Misplaced Zeal


Are you tired of hearing about Solyndra? Get over it. Solyndra is nothing more than the perfect Marxist microcosm of the ENTIRE OWEbama “experiment”.. Please allow me to explain..


Today’s New York Times starts the Bolshevik ball rolling.. The headline, like everything allegedly about OWEbama needs a bit of clarification and it only gets worse from there.. “In Rush to Assist Solyndra, U.S. Missed Warning Signs”. Does anything seem out of place there? Notice that OBAMA didn’t miss these “warning signs”, the “U.S.” did.. This is the equivalent of OWEbama “blaming” “Congress” for all of HIS woes..


“Obama’s visit to the Solyndra solar panel factory in California last year was choreographed down to the last detail.” No kidding.. The problem is that that is a fact, a fact that OWEbama and his Politburo are trying to evade as effectively as possible.. EVERYTHING prior to the “visit” was “choreographed” by OWEbama and friends.. EVERYTHING..


In May of 2010 OWEbama, while “visiting” the company that he saw as the beacon of envrio-imbecility said, “it’s here that companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future..” Next $535 million of YOUR tax dollars were shoveled to this “company” so that OWEbama could “reassert American dominance in solar technology while generating thousands of jobs..” Not so fast there, Brownie..


“Reassert” American “dominance”? The ENTIRE green scam is geared towards ENDING “America’s dominance”.. The left insists that all of their demands relative to this collectivist crackpotterie be implemented immediately and ALL of their harebrained heresy destroys jobs, handcuffs those who create jobs and marches America backwards.. The whole “fossil fuel” fantasy comes to mind.


Please note that almost EVERY “hybrid” or “eniviro-friendly” vehicle is about the size of a roller skate. They HAVE to be because the “power” generated by these over-priced, over-subsidized flaccid fuels made from recycled gym socks isn’t powerful enough to keep the pilot light on your stove lit, let alone to allow you to pass another car on the highway..


The liberals persist with their demands. Their demands for higher and higher gas mileage is met through taking steel from the vehicles and replacing it with Styrofoam.. When you can fold up your car and put it in your back pocket, 100 miles to the gallon doesn’t seem illogical but the idea of surviving a collision with a “normal” vehicle certainly IS illogical..


As well, the liberal idea of ENDING American “dominance” is also intertwined with the liberal “green” religion. The liberal “scientists” will NEVER be able to create a fuel or a series of batteries that can sufficiently power an eighteen-wheeler. American “dominance” relies on manufacturers being able to deliver large amounts of their products to their customers in a timely manner. How many trips will it take to deliver goods in a “vehicle” the size of a shoebox? Fifty? Sixty? How many times will our driver need to “recharge” before ending at his destination? ANYTHING to slow the idea of commerce or capitalism..


The left will target large petroleum-burning trucks as “polluters”, taxing them and their owners, demanding their removal from the roads without there being ANY sensible alternative vehicles. Less product delivered drops demand and then you have another Solyndra on your hands except this company isn’t as well padded as Solyndra is by OWEbama.. This will be the next step in the liberal’s ENDING American dominance program which will destroys jobs by the bushel basket full..


“Behind the pomp and pageantry Solyndra was rotting inside, hemorrhaging cash so quickly..” Replace “Solyndra” with “OWEbama caliphate” and we have the flawless analogy of this collectivist criminal enterprise that was allegedly based upon “hope and change”..


“Solyndra has become one of the administration’s most costly fumbles..” Wrong again.. It has been “costly” to the American middle class taxpayers who had NO CHOICE but to foot the bill for this foray into faux “science”.. It WILL NOT prove to be “costly” enough to those Democrats who enabled and encouraged this “transparent” waste of revenues that would have been better used elsewhere.. Then again, as long as OWEbama and the puling progressives were doing the doling out relative to the socialist Scamulous, the results would have been exactly the same no matter where OUR money went, a complete and utter waste..


Next stop, bankruptcy, laying off 1,100 workers and Solyndra was “visited” by the F.B.I. as they were looking for “evidence of possible fraud..” This should not be a difficult task as EVERY element involved in the ENTIRE “alternative fuels/enviro-fascism” Kollectivist Kabuki dance is all about “fraud”, and that is just the start of it..


“The government’s backing of Solyndra came as the politically connected business began an extensive lobbying campaign that appears to have blinded government officials..” AGAIN, notice the apologist “impartial” media using the generic term “government” and leaving out either “OWEbama” or “OWEbama administration”. AGAIN, THIS is why BEGINNERS should NEVER be allowed in Washington, since the inexperienced OWEbama and his crew were “blinded”.. Those who CORRECTLY made this claim in 2008 were unceremoniously and ignominiously called “racists” by those fond of brevity, those with bigger fish to fry reworded things in a devious manner such as, “I don’t look like the other presidents” or “they’re trying to make you scared of me..”


Shall we use our imaginations and wonder just how they were “blinded” by lobbyists? How do you think that a “public servant” like Dead Ted could possibly afford digs like Hyannisport? How did Democrat William Jefferson end up with almost $100,000.00 hiding out in his freezer? These “votes” are PAID FOR.. Such “support” is REWARDED.. It’s difficult enough to get Democrats to pay the taxes that they actually admit on their tax forms that they owe, (when they get around to filing tax forms, usually at the insistence of the “ethics” committee, whatever that is..) imagine just how many more “revenues” OWEbama could waste if the liberals all “paid their fair share” of that which they have ILLEGALLY gotten under the table or from the freezer or from wherever..


Excuses seem to rain from the sky whenever the topic happens to be ANOTHER of the perpetual OWEbama screw-ups. Politicians being “blinded” by lobbyists is about as ridiculous an excuse as claiming that you voted “for the war before you voted against it..” How about, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”.. Lobbyists probably help first term Congressmen unload their boxes from the moving vans the first time that they cross into “Pelosi’s Swamp”, they become VERY familiar with these weasels right from the get-go..


The Times just CAN’T find the nerve to actually be “impartial” as their allergy to the truth borders on the criminal.. “While no evidence has emerged that political favoritism played a role in what administration officials assert were merit-based decisions, Solyndra dew plenty of high-level attention..” The evidence has not “emerged” because “impartial” people like the OWEbama underwear sniffers at the Times are “looking the other way”.. The problem actually is that OWEbama and others (Pelosi) campaigned that they were going to “change” things. We ALL know about “political favoritism” and the political nonsense of “merit-based” ANYTHING, especially when dealing with a LIBERAL government, the FACT that OWEbama didn’t “change” this political reality needs to be exposed.


In OWEbama scandals past, a lower level liberal underling has always been made to walk the progressive plank. Here we may have found Solyndra’s socialist stoolie, our reactionary’s “rogue”.. “Lobbyists corresponded frequently and met at least three times with an aide to a top White House official, Valerie B. Jarrett..” Meet 2011’s version of Lois Caldera who was castrated as the “victim” of the OWEbama lower Manhattan fly-over folderol. Today’s “victim” has yet to be named as the drawing of straws hasn’t become necessary just yet..


“Administration officials lay the blame for Solyndra’s problems in part on the global collapse in the price of solar energy components, which forced the company to sell its innovative clear panels at less than it cost to make them.” I thought that just a few moments ago the “problem” was that “China was flooding the market..” How many ACTUAL “innovative” products have had to be subsidized by the government? An “innovative” product usually sells itself.. The free market does not tolerate the mischievous Marxism of people like OWEbama who want to dictate what products HAVE to be consumed.. A “company” selling its product for LESS than it costs to manufacture, THAT sounds EXACTLY like a “company” that OWEbama and his Scamulous “Golden Touch” would want to “invest” in and so they did even while “blinded”..


Solyndra’s gifts were granted “before officials had completed mandatory evaluations of the financial and engineering viability of the projects..” THIS is why OWEbama has constantly played the “hurry up and vote” game. We have seen how well this “game plan” has worked for the Health Scare Scam.. The “reactionary rush” is ALWAYS played because the left knows that given time, NO ONE in their right mind would EVER vote to support ANY of their hilarious histrionics..


“They really can’t evaluate the risks without following the rules”.. The following is the perverted perspective from the left: “SO WHAT? The REAL ‘risk’ is what would have happened to the Earth if we HAD NOT acted in such an expedient manner.. With Earth in the balance, EVERY SECOND counts..” The liberals don’t want to “evaluate” anything, they just want to flail and OWEbama has MORE than proven that the “rules” DO NOT apply when donning the cape and jumpsuit of the socialist superhero.. The nation assumed the “risk” the moment the final vote was tallied in November of 2008..


There was “intense pressure from top Obama officials to rush stimulus spending out the door..” “We had to knock down some barriers standing in the way to get those projects funded”.. One of those “barriers” appeared to be “common sense”.. This from Matthew Rogers who at the insistence of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, “urged faster action” on this Solyndra sophistry.. See, it’s all about “action”, results are irrelevant..


The Solyndra “case” has allegedly “set in motion a highly partisan battle over the benefits and failings of Obama’s stimulus plan..” GOOD!! Too little, too late, I am afraid.. Probably the biggest reason that there is a “highly partisan battle” is there are not enough Democrats with the common sense to see the path that their perverted party has taken over the last fifty years. The other reason is that they aren’t willing to admit as to exactly how WRONG they have been since the beginning of the OWEbama “experiment” and that they aren’t “grown up” enough to get out of the way and let someone else try to fix things..


This was one of the things that ground away at the liberals a few years back. The liberals were incensed by the claim that George Bush wouldn’t “admit that he was wrong”.. OWEbama has George’s stance on this allegation beaten in spades and the left looks at this upping of the ante as a ‘steely resolve’ not the “arrogance” that they accused W. of..


The liberals and especially OWEbama are like small children. Lets take a small child and give them a virtually unlimited access to the entire life savings of the middle class. Lets place this child in the middle of a street. On one side of the street we have a health food store loaded with lots of “healthy” tree bark and grass clippings and such. On the other side of the street we have a candy store. All sorts of chocolates, jelly beans and such.. Our child doesn’t “think” things through and just reacts and its off to the candy store.. Four years later after “hurrying” and not “thinking things through”, without any common sense, our child has rotting teeth, digestive problems, is morbidly obese and doesn’t have a dime left to spend.. Feel free to insert a picture of Michael Moore if you don’t have one of OWEbama handy..


One George B. Kaiser, “a billionaire from Oklahoma” and also a ‘fundraiser” for the 2008 OWEbama shampaign, is also the “backer of a foundation that is Solyndra’s leading investor..” Here is where we find the liberal proclivity towards “personal investment” in such misadventures. If the scam somehow manage to take off and become initially profitable, the liberal pockets the “green green”. If the whole enterprise goes into the tank, the liberal writes off God knows how much as “losses” as opposed to the sum that was actually “invested” and the billionaires like Kaiser then pay nothing in taxes..


Solyndra spent nearly two million dollars on lobbyists. Maybe the “global collapse in the price of solar energy components” didn’t have as much to do with the folding of Solyndra as their own “investment” in liberal lobbyists.. Unless another “component” of solar energy is the padding of both lobbyists and Congressmen’s bank accounts which more than appears to be the collectivist case.. “None of the other three solar panel manufacturers that eventually got federal loan guarantees spent a dime on lobbyists..” Maybe they didn’t need to, maybe their “business” didn’t have as much to hide as Solyndra did..


“Energy Department officials said the lobbying had no impact on their decisions..” Yep.. And Ding Dongs didn’t turn Michael Moore into a Marxist manatee.. Not only was Solyndra’s loan guarantee the highest of all of the solar companies, it “ended up securing the first financial commitment..” Those on the outside looking in like Solopower were told “that it was not only not helpful but it was not acceptable..” Isn’t it amazing what a couple of million dollars divvied out to Democrats by lobbyists can accomplish?


This is now ALL about the price of silicon. According to those seeking shelter from the storm, the “competitors” saw a drop in the price of silicon and Solyndra allegedly uses no silicon in their former product.. OWEbama, the man with the golden touch when it comes to not only which candidates to campaign for but which companies to “invest” in, “bought in” to the “assumption” that silicon prices would remain high.. OWEbama the progressive prognosticator sounds as though he wouldn’t even make a good local weatherman..


The SAME fellah that warned Congress about Fannie and Freddie also didn’t “buy into” the Solyndra scam. George Bush said no due to a “concern that its costs made the price of manufacturing power capacity significantly higher than its competitors..” This was back in 2008. Since ALL of the liberals knew that he planted explosives in the Twin Towers and in the levees of the lower Ninth Ward, they weren’t going to listen to him now..


Obama was “determined to move ahead”. What he ended up doing was “moving ahead” of Dhimmi Carter as the worst president in our nation’s long history.. He wanted to move “within 60 days from inauguration..” That he did and the rest is “history”.. Unfortunately..


“The loan program was designed to help finance cutting-edge projects that could not otherwise find enough private-sector investors..” Here the FREE MARKET was telling OWEbama what George Bush was telling OWEbama.. When “private investors” shy away, OWEbama rushes in.. Sounds just like the Democrats high risk/low return way of thinking that brought about the sub prime mortgage scandal ushered in by Billy Bob Clinton and Barney “Let Me See Your” Frank..


OWEbama’s Energy Department spokesweasel Damien LaVera said, “we did the analysis on our own and decided it was a good bet..” “We” did it, NOT OWEbama.. A good rule of thumb would be to never take any advice on what a liberal thinks a “good bet” is..


The carrot in front of the jackass was the “projected bonanza of $100 billion in federal money for clean energy projects..” Thus Solyndra’s lobbyists amazingly managed to land this worthless “company” right at the head of the pack of progressives with their hats in their hands. Proving that once is not enough, “Solyndra executives and lobbyists pressed Gregory S. Nelson, an aide to Jarrett, a senior advisor to Obama, for a meeting to boast about progress at the plant financed with federal money and to discuss a possible second loan..” A “second” loan? Didn’t the OWEbama people realize that a request for a “second loan” doesn’t usually come from someone who is doing WELL after a “first” loan? Are they that dense?


David Miller, a “Solyndra executive”, wrote in a letter to Nelson, “we have no intention of going out of business”.. The completion of that sentence SHOULD read, ‘as long as OWEbama continues to fund our folly..’ He even tossed in a few buzz words, “we have good market momentum..” Based upon the track record of the OWEbama “momentum”, the DOWNWARD “momentum” of Solyndra must have seemed natural to all of the OWEbama liberals.. Green market, green economy, all funded by the “green” stolen and redistributed from the middle class.. Nelson, true to form wrote a little mash note back and said, “keep up the good work..”


Some in Congress are questioning “if Solyndra was intentionally misleading officials in Washington..” OBAMA “officials”, mind you.. These are liberals who salivate at the mere mention of anything “green” so they didn’t need to be “mislead” very far..


Representative Cliff Stearns said, “Solyndra was never profitable, and it was obviously poorly managed and unviable in the global market..” Those are three good reasons why someone with NO IDEA how to run a lemonade stand let alone what was before his reign, the most powerful nation on Earth..


A senior analyst at GTM Research, Shyam Mehta said, “there was just too much misplaced zeal at the Department of Energy for this company..” Along with “misplaced zeal” goes the fact that the liberals are never held accountable for what they do no matter how badly it fails. OWEbama has failed more than any three presidents that you can think of and he still isn’t wearing prison togs.. Yet..


29 responses to “Misplaced Zeal

  1. They’ll never learn. Like you mentioned Larry this guy is way worse than Jhimmmmmmy Carter could ever be. The saying is by the time you reach 50 you wise up and become a Republican. Some do, some don’t as I’m looking at Bob Beckel on the new ‘The Five’ program on Fox News. Juan Williams is another one. I keep thinking they will see the light but guess I’m wrong. Great write up Larry….preciate your work and words of wisdom!!!

  2. Family,

    The latest TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  3. I live in NY and I find the following very interesting :

    “A Chinese solar-energy product maker will convert an abandoned New York IBM Corp. chip-making plant into its U.S. manufacturing headquarters, officials said.

    Linuo Solar Group Co. of Jinan, China, 250 miles south of Beijing, plans to hire up to 1,000 people by 2014 and invest $100 million in the operation,
    which will make solar panels, solar cells and solar hot-water systems, international development Director Bevan Zhang said at a Poughkeepsie, N.Y., news conference Friday.

    The 17-year-old company, which had $1.3 billion in revenue in 2010 and employs 13,000 people globally, said it bought the million-square-foot, five-building former IBM semiconductor research-and-development site on 157 acres in East Fishkill, N.Y., for $4.5 million in part because the exurban Hudson Valley region north of New York City is fast-becoming a solar energy hub.”

    Solyndra files bankruptcy in August and this company announces a deal with IBM in August. It looks like they began negotiations some time before April of this year. A U.S. company can’t be successful in solar energy but a Chinese company can. I find the timing very interesting.

  4. Lady Wolf,

    Thank you for AGAIN proving the invaluable source that the comments at both sites are to me. Your comment motivated the latest TOTD entitled “Success Or Failure” which will be out tonight.

    I cannot emphasize this enough, the comments whether anyone thinks that it has been said before or better, makes a difference.


    Thanks as always,


  5. I truly hope that Conress, in their investigation of Solyndra, carries their duty out fully in that they investigate ALL the supposedly “green” companies that Obama and company have thrown, or should I say wasted, our money on. Not only Solyndra going belly up as with several others but with Lightsquared Inc. as well. And my favorite, Seattle, whom I mentioned before in another article of recieving $20 million for “weatherizing” homes with the money being gone within a year. Number of people employed, 13, 9 of which were employed in administrative jobs to expressly handle the money. The remainder of employees “weatherized” the homes. The number of homes “weatherized”? 4. $12 and half million dollars a house?
    I would like very much to see the an audit. All of these have got to be some interesting books!


    East Fishkill, eh? This sounds premontionary and somewhat ominous to me. I was reading somewhere yesterday that a solar panel company in China was being protested against by the surrounding villages of the plant that was making the panels. It seems as though waste products from the plant were seeping into the soil and surrounding ground/surface waters. While it’s unusual for Chinese citizens to protest (or be allowed to) the article said that even the Chinese government was getting into the act of making the company clean itself up. Another good ol’ Made in China product.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why China would want to open a solar plant in America. Given the panels can and are being made much more cheaply labor and material wise than they are here, it’s makes little sense to me. Not only those factors but the tons of government regulations, federal, state and local plus EPA breathing down their neck all the time makes even less sense.

    Hmmm… Unless of course this whole deal might be a little “slant eyed” to the left, you think?

  6. Do you think Solyndra was in with Obama? I’m thinking if we could find him and friends offshore accounts we may be able to find the money from the stimulus and yes some of the Solyndra monies too. My thoughts have been that he and thugs are just common criminals and thieves and got lucky meeting Soros and then elected as President. He will never admit to any wrong doing at anytime in his life and he will leave his office so much richer. If he could just get that stock exchange in his hometown to get going, you remember, trading carbon credits, he and the rest of the hoods could steal even more money.
    God help the USA and help us get rid of these malcontents before we the people have not a pot to piss in.

  7. Sadly, Larry, I do think the Democrats are seeing the way their party has been perverted and either don’t care or are a part of the process. The Progressives have been steadily clearing out the more centrist and ‘conservative’ Democrats and replaced them with people whom think as they do. This is a process they’ve been undertaking for the last thirty odd years, give or take. As a result the controlling elements of the party are composed exclusively with radicals.

    This is something we must do to the Republicans. We need to ouster the Jay Rockefeller wing of the party and co-opt the more moderate Republicans (as we don’t need extreme right-wing ideologues running the party) and get them in line with what the TEA Party has in mind.

    This whole business with the solar power company seems to fall in line with Obama’s ‘black thumb’, whatever he touches dies. However, it is also proof positive that te whole green jobs thing is a complete waste of time. Solar power is really only useful where there’s enough sun shining on a regular basis, such as Arizona, or Texas or New Mexico, where it never seems to rain. Where I live, we see gray skies more than anything else. Windmills take too much space, and they chop up birds. Alternative fuels won’t work until we have a distribution net large enough to cover enough of the country to make a difference. Electric cars are a neat idea, except the Chevy Volt can’t make it from one side of my town to the other and back without needing eight hours for a charge. The Smartcar is what our leaders would like us to drive, as it is way too underpwered to take on the highway and sips gasoline. With CAFE standards such as they are, the chances of driving away from even a fender-bender grow worse with every model year. I personlly believe these green initiatives have less to do with being enviromentally responsibility and more with growing control over our daily lives. A less mobile citizenry is far easier to control.

  8. Family,

    Tomorrow’s article, “Faith In The Future” is done..

    Brace yourselves, it’s a hot one..

    I hope that today’s 3,000 word article didn’t either bore anyone or scare them off.

    Never give in, never give up and never again,


  9. My name appeears in the comment area. I did not comment on this article. I started to and had to leave. I must of submitted a blank comment. It appears that I interupted aposting by Joe. If that is what happened I am sorry.

  10. The more we learn about this corruption, the more we need to do to awaken the slumbering Americans and educate them regarding their personal stake in what is going on. Zippy’s problem is his insistence he didn’t need words of wisdom from previous presidents and his massive ego that he knew how to run this country. The other thing is his refusal to communicate with the people, He classifies all Americans as whiners. That may be true, but he is the won responsible form making Americans mad as Hell!

  11. 3000 words is soetimes not even enough… great read Larry!.

    I occurrs to me that I want to know why the FBI was “raiding” the offices of Solyndra, even before the news hit the airwaves. Was this a case of CYA by the OWEbama Administration? They could then say that they were doing all they could to get to the bottom of this mess. It gives them an out to find a “Solyndra Scapegoat” so they don’t have to offer up one of their own… again…. and bury the evidence of their theft so they don’t have to give any of it back.

  12. Graywolf,

    That was my mistake, the comment was meant for LadyWolf. I had typed the comment once in one of the two WordPress formats and, for some reason, they saw fit not to post it. Yes, I clicked on the “Post Comment” button, geez! In my haste to repost my comment in hopes that I wouldn’t have forgotten what I said and in partially being PO’d at WordPress, I addressed the comment to you. I just hope LadyWolf catches it.

  13. NJNurse,

    Was Solyndra in with Obama? I suggest you grab your good ol’ rectal thermometer, use it on anyone involved amongst all of them and you’ll come out with a “high” reading.

    As Larry stated in the article, Oklahoma billionare, George B. Kaiser was a 2008 fundraiser for and heavy donor in the Obama campaign. Buying payback favors have never hurt anyone has it? Kaiser also, being the leading investor in Solyndra, had made a $70 million “loan” to the company with a purportedly sweetheart deal through the government should the company go broke, Kaiser would be first in line to recover his assets free and clear. Obama himself was guided into investing $90,000 in Solyndra by a campaign manager when he was still just a Senator. These are just facts lieing on the surface of just one case of the whole “green” scam.

    You’re the nurse but I think you’d better pull that thermometer out before it breaks and gives them all mercury poisioning….on second thought…

  14. Just like Ladywolf and Joe, I too question the IBM – Linuo deal. Wonder if IBM left all of their manufacturing equipment as part of the deal. Also, will they import Chinese workers ? Something is ‘fishy’ , and not because it is in East Fishkill !!

  15. I had mentioned nuclear as being a clean source of power and with any self-respecting liberal nothing except taxes and caves are against no matter how much sense it makes. I forgot one other clean energy, that being geothermal.

    There is an example of such a working geothermal energy system in the Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno, NV. The owners spent $9.5 million in drilling 4 wells to tap a geothermal spring without government subsidies. This means they cannot claim a tax exemption for it’s use as politicians didn’t get to say look what I did and the media has ignored it completely.

    After having worked in the heating and air conditioning industry for 30 years, this system is most interesting to me. The four boilers originally built to heat the hotel are the size of semi-trailers and used natural gas at a cost of $500 million a year, to heat the water for the buildings rooms, pools, etc.

    However, the newly installed heat exchanger is the size of a child’s bunkbed, uses the hot water from the wells to do the same work of all four of the original boilers with zero carbon footprint.

    This self-motivated innovative technology is predicted to have an energy cost savings of $2.5 million a year for the owners and they will be able to re-coup their investment within 4 years.

    Once again the government proves that if it throws money at something it will either not work, break down or go broke.

  16. Joe,

    Just wondering – is the geothermal system considered a ‘green energy program’ , since it is similiar to taking cold water out of the ground or above ground sources, to provide a water supply ? Isn’t it simply hot vs. cold water ?

    BTW , is the EPA really going to cap “Old Faithful ” as an energy source, or it that a rumor?

  17. JJ,

    Yes, it is hot vs. cold water but not in a simple way. Geothermal system and cold waters both can be considered green energy. I prefer to think of it as natural energy in that you’re harvesting a favorable product of the water, be it temperature or power force, then returning it to it’s natural envirionment.

    As in geothermal water being heated by the earth’s magma, because of the high mineral content of it, to date can only be used as a “go between” in heating our surface water. Being around Old Faithful or any geothermal spring, the smell of sulpher will make itself readily known to you.

    Cold water, or surface water, power sources are evident in such things as electricity generating dams, grist mills, some steel mills, the technology is ageless. The force of the water is harnessed, used to do a job and released to continue on it’s natural way.

    Your implication towards drinking water. There’s no comparison between the two as I am just talking energy here. As I pointed out earlier the geothermal water is full of chemicals and smells bad and would need water treatment plant like the ones that exist today (maybe more) to clean up our surface water for drinking. As long as we have surface and well water to drink I’m happy to leave geothermal water where it’s at, I think it has something to do with keeping the earth cool just enough to prevent it’s implosion! Gaaa!

  18. So, if my well water is considered ‘green energy’ should I be eligible to receive some tax break or federal subsidy ? Just a thought ! 🙂

  19. Uh, no, sorry, that is unless your not using other than to drink, shower and water the grass and weeds with.

    There are, however, “heat pump” systems that, although I haven’t checked into it, might enable you to become eligible for the tax breaks but I doubt these, being self-innovative and reliant, would qualify.

    These types of systems consist of no more than drawing water, at the command of a pump, from pipes placed the minimum of 5-6′ deep in the ground where the ambient temperature year round is 55 degrees. By running pipes in and out of a second “coil” in your forced air furnace below the coil for the air-conditioning’s expansioning coil, the 55 degree temperature gives your furnace a headstart on the temperature it’s trying to attain. Therefore you save energy whether it be electricity for the air-conditioner unit or natural gas for the furnace.

    A federal subsidy?! JJ, Must I add you to the list as another who would gladly take taxpayer’s money in the name of Governemtal Help?

  20. Joe,

    I was just getting a jump on my Saturday Sarcasm !! 🙂

    BTW, I have a heat pump.

  21. There isn’t such a thing as ‘green energy’. The term is no more than a sound bite for airheaded envirionmentalists and leadheaded liberals. The basics of natural energy has been since time began. What “energy” liberals are inventing doesn’t work in physics, economics or creation of jobs. ‘Nuff said. Oh, hell. There I go, dropping a “G.”

  22. JJ,

    Like you, I have a “heat pump” too. Unlike you and former Rep. Anthony Weiner, I don’t go bragging about on the internet….?

  23. Joe,

    Wasn’t bragging, just stating a fact in order to make known my understanding of heat pumps. You realize that you just did the same thing.

    BTW, if ‘green energy’ did exist, would it be possible for the ‘green energy’ industry to manufacture materials to produce more ” green energy” ? Just a thought.

  24. JJ,

    I’m fully aware you weren’t “bragging.” That was only a little dose of my sarcrastic humor, a service I offer free. I know that I implicated myself when I wrote it with the aligning word being in quotation marks, but I was tired and hungry and the physical callings over mental got the better of me. IT SHALL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!

    What I’m saying about energy is there is in existence no more than natural energy. That is our world that God has given to us. ‘Green energy is an unrealistic sound bite for a political movement, there is not such a thing as Green Energy. It is a promotion, much the same as the climate change crap. There may be ways now and in the future, to harness or improve the use of natural energy for whatever means our societies of the world needs. But in order to do that we have to get the governments, their mandates, their regulations, their money out of self-innovation and self-productive thinking.

  25. Joe,

    The sarcasm is OK with me ( as you know, I also use it ), and it is obviously acceptable to be human. In other words, please continue to be who you are, or at least the man we’ve come to know.

    Regarding the ‘clean energy’, or whatever name is used, if it had a viable future, it would not need any gov’t. subsidy ! Is there really a need for any gov’t. subsidy ??

  26. The reason we need government subsidy is to control. With libtards it is always and forever about control – of somebody or something other than them.

  27. JJ,

    As they talk down of us old fools, I am ‘set in my ways’ and thankfully my outlooks on life are right and I am at peace with that. Any change wouldn’t come fluidly to me due to my age, and as about the only thing left hard on me is my head.

  28. Richard,

    I agree in the feds using subsidies as a form of control. But it does have it’s benefits in that it provides cheaper prices back to the consumers. Subsidys, for the most part aid in the operating costs of industries to cover a percentage of production, maintenance losses, etc. Still having the government involved in it shouldn’t be. It is the lesser of the three between mandates and regulations but the control by the federal government should be done away with.

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