market..” Good, let them. This “market” is going nowhere no matter how many imbecile television marathons Al Bore inflicts upon America.. If the Democrats would just stop patronizing the enviro-kooks in order to get their votes, we wouldn’t have to constantly put up with this haranguing and the effects upon our bank accounts..


“Another winner of the stimulus who ultimately lost is Mountain Plaza Inc..” They “won”, we as the involuntary “investors” are the ones who have “LOST”.. This company declared bankruptcy in 2003 (this is a warning sign to those not driven by the “green” malarkey..) and they AGAIN did so in June 2010. No matter, Scamulous money was wheelbarrowed over to them, two million from the EPA alone.. By the way, the EPA said that it didn’t learn of BOTH of these bankruptcies until October “but it is closely monitoring the project..”


Back to Cliff Stearns. He is the (brace yourselves..) “House Energy Committee Oversight and Investigations Chairman”.. Whew.. After he took a deep breath, one without all of the fascist fog produced by the environ-mental-ists polluting it, he lurched into the truth.. “I think the administration is on this fervent religion of green jobs and clinging to the idea that solar panels are the answer and it is not the answer..”


“This fervent religion” is slavishly followed by those who giggle and snort at those of us who practice religion and “their religion” is MANDATED by the government that they have claimed is supposed to “separate church and state..” (They didn’t find this “separation” in the Constitution, they found this in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson..) They MANDATE your participation, your financial participation as well.. Totalitarian template number three: Funny light bulbs..


This is how the liberals do things. You should know that by now, Mr. Stearns..


12 responses to “This Fervent Religion

  1. AND another hot off of the “impartial” presses here at NLTZ:

    Thanks as always,


  2. Today I heard that the giverment has at least 5 more companies to give money before the 31 st when this program thankfully dies. We need a real Government to try to undo what this one has done.

  3. Graywolf, you hit thew nail on the head with the word ‘real’. What we have now is the three rings of hell.

  4. Richard,

    Not only ‘real’ government , but LESS government . 🙂

  5. Enviromentalists are now and will forever be a pain in the butt, if we don’t go broke first. Beyond renewable energy enviro-heads aren’t looking at the increase in population in our country and the natural resources to accomadate them are going to come from.

    While solar panels may be used for heating or energy for an increasing number of homes, the material for the increased number of houses will be shrinking. Trees providing lumber are being reseeded but trees don’t have a habit of growing swiftly. Shall we start making these homes out of a polymer-resin? Oops, can’t do that! Petroleum would have to be used the deviat-e-nviromentalist don’t want us using that nasty stuff. How bout sod homes, no, couldn’t do that either, it would disrupt the bugs and worms habitat that rightfully belong in the sod we’d use. Ultimately it looks like its back into the caves for all of us, naked and with no fires though. Don’t want to kill animals for their skins to keep us warm or feed us and don’t want to burn down all the trees because they’re good for the environment. Fellow cavemen, Unite! Start killing enviromentalists and then grill them over your car’s exhaust pipe!!

  6. Joe,

    Or as I like to say:

    Do the Earth a favor, plant a liberal.

    Thanks as always,


  7. If all of the envirowackos were rounded up and put on a deserted island, how long would it take for them to cut down all of the trees for shelter and firewood, pollute the air , consume all of the available fruits and edible vegetation, pollute the ground with sewage, over-fish the streams, etc. , etc. ? Just a thought.

  8. Oxymoron of the day – ” Green Peace “

  9. JJ – Maybe we should we should get a reality show on TV pitting the EPA on the defensive side. We could probably inform more Americans than anyone thought possible, due to the volume of people watching reality (which it isn’t) instead of living it.

  10. Richard,

    May I refer you to NLTZ itself? Click the link to a November 2007 offering entitled “Alternative Reality”..

    I like the idea myself!

    Thanks as always,


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