Isn’t it fascinating that the “impartial” media coverage of the smelly “look at us, don’t look at OWEbama” liberals screaming about the “rich” on Wall Street (like always, the diversionary left has NOTHING to say about the actions of the “rich” who just happen to be jackasses, in more ways than one..) is so much more prevalent than the SCANDAL of OWEbamaSolyndra..

The GOOD news is that if the “impartial” media insists upon ignoring this story, it will continue to fester and boil all the way through November of 2012.. If the “impartial” media would stop paying so much attention to their fellow filthy fifth columnists who are conveniently “protesting” and really dig into the obvious OWEbama SCANDAL, OWEbama would just blame someone else and the “story” would be over because he says that it is so.. He is already working in that devious direction..

Today the “director of the controversial loan program” that wasted $535 million taxpayer dollars on Solyndra, stepped down.. (Fox News 10/06/2011) Within the REAL world, Jonathan Silver would have “stepped down” into a paddy wagon wearing attractive stainless steel bracelets but since this is the UNREAL world of liberal Democratic protect OWEbama politics, he has segued into some place called “Third Way.” According to the idiot Wikipedia, Third Way is another “moderate” stink tank (Fact: there are as many “moderate” Democrats as there are “moderate” Mooselims..) that “advocates for private sector economic growth, a tough and smart security strategy, (liberals are ALWAYS “smart” no matter what they are doing..) a clean energy revolution, anti-poverty reforms and progress on divisive cultural issues..” Meet 2010’s answer to Michael Caldera..

The article calls this move a “career change” proving that “change” when ham-fistedly applied by the liberals, involves OTHER “rich” liberals pocketing vast amounts of the middle classes tax dollars and then doing the socialist soft shoe into “private life”.. “Private life” in Washington means “the ability to steal even more money than you could as a member of a liberal theft, graft and boodle administration..”

Then the “it’s someone else’s fault” fabrications began from Darth Evader.. “Obama on Thursday defended the Energy Department’s vetting..” See, it’s the Energy Department’s fault.. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, up to his eyes in this SCANDAL, had wonderful words for the departing thief. “I completely understand the decision he has made”.. Sending one low level liberal out to backstroke with Bin Laden WON’T make this OWEbama SCANDAL disappear..

OWEbama then sophomorically “defended the program”. “Lending by nature is inherently risky..” Hmmm.. The Democrats decided during the CLINTON administration with the help of the lispin’ liberal Barney “I want your” Frank, that the idea of “inherently risky” loans given to the undeserving based upon imaginary racism and faux “fairness” was the correct thing to do. This led DIRECTLY to the sub prime mortgage scandal.. Now OWEbama wants to keep making “inherently risky” loans to “companies” based upon the faux “science” of Globaloney Warming.. These simpletons need to be as far away from the kitty as possible.. When the nation foolishly places the liberals that close to the middle classes life savings, VERY BAD things ALWAYS happen..

OWEbama said that his lemmings “knew that some companies participating in the loan guarantee program started under the Bush administration would fail..” See, EVERYTHING is STILL Bush’s fault..

The Bolshevik buncombe kept piling up.. “We’re going to keep pushing hard to make sure that manufacturing is located here..” If you want this USELESS “technology” to be even remotely affordable, you had better eliminate the unions from the equation.. “New businesses located here..” You had better give up on the idea of TAXING EVERY business under the sun if you want them to stay here or even start up here.. (Attention caterwauling collectivist clowns, “rich” people ran Solyndra.. Into the ground, but I digress.. EVERY business in the world is run by “rich” people.. How many businesses do “poor” people run?) “I’m not going to cave to the competition when they are heavily subsidizing all these industries..” What would OWEbama call a “gift” of $535 million dollars to Solyndra? Isn’t that “subsidized” by another name?

As well, Solyndra was in the progressive pipeline for ANOTHER loan of $469 million MORE middle class tax dollars. This group of “rich” liberals asked for this loan just days AFTER they got the first one.. (Washington Post 10/06/2011) Solyndra was “backed by investment funds linked to George Kaiser, a major Obama fundraiser.” This is known in the REAL world as “insider trading”. These “rich” liberals provided loans and information that made other “rich” liberals even richer..

“Obama said Thursday the loan guarantee program overall has been successful and has created jobs..” Make note of the plural “jobs”.. TWO jobs is plural.. “Asked to respond to reports that the $38 billion loan guarantee program that promised to save or create (there’s that term again..) 65,000 jobs only produced 3,500, Obama said that historically businesses that rely on new technologies are ‘going to take a while before they get takeoff’”.. With OWEbama and his insider trading proclivities, they are going to “take” about a billion middle class tax dollars before they skid off of the runway and crash into the Democratic ditch..

OWEbama said that “clean energy companies are competing against traditional energy companies..” You know, the ones that produce a product that actually WORKS.. “Traditional energy is still cheaper, but running out and polluting the environment..” Uh oh, here we go.. NOW we have the reasons.. Remember folks, when CARTER was defiling the White House energy was “running out”. Remember, every few years, the Mooselims discover that energy is “running out”, the price gets raised and suddenly there is “energy” everywhere at the newly inflated price.. This is the liberal kaleidoscopic collectivism, who cares about the “cost”, the “environment” is in danger.. If it WORKED, the liberals would DEMAND that we buy it, because it doesn’t, they can’t get away with it..

“The impact on the planet is increasing, when all heck is breaking loose we’re not going to be able to say, ‘boy, we better find some new energy sources’”.. Try “finding” one that isn’t heavily invested in by the “rich” liberals, try finding one that WORKS for a “change”.. It figures that OWEbama would be confused by the idea of finding something that WORKS..

Again, the focus needs to be on the OWEbama scandal. Solyndra’s OWN auditors were warning that this liberal investment “company” was “in danger of collapsing”.. So what? The planet is in “danger”, the “cost” is irrelevant..

Emails. Here we have the device that SHOULD have completely deflated the bogus “science” of Globaloney warming. These “scientists” were caught in absolute collusion trying to silence the overwhelming evidence that proved their “rich” liberal invested “science” was a complete fraud. This is the liberal “alternative reality” so “guilt” is irrelevant, “intent” drives the liberal machinations.. Now we hear that emails between “Obama’s closest confidants” revealed a “cozy relationship between wealthy donors and the president’s confidants..” Wait a minute, “wealthy donors”.. Why aren’t the unwashed heathens rushing to “protest” in D.C.? They’re “protesting” in New York so that no one will look at D.C. and all of the mounting evidence AGAINST OWEbama..

It looks as though “Valerie Jarrett and Lawrence H. Summers” “took part in discussions about Solyndra”.. Meet even MORE Michael Caldera’s.. The liberals’ found the idea of throwing tax dollars down the Democratic drain to be humorous. One email read, “Possible to close and default on one before closing on a second?? Could be a new record.” No, just another “historic” Marxist milestone.. An Energy Department shill said that the SECOND OWEbamaSolyndra “loan” “would have to undergo many more months of analysis..” “Months”? Even BEFORE the FIRST “loan”, the OWEbama administration was told point blank that the “company” was FAILING, yet the liberals pressed on.. Even a cursory “impartial” look BEFORE the FIRST OWEbama “loan” would have had it laughed out of the building..

Liberals like Matt Rogers and Rod O’Connor “were telling the White House not to worry about auditors’ warnings about Solyndra’s finances..” O’Connor even told one of Biden’s advisers that “the warnings were exaggerated..” Who can forget Bendover Barney doing the SAME THING relative to Fannie and Freddie… Again, liberal politics, no consequences..

The Energy Department “put Solyndra’s request for a second loan guarantee on a fast-track priority list..” Nothing shifty there, just the liberal promise of “change” savagely applied.. Wait just a sec, “Energy Department spokesman Damien LaVera said Wednesday that OMB staffers were wrong in describing the agency as actively pushing to provide the second loan..” MORE Michael Caldera’s, these even MORE anonymous..

Wow.. Matt Rogers, Rod O’Connor, Valerie Jarrett, Lawrence Summers, Steven Chu, Jonathan Silver, “OMB staffers” and believe it or not, the “Bush administration”.. There are certainly enough fascist fall guys and progressive patsies at the ready if the heat begins to really build around the “rich” liberal in the Slight House and the SCANDAL of insider trading involving him, his administration and ALL of his “rich” liberal friends..


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  2. Solyndra, Fast and Furious: all sorts of scandals,investigations and unrest in the country. We need eyes and ears on all sides of our heads. Our enemies are trying to divert our attention and focus from their major plans.

    Never give in, Never give up, Never again.

  3. Regarding the Wall St. protests, many of those kids are there because they were offered a ‘free’ bus ride to NY, which may help explain why some don’t know what the protest is all about. Some want to have all debt forgiven! I would like to see them explain that concept to the Chinese ! What a marvelous idea – wonder if Owebama ever thought about it . Idiots.

  4. I’ve been watching interveiws of the protestors at Wall St. Absolutely hilarious! They have everything from union people in a snit because they feel Wall St. “caused lossed jobs and ruined peoples lives.” Wait, shouldn’t they actually be protesting the White House?
    When finally getting down to the economic intelligence of Obama, a nine year old boy was interveiwed saying, “They’re taking stuff from the poor and giving it the rich and that’s not right!”
    And there’s the one who’s answers to the interveiwer were all in Spanish!
    And finally a person so adamant about the evils of Wall St. and the capatalism of banking was asked, “What would you replace capatalism with?” You’ve heard the term “caught in the headlights”? This guy had a look dumb-er than a deer caught in the headlights of two semis with ‘wide load’ signs on the Interstate! There was nothing but silence until the interveiwer asked another question.

    I heard today, although I don’t know how true this is, that this little get together is being funded by non other than George Soros.

  5. Great article, Larry. There are more than enough truths in your piece to call for impeachment. He really needs to be behind bars. I just find it extremely hard to understand why the House never talks about impeachment. This POTUS is dirtier than many congress people who have had to resign due to their shenanigans. Why not ZERO?

  6. The liberals at the behest of the EXTREAM environmentalists killed green energy in the 1970s. It was as always TAX,TAX,TAX. There were private hydroelectric generators in Calif that took water from a river above a falls, used it to generate electricity, and returned every drop to the river below the falls. They were put out of business because to protect some fish no water could be removed from the river. Just rerouteing it through a turbine was illegal. When these people were about to be born God asked what size brain they wanted. They thought he said train, so they said small because they did not want to carry around a heavy one. That trait has been passed down for generations. Stupid, stupider, stupidest.

  7. You’re right Joe, Soros and his Tides Foundation are involved with Occupy Wall Street.

  8. Some of the protest is about opposition to ‘capitalism’. These idiots apparently don’t understand that every product that they see, or use, is the result of capitalism. And, if they were in a ‘socialist society’ , they would not be allowed to ‘protest’ .

    Has any ‘one’ person been recognized as a leader or spokesperson, or is it going to result in a mass riot of some sort ? If so, then the organizers can remain in the shadows, and be ‘free’ of responsibility.

  9. When these liberal lemmings are carrying cardboard signs and voicing the evils of the free enterprise and market systems I have no idea what other “somes” they have been protesting about.

    I doubt seriously that this recruited “field trip” for these kids will advance to the stages of a riot. They simply aren’t tough enough for it because they don’t know or believe in what they are protesting for now. Take the guy who I said spoke nothing but Spanish during his interveiw, he seemed more interested, and actually broke the interveiw once, in protecting his child-like “chalk art” scrawlings he’d made on the sidewalk. As LadyWolf has confirmed George Soros and one of his organizations, Tides Foundation, are backing this. Of course you’ll never see them held responsible it’s like Mohammad sending out the de-ranged idiots to do his dirty while he stays back safe and sound.


    I just received an Email about Target Dept stores
    Now Iknow why Moochelle went to them
    A Vietnam Veterans group asked for as donation and the
    local Target store said the Veterans group did not qualify
    under their area of giving
    They only donate to arts,social action groups ,gay and lesbian causes
    and education
    The Vet confirmed this with Targets corp headquarters.
    Also found out the store is a French company
    Last year they would not let the Salvation Army or the Marines
    TOYS FOR TOTS collect If our Vets did not help them in the past they would be speaking German

    As the vet said if it was not for our vets they would be speaking German


    Sorry, my friend, but most of the “facts” in the e-mail sent to you are false. A Vietnam Veterans group did ask for a donation of $100 for a “traveling wall” display in the area of the store in 2002. In all common sense $100 shouldn’t be that big of a deal, hand it over and it’d be taken care of within the company’s expenses, but not in today’s world, oh no! First of all it is not possible for individual stores to give cash donations.

    It seems the Veterans group should have made the request from the corporation not the local store and that’s why they were turned down. The Target Corporation does not surport gay rights by the way, a little extra fuel to the over the back fence fire I would imagine, and if fact in 2002 and in 2003 topped the Forbes list as the most charitable corporation.

    If this e-mail you have JR, is authored by Dick Forrey of the Vietnam Veteran’s Association, he has since written an apology for his mistake and issued a retraction:

    “I’ve made a mistake on this one – and learned a hard lesson that’s for sure. What started out as a message for the members in our organization has turned into a hate-type thing. I never wanted to start any national boycott. I just wish the whole thing would end.

    Some people have used my words and perpetuated lies. It’s sad that some of these people would use veterans as a way to push their own political veiws. I’ve sent out a retraction and no one pays any attention.”

    It is a curiosity is it not, or the MSM’s training, of society’s attraction to the “dark” side of information, no matter how contrived.


    Joe Thanks for your update on Target stores The original I received
    said he wrote to the headquarters also for confirmation.
    I also had heard they would not let Salvation Army place the kettles
    last year
    One of the problems is this method of communications can spread
    untruths . My apology for posting without verification


    I had forgotten to post that Target stores do indeed prohibit the Salvation Army red kettles being displayed at their doors upon Christmas time. Another example of how legally inane our society has become (thanks to all you the friggin’ lawyers in this country!)

    Target has in the past allowed the Salvation Army to solicit for a number of years at their stores, but in reconsideration, decided that in doing so, (and here’s where the legalities come in) would open the doors for others that wanted to soliticit.
    You can imagine the limp-wristed whiners saying, ‘you let them do it, why not us, are you bigoted?’ and of to court Target would be.

    Personally, I think it’d be well worth Target’s money to hire a couple of “gruffs” to come ’round and beat the livin’ hell out of whoever is soliciting every few hours or so, take what they collected and give it the money to a good charitable cause. Saves the time and trouble of court and you can damn near bet they won’t come around asking to beg again!!

  14. OWEbamagate… I like that term. It puts the “great teleprompter” right up there with “I am not a crook” and I think that is a fine place for him to be. We need to associate him with every crook we can make a connection to… maybe one day it will stick!

    Not only doI want to see him defeated in 2012, I want to see him indicted for his crimes and discredited for his destruction of our country.

  15. T,

    You have my vote !

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