Monthly Archives: December 2011

Self Made

The correlation’s between 1979 and 2011 are more than just a little eerie..

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MORE New World Odor

For those in need of a “reality” check, (in the case of the demented left, this is an ALTERNATIVE reality check..) and for those with an eye to what 2012 has to offer and finally for those who need reinforcement relative to the intentional liberal destructiveness, lets take a peek at a few of the most recent headlines as 2011 comes to a close.. Lets take a sniff of the liberal new world odor..

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Dear Santa..

All that I wanted for Christmas was..

Fill in the blank, family.

Merry Christmas to all of the NLTZ family!!

Per Se

The liberals have a litany of “problems” to deal with, MOST of them “problems” of their own making mind you, but “problems” none the less.. One of the more vexing has to be the fact that they can’t seem to keep “Stoli” Joe away from the media, especially after he stumbles out of his AA meetings. When it comes to “dealing” with these self-inflicted “problems”, the liberals have tried a few humorous schemes to deflect and divert the attention of those victimized by the liberal’s failed forays into fascism..

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The Game

Sport used to breed integrity through hard work and the success derived from victory was a well-deserved reward. ALL parties involved have perverted the entire concept of the “reward”. I look at my beloved game of baseball and I see a transformation that isn’t the “first” metamorphosis the game has gone through but from my personal perspective, it could be the last..

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