Faith In The Future


OWEbama is the living proof that the progressive playbook is still polluted with the Bolshevik bile of “separatism”. The first socialist salvo in this blasphemy was the “class separation” of “taxing the rich” just a few short weeks ago and now OWEbama wants to further separate the races.. He told a group of blacks yesterday to “stop complainin’ and put on your marching shoes”, (Yahoo News “Obama tells blacks to ‘stop complainin’ and fight” 09/25/2011) tomorrow when he has his hat in his hand and he is surrounded by “white devils” he will be crooning to those prostrated progressives that he is a “unifier, not a divider”.. The sad thing is, they will believe it..


OWEbama decided to drop by the BLACK “separate but equal” Caucus gathering where he allegedly gave a “fiery summons to an important voting bloc” (make that ‘voting black’) where he told the ASSembled minority minions to “follow him into battle for jobs and opportunity..” You have got to be kidding me..


That seals it. “Democratic Denial” HAS to be considered by the American Psychiatric Institution to be a terminal illness that is also highly contagious.. “Follow him into battle”? This group of blacks “followed” him in 2008 to the tune of 65 percent of eligible black voters voting and of that percentage, at LEAST 95 percent cast AT LEAST one vote for OWEbama. Part of this “group” also known as ACORN, did yeoman’s work in collecting and casting the votes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and entire professional football teams.. Blacks have MORE than proved to be the most dedicated of “followers” to the collectivist clarion call of indentured servitude, regardless of the blackness or the not-so blackness of the Democratic candidate.


“Opportunity”? OWEbama has destroyed his “opportunity”, an “opportunity” that was completely unencumbered by Republicans for at least two and a half years. OWEbama made the MOST of this “opportunity” by creating a PERMANENT ten percent unemployment rate, spending the economy into a depression, destroying jobs at an “historic” rate and manufacturing the OWEbama downgrade, the ONLY manufacturing that is being done in the United States anymore..


“Opportunity”? In this bogus age of “racial recognition”, blacks with just a minimum of application can have positions “set aside” for them based upon their pigmentation alone, whether they are even the least bit “qualified” for the position in question is absolutely irrelevant.. “Opportunity” is EVERWHERE for blacks, just winding the horn of “racism” gets any of them anything that they want. America is dying to bend over blackwards for them.. These “complainin’” people don’t want “opportunity”, this is minority based liberalism, what they want are “guarantees”..


“Quit crying and stop complainin’”? “Crying and complainin’” have been the cornerstones of the black separatist’s socialist soliloquies for decades having replaced “hard work and individual effort”. Once the blacks figured out that being an imaginary “victim” was easier on the back than doing the actual stoop work, all bets were off.. Assemble a few blacks, staple together a few misspelled placards, call the “impartial” media to “report” the nonsense at the top and bottom of every “news” hour and suddenly everyone within the liberal black voting bloc gets a “raise” in their “benefits” paid for by the folks that OWEbama wants to keep “separated” from the blacks..


The BLACK caucus has been “griping” that OWEbama is “not doing enough to fight black unemployment..” This group seems to be the masters of the bleeding obvious as OWEbama hasn’t been “doing enough” to fight unemployment, period. Matter of fact, he has gone out of his way to not only make it bigger but to make it permanent as well.. This “group” which jettisoned the whole “color blindness” stuff of Dr. King, someone that this group only wants to “rap” about when they can twist his words to their liking, is now firmly in the collectivist corner of color CONSCIOUSNESS..


“It gets folks discouraged. I know. I listen to some of y’all..” The wags at Yahoo claim that this quote was made “in a darkened Washington convention center..” The irony of Yahoo calling the room that the BLACK caucus was in “darkened” was not lost upon me.. Getting “folks discouraged” is what the entire liberal ethos is all about. Isn’t it funny that the BLACKS, caucused or not, haven’t caught on to this Epiphany.. Yoo-hoo caucusers, OWEbama DOESN’T listen to ANYONE..


“The fight won’t be won if they don’t rally to his side..” “I need your help”.. Yes he does.. Tomorrow he will need the “help” of some other group primarily made up of whites. Tomorrow he will remember how to place the “g’s” at the end of the applicable words.. Today it was all about sounding sufficiently black, “y’all”..


“Blacks are frustrated that the downturn is taking so long to reverse..” The OWEbama “downturn” or the OWEbaba depression as it is rightly known, “is taking so long to reverse” because the socialists don’t want it to “reverse”. The liberals had an open field to run on since January of 2009 and they actively went out of their way to make things WORSE. If these blacks can’t comprehend this fact then they are as goofy and gullible as we thought..


Blacks, like their not-so black “leader”, refuse to admit that Democratic liberalism has completely FAILED. The liberal ethos completely failed them but it has been a complete success for the liberal politicians who have a “purpose” when a portion of the electorate is sufficiently enslaved..


Owbama added, “And so many people here in this city are fighting us every step of the way..” Who would want to “fight” with someone who does things RIGHT? I wish that these unnamed heroes had started “fighting” way back in January of 2009..


Listen for the sound of nails going into wood as OWEbama deftly applies himself to his own cross.. “Blacks know all too well from the civil rights struggle that the fight for what is right is never easy..” The OWEbama/King transformation was thus complete because OWEbama said so and besides, those in attendance didn’t really need the mau-mauing in order to support the “historic” heretic.. “Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes.. Shake it off.. Stop complainin’.. Stop grumblin’.. Stop cryin’.. We are going to press on. We have work to do..” Were this to actually be true, this group would be the ONLY ones “working” in America, or should I be ethnically correct and say “workin’”, thanks to the OWEbama focused fascism and the Democrat’s demented destruction..


OWEbama’s unpaid for, unwritten “jobs package” will “benefit 100,000 black-owned businesses and 20 million BLACK workers..” Again, OWEbama refers back to his statistical stolidity as “numbers” are about as abstract when utilized by a lefty as the liberal lunacy that they are wrapped in.. EVERY time that OWEbama has EVER used numbers in support of his Bolshevik buncombe, they have been manufactured by the Brothers Grimm..


With “woe-is-me-ism” coursing through his veins, OWEbama said, “I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have time to complain..” He sure does have “time” to BLAME as opposed to “complain”.. He sure (wait.. I need to “ethnic” this up..) He sure is havin’ nuff time to vacation and golf with rich white folks..


“Caucus leaders remain fiercely protective” of OWEbama. As long as misery reigns down from the OWEbama throne, those without the capacity for self-survival will crawl back to those that placed them in that submissive position in the first place.. “If Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House” was exclaimed by one BLACK caucus collectivist. Since the WHITE House has been turned RED by the application of BROWN socialism, everything is all right. These are the blind BLACK liberals, the blind feminist liberals forgot to “march on the White House” when Clinton was in there molesting “sisters”.. With the liberals it really doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, they are still all RED in the middle..


Just a few weeks back, Black-zine Waters “caused a stir” by grousing about OWEbama’s recent bus ride, the “Tour DE FARCE”, where he was playing the role of Darth Evader.. Blacks have been “ignored” (in Black-zine’s mind) by OWEbama because he KNOWS that they have no choice but to vote for him. The “independents” will swing 2012 as they did in 2008 and the “independents” are overwhelmingly WHITE. According to Balck-zine, OWEbama “bypassed black districts”.. I can give her a few good reasons as to why that happened.. One, “black districts” are already in the trick bag, OWEbama is out trying to distract enough of the WHITE “independents” AWAY from the reality that what has happened during the four years of his dictatorship hasn’t really happened.


If that ingenious approach doesn’t “work” (NOTHING “works” under OWEbama..) BLAME what happened on people who weren’t there when it happened.. OWEbama had better get in touch with David Copperfield because only a magician could make something that BIG disappear without a trace.. Maybe OWEbama didn’t want to have to worry about being “bus-jacked” at every intersection..


Last year during his idiotic and wildly successful push during the mid term election, OWEbama said that Republicans would “turn back the clock”.. Here in 2011, OWEbama has no problem “turning the clock BLACK”.. EVERYONE would like for SOMEONE to “turn the clock back” to the time when America produced jobs, not just talked about creating them, to the time when America had no problem LEADING the world, not following along behind Ethiopia and Peru, the time when capitalism wasn’t the avowed adversary of the sitting administration..


How “concerned” is OWEbama about these BLACK “problems? As soon as the lights went up in that “darkened” room, he was off to the Left Coast in order to do some “fundraising” in the hopes of “saving” his OWN job. Yep, jetting right out to San Diego and to Los Angeles for two “fundraisers”..


Before taking his Bolshevik bows, OWEbama said, “blacks need to have faith in the future..” I have “faith” that the “future” places OWEbama and his liberal lemmings into the “dustbin of history”, sooner rather than later..


15 responses to “Faith In The Future

  1. Family,

    As we speak, “Ideological Pushback” is being assembled.

    It may occassionally sound as though the “same things” are being said here. Not really BUT, THE SAME nonsense is being constantly repeated in a Pavlovian style and IT MUST BE ANSWERED WITH THE TRUTH.

    If this scares you off, if this bores you, YOU have become a part of the problem.

    Mark my words, just like in 2008, you are going to hear the same NONSENSE being repeated and if you do not answer it with fact, YOU will have four more years of socialism..

    How does that sound?


  2. I heard that clip this morning, on my way to work and nearly ran off the road. I had never heard “himself” get down in the slang and the y’all and the un-ended words. He sounded like a revival preacher at a Southern Black church trying to whip up the crowd and see how many he could “slay in the spirit” with his voice. It was awfull!

    I can’t believe that Maxine and the Black Caucus will stand for this. What an insult to them. I hope they chew him a new one and send him packing…

  3. T,

    Black-zine will do NO SUCH THING.

    They would NEVER consider what took place to be an insult. Matter of fact, he recieved a standing ovation.

    It even MORE insulting when he telprompts his way through the alabaster devils who are the ones who ACTUALLY put him into higher office.


    Thanks as always,


  4. Ideological Pushback is done and it makes a perfect bookend to “Faith In The Future”.

    Pass anything to everyone you know. This can never happen again.

    Never give in, never give up and never again,


  5. And they have the gall to accuse us of bigotry and racism? Those Alabaster Devils are in for a rude awakening… It is only a matter of time.

    One and Done!

  6. Observing the political landscape over the past few weeks I’ve become concerned his minions and the mis-informed are going to give Mr. Ebony Smooth another 4 years. Owebama truly plays politics like Garry Kasparov plays chess. He always appears several steps ahead of his “enemies”. Unless we can come up with someone who is electable, (except for Herbert & Ron it’s John McCain all over again no matter who gets the nomination) the man is going to be around for a while longer to do a lot more damage to our way of life.

  7. Obama, the CBC, and other Black leaders have always used identity politics. I buddy of mine got the chance to hear Rev. Jackson speak at Cornell years ago. In mixed company Rev. Jackson may be all about living in harmony and that sort of thing, however, when its just the brothas & sistas about, then its ‘screw whitey and take all you can from them, cause they’re all jus’ no good crackas’

    Being a victim is the only identity blacks have in our society, after all whites have been ‘keepin’ em down for so long’. They can always keep the slavery issue over our collective heads in order to promote our collective racial guilt, even though it has been nearly one hundred and seventy years since they were Emancipated, and sixty years ago since Jim Crow was laid to rest. Its interesting to note how history never seems to mention the WHITE civil rights workers whom were murdered in the cause of racial justice, nor how it was the Republicans whom pushed the Civil Rights laws through over Democrat filibusters. While they have many men and women to look up to such George Washington Carver and Ms. Harriet Tubman, and heroes such as the Tuskegee Airmen and the Buffalo Soldiers, intellectuals such as Alan Keyes, and Supreme Court Justices like Clarence Thomas; they choose instead to hold up as examples drug dealers, rap stars, cry-baby sports stars, and the like. It is then they wonder why they have such a disporportionate number of young black males doing time, broken families, a jobless rate double that of other minorities, and they ask why they aren’t respected. The answer is quite simple: if one does not respect oneself, nobody else will either.

    Add to this that the Democrats need this permanent victim caste (yes, I’m using the word with precision here), if for no other reason than to ensure that they will always have somebody to rubberstamp their ideas, no matter how much damage it does to society at large. So long as blacks are kept poor and ignorant, the Democrats can continue to enjoy their inner city majorities.

  8. I have become bored by the same things said, but not here. I am bored with the un-factual and tightly fenced realm of continual crap offered by Obama and his socialist suckups with their paint ball “smear” marks without any definitive kills. I am beyond bored. I am ill, literally, when I consider the numbers of our fellow Americans who will or still believe in the words of this diminuative demogague.

    Obama is nothing no more than a wine boy serving in higher courts. The exampe of which he has no learning or experience by apologizing for our nation and bowing before our enemies. Likewise, he fills the goblets of the unenlightend that may be influenced by his pourings of watered down “spirit” to those of his “his own kind.” Yet, at the same time, this fabricating facist, while snacking on caviar and dining on lobster or pot-au-fue at “right” side pollitical functions cast aside his Varder’s “dark side” and becomes “enlightend” in begging favors benefitting his overall socialism.

    In Obama’s “class warfare”, he has stated the middle class pays more taxes than the so-called “rich.” If that were true if would be wrong but it’s not, Obama is and nowhere even close to being factual. The top 1% of the nation’s income earners pay 38% income taxes of all revenues collected. The bottom 50% pay less than 3% of revenues collected and the remaining 60% are collected from the “rich” between those brackets. You have to think proportionally, without greed and, of course, as a non-liberal here.

    Classic, Kid, classic!

  10. Joe,

    AGAIN, ANOTHER COMMENT leads to an NLTZ article or TOTD..

    Tonights TOTD, “Bored” was motivaed by Joe’s last comment.

    Thanks as always,


  11. In tornado alley, towns have sirens to alert residents of a possible storm. Just think if we had a national siren (we do, EBS, when was the last time you heard a test?) to alert us to political storms and congressional spending? Within a month, we would be so sick of hearing that siren, we would tear it down. I’m ready to tear down zippy, as I am sooooo sick of his lies and snide remarks and bluster. One and done doesn’t make it for me anymore. I just want him done now! Problem is, I don’t trust the next in line.

  12. beyond disgusted

    OWEbama supporters are willfully stupid; there is just no other way to put it.

  13. Speaking of ‘blackness’. why didn’t Owebama select a black VP ? Was he afraid of being called a racist, or couldn’t he find a ‘qualified ‘ black ?
    Just a thought.

  14. In all of his “stop whinin’, stop complainin’ stop cryin’, and start droppin’ “G”s criticim of the black causus, it reminded me of the movie “Anchorman.”

    Tom Burgandy (Will Ferrell) loudly jumped into a pit full of sleeping bears to save his girlfriend and then said, “You woke the bears. Why did you do that?”
    The black caucus are by no means bears but in looking at all of Obama’s mounting troubles I find an interesting analogy.

    Liberals for the past 50-60 years have considered conservatives no more than sleeping bears. If they made no sudden moves and kept their voices low they could get a lot done. They recognized that if the bears awoke like they did in the late 60 and early 70s this so-called silent majority would beat the hell out of them.

    But here comes Obama. He, surprisingly after apologizing all over himself for our nation, was tired of tired of all the almost apologetic talk and he decided he was going to be the FDR, if not the Reagan, of liberalism.

    But the shouting of “yes we can” didn’t wake the bears, it was the ill-crafting of his agendas, lack of leadership and missguidance of the economy acting as a sharp stick’s poke in the eye to the beast. This not only awoke bears but those of some of “trained” liberals and middle of roaders too.

    The consequential drop in Obama’s appoval ratings because of his poor leadership qualities presents these facts: Obama needs more than his base to win re-elction. But he can’t win without his base. But he can’t secure that without slapping the bears even more. Unlike Tom Burgandy, Obama’s got no one to blame but himself…but then again I’m sure the MSM will figure out something!

  15. Without the MSM , where would Owebama be ?

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