Per Se

The liberals have a litany of “problems” to deal with, MOST of them “problems” of their own making mind you, but “problems” none the less.. One of the more vexing has to be the fact that they can’t seem to keep “Stoli” Joe away from the media, especially after he stumbles out of his AA meetings. When it comes to “dealing” with these self-inflicted “problems”, the liberals have tried a few humorous schemes to deflect and divert the attention of those victimized by the liberal’s failed forays into fascism..

More often than not, the liberals have said that the fault for THEIR Marxist miscues belongs to someone else.. ANYONE else.. And they will publicly flail and sputter until they either locate someone or something slow enough to be tagged or failing that, (“failing” is the operative word relative to the liberals and OWEbama..) they will just come up with another socialist stunt LARGER than the one they are trying to cover up for from the day (or the hour..) before.. When this Swiss watch of a “plan” doesn’t work, they try their “Hey, your shoe’s untied” gambit.. They say that you didn’t hear what it was that you heard..

The left and this pathetic administration have made the transformation to the “Marxist Marx Brothers” WITHOUT the humor. The “joke” is on US..

The latest Bolshevik brush fire comes from old Stoli Joe himself. “Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy..” (“White House Stands by Biden Statement That Taliban Isn’t U.S. Enemy” Fox News 12/20/11) There is simply no way to “pretty” that one up, but the left and all of their Democratic denizens are trying their best to do so..

Enter Jay Carney.. Here is what the erstwhile excuse maker for the liberals had to say.. “It’s only regrettable when taken out of context..” Here Carney’s GOAL is to HIMSELF, “take this out of context”. He is trying to remove the “context” to what Biden actually said and to insert the requisite “grey-ing” of everything that you try to corner the left on. Here the sneering liberal is saying that YOU aren’t intelligent enough to understand what the collectivist circus clown said the day before.

Typically, when the liberals attempt this ruse, they have exposed their typical un-American beliefs within a paragraph or even within an entire page. They accuse you of taking “one small morsel” and exaggerating it. The majority of liberals are excessively “wordy” in order to help with this cover up, that and they love the sound of their own voices.. “Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy..” “Per se” will now become the OWEbama/Biden equivalent of “it depends what the definition of ‘is’ is”.. YOU misunderstood Biden..

If you would like some more of what Biden surrounded his latest boner with, here it is, “There is not a single statement that the president has ever made in any of our policy assertions that the Taliban is our enemy..” That certainly clears things up doesn’t it? The smart move once stepping into a hole is to STOP DIGGING but this concept is lost upon Biden.. The progressive policy of GROVELING, of capitulation, of appeasement seems CLEAR but once the dust up starts, EVERYONE else “misunderstood”.. Need more? “The elimination of the Taliban is not the issue here..”

The Taliban and Al Qaeda are umbilically attached in the same sickening manner that that the Democrats are to Socialism. Or to cowardice. The END of the Taliban SHOULD be the issue here..

The liberals want to appear to be “at war” and they are “at war” with an enemy that they will NEVER understand. When you do not understand your enemy, you will NEVER DEFEAT your enemy. This enemy firmly believes in an unconventional war. Thus an unconventional war should be waged against them. When your opponent uses women and children as shields, when they use the more than willing liberals themselves as leverage via the left’s versions of the “constitutional protections” that MUST be afforded the terrorists.. When these liberals instruct the terrorists.. When the liberal’s accomplices in the “impartial media” create “war crimes” used to alter the thinking of the rest of America.. Well, you get the picture..

Then again, maybe the left does understand their “enemy” because their “enemy”, based upon the fact that BOTH have the destruction of America as their avowed goal, is actually their friend. The actions of the left seem to lead one to believe that AMERICA and all that it has accomplished for generations is their “enemy”..

Here the picture becomes clearer.. “U.S. officials are hopeful that 10 months of secret negotiations with Taliban insurgents will soon result in a breakthrough that will allow the U.S. to leave Afghanistan as scheduled by 2014 without leaving the country to the whims of the hardline group..” The liberals are “negotiating” with terrorist as opposed to KILLING them. If they TALK to the terrorists long enough, they will all become “nice guys”.

Referring back to the liberal proclivity towards self imposed self-importance, the liberals believe that if they can TALK to anyone, they can get them to ACT accordingly. Thus the liberals are always eager to “negotiate” and once they have negotiated, they want to SIGN something.. History has proven that once the liberals get enough “concessions”, these signed documents are ALWAYS followed to the letter by our enemy combatants..

OWEbama’s “schedule” is what is important and he wants that “schedule” in place BEFORE the election. “The deal the U.S. is considering would include a prisoner release of Taliban detainees (remember, the Taliban is not our enemy pr se..) in Guantanamo Bay (Which is STILL up and running, thankfully.. I forgot, how many Talibani Boy Scouts are housed there?) in exchange for a renunciation of violence and international terrorism..” There you have it. Once the terrorists sign something for the left, the terrorists TAKEN FROM THE FIELD OF BATTLE will be released to AGAIN fight the war on terror that is being waged by the Taliban against the United States, a “war” supported by the American left..

“The U.S. (Make that OWEbama and the liberals) also would offer unequivocal support for establishing a Taliban office in an Islamic country..” If the liberals have their way, that “Islamic country” will be the United States..” This “office” could be used “as a diplomatic headquarters (How about the U.N.?) and would demand preconditions such as a renunciation of violence”..

There it is again, another “promise” to “renounce violence” DEMANDED by OWEbama and grudgingly made by the terrorists, therefore totally believable.. I suppose that since “promises” made by OWEbama and the liberals to the American people aren’t of any value, the “promises” made by the carpet crawling comrades to the liberals as “preconditions” for a myriad of “concessions” aren’t of any value either..

When all is said and done, I have to ask, exactly who or whom is the REAL “enemy” in all of this? “Per se”..


26 responses to “Per Se

  1. Why is it the left always believes that a signed agreement will stop aggressors from doing what they always do. It is the definition of insanity, ya keep doing the same thing over & over while getting the same results.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and you family, Thanks for all you do.

  2. Enemy indeed…. I think it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who the REAL enemy is. We don’t have too look far beyond our borders to find the worst enemy, either.

    I guess killing innocent civilians, targeting government employees who refuse to go along with your corruption, and all of that doesn’t make you a bad guy any more… who knew?

  3. I firmly believe AA Joe has a disease called “Look At Me, I’m important” and it is curried firmly by the msm. I also don’t believe he even knows what the Taliban is. My son served in Afghanistan and he was appalled at the living conditions and the hiding behind children and women or using them to play bomber of the day. It is sad that when we go to war today, they tie one hand of each serviceman behind his/her back so they can’t really fight like we did in WWII and Korea. And this idiot idea of signing your name and keeping your promise? Our administration is cuckoo. Instead of eight years in Iran, it should have been finished in two years or less if we had fought like soldiers. Afghanistan would have long been over had the soldiers been turned loose. Sure there is collateral damage, but how much more damage has been done in all the drawn out years of this war? WWII vets would call these wars schermishes because of the gentleness our sodiers are held to. Either fight to win, or get out.

  4. I read an article recently that would either make you laugh hysterically or be so frightened as to keep you awake at night. “Old” Joe said he would consider a run for the presidency after Obama’s second term. YIKES!!!!

  5. So, who is the bigger fool – Bungles Biden or Mr. Shipman ( AKA Jay Carney ) ?

    Biden throws things out ‘off the cuff’ while Carney has to carefully choose his words to spin the spin or change the subject. Biden could be considered to be a clown, while Carney could be considered downright devious.
    Ever wonder why Biden and his wife are still married for so many years ?

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All. Larry you hit the nail on the head again, know thy enemy. Patton screamed “I read your book you bastard” after he defeated Rommel in a tank battle in North Africa. It is too bad the Republicans can not even whisper that. It is time we screamed till the lost hear us. The conservatives use the Lib battle plan of talk nice and the enemy will become nice. Bull Sh**.

  7. papabear56,

    The same to you and yours my friend.

    Thanks as always,


  8. T,

    IF your summation is true, it needs to be tweaked..

    It depends upon WHO OR WHOM “kills innocent civilians” etc because when it ACCIDENTALLY happens by our servicemen, the “impartial media” and their liberal puppeteers immediately begin talk of “war crimes”.

    When the terrorists do the same INTENTIONALLY, not a peep from either of the afore mentioned groups..

    Who is the enemy again?

    Thanks as always,


  9. Richard,

    It sounds as though your son made it home safely. A true blessing..

    Logic, in time of war is DEPEDENT upon the circumstances.

    This is an unconventional war. Liberals and their “conventional” timetable and exit plans are not equipped for the task.

    Stay out of the way of those who have everyone’s safety as their primary task in life.

    Thanks as always,


  10. Monica,

    Biden as president? Hmmmmmm..

    Only if he is promised better booze.

    Thanks as always,


  11. JJ,

    She probably busies herself with tasks diametrically opposed to Joe’s.

    I’ve heard that she is a very nice lady. Joe is probably like Billy Bob in that both are probably a riot AWAY from politics.

    It just takes too long to get them AWAY..

    Thanks as always,


  12. Graywolf,

    Precisely. If you make a mistake, LEARN from it.

    The Americans, led by Patton and Bradley, LEARNED from Kasserine Pass.

    Liberals INSIST upon repeating mistakes because they do not believe that they can EVER be wrong.

    Who is the enemy again?

    Thanks as always,


  13. Family,

    As well, a new TOTD!!

    Thanks as always,


  14. Hitler signed a non aggression pact with chamberlain that worked out really well. They teach kids that FDR saved the country from the depression when it was his progressive policies that caused it.. Owebama blames the corporations, banks and the rich for the current mess. while his marxist policies create and deepen the mess just as did FDR. While doing this his buddies at GE pay no taxes but donate millions to the exalted one’s campaign coffers. Owebama says he wants a two year extension on the payroll tax cut, the house goes for that rejecting the 60 day extension instead of pushing the senate and his stooge in chief to pass the house extension he blames the republicans for screwing the taxpayer.
    The new bill passed by both houses to fund the military gives the feds the authority to have the military detain without warrant and hold without hearing or trial anyone that the government deem to be a potential to be a terrorist. Considering that the current regime has stated that all gun owners and veterans are likely terrorists, this unconstitutional mess is guaranteed to empower the Marxists beyond belief.
    Reid and schumer are the ones that have commited treason add pelosi to the mix and you have the evil triumvirate personified Vote them all out every election, demand change for the better. SIASSL

  15. To use baseball terminology, you hit that one out of the park. Biden is a joke, everyone knows it. I doubt that Syracuse University would even advertise that imbecile went to Law School there (and claims he graduated at the top of his class, when he graduated at the bottom). I wonder why SNL doesn’t do skits and comedy bits on him the way they did other Republican politicians like Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle. I can see someone doing a bit of him at an AA meeting and asking where the booze is? Or getting a cup of coffee and taking a flake out to put a bit of Irish (his favorite drink is Absolut) into his cup. Still cannot believe he kept getting reelected. He, his brother and sons are one of the most corrupt family on the planet.

    Lorne Michaels is a hard lefty and most of the major and bit players stand right (or left) next to him. My father worked for NBC on and off for about 30 years. Retiring in the early 1990’s when Brandon Tartikoff ran NBC. He was a great President and my dad gets sick looking at what has happened to that network. Anyway, I met most of the stars that played on SNL. From Belushi to Murphy (the biggest ass out of all the egotist out of the group and he was like 21 or 22. I doubt he has changed much over the years. Still an ass. Nicest guy was Dana Carvey, at least to me, although Darrell Hammond was nice too).

    Like you, I am unimpressed with most stars. Most have nothing going on upstairs and rule by their ego’s and narcissism. They are just like politicians in many ways. I think Darrell Hammond would do a spot on impression of Biden. I miss him on that show. There is no one good on that show anymore and it’s sad. Its all political at NBC now, which is why they are at the bottom in the ratings basement.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see you sharped your pencil and started writing again, still spot on as always.

  16. Here is another article that lays out how Pelosi gets around the Ethic Rules.

    Practices that fail taxpayers’ “sniff test” but don’t break U.S. House rules — and would pass muster under legislation targeting a particularly egregious form of insider trading — show that “Capitol Hill ethics” remains an oxymoron.

    Roll Call reports that four times since 2007, Nancy Pelosi, as House speaker, invited San Francisco investment banker William Hambrecht to informal economic policy discussions and thrice introduced him at news conferences without mentioning her husband’s investments in companies linked to his firm, its July 2009 hiring of her son or Mr. Hambrecht’s $2 million-plus donated to Democrats.

    “House rules did not require her to do so,” says Roll Call, adding that Ms. Pelosi’s failure to mention her family’s Hambrecht financial ties “would not violate the STOCK Act” proposed to “prohibit lawmakers from trading on legislative knowledge.”

    Leave aside the irony of such a tax-the-“rich”-and-spend Democrat being so chummy with an investment banker. What stinks far worse is lawmakers who lack genuinely ethical spirit ensuring that the letter of rules and legislation won’t end business as revoltingly usual.

    Rules and laws can’t correct such ethical turpitude. Voters can — and must — by rejecting its practitioners.

  17. Here’s another one.

    Vice President Joe Biden said of former New Jersey governor and senator Jon Corzine “The reason we called Jon is that we knew that he knew about the economy, about world markets, how we had to respond, unlike almost anyone we knew.” This statement in and of itself goes a long way toward explaining why the Obama administration has made so many wrong turns on the economy.

    Because in the days since Obama and Biden took turns praising Mr. Corzine, it’s been revealed that the company Mr. Corzine led was ripping off investors left and right. Oh, and he seems to have lost $1.2 billion. If Mr. Corzine ever goes to trial, the judge should take into account the millions of Americans who have lost all or part of their pensions because of the negligence and/or corruption of people like him. Many Americans will be forced to work long after their intended retirement date due to the type of corporate greed and negligence Jon Corzine represents. Hence, 90 days as a Wal-Mart greeter or cashier might be the appropriate punishment for Mr. Corzine, and for all those fat-cat CEOs who pay such little mind to the financial well-being of their middle-class and pension fund investors.

    U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp” when Democrats took over Congress in 2006. During the two years that followed, we came to find that Ms. Pelosi, along with fellow Democrats Charlie Rangel, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, were some of the largest alligators in the swamp. They proceeded to give us the two worst years in Congressional history, mountains of debt and a financial mess that they helped create but that they couldn’t fix. For these and other transgressions, and for disparaging the good creatures who actually live in swamps (and are not nearly as objectionable as the above mentioned politicians), what could be more appropriate than a quick (but not too quick) dunk in the Everglades?

    The alligators would probably throw up!

  18. An open question : Has anyone seen any Obama bunper stickers lately ?

    If you haven’t , does it mean that some of those fools have ” seen the light” ?

    Just a thought !

  19. JJ,

    Occasionally I will see a “12 sticker but with nowhere near the frequency.

    They will just go back in the closet, so to speak..

    Thanks as always,


  20. Hopefully they stay in the closet, and out of the voting booth !!

  21. Oxymoron of the day – ” Speaker Boehner “

  22. JJ,

    Yes I’ve had but it’s not a positive one. It read… OMG Obama Must Go!

    Wishing Everyone a very Merry Christmas and stay safe!

  23. After telling Congress that they should stay in DC until they finish their “job”, the fraud in the WH couldn’t wait to jump on AF One for Hawaii.

    Or , was he just in a rush to get a new pair of Air Jordan sneakers, apparently believing they will improve his attempt at playing basketball.

    Do you believe the amount of injuries, and property destruction caused by some stupid, crazy people for a pair of extremely over-priced lousy sneakers !!! Wonder if they voted for Owebama .

  24. I saw a Hillary bumper sticker the other day, it said:

    HILLARY 2012
    when all else fails….
    lower your standards!


  25. Here’s an OWEbama bumper sticker:

    You still have an OWEbama bumper sticker???


  26. Hey Stitch,

    Good to hear from you – hope all is well.

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