No Connection

Two of the OWEbama administration’s groups of socialist simians, the “impartial” media and the so-called “protesters”, are trying their level best to deflect attention away from the OWEbama failures. November 2012 is a long way away, these urchins certainly don’t have the staying power to be an “issue” as the election nears. However, their “aroma” will certainly have the “staying power” that will perplex those who will invariably have to clean up after the liberal infants..

Yes, the liberals are upset with the “rich”. They aren’t upset with ALL of the “rich”, they are only upset with CERTAIN of the “rich”.. When looking at the list of certified liberals who deserve their place on this imaginary “list” of the “rich”, one has to determine that their exclusion from any of these “protests” has everything to do with the Bolshevik blinders that have been placed upon these protesters by the OWEbama administration.. It would appear that the left and all of its sub-cretins have an allergy to not only deodorant but to their own inherent hypocrisy as well..

As the humorous threats of “millionaires marches” loom, I wonder if Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Tim Robbins, Oprah, Alex Baldwin, etc, etc, will be targeted for inclusion. Nahh.. If the Democratic dimwits are considering a march on Michael Moore’s mansion, I will help them in their travel plans as this is the only mansion in America with both a Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds within the gated walls of the property..

As we ponder the list of liberal “rich celebrities” who have been fascinatingly omitted from the shrieks and howls of the unwashed, we should wonder if ANY of the “Wall Street” executives who laid large donations upon the OWEbama alter in 2008 will be seeing any vituperative visitors.. Nahh..

Topping the list of hypocrites would have to be the liberal “politicians” themselves. As they bellow and coo to the socialist savages, their “richness” is either conveniently forgotten or it is carefully hidden away from view.. Not ALL of the liberals are as enterprising and stealthy as Louisiana’s William Jefferson.. At or near the top of this list would have to be Miss “God bless” herself, Nancy Pelosi..

According to the Washington Times (“Pelosi’s disclosure belated in husband’s land deal” 10/10/11) the Botox Bolshevik’s husband is a “real estate developer and investment banker.” What is it about “real estate” that has posed such a problem for the liberals? We have the godfather of the shady land deal, Nevada’s crime boss Harry Reid, we have the Clinton-McDougal shenanigans and of course, the OWEbama-Tony Rezko embarrassments.. Thank the Lord that NONE of these liberals are “rich” or else they might have to have their indentured servants take time away from preparing their meals or washing their limousines for them in order to pick up fascist feces from their front yards once the trolls depart..

Paul Pelosi has blessed the left with yet ANOTHER Whitewater, this one entitled, “Russell Ranch”. His “investment” is said to be worth “at least $5 million and possibly as much as $25 million..” Isn’t it fascinating that in this day and age of the OWEbama destruction of the real estate market, (one among many “markets” targeted by the totalitarian..) the liberals invariably seem to instinctively KNOW which real estate schemes to “invest” in.. I obviously need the help of the brilliant liberals like Pelosi as my “assessed” real estate value, assessed for the purposes of stealing TAXES and/or REVENUES, assessed by a “politician”, keeps going ever higher when the REALITY of real estate prices keeps going through the floor.. Isn’t just a little ironic that there is such a VAST difference in the ASSESSED value of our homes and the REALITY of what they would sell for in the OWEbama decimated real estate market.. This “reality” only effects those not as “rich” as the nation’s Pelosi’s.. Again, no protests at any Pelosi palace..

The Pelosi “investment” was “initially between $1 million and $5 million nearly a dozen years ago..” It would seem that Pelosi needs to proffer the advise of Rodham who managed to turn a measly hundred thousand into millions literally over night.. It would appear that “cattle futures” are more quickly lucrative than real estate.. The Pelosi’s MUST be MUCH “richer” than the Clinton’s if they can have their disposable income laying in wait for that many years before it mysteriously “matures”..

This Pelosi scam was orchestrated by one Angelo Tsakopoulous and all that managed to happen, other than the “riches” the Pelosi’s landed, was Angelo’s daughter was made the ambassador to Hungary.. The “Swamp Thing” doesn’t understand the whole “change” thing or is it just that the rules that are forcefully applied to the rest of the nation are NEVER “equally” applied to the RICH liberals? Seems silly to ponder, doesn’t it..

This land is going to shoot up in value because it is going to be “annexed” by the city of Folsom California. WHO “annexes” land? Other politicians. Who stands to gain a windfall profit, a windfall profit that WILL NOT be “fairly” taxed as it would if you or I were doing the “investing”? A politician who claimed that she would run “the most honest, most open, most ethical Congress in history..” and her husband.. Oops.. Then again, this chicanery is being orchestrated by the liberals, so the rest of the liberals, regardless of their unfamiliarity with a bathtub, will look the other way..

Even though this “investment” was made in “the late 1990’s”, “Ethical” Nancy “first listed the investment in May 2010..” This decade-long lapse of “disclosure” was done on “forms that are required annually and are supposed to identify assets she and her husband have that are worth more than $1,000.00..” This is a limousine liberal, so if each form was to denote a thousand in value, the paper alone would kill a thousand trees.. At least TEN of these forms were submitted WITHOUT mention of this “investment”.. That sounds about right for a hypocrite..

“Nadeam Elshami” (The proper spelling should be: Nadeam El-SHAM-ee) said that the Russell Ranch “investments” were absolutely OK because “it was held in the name of another company her husband owns, Forty-Five Belden Corp., which is a Subchapter S corporation..” Uh ohh, here comes the socialist shell game, watch carefully as things are going to get even more murky..

A “Subchapter S Corporation” pays NO federal income taxes. The alleged losses and dividends are divided up between the shareholders and they are obligated to report their income or losses on their individual income tax forms.. NOW we can understand the confusion on the liberals part as the WHOLE idea of THEM paying taxes of ANY kind is always forgotten, jettisoned or misplaced.. Or it could be some other type of mental malady, just ask Charlie Rangel.. Where are the “protesters” and why aren’t they camping out on ONE of the Pelosi porches? This is before we even get into all of the ILLEGALS that work in their vast vineyards..

Brace yourselves, “the House does not require such disclosures for Subchapter S Corporations”.. “Federal officials usually (usually??) have to list the underlying assets of their privately held companies that hold investments..” UNDERLYING is what this is all about and STILL the “protesters” of the “rich” can’t seem to locate ANY of the Pelosi residences..

The question has to therefore become, if she is not REQUIRED to list such shadowy “investments”, why is she doing so OVER ten years later? According to the aptly named Pelosi spokesweasel ElSHAMi, she “voluntarily decided to list it separately for clarity and transparency reasons..” Oh no, it gets better.. Making note of the OBVIOUS and ILLEGAL use of political power to place a “friend” into a cushy ambassadorship, having that “friend” increase the size of the liberal’s already impressive bank account for the ILLEGAL favor, well, Pelosi’s pontificator called “any such claim ‘ridiculous’ and ‘false’”.. These are the liberals, they have said it, therefore it is true..

Craig Holman, representative for “Public Citizen” a “Washington-based consumer advocacy group” said “I can’t imagine why a class of companies are exempt from disclosing their underlying assets..” I CAN imagine.. It just might be because EVERY Democrat or even EVERY politician in Washington has over one hundred of these “companies” in their stealthy portfolios..

Tsakopoulous also netted the Pelosi’s “between $1 and $9 million from four real estate investments” right about the time that this fellow’s daughter was itching to become an ambassador.. This is JUST a coincidence.. Pelosi glowingly said AFTER the daughter managed to land this post, that the new ambassador would “bring a spirit of entrepreneurial, democratic ways to her service to Hungary..” Based upon the underhanded ILLEGAL ways that this “ambassador” got her job, I will not take the sucker bet that this “ambassador” DOESN’T understand the “Democratic ways”.. I just wonder WHY the “rich” protestors don’t.. Who swore this ambassador in? Collectivist cattle future genius Rodham..

Old Man Pelosi said that “there is no story here”.. That is the problem, there is a HUGE “story” here and no one is going to tell it correctly. “My business dealings have nothing to do with my wife’s political career”.. That is ANOTHER problem, they SHOULD because they DO. There is “no connection..” And there is “no connection” between Twinkies and Oprah’s circular physique.. The bottom line, there is “no connection” between liberalism and reality..


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  1. Indeed, there is a story, a connection here of liberal’s pick and choose who’s rich and who ain’t. A shining and classic example, and no less advisor to the scheme, is Warren Buffett, a billionaire investor and current lapdog for Obama, saying ‘raise the tax on us rich guys.’ This does not mean him and his wealth personally, he’s talking about those that are “rich” in making a million a year. Buffett doesn’t bother about mentioning or about even coming close to a full explaination of the actual facts Larry has presentend here. He is full of Nebraska of our proud corn fed beef bull that someone didn’t get the intestines cleaned out properly and hypocrisy.

    Buffett also claims that his secretary is taxed more than himself, which is true because she works for an hourly wage while he relies on the investments of capitol gains for his income which, if profitable, are taxed at a lower rate. Yet he and his company, Berkshire Hathaway have just reached a court settlement with the IRS for back-taxes of the year 2002. There is litigation pending by the IRS for every two years up till 2008 and there is an ongoing investigation of 2012 taxes owed. Buffett doesn’t bother about come close, yet even mentioning any of the actual facts Larry has presented here.

  2. Let me add, Ronald Piglosi to the corruption, who is the number 2 man at PCG (Pacific Corporate Group) who was called for his unusual skills of a San Francisco political insider and financial industry polymath who happens to be the brother-in-law of Nancy. By the way, Ronnie was once married to Belinda Barbara Newsom, who is related to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom nephew. It’s a small corrupt world of liberal elitist.

    Now Ronald was once a member of the San Francisco Planning Commission, which could have help the get the go ahead on the nice little 18-hole Golf Course that they partly own and invested their millions in. The approval of San Clara County, California. Here’s more.

    Nancy Pelosi and her husband were one of her largest investments in a private golf development partnership called Lions Gate Limited. The Santa Clara County Planning Committee approved a plan for them to build a 275-acre golf course 30 minutes south of San Jose, but only under strict conditions. They agreed to allow 60% public usage of the course and to abide by strict environmental rules, since a number of endangered species were present in the area. The club opened in 2000 and did very well, making $250,000 for each member and $400,000 for corporations. But their agreement to allow “regular” citizens to use CordeValle Golf Club and Resort was forgotten until someone tried to use the links.

    But then the Planning Commission took at look to see if the guidelines had been followed. First of all, only about a dozen non-members had been actually able to play on the course, a far cry from 60%. CordeValle had also set up obvious anti-public rules, such as requiring people to call seventy-two hours in advance and pay close to $300 for 18 holes. Upon investigation, the Commission learned that nonmembers would be told that the club was “full” and turned away even when the club was relatively empty. There were a series of public hearings on the matter and it was concluded that Lion’s Gate was in clear violation of the agreement they had made. They also failed to accommodate nor move the endanger species living on the land. During the hearings, it was learned that Lion’s Gate had also ignored many of the environmental regulations they were responsible for. The ponds that they needed to make in order to preserve two species of lizard and turtle were not built. And only one mandatory annual environmental report had been submitted in seven years. In 2004, a county report complained that improperly abandoned wells and urban pollutants from the resort were causing water quality degradation in the area.

    But the Planning Commission did a sudden u-turn and dropped matter. A compromise was arbitrated and in 2003, the Pelosi’s and the development partnership finally hired some lobbyists who put pressure on the Planning Commission and put a few government employees on the pay role. This caused the commission to cave in and give up their fraud investigation as long as the course agreed to host a yearly charity golf tournament to benefit children.

    There was a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News organization name Barry Witt *(where I hot most of this info from) who was very out spoken regarding the Pelosi’s and their manipulation towards CordeValle and in a number of other of their deals. He was eventually fired and all of the articles he wrote were removed from their website. Thank goodness I saved them on my computer. You have to wonder if they were pressured by the Pelosi’s to can him. Knowing the way she works I wouldn’t be surprised she got him fired.

    Like Paul Pelosi, Ron is into shady dealings. He is involved in the Securities industry with New York Stock Exchange member firms, Hambrecht & Quist, Dean Witter & Co.; Partner, Korn Ferry International, executive search; President, Longwood Company, Member Firm, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority; President, Forward Funds, diversified mutual fund group; President, Webster Investment Management, LLC, registered investment advisors; Board of Trustees, Pacific Corporate Group, Private Equity Fund; President, Trenholm Associates; Executive Director, Pacific Asset Management, LLC. He is also a Mediator and/or Arbitration Panel Member for American Stock Exchange, National Association of Securities Dealers, National Futures Association, New York Stock Exchange, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Former panel member: American Arbitration Association, Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. Now, last I knew that would make him a member on Wall Street. The same liberals that are picketing now. Bless their little hearts.

    Another of the land ownership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband was revealed that the Speaker and her husband bought two pieces of property from Joseph E. Seagram’s and Sons, the liquor company on March 25, 1999. The records from the District of Columbia showed that one of the properties went back into campaign contributor Joseph E. Seagram’s name but the address Seagram’s was using was the address of the Paul and Nancy Pelosi Charitable Foundation and the Paul Pelosi Family Trust.

    The accountants and tax preparers for both Pelosi and Seagram’s (a contributor 5 months before the property sale) did not notice there was an error for nine years. The Pelosi’s received a statement that showed another owner of their property for nine years. Conversely, Seagram’s did not receive statements from D.C. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, former Speaker Pelosi is prohibited from deducting the property tax for any of the last nine years which requires amended tax returns. Nice, huh?

    Here is the email regarding this information:
    Let’s not forget that Paul Pelosi Jr. was given a sweet heart deal from Countrywide. Just another friend of Angelo’s.

    Their daughter Alexandra also had a mortgage with Countrywide. The website “web of” noted that: Alexandra Pelosi’s Countrywide loan has not been noted in any published reports.

    Here are the emails regarding the details:

    (Property Address and Zip Code:]
    108 5 AVENUE 10011
    Manhattan, NY

    It was noted that Paul Pelosi was also employed by Countrywide at that time and the address that was used is for VIP customers of Countrywide Home Loans as noted in the article even with the financial history Alexandra Pelosi’s California State tax lien.

    I could go on and on. I could write a book on them. You can read everything at

    Larry there is so much more.

  3. Larry,

    Your words of “unwashed” and “those that have to clean up after them” in regards to the Occupy Wall St. kids is so true. The increasing amount of garbage strewn by these brats of trust riches have caused the owners of the park in which the malcontents lay their heads when they become tired of holding a sign, to lay their empty heads. There are photographic evidences of these futuristic “thinkers” taking “dumps” on cars, a reported increase of marijuana odor and use has been reported by police and open sexual activities are not uncommon. Free condoms are for the taking at various places.
    But then, considering Wall St.’s bailout and the federal government using our tax dollars, we didn’t even get the benefit of a condom.

  4. I somehow feel I’m being intrusive posting three times in a row but this Wall St. takeover reminds me of Woodstock when I was of that age and the futility of it in changing government but more so in developing a change in the minds of the young.

    It is now reported by “that a closer look at the impassioned protesters may not be completly as advertised”, the Daily Mial 9/11/11. It seems as though there are children from the “1%” taking breaks from classes at private schools to show there solidarity (as long as there’s enough lobster and steak) and to join in the fun.

    There’s an increasing number of wealthy students via trust fund but, darn it, they have to dress down in order to mix in with the crowd. One who forgot to do so listened to a furious prostest speaker while wearing a pair of “New Religion Jean”s. A pair of which, although I don’tshop for women’s jeans that much, purportedly sold for $300 retail. That doesn’t apply to the tech apps they bring with them however.

  5. And still the song plays and nobody listens. “No connection” between liberalism and reality is mild compared to some words which could be used. We must get off the couch and start getting in shape for the coming elections. We MUST shape up or ship out. We have the power, but we are like meek little church mice afraid to use it. We need a lion to roar for us.

    It’s great to have you back Eileen!

  6. Joe,

    Intrusive? Try informative.

    The comment section has ALWAYS been available to the family regardless of the posts, the amount, the contents, this is YOUR home.

    I’ve thought that of late that I would not comment myself unless a comment was made directly of me so that the family could use this area to vent, “empower”, whatever.

    Go crazy, THIS is your soap box.

    Thanks as always,


  7. Larry,

    When my comments get to numerous and grow to the length of your TOTDs or Articles, you may just change your mind about that,my friend! I find your comments beneficial at times on the comments I write in that they sometimes give me a different venue to think concerning an issue. They open my eyes further and therefore I learn….always learning.

  8. What really saddens me about the Wall Street Protests and the franchises which have opened up in othe cities is that the protestors are barely doing more than regurgitating Democrat talking points, and shouting half-hearted incoherent chants at anybody whom cares to listen to them. I do not condemn them their actions, it is their right as American citizens to protest whatever cause they choose to believe in, however what I question is do they actually believe what it is they are protesting?

    I understand being mad at Wall Street, it is crony capitalism which has brought this country to its knees, however these under-educated wastrels do not connect the dots and see that the ones whom recieved bailouts are the same fine folks whom bet on Obama to win bck in 2008. None of them will crack a book and do their own reading, they are content to listen to whatever mindless gruel is served up by the alphabet networks. Some of these people have been bussed in by the usual suspects (shades of Wisconsin, anybody?), and a few have even been paid to be professional rabble-rousers. Others have actually admitted on camera that they didn’t know why they were even there.

    What we are seeing is the mob mentality writ large upon the national stage, created entire by the Left, fuelled by the very real fear that if real conservatives take over this country’s course that the gravy train will be over and that they would have to get actual jobs as opposed to perpetually sponged off of the people whom are doing all the work. Rather like the old fable, the ants are about to chuck the grasshopper out into the cold to starve.

  9. Despite promises to the contrary, (something he’s quite good at) Obama continued Wall Street’s policy of fiscal control by reappointing Wall Sreet favoites Ben Bernanke and Timoth Geithner. Obama said to 13 high end Wall Street bankers at the time, “I am the only thing between you and the pitchforks.” I don’t know about you, but if you were a conservative banker at the time and hearing that coming from what you considered the anti-christ wouldn’t that give you pause? All I’d had to hear is something about him being “horny” and I’d be outta there!!

    If these “Wall Street Occupiers” had a sense of direction and education in what they were protesting against, I could sympathize with them somewhat. The irresponsible Wall Street executives deserved to fail and suffer the same fate as the American people they stole from, but the true criminals are the corrupt government officials who betrayed the American people by manipulating the market in exchange for favors.

    As ranking members in the House and Senate Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were the worst offenders, politically or as an excuse for a human being. They were joined by a long list of, until they were elected, bipartisan bastards that sold us all out in the name of the good old USSA.

    The markets have been manipulated by a government that is far to powerful and expanded. I will forever hold guilty the corrupt bastards that sank our economy and yet found room to give themselves millions in yearly pay and bonuses. But most of all, I blame Obama and the liberals for their corrupt government that let them do it, and then protected them from the due consequences they had earned.

    These “protestors” haven’t the intelligence to pee a happy face in the snow. If this waste of humanity were able to connect two dots together, they wouldn’t even have shown up or at the direction of a brighter one being able to connect three dots, would all be lying on the East Lawn of the White House.

  10. I certainly agree with Joe, Larry. Your added insight and comments help me clarify many things. I may be old, but I’m not too old to learn.

  11. Joe,

    Let’s add the corrupt media to the list. The free press (has been sold and purchased by liberal media heads and is no longer “FREE”) was created to point out and uncover government and control government corruption. When most of the press (about 85-90% hide or barely cover Obama, his administration and the antic in Congress and their corrupt, personal financial gains they incur by using their federal or State Office that they abuse and use). I’ve been trying to figure out when they stopped reporting on all government corruption and only decided to cover conservatives and “some” moderate Republicans.

    As they hide all of Owebama’s failings, corruptions AND payoff’s and try to deflect the truth by giving us crap that detracts from what is really happening in our federal and some state governments that have gotten out of control. Most politicians could give a crap about what THE PEOPLE’S wants or needs (unless of course they are minorities that they can use and abuse). We are their punching bags and we are generally viewed as useless except when its election time. Would the old press have hidden what is happening now, but have it happened in 1776, 1865, early 1900’s? I don’t think so and it was a lot harder to communicate to the masses back then. So, when did the media stopped reporting the facts? (Did you know that the Gulf states still haven’t gotten BP to clean up the all shores. There are still oil balls washing up on our shores and they are all over the sand and they are still not paying out to the businesses that put their paperwork in for reimbursement and so far got zip and many businesses are closing because of the delays. Has the national media reported on these constant delays, covered the closing of businesses that have been around for 50-75 years? Of course not, they are covering for Obama and that ass Steven Chu. Let’s just say that he ain’t all that popular down here. I think they would tar and feather that bastard but with the oil that washes up on the shore and with the feather’s from the foul, like the seagulls, ducks and endangered pelicans, that have died or been permanently injured and hurt).

    I, personally believed the change occurred in the 1970’s and Watergate/Nixon’s paranoia. When Woodward and Bernstein (or as Bradley called them Woodstein) the liberals learned how much power they actually had and how they could manipulate the People. A few days ago, “All the Presidents Men” was on one of the paid channels and it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. How they turned 5 bumbling, white collar idiots that broke into the Watergate Hotel and turned that whole story into a major political corruption scandal and took down a very unlikeable Republican President. I was fairly young (9 or 10 when it started it started) when it happened and really don’t have a lot of knowledge about what happened. I think the corruption start with Spiro Agnew and it went downhill from there. Like I said I was young and the content of Watergate trial were on television EVERY SINGLE DAY of the summer and preempted the television shows we watch. It was long and very boring and it was a day of murder when it rained and we couldn’t play outside.

    I think what confused me back then was how the media first played him up as some cool dude by having him make appearances on “Laugh In” and his “SOCK IT TO ME” comments. Was this the first time that a President used the media to try to change the public’s opinion about himself? OR were they actually making fun of him? I never understood that. At about 10 or 11, I did imitation of him saying Sock it to me”. They said it was a good imitation too. Sock it to me changed to “I am not a crook” as his Presidency started to change.

    I could be wrong when the deception started, it may have started during Roosevelt’s term. They clearly hide his physical problems, having him add two more jurists to the Supreme Court so he could bypass the Constitution, the Big “New” Deal that was a big flop but did the press hide its failure or did they report the facts and cover those failures? OR was it Woodrow Wilson problems with his health, his stroke, that left him paralyzed on his left side and blind in his left eye and having his wife take over his duties instead of his VP. His wife, Edith Wilson and Joseph Tumulty, his Chief of Staff, helped a journalist, Louis Seibold, who worked for New York World, who recorded or presented false accounts from an interview with the President, that did not take place (because of speech problems caused by the stroke) and then he received the Pulitzer Prize in 1921 for that supposedly brilliant interview with President Wilson. The truth was later revealed after Wilson died in 1924. It’s amazing that she and his Chief of Staff were hiding the truth from members of his staff, the Vice President, Thomas Marshall and his Cabinet and Congressional members. It was one of the biggest deception and one of the most serious cases of presidential disability abuse in United States and was later cited to argument for the 25th Amendment.

    I could be wrong about when the media changed but it has certainly changed when the news turned into a 24/7 coverage and that’s when the abuse of the People kicked into high gear. I wonder if the 24/7 news coverage occurred when Reagan was in Office, would our prospective of him have changed? I know CNN started in the early 80’s but the other news networks came much later.

    As for the Trust fund mercenaries clogging up Wall Street. They may want to blame capitalism, but the fact is their families made the millions and in some cases billions because of capitalism. They all attend liberal universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown and Princeton. They live in a lavish penthouse (some are 7,000 square feet and that’s slumming it) instead of living in the campus dorms and I don’t see them give up they shopping sprees or telling their parents to keep their Bentley’s, Mercedes and BMW’s,and say instead I’ll drive a Ford or Chevy nor do they tell grandpa to keep his money from their inherited trust funds. I think it’s just another distraction from the liberal media who openly are trying to circle their wagons around Owebama’s failures, corruption, ineptitude, constant vacations, flying everyday in Air Force On and everything he and his wife pulls off out of the glare of the media spot lights and he continuously tries to blame Republicans in Congress. His “jobs bill” (the 3rd one since his Presidency) did not pass in the Senate because he could not get the moderates to sign onto another Bill that won’t create any new jobs and they all know it. The ones who haven’t signed on the dotted line just happen to be one of the 1/3 up for re-election in 2012 (like that moron from Nebraska and that ugly chick from Maine) and comes from a red state or one that’s turning red (does that make it a purple state?)


  12. Great analysis, Eileen. When you wrote about the media circling the wagons around OWEbama, they have just as much to lose as zero, if not more. How many firms are hiring liars these days?

  13. Richard, I think a lying liberal is an oxymoron, but let’s just say its mostly a preregister to get into their “club.”

  14. Eileen,

    I think any qualifing acknolowdgement containing any factual content towards your questions will be, sadly, forever lost.

    I can only add in your statement of “corrupt media”, that there are two things that first and foremost govern mankind throughout the ages. Money and power.

    When our country first began the men of the government were principaled men. The majority were well known, respected, wealhy land and/or business owners and would see no profits in serving as Reps,. Sen.s, or as President. They were solely interested in the birth of our new Republic. That’s not saying we didn’t have a few oddball politicians back then but to the one’s we have today, they would compare to a seahorse’s fart in the ocean. The media, such as it was back then took all to task fairly, not attacking them personally or their families, but on the issues at hand. (think Palin AFTER the election was over) Even this may have been the opinion of one editor of one ‘paper’ rather than a united front of the media.

    I would say that as the morals and principals of the men in our government lessened the money increased… money to buy power with. Money to buy other’s opinions and while they would rather not admit it, their morals.

    Woodrow Wilson is indeed, as are so many others, a prime example of power and greed. If he’d been a principaled man he would have chosen his proper duty as president in stepping down. How easily others are infected as witnessed by not only his wife, but the reporter too whom he led down the same immoral road. That his greed is evident in the fact that he established the Federal Reserve System that took the nationwide individual’s wealth and in effect put it under (and at the mercy of) government control. There were no media outbursts against this although I’ve read where Wilson purportedly (and I use the term lightly) said, “What have I done.” Obviously that was before his stroke when he could still speak clearly!

    Franlkin Delano Roosevelt’s physical incapabilities and his commands that he never be photographed other than in a sitting position were, I think were no more than out of vainity, which is a major vein supplying the flow of power. However, the majority of citizens knew that FDR was crippled through the media or over backyard fences. FDR, was along with Woodrow Wilson, the greatest factors in establishing the earliest forms of socialistic dogma in our country by introducing the Social Security System. Again placing those citizens who would normally save for themselves in a responsible way under the ‘government will do it for you’.

    It makes sense to me that the cover-ups by the media started when population grew, more effecient means of delivering news were developed. Whether it be local, state or national, a newspaper of that time might send it’s reporters who still held ‘responsible jounalism’ as a mandate in their profession, to cover pig grooming techiques at the Sheldon County 4H Club.
    In other words, money if you don’t.

    That’s where the the media is. They aren’t dumb as they know the liberals have the majority of following in this country and the most money. To promote those politicians from the left it is easy to overlook reports casting bad lighting upon the liberals and to keep their under the table handoffs of money in power.

    The ‘occupy wailing St.’ trust fund babies? Get outa here, Eileen! As I’ve said before these “protestors” wouldn’t know how to pee a happy smile in the snow let alone explain the “cause” of their protest. The Tea Party was deemed “astro-turf and un-American” by puppets Pelosi and Reid. Yet the ‘99%s, what I call the Flea Party, are fully endorsed by the tyrannical two plus his emminence, wanna be master puppet, Obama.

    That’s why I say when the people in our government and the people in our media lose their moral scrupals and have or no longer feel their inherent duties for the good of our Nation, we cannot afford to analyze where it went wrong but grab the handle of the tool box and start wrench by wrench, fixing it.

  15. So, if Owebama does not resign, does that mean that he is not principled?

    And, we should determine what went wrong for two reasons:
    1 – so that the same mistakes are not repeated
    2 – let the guilty be punished

  16. JJ,

    Is Obama not principaled?! Is this a trick question? A physcological narcisist promoting a marxism agendas in our government? Nah! He’s totally in it for the common good of America!!

    1- The same mistakes WILL be repeated unless people wake up or we can wake them up to the point where they get off their dead cans and vote. VOTING by those of the populace that are concerned about the future of our Nation is but one of the many ways we can start to assure mistakes are not repeated.

    2- The guilty will never be punished until we have accomplished the VOTING and the RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE are again placed in their hands.

  17. Joe,

    That was a follow-up on your Wilson comment regarding not stepping down, and since Owebama has also not resigned, he would accordingly be considered ‘not principled’. Hope that explains it.

    As a student, I cannot ‘trick’ the Master ! 🙂

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