It’s An Opportunity..

The pollution levels in the air surrounding New York have spiked within the last twenty-four hours. That matters not because it is being done for the “right” reasons.. Everyone’s favorite fondler, Billy Bob Clinton managed to slip out of his “Hillary house arrest ankle bracelet” and it was Day One of the “Clinton Global Initiative”.. This “initiative” hasn’t accomplished anything since isn’t inglorious inception other than to afford the progressive pervert the opportunity to rub his collectivist codpiece against any and all female admirers who might make the mistake of getting into the Democrat’s danger zone..

There really is no purpose behind the idiot “Clinton Global Initiative”, it’s similar to those ridiculously wealthy women who “volunteer” at some smelly homeless shelter so that they feel good about themselves as they are chauffeured back to their gated mansions.. (Not to mention the ones who HAVE to do it in order to scrub pesky DWI’s and other such misdemeanors from their arrest records..) According to the uber-liberal Wikipedia, the Initiative’s “mission”, is to “strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence..”

That sounds typically liberally vague and so therefore the first day of this year’s progressive powwow is devoted to.. Globaloney Warming! Wouldn’t Al Bore be proud? What better way to focus the attention of everyone onto the OWEbama Solyndra SCANDAL than for a doddering old Democrat to keep the topic of the “Green Gibberish” in the headlines..

According to the AP, (Ex-President Clinton: Green Movement needs money” 09/20/2011) the “three day Clinton Global Initiative for VIP’s with deep pockets began Tuesday with a frank discussion about addressing global climate change..” Isn’t it interesting that one brown liberal wants to again put his hands into the “deep pockets” of the rich and brag about it for class separation and vote gathering purposes, and an alabaster one is putting his hands in in order to further the “political science” of Globaloney Warming..

Yet these well-to-do keep showing up in droves which leads me to believe that no matter the hue and cry from the left and its progressive politicians, these limousine liberals ALWAYS manage to evade the focused fascism of redistribution.. This is why the malleable Marxist numbers surrounding the parameters of “the rich” always end up including the middle class because we do not have the “resources” to combat the ridiculous revenue grabs.. Within the double standard filled world of the left, anyone who “believes” in the correct Marxist mantras are allowed to have as deep a series of pockets as they like and how they manage to hold onto THEIR money is THEIR business.. Just show up at the “correct” functions, say the “right” things to the cameras and your progressive provenance is protected..

Clinton must have barely gotten done removing the brown paper wrappings from this month’s “books” that were delivered to the Arkansas double-wide Clinton “library” so that he could have this “frank discussion” in New York.. A pocket full of collectivist condoms and a hand full of Viagra and it was time to “work the room” as a “frank” discussion with Clinton always involves the sound of a dropping zipper as he presents his “frank” with a sardonic grin to unsuspecting female victims..

I was wondering WHEN someone was going to get around to having a “frank discussion” about the LACK of facts surrounding the ENTIRE Globaloney Warming sophistry. How about a “frank discussion” about the SCANDAL involving the so-called “scientists” (political scientists, actually..) and their attempts to keep the REAL truth about their alleged “findings” from being disseminated.. How about a “frank discussion” about the FACT that this topic is another in the liberal litany of scientific scares meant to change political policy. “Population Explosions” that haven’t exploded, “Ice Ages” that haven’t produced as much as a tray of ice, and now “Globaloney Warming” that was made even more illusory (when the scam was revealed..) through the slimy name change of “Climate Change” once the “movement” was exposed as a complete fraud.. A “frank” discussion from the left’s perspective always means “smile and nod occasionally and agree with me..”

Billy Bob, like all good liberals, knows the cause of the “problem”.. “Clinton said the main issue with green energy is a lack of proper funding..” This is the “main issue” that is constantly regurgitated when the liberals squeak about the “public schools”.. With the left, it is ALL about money, someone else’s, of course.. Effectiveness and efficiency? Never! Just throw more of someone else’s money at the “problem” and it will magically go away.. When the “problem” doesn’t “go away”, when it isn’t solved, repeat the progressive process..

Even BEFORE the OWEbama Solyndra SCANDAL made not nearly enough of the headlines that it deserves, the “green” buncombe has been OVER funded and has yet to “produce” anything of merit.. ALL OF IT is subsidized to the hilt and all of their phony fuels made from whatever, ends up costing about twenty bucks a gallon.. Ten thousand windmills stand idle as the wind doesn’t always blow (and when it does, other liberals get upset that too many birds are being killed by the other liberals windmills!!) the solar panels don’t collect anything other than dust on cloudy days.. The left is “doing the right thing”, don’t you DARE expect results..

The “main issue” just might be the fact that this “science” has yet to produce any “alternatives” that have ended up being even remotely useful or affordable. Just how much energy has the fascist fiat demanding curly-q light bulbs saved? Ask that question of a liberal and you will get an answer packed with as much socialist sewage as the “estimates” of how many jobs OWEbama has “saved or created”..

When the left starts talking about “main issues” and “facts” they want you to steer clear of all of the “main issues” and “facts” that they are trying to cover up. Billions in wasted Scamulous monies going to useless solar panel producers who had not only the liberals Bolshevik blessings but they even had the company’s board meetings on the personal agendas.. ALL of this has FAILED yet according to Clinton, “you have to come up with money on the front end..” AGAIN, they have ALL gotten WAY too much “front end” money based upon hysteria and they have produced nothing other than Chapter 11 filings.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is “concerned that the world’s economic problems are overshadowing the need for action on climate control..” Calderon himself can’t seem to “control” the drug wars in his country so he has problems of his own that he should be “concerned” about. Contrary to what all of the collectivist chin waggers in New York might be braying, there has been PLENTY of “action” on Globaloney Warming. “Action” is merely liberal rudderless “motion” without “direction”..

How is this for liberal logic: If OWEbama hadn’t wasted so much money on “climate control” that DIDN’T work he could funnel more money to “climate control” that DOESN’T work! Problem “solved” liberal style.. Thanks to OWEbama, there is NOTHING left to spend, get to the back of the line..

You’ll notice that NO ONE on the left side of the ledger EVER asks for “results”, they just want “action”. “Results” quell the need for more MONEY and the desire for OTHER PEOPLE’S money is what calls the liberals to “action”.. As well, if Calderon could “control” his own population’s proclivity towards wandering aimlessly into OUR country, the four jobs that OWEbama has “created” since 2009 might have gone to actual Americans..

Billy Bob, taking a page out of Rodham’s “I was under sniper fire in Bosnia” baloney says, “I spent a lot of time in the Maldives. It’s quite possible that the Maldives won’t be here in 30 or 40 years..” I wonder how many new “interns” he managed to buy while he was there.. If his estimates are correct (and a liberals estimates are NEVER correct..) we all hope that the Maldives last about ten times longer than Billy Bob will..

Even though this is such a terminal problem with life on Earth practically left in the lurch, other progressive panels discussed “women and jobs in technology fields”. (Probably chaired by misogynist Clinton, OWEbama and Harvard ex, Lawrence H. Summers..) Let’s not leave out, “the challenges and opportunities facing the world’s increasingly urbanized population living in a growing number of cities..” The liberal “answer” to this “problem” will have to be government funded abortion to avert this “population explosion”..

Even the dark talk of “disaster preparedness” (something the liberal Democrats Nagin and Blanco slept through while New Orleans was attacked by Katrina..) we learn of “preventative action such as improved building standards to mitigate the impact of hurricanes and earthquakes..” Only in the liberal mind can you do anything to “mitigate” the effects of a category five hurricane or a 8.5 Richter Scale earthquake.. How do you make the mud huts of Haiti and Pakistan “earthquake-proof’? You throw lots of money at them, money that merely gets siphoned off into the bank accounts of the potentates of these backwater regions..

Listen to Valerie Amos, “Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief..” According to her, when it comes to disaster relief, beggars can certainly be choosers.. “It’s important for people to realize what can really help, like cash donations.. What isn’t useful (are things) like medications that end up not being useable or clothes that victims of disasters don’t want..” Well, “cash donations” certainly make it much easier for the liberals to skim their own “fees” as opposed to trying to sell off things like “medications” on the black market.. The rest of the “cash donations” end up in the previously mentioned potentates bank accounts.. What, no designer labels for our victims? How gauche..

“When well-meaning people send things that aren’t useable, aid agencies waste precious time and money disposing of them..” What an interesting series of corollaries arise from that statement.. “Well-meaning people”, liberals, “things that aren’t useable”, Solyndra’s solar panels.. Solyndra: a “waste of precious money..” The liberals view big government as nothing more than an “aid agency”.. “Wasting precious time disposing of them”? Is there a trash can shortage to match the obvious shortage of liberal intelligence?

“Last years GCI (CGI?) conference generated nearly 300 new commitments valued at $6 billion to tackle major global issues from poverty and disease to climate change..” THIS is the liberal nomenclature in a nut shell and what other kind of shell would the left use.. First, have there been ANY positive effects from last year’s “commitments” on ANY of these “problems”? Again, when the liberals start tossing around numbers, $6 billion here, a trillion or so there, it is nothing more then socialist salve for their souls. If any liberal “problem” would go away, so would the world’s need for the liberal’s “cures”..

The SAME people assessing this “value” are responsible for “saving and creating millions of jobs” that only exist within the minds of the leftist lunatics.. By the way, would ANY of the previously mentioned “medications” help with this “disease” problem or would they actually “solve” a problem, therefore the liberals don’t want them around?

Ol’ Whitey kept at it, “We’ve got to somehow involve the imagination of ordinary people, it’s an opportunity..” The “opportunity” lies in making the “ordinary people” see that the “political science” of Globaloney Warming, a true figment of the liberal’s “imagination”, is a complete hoax..


15 responses to “It’s An Opportunity..

  1. “strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependency.” Ahh, nothing like a good coffe douche of the nasals to get you going in the morning!
    Strengthen the capacity? Third World countries are popping out babies faster than Bubba could un-zip his fly at prostitute try-out convention. You can bet this is putting more money in a bank account of his somewhere than in anyone “people throught the world:” Like any other fuzzy, warm, feel-good name of the liberals this compares to the idiotic foreign aid the U.S. keeps wasting each year.

    BTW, Hillary, with new technology has replaced the ankle bracelet a “lip ring” on Billy’s trolling rod. Not only can it tell the shade but the manufacturer of the cosmetic and it saves DNA too!


    Larry You keep em coming Billy boy says the big O is wrong to
    raise taxes and he is there to speak to the crowd
    Russ said yesterday that it is not fair for 46% of the population
    to pay Zero taxes and it is the fault of the give away Demorats
    should pay for those programs with higher taxes

  3. It’s an opportunity allright…. another chance to “enlighten” each other with their fuzzy math, their weather-man climate science, and their lie du jour. Watch for the next new-speak name for climate change, the next new accusation of US human rights violations for sneezing the wrong way, and the next new “crisis” of epic proportions that we MUST borrow more money to fix!


    Just got an email from the enemy I have a web site that updates
    me on the big O shampaign
    They claim the pres has done great things
    Wants to raise taxes on the rich claim that 70%
    APPROVE this idea and he has eliminated the
    DON’T ASK DON’T TELL effective today

  5. Don’t know whats going on here. I think ol’ Billy Bob has drained whatever liberal brain he had using it as bait for Oval ooglers. Or perhaps the side effects of Viagra have cleared his kollectivist head because in a recent interveiw given to Newmax Magazine, Clinton disagrees with the
    “Dumb-and-er, in Thief”s by calling the “deficit approach confusing and tax increases a bad idea.”

    Clinton does not only believe in not raising taxes but he took a swipe at Republicans too for wanting to cut government spending. As large as the deficit is, he feels that with the interests rates being so low, “there would be no benefits.” I’m not sure as to who’s benefits he’s talking about there. The interest rate is at an imaginary 3% thanks to Obama and Geither, and will in due time rise. Many banks that the government saved from insolvency will be insolvent again.

    Clinton hasn’t lost all of his liberalistic mind however and cast a safety net to catch his saggy butt when he said, “I don’t think you can tax or cut taxes, I don’t think you can spend or not spend enough to get America back to a full employment economy until we flush that debt.” Yeh, right. Whaaaat?

  6. Holy Crap!!! Are we sure it was Slick Willy and not some impostor?

  7. As usual, what a liberal says is not what they mean.

  8. The world itself since it’s conception, has had natural, cold and true problems inherent to it’s own existance, it’s called Nature. In time, the world’s problems has healed themselves, an altruism for a better world, without the intervention of man. i.e. liberals.

    Likewise, since their creation, all species that live upon this globe have problems. No matter the amount of money, the greatness of the technology, one nation, all of mankind, will never be able to heal all of the world’s inhabitants problems. It is unrealistic to retain this thought. The attempt to do so is a “teddy bear” vision by the liberals to lure those with hearts bigger than their brains. (a.k.a. well meaning)

    I am not saying volunteers who give of themselves are not needed and appreciated. Those are the true well meaning people, if not outstanding citizens, rather than those who would as a typical liberal, throw money at the problem in making themselves feel better or thinking the problem will just disappear.

  9. Joe,

    Don’t forget that there is no love lost between Billy Bob and OWEbama.

    He knocked off his old lady, making her even more surly than usual and who can forget that Billy Bob got upset and said that the OWEbama zombies “played the race card on me” relative to his comments on the South Carolina primary..

    I’m quite sure that no one other than newsmax covered this Billy Bob quote..

    The “impartial” media has some reelectin’ to do!

    Thanks as always,


  10. It’s an opportunity to gag! We have never had a presdient who won’t let go! Billy Bob is all too often in the news on a range a subjects which suould be left with Congress and White House if they could be trusted. My mistrust runs deep as the oceans.

  11. No better than Je$$e or $harpton, I think it’s all political posturing to keep himself in the limelight and grub a few extra dollars in his lotion slicked pockets.

    Had the tables been turned I’m quite sure that Billy would have knocked off (or up) Obama’s old lady the first chance he could get out of the cast iron shorts Hillary had provided him. He “felt their pain” when he found out color is of a brother not of his government money.

    Your quite right in that Newsmax Magazine and NewsmaxTV were the only ones to carry this interveiw so far that I’ve been able to discover in my searchings. Wonderful partially blind/deaf world put upon us isn’t it. I remember a phrase…oh, it’s been so long ago…let’s see now, what was that… Oh, yeh, now I remember: Resonsible jornalism. Does anyone recall the meaning of that?

  12. Here’s the new sign of a fearless POTUS – ” if you love me you must pass this bill” . Doesn’t that just exude CONFIDENCE, LEADERSHIP, POWER OF CONVICTION, WORLD RECOGNITION, and POLITICAL SAVY ?

  13. Actually that quote was “If you love me you must help me pass this bill.”

    It was in response to an obviously freshly hit meth head admirer amongst the hand picked audience when she screamed out, “I love you.”

    Leadership? It all depends on who you are leading and how low you have to go to find your followers.

  14. Joe,

    Thanks for the clarification. Apparently I had heard a mis-quote. But, the rest of my comment still stands !!

  15. That “If you loved me you would…….” is a well recognized ploy used by abusers to manipulate their partners to get them to do what the abusre wants done, often at the expense of the partner’s own well being and peace of mind. It is nothing but a tool, used by the “master manipulator” to get his way!

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