Never In Danger


The news of late has been somewhat sedate, as the Democratic Duffer has managed to keep his progressive pie hole closed.. It would seem that all of the bulbs on the totalitarian teleprompter are as dim as the socialist that normally reads it.. The liberals have been busy trying to pawn off tickets to Solyndra OWEbama’s St. Louis “event” on Ebay or failing that, they will give them out with each packet of OWEbama food stamps. Maybe they will give one ticket out for every job “saved or created” by OWEbama since 2009.. That should square away two tickets, they are still undecided about what to do with the rest of the 2,498..


That said, a small and somewhat interesting event took place in Assachusetts just a few days ago.. No, it wasn’t OWEbama’s ILLEGAL “long lost” uncle, another Democrat with a relative who likes to pop a cork.. At least Billy Carter was here LEGALLY.. No, it wasn’t about his ILLEGAL auntie and her welfare checks.. No, another Kennedy didn’t drown an innocent girl and then swim to safety.. No, there wasn’t another “Winter Soldier” get together where the Easter Island statute could again blaspheme the efforts of his contemporaries for his personal political gain.. No, another Kennedy relative didn’t kill another fifteen year old girl.. (A lot seems to go on in this state, doesn’t it..)


This had to do with a little reported (surprise..) “thwarted terror plot”. According to the title of the Fox News article, “Feds Say Public Was Never in Danger in Massachusetts Man’s Thwarted Terror Plot” (09/29/2011)


Our latest Mooselim terrorist wanted to “blow up the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol”. Like ALL Mooselims, the words within his passport are irrelevant compared to the words that he takes to heart emanating from another of the bearded baboons who preach the “religion of peace”.. This Mooselim, who flat-out said, “I can’t stop, there is no other choice for me”, fell well short with his plans, plans that were hatched based upon the words within the terrorist handbook..


There is a very comical angle to this Mooselim’s plots and plans. He was going to use “radio-controlled” planes to attack these two buildings all of them loaded with C4. The irony of the fact that these rug rodents are themselves “radio-controlled” isn’t lost upon me but you have to marvel at the Mooselim “thinking” behind the idea that a jumbo jet loaded with jet fuel hitting the Pentagon at over 500 miles an hour couldn’t destroy the building yet a few “radio-controlled” balsa wood boy scout merit badge rubber band driven “planes” will.. I guess that all of the nation’s “flight schools” were booked up with other enterprising Mooselims with ticking turbans.. Maybe the whole “seventy two virgins” thing has worn out its welcome on the dopey terrorists and they want to do their dirty work just like shark bait Bin Laden did, from a distance, not up close and personal..


Meet Rezwan Ferdaus of “Ashland, Mass.”, just your typical nice Irish lad from Assachusetts.. Where you are allegedly “from” is irrelevant, what you “believe” is what identifies you and poisons you. Then again, in SOME cases, where you are from or how many hyphens you have in your name precipitates what you “believe” in..


This “American”, thought that he was buying “25 pounds of C4 as well as three grenades and six fully-automatic machine guns..” Any wagers as to whether these machine guns were part of Solyndra OWEbama’s “Fast and Furious” fiasco? Again, the location of his birth is irrelevant, where his Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes mailers go is irrelevant.. All that truly matters are his “beliefs”..


“More than 30 federal state and local agencies in the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force worked together in the operation, including police departments in Worcester, Ashland and Framingham..” Just a short time ago, the liberals were decrying the very IDEA of agencies working together in relation to Mooselim terrorism. The “Director of National Intelligence”, one James Clapper, who has proven unequivocally that it isn’t necessary to have “intelligence” when being put in charge of it, said, “it wouldn’t be a good optic, to have the CIA involved in any city-level police department..” Jamie Gorelick has her mortar and trowel in hand as the left again wanted to build their “wall” that enabled the attacks in lower Manhattan ten years ago..


This “American”, not unlike the “American” Anwar al-Aulaqi recently disintegrated by a drone attack, began to “plot to bring violent jihad against the U.S. who he described as ‘enemies of Allah’”. Let’s see if Carmen Ortiz, U.S. Attorney from Assachusetts, one of the people who will supposedly be PROSECUTING Ferdaus, sounds like an “enemy” of the carpet crawlers.. “I want the public to understand that Mr. Ferdaus’ conduct, as alleged in the complaint, is not reflective of a particular culture, community or religion..”


How about Ferdie’s alma mater, Northeastern University, “It is inappropriate for the university to comment on a pending investigation involving one of its graduates..” Thank the Lord that some white kids didn’t toss the Mooselim’s shoes into the creek on a lark because if they had, this “university” would have been front and center with a choice “comment” or two as well as some expulsions.. Thank the Lord that some white lacrosse-playing kids weren’t FALSELY accused by a crack whore, or else the “university” would have had quite a lot to say.. Thank the Lord that some BLACK kid didn’t put a noose in a tree or else this “university” would have launched a full-blown “investigation”.. By the way, the “spokesperson” from Northeastern was just another Irish kid named Renata Nyul..


Even the lunatic Ron Paul in a comment about the extinguishing of Anwar al-Aulaqi al Gore, called it an “assassination”.. The Mooselims had better be careful about whom they are designating as “enemies of Allah” as they appear to have vastly more FRIENDS here in America than they have “enemies”..


With “enemies” like Carmen Ortiz, Renata Nyul and even Ron Paul, who is nothing more than the Republican’s answer to Dennis Kucinich, who needs friends? As well the terrorists can count among their “friends” the ACLU, the New York Times, and without reservation almost the entirety of the Democratic Party and the rest of the “impartial” media to boot..


Even when given ample opportunity to “back out” of his “plan”, even when repeatedly told that his “plan” would “likely kill women and children”, this “American” said, “there is no other choice for me..”


The humor aside of this idiot Mooselim wanting to fly paper planes into federal buildings, we have to stop looking at this entire “War on Terror” as a “conventional” war.


Our “adversary” doesn’t have any tanks, they don’t have any uniforms and they don’t have any planes, other than the ones that they can get from Hobby Lobby, that is.. They are Mooselims, they have no morals, they have no scruples and their “war” is ALL about “collateral damage”. The Marquis of Queensberry business needs to end from our perspective. Our “freedoms” sufficiently exaggerated by the previously mentioned liberal co conspirators and others, are available to be used AGAINST us by those that DO NOT recognize ANY of these “freedoms” in the cesspools of the Middle East.


“Profiling” everyone like Rezwan Ferdaus is merely being MILDLY observant. Until some “moderate” Mooselim turns in a smelly slew of his cab driving contemporaries who are plotting and planning within another of these terrorist teapots unfortunately located in Anytown, America, they should ALL be held in contempt and viewed with a jaundiced eye.. The rights of the TRULY innocent supercede the “rights” of the wrong..


“Never in danger”? As long as the “enemies of Allah” keep apologizing, aiding and abetting, and sympathizing with these terrorists, as long as these terrorist incubators keep popping up on American street corners like festering boils, as long as the liberal left continues to run interference for those who have the same goal as the liberals, the destruction of all that is good in America, and as long as America continues to look at this unconventional war on America conventionally, we will ALWAYS be “in danger”..


10 responses to “Never In Danger

  1. The news being quite only because as you may have guessed, are busy not reporting the news about Obummer. As of late it’s not so much about what he’s not said but what he has said as in his fiery “get up and go get ’em” speech to the Black Caucus. Seems the “darker” hard core followers of the Prancing Prince feel that amid the “quit whinin and cryin” lashing “get out of you bedroom slippers” was stereo-typing blacks.

    WH spokesman “Canary” Carney said, “He uses ‘it’ all the time to all different kinds of races. Going back through past speeches he has used the term…once. To high schoolers who were white and black while promoting his jobs plan. A lot of bread winners in that audience. I wonder if they were voters?

  2. Not being familiar with the Rezwan case, just wondering if he is a new breed of terrorist, namely coward and/or gay , since he didn’t choose self-annihilation and the 72 virgins. Also, I’m questioning the size of the model plane that is need to carry several pounds of grenades and explosives , for two reasons.
    1. In my younger days I built a few model planes that could fly ( not radio controlled ), and weight distribution was a critical factor for flight control.
    2 . Thanks to the US Army, I’ve thrown a few live grenades – and they are heavier than most folks realize.

    Just seems like the cargo is too heavy for a model plane. Just a guess.

    Regarding Carney – what do you expect from someone who is still playing with his toy trucks ? He does what ‘daddy’ tells him to say.

  3. In spite of the Solyndra fiasco, the Owebama admin. , in the last few hours before the deadline, committed billions of dollars to more of the questionable solar schemes. These idiots have absolutely no idea of fiscal responsibility. Ever wonder who balances their personal checkbook for them ?

    Maybe the whole bunch of them should be sent back to elementery school to learn the difference between “investment” and “wastefull spending ” .


    I live a stones throw away from Ashland MA
    Am surprised that this last mooslim is so close
    Imagine how many of these kooks are hiding in the USA
    Larry great review of the axxholes in this state

  5. I wouldn’t poo poo the idea of using a miniature airplane to deliver ordnance onto a target, that’s essentially what we’re doing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen to pop terrorists. Having seen the real Predator drones in person, I can tell you they aren’t very large at all, not much bigger than an automobile. However, one must question this Muslim extremist’s devotion to his cause. If he isn’t Muslim enough to strap on a suicide vest and do it for Mohammed himself then he doesn’t deserve even one virgin, let alone seventy-two. One should also point out that even if it couldn’t destroy the intended target, such an attack would cause sufficient chaos to create a diversion for something worse elsewhere, and even small amounts of explosives can kill people. Those automatic weapons could easily have been mounted on those model planes and made to work by remote control. Also note, nukes now can be as small as a keg of beer.

    It does my heart good to see our Predator drones found and killed yet another Al-Queda leader, and unlike Ron Paul I don’t care that he was an American citizen, whom hadn’t been charged with anything. When Americans defected to Germany to fight for Hitler, there wasn’t any soul-searching on our part then; they made their choice, they took their chances, and we killed them, pure and simple. It saved us the trouble of prosecuting him, as the ACLU would have cried and complained and gotten him some bleeding heart Taxpayer funded lawyer to get him off. This is war, kiddies. If they have no stomach for it, the libs should abdicate the responsibility for fighting (along with the right to complain) it to those whom can.

  6. Well, it WAS an ASS-assination…
    I’m surprised after wRONg PAUL called it an “assassination”, didn’t follow that with, “DEATH TO AMERICA!”…..”ALLAHU AKBAR!”…


  7. I have no intimate knowledge in the weight/flight ratios but I do know if you’re to heavy you’re not going to get off the ground. To pack enough c4 onto his model airplane to do any damage, this would be not-so-bright terrorist would have needed a V-8 engine for thrust. Had he gone with a drone sized model, I think he would have needed more sophisticated gear to fly it rather than a battery powered joy stick.
    The ‘religion of peace’ perverts are among us and wish us all converted or dead and I feel they have a preference for the latter. We cannot trust them.

    The Department of Energy’s generous $1 billion outlay of our hard earned “green” money for what’s turning into “mint” green jobs for everyone except those that aren’t employed has revealed an interesting fact. Among those benefactors of number of millions was a solar panel manufacturing company in California owned by Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law. It would seem that instead of Solyndra’s case of having to buy favors through campaign donations, this old boy just married into the family. Still, I’m softhearted and if this guy’s wife looks anything like her sister you gotta feel somewhat sorry for him.

    I understand Ron Paul’s reaction to the killing of the American born-turned-cleric-terrorist. It’s politics pure and simple. How many politicans, liberal or Republican, were for the Irag War before they were against it? It’s all a numbers game to them, a numbers of votes and they’ve no more backbone when bending like marsh grass in the wind.

  8. Excellent article, Larry and then all the comments after are spot on. I am in total agreement that we are in a war with the mooselims and we should never pull our punches. We need to get back our government and start zipping some lips and terminating soft hearts and others who have no respect for our Constitution nor our Republic. We all need to contact our local, state and federal elected officials and demand accountability as to why impeachment has not been discussed in the House. Waiting isn’t going to make it all better. If we don’t throw a wrench in the cogs of the liberal communistic axxholes (love that word) we will all be up a creek without a paddle.

  9. Missing the point of the attack. While he couldn’t pack enough C4 to damage the buildings, damage to people would have been significant, especially if he had built an anti-personnel weapon. Radio models are larger than most people realize, and can reach speeds of well over 100 mph, and that’s just what is available in a hobby store kit.

  10. Kevin III and G.,

    Speaking of missing the point, the point that I was trying to make was that the scaled down nature of this attack tells us quite a lot about how the war on terror might be going. Sorry to both for not making the point of the point a little more clearer..

    I’m around ordnance all day long. I know how bad just a little of some things are first hand.

    It was just another clumsy attempt at sarcasm..

    Thanks to both for your comments,


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