MORE New World Odor

For those in need of a “reality” check, (in the case of the demented left, this is an ALTERNATIVE reality check..) and for those with an eye to what 2012 has to offer and finally for those who need reinforcement relative to the intentional liberal destructiveness, lets take a peek at a few of the most recent headlines as 2011 comes to a close.. Lets take a sniff of the liberal new world odor..

“Obama Launches Free Hotline for Suspected Illegals” (Paid for by those who have no choice in the matter, the middle class..)

“Killer (of six) Santa was a Muslim” (Noooo, a Mooselim murderer?)

“Fed Judge: Homeless sex offenders may stay in shelters near schools” (Nope, they should stay in the JUDGE’S basement..)

“Russia scolds United States for human rights abuse” (Next thing will be some Mooselim cesspool lecturing America on treating women equally..)

“Obama spends seven hours at golf course with hooker soliciting buddy” (If he would have spent seven MONTHS there, America would be in better shape..)

“‘Middle class warrior’ (OWEbama) dines on bacon wrapped pork for $260.00” (Middle class warrior? Middle class terrorist..)

“Muslim leaders boycott NYC’s Mayor’s breakfast” (The bomb sniffing canines can stand down, the culprits aren’t coming..)

“Obama mulls transfer of Gitmo prisoner to Afghanistan” (This worm will PROMISE not to continue to be a terrorist, the libs will believe..)

“Rules: New federal light bulb standards begin next week” (Good to see that they finally agreed on something..)

“Monitors can’t stop bloody Syrian crackdown” (Send in Dhimmi Carter with the accompanying tune, ‘Send in the Clowns’.. Please..)

“U.S. to Taliban: Let’s Talk About It” (WHAT? That should read, ‘OWEbama to Taliban’.. The ONLY fools willing to “talk” to these rodents and more importantly, the ONLY fools who would BELIEVE anything these weasels would say, would be those addicted to the non-hypnotic drivel of their own hollow voices. The knee pad wearing, appeasement believing liberals..)

It would seem obvious that EVERYONE’S New Year’s resolution should be to end the cancer of liberalism in all of its perverted forms.

That said, what IS your New Year’s resolution?


9 responses to “MORE New World Odor


    Best of health to you Larry and the Dog
    I resolve to do everything possible to stop

  2. JR,

    Both Daimon and I thank you for your warm wishes.

    Our best to the Mrs. and Happy New Year to you and yours,


  3. Vote for anyone but Obama happy new year can’t wait for Nov 2012

  4. Michele from NY

    Happy New Year Larry and thanks for the year end summary…its a new year, let’s hope we can oust these insects.

  5. I wish you Larry, and everyone else here a Happy New Year. I hope and pray 2012 will be the year we took back our country, the year we make even hardened Democrats say ‘never again’, and the year this country regains its pride. This is going to be a hard year for we conservatives, as we may be forced to swallow the bitter pill that is Romney in order to ouster the greater of the two evils. We ‘re going to be weathering a political storm which will make 2008 look like a garden party; and even if we win, you can expect liberals to thrash and around and cause as much collateral damage to this country that they can before showing them the door.

  6. I add my whole-hearted Happy New Year to one and all and blessings of health and well being for the coming year, which is going to be very trying. Michele, I’m not sure but I think you just insulted insects. We are still in need of a classification for liberalism, and yes, it certainly is cancerous.

    For the New Year I am going to be learning to listen and understand what is being said. I received the following blurb and really think it needs to passed around – especially in Hollywhorewood:

    Charlie Sheen is 45 and his story is all over the news because he is a
    substance abuser, an adulterer, sexually promiscuous and obnoxious.

    Lindsay Lohan is 24 and her story is all over the news because she is a
    celebrity drug addict and thief.

    Something as frivolous as Kim Kardashian’s stupid wedding [and
    short-lived marriage] was shoved down our throats.


    Justin Allen 23
    Brett Linley 29
    Matthew Weikert 29
    Justus Bartett 27
    Dave Santos 21
    Jesse Reed 26
    Matthew Johnson 21
    Zachary Fisher 24
    Brandon King 23
    Christopher Goeke 23
    and Sheldon Tate 27…

    Are all Marines that gave their lives last month for you. There is no
    media for them; not even a mention of their names. Honor THEM by
    sending this on. I did, will you?

    Rest In Peace

  7. Richard,

    Well said – thanks.

  8. The liberal media wants us to be distracted by this nonsense so we would not notice that Owebama sucks a big one. So they annoy us with celebrities who have no or little talent. For me, I’m still surprised that both Sheen and Lohan are actually still alive. They are more famous for imploding from drugs and alcohol, then their body of work. Sheen doesn’t seem to care he’s just caught up with being famous and what those perks mean, sex with every skank in Hollyweird. Lindsey Lohan, I kind of think is sad but she hasn’t had the best parents in the world to have as role models. Both her parents want fame themselves and what it means to have a famous daughter. Celebrities get a lot of free stuff and when being famous starts to wain, they still want their free stuff (sounds of Europe and the liberals want to do here). Unfortunately, the “stuff” the celebrities want are expensive cars, clothes and jewelry, are a lot different then what the OWS want.

    As far as the Kardashian’s, I still don’t understand WHY they are famous. Their father was a member of OJ’s Dream team. What do they do is annoy the public with their lack of doing anything. Their faces come up on the scene, I change the channel on all of them. I wish they would just go away and leave us alone.
    Their 15 minutes of fame was over years ago. They maybe more annoying then Paris Hilton and all of the Housewives of series. Just go away, please.


    Had these young man died when George Bush was in Office we would all know their names since according to the left leaning media always wants to blame the Republicans for everything that has happened to this Country and especially George Bush. Unfortunately, the latest con that our soldiers are coming home is a big lie perpetuated by the media to boost Obama’s numbers as we go into an election year. Or all the bs that came out of killing bin Laden. Luckily the truth did come to light by some of the soldiers that were there and not the bs that came out from the WH, the tough chose Owebama had to make. etc, etc, etc.

  9. I’m gonna try comitting less felonies

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