Bolshevik Bouillabaisse

War Number Four: OWEbama has now sent American troops to Uganda. Still waiting to hear how things in Uganda effect America, still waiting to even hear if we have anything remotely resembling “American interests” there.. Still waiting on that “exit plan”, or “timetable” relative to the “incursion” or that “action” or whatever the Libya business is.. NONE of this would matter to me in the least if OWEbama hadn’t made hay over the Iraq war during his 2008 shampaign..

According to the “political ticker”, the “White House refuses to turn over ALL SOLYNDRA documents..” Combine this with real clear politics video showing OWEbama talking about their wildly successful “Fast and Furious” gun running campaign BEFORE Holder claims that he even knew about the program.. Where is the “transparency”? Where are the protesters? Seems silly to ask, doesn’t it..

ANOTHER U.S. drone has allegedly killed al Awlaki’s son.. Maybe Ron Paul, the Republican Dennis Kucinich, can make heavy weather about the “son of an American citizen” and “kill lists’’. I’m certainly no fan of OWEbama, but if there IS a “kill list” populated with lots of names full of hyphens, you know, like “al-this” or “al-that”, names with lots of “Mohammeds”, I applaud him.

Representative Je$$e Jack$on Jr. wants the government to “hire all unemployed Americans at $40,000 each”.. This is part of HIS $804 BILLION “jobs plan”.. The liberal “government” has been “hiring” its voting base for generations at a cost to the middle class tax payers of well over $40,000 per head of indentured servant.. The welfare, the benefits, the housing, the food stamps, the health care the you name it.. Come to think of it, Junior’s scheme might actually SAVE me some money when it comes to the liberal government’s USUAL enslavement program..

By the way, the OWEbama oligarchy wants to keep the visitors logs relative to the Solyndra Scandal a secret. The administration is also refusing to turn over ALL documents relative to their scandal. Maybe Sandy Burglar will stop by to give the OWEbama liberals a lesson in how to steal and destroy documents.. On a similar note, the only gal on the left that makes Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sonia Sotomayor look like hotties, one Elena Kagan, ANOTHER liberal on the Supreme Court, is also refusing to release emails relative the OWEbamaScare health Scare Scam while mooching over at the Department of Justice.. “Transparency”, right?

Politico dot com reports that OWEbama’s latest administration hired hack Daley, said that the press “carries water” for.. Wait for it.. Wait for it.. The REPUBLICANS!! That is the equivalent of claiming that Michael Moore “carries water” for Slim Fast..

The liberal left: E Pluribus TAXIMUS..

Another typically under-medicated socialist sociopath, Ed Schultz said that Herman Cain is “pandering to white Republicans out there who don’t like black folks..” (Washington Examiner 10/14/2011) Wow.. So, Republicans who “don’t like black folks” are going to take advise from a black man.. Their desperation is becoming more comical by the moment..

The British Royal Navy has been “ordered” to move the guns of the HMS Edinburgh in Cape Town South Africa. ONLY because they might have been pointing in the direction of where America’s French Fry Fascist, Michelle (not Jackie) O was rooming.. That isn’t any where near as big a concern to me as the bill that she will be racking up and dumping on the American tax payers for ANOTHER useless trip/vacation.. Why would the most inactive and socially unconscious “first lady” in the nation’s history (See, ALL of the OWEbamas make “history”.. Then again, Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin, etc., etc., ALSO made “history..) NEED to be in South Africa?

The “experiments” of the liberal Mengeles has reached an all-time low. A “lesbian couple” says that their “11 year-old son Tommy wants to be a girl named Tammy..” To that end, these lesbians are giving the 11 year-old hormone blockers. Why? “So that he can have more time to decide if he wants to change his gender..” (Fox News dot com) Liberal helpers from the “Gender Spectrum” chimed in with “this is about giving kids and their families the opportunities to make the right decisions..” Yoo hoo, liberals, GOD already made the decision..

Dr. Paul McHugh from Johns Hopkins said, “this is child abuse”. Other medical professionals added fears in any number of areas.. No matter, “Tommy’s parents say they support their child..” “This is the best way for him to find an answer to a question he’s been asking all his life..” I’m SURE that these two “lesbians” who were irresponsibly made “parents” AREN’T coaching the little tyke in ANY way at all.. “They want to give him more time to explore the female gender identity that he associates with..” He is SURROUNDED by abnormality, encouraged to “explore” that which has already been decided by the Creator, THIS is why such deviants should NEVER be allowed to adopt or what is worse, be “inseminated”..

Tommy/Tammy has a speech impediment and the “parents”, who are probably MASTERS at signing, claim the child said, “I am a girl”.. Tommy/Tammy is SURROUNDED by girls, well, girls with Snap on Tools, but allegedly “girls” all the same.. The “transition” then soon began after “much deliberation with family and therapists..” “Family”? Just how impartial were these “therapists”?

Singing for his supper, one plastic surgeon who “specializes” in “feminization operations” claimed that “most transgender patients say that they knew at 6 years old..” Just how many LIFE-CHANGING decisions were YOU allowed to make at age six? I wasn’t even allowed to pick what bicycle I was to ride but then again, I had NORMAL REAL “parents”..

“Critics asked whether Tommy’s same-sex parents may be unknowingly influencing his questions about his gender..” Nahhhhhhh..

All of this comes from the fact that the deviant liberal left seeks to de-humanize EVERYTHING. If you are still in the womb, you are nothing more than “tissue” to the Kevorkians. If you miraculously manage to escape the liberal’s ice tongs, suction machines and rubber aprons, you are mere “property” to be disseminated to any and all weirdoes and perverts in the name of “fairness and inclusion”.. THIS is what you are left with when the left supplants morals with activist “law”..

Please excuse me, all of this “family” business makes me want to regurgitate..


13 responses to “Bolshevik Bouillabaisse

  1. Haven’t tossed out a “lagniappe” in a while..

    Hope that you like it..


  2. Of course BHO will support Egypt, Libya, and Uganda all of which are in Africa – where many believe he was born !

    Why should the WH turn over info. on Solyndra and Fast & Furious ?
    Doesn’t the WH control the DOJ and many of the courts ?

    Wonder if the Lesbian ‘pervants’ ever considered encouraging Tommy to have sexual experiences with other boys, and then with girls, to allow him to ‘decide’ his gender orientation ! Will this kid ever really know what is normal ?

    The current disgraceful residents of the WH appear to be on a mission to see how much money they can waste before they are given the boot !

  3. JJ –
    They have already broken the record of wasted money, so now they are just running it up so nobody can break their record. I’d like to break something, and it isn’t a record!

    These same sex couples who want to have children disgust me! Where is the “impartial” teaching going to come from? I look with sadness at these people who cannot see beyond “me” and cannot be honest when they know in their hearts they are truly out of step with mankind and God. Incidentally, why is this a news story? The LSM is so determined to NOT report anything political or truth, they are beating the brush to find stories, and of course they will find a lot of “Fruit Loops” willing to parade private goings on just to see if they can get more than their 15 minutes of fame. Can we all say ‘MISDIRECTION”?

    Hold the bucket, Larry. Many of us are going to need it.

  4. Richard,

    Agreed, but may I suggest a 55 gal. drum , instead of the bucket !!


    Richard you are one of my favorite commentors
    I read an article by West that spells out the Occupy group
    and also lays it on the big O
    Have ypu seen the email circulating about the Muslim strength
    in Europe ? Very interesting
    Larry keep it up and thanks to all the posters for comments
    Off to read RUSH

  6. First of all, America has no compelling intrests in Uganda, but even Bush had troops in there. The numbers now of dozens or hundreds is still up for grabs and the status of them aren’t known either as whether they are “advisors” aka special forces or actual troops. It seems there’s a small problem with the Lord’s Resistance Army, a misnomer if ever there was one. The LRA isn’t for the spreading of Christianity or fighting off radical Islamists, Although the group claims to be a emissary from God chanelling the Holy Spirit. It goes through Uganda capturing children and turning them into soldiers and, when not successful, murdering them. The group engages in sex trafficking, slavery, mutilation, etc., etc….. Now there’s a group our “advisors” could best serve by building a Jamestown home base for and fixing up the right “mixture” of some nice jugs of kool-aide for their “last”-ing refreshment.

    But in cold reality how many millions is this “advice” costing an already strapped for cash America? With a Congress that is discussing cuts of the Department of Defense budget. How many millions, if not billions, in foreign aid is the United States sending to Uganda each year that the people never see the benevfit of?

    Although not readily palatable to a world of moral, civilized thinking, the LRA is doing the world a favor in that people born into poverty with no chance or “Kenyan Hope” of rising above poverty will only add to poverty, the less the better.

  7. JR,

    Heading over for another mission in Europe very soon.

    When I return, I’ll let you know about the “situation” in Europe.

    By the way, I wore a garage door opener out in public and man, did I get some looks..

    No one had the nerve to ask what it was.

    I noticed a particulary peculiar looking liberal looking at me so I took it off of my belt while staring at him and I talked into it..

    He was dumbfounded..

    Thanks as always,



    Larry I still use that line about wearing my garage door opener and get
    laughs everytime.
    Heading to a retirement party tonight for one of our employees and thought of your comment TAXIMUS
    I started our firm in 1968 doing simple tax preparation. Now I hear
    Mr. Cain 999 plan talk about the IRS rules are more than 72,000
    pages .Still think NEWT is who we need to run the government
    Good to hear about your cell phone test

    How is your dog???

  9. JR,

    Daimon is doing quite well as the bad guys can atest..

    Thank you for asking,


  10. Larry,

    In my musings, and maybe this has happened already somewhere, I don’t know, I’m wondering how long it will be before the cruelty to animals abherrational addicts will find the P.D. guilty of putting poor Daimon in harms way.

    We’ve a tax write off in this state for “seeing-eye” and “special needs” dogs, that sort of thing, even for “happy-time” dogs where dogs are taken to retirement homes for the elderly to ‘enjoy.’ All good causes.

    I have a close friend who holds a position in a corporation, farms and is smart, but damn, he’s ornery! He decided that he was going to try that since those dogs could get tax breaks, his dogs should be eligible for welfare!

    He drove to the welfare office in his pick-up truck with his four dogs. Three in the cab, one who always prefered riding in the bed and brought them all inside with him to apply. The woman at the welfare office, of course, told him that, “Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare.” He told her, “that the dogs were mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, couldn’t speak a word of English and didn’t have a f’n clue as to who their daddies are.” He said, ” They expect me to feed them, house them, provide them with medical care and just look at them. Don’t they look like they’re victims to you for being dogs?!”

    The lady behind the counter then went to her policy book to check conclusive facts on what it takes to qualify. According to the woman the dogs would have gotten their first checks at the beginning of the next month!! That is had my friend not stopped it right then and there and told the lady and any one else that was listening (very few) what a screwed up welfare system we have.

    As a side note, we’ve pounded the legislature of the State and our Reps. in Wash…..hasn’t changed much has it?

  11. Joe,

    Almost sounds as if your friend took the tall ‘tail’ tale to the test that time !!

  12. Larry,

    Great article. One questions what’s a garage opener?


    My two Golden Retrievers get mail, Brandi and Clancy Guthrie. I wonder if we can get them to vote in the next election. They would make a better choice then most of the blacks in this state. Can they write in their ballots, they both have licenses, get their shots every year. Both of them are extremely smart, especially Clancy. They are way smarter then any liberal and didn’t need to attend Harvard or Yale to get their intelligence from, they were already born smart. Amen!

  13. The IRS is hiring thousands of individuals , and arming them with pistols, to enable them to act as enforcers in collecting delinquent taxes .

    At present, 51 % do NOT pay federal taxes, and in spite of that, the Libs want to RAISE TAXES – which will result in more individuals having tax problems. And, fewer who are actually paying !

    To say that things are going to “get ugly ” , is putting it mildly !!

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