Eight Votes

Now that the furor and fervor known as Iowa is over, when all was said and done, Romney eked out a win by eight votes out of about 120,000 votes cast.. NOW lets focus on the most important facts that were swallowed up by this caucus circus..

Had OWEbama been on the Iowa ballot, he would have received approximately two million votes even though only 120, 000 votes were cast..

OWEbama’s spouse said, “I kind of like being called your excellency”.. This was uttered between European shopping trips and well-deserved multi-million dollar vacations at the middle class’ expense.. (Real Clear Politics)

“Obama Speeds up Immigration Visas Even if Fraud is Suspected” (The Daily) “Get to Yes” is the OWEbama Marxist mantra as the left is desperately looking to replace the “independents” that have learned their 2008 lesson and they are being replaced by ILLEGALS from.. Wherever..

“USA closes 2011 with record $15.22 TRILLION debt, Officially at 100.3% of GDP..” (Zero Hedge dot com) This is the fault of Romney, Santorum, Bachmann and Newt of course.. In fact, ALL of the OWEbama debt, spending, perpetual double-digit unemployment and his total failure is the fault of every Republican alive, regardless of whether they are or were in office or not.

“Static, bad audio interrupt OWEbama’s Iowa webcast..” (abc news dot com) AGAIN, the Republicans are at fault..

As the socialist silence from the Slight House continues, as the vacations and golf outings fill his Democratic daily planner, NO ONE should forget the responsible party for what has become of this once great nation. Please note that there aren’t ANY calls for “Health Scare” for the world and any of the other usual liberal redistributionist ridiculousness of 2009, its time to pretend to be “centrist”..

Never give in, never give up and never again.. And NEVER FORGET..


34 responses to “Eight Votes

  1. Family,

    This is actually today’s TOTD but I thought that I might put it over here so that thirty more people might read it..

    Maybe thirty..

    Thanks as always,


  2. I’m not too hot on Romney but his tone and enthusiasm seemed a little crisper than Santorum’s speech so it’s gonna be a tuff race. Since the field has narrowed so much and my Sarah still isn’t running Newt even with the never ending baggage is probably the best conservative choice for us! I guess the battle has for sure begun!!!


    I also like NEWT McCain coming out for
    Romney spells a death nell in my thoughts

    Eight is not enough

    Keep pumping Larry


  4. careful Family: Obummer has signed his “arrest anybody who speaks against him” bill…

    Thanks, Larry

    All the best to you and Yours.

  5. Yep, lots of other reasons why Romney’s “win” is not really newsworthy.. (Redstate.com)
    I like Newt, and I have recently heard a lot of “not conservative really” about Santorum lately, so I’m still undecided. Have to make up my mind soon…. SC primary is in 18 days….
    Romney seems like more of the same to me….. maybe a step up from OWEBama, but not much of a step. What to do…..

  6. What would Owebama do if he were questioned on the fact that the $15.22 Trillion debt represents 100.3 % of GDP ? As usual, blame Congress , then dump in Jay Carney’s lap to spin /lie/ attempt to confuse/ change subject / etc. – the usual tactic !

    Then, sadly, the uninformed masses will buy into it.

  7. Alabama Redneck

    Larry, have always been ‘one of the thirty’ but have failed to comment for too long a time now.,

    This article was one of your best. Short and to the point. As for my choice, I have had a hard time since the demonizing of Herman Cain. He really must have scared the bejezus our of everyone to merit over 90 stories in a week. All negative, of course. Romney is McCain all over again and McCain’s endorsement of Romney just might be enough to pull him down. One can only hope. I currently lean towrd a Gingrich/Santorum ticket or vise versa.

    I hope you and the family had a Merry CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year. My wife and I are both doing as well as expected. She is now under Hospice care so will wait to see what 2012 brings.


  8. I wish I knew how to post the pictures I have of the new Texas Highway Patrol Gun Boats Perry has acquired to patrol Falcon lake where a tourist was murdered by Mexican drug dealers. They have 3 ea. 300 Hp engines and 6 ea. Machine guns. I can not find top speed, but fast as hell. Perry is serious about border control, gun control, states rights, and small government. Larry if you want the pictures I’ll email them to you.

  9. Well, Michelle Bachman is out, so now the field will be reduced to an ever-shrinking pool of bad and worse choices. Its not news that Romney won, he’d better have after campaigning for four years to be the Republican nominee. Problem is, I don’t support him, he’s too much like McCain in his policies to have my vote, and I’m tired of voting against a candidate. Right now, I’m leaning toward Perry, Santorum, and Gingrich (and that’s very provisionally), and that’s only because they aren’t out and out RINO like Romney is. Sadly, we in Ohio won’t have the chance to make a difference in the nominating process; by the time our turn comes somebody will have the nomination all sewn up.

  10. renoman,

    All should heed one thing that Newt said.

    Now the Repubs beat upon themselves as the “impartial” media salivates.

    Socialist silence from the Slight House, not unlike his “shampaign” when idiot Rodham punched herself out..

    We shall see, but I still see no RR..

    Thanks as always,


  11. JR,

    What it should say is “Number ONE of thirty”..

    Thanks as always,


  12. Stirling,

    Let him try.

    The Constitution applies to those who DISAGREE as well..

    Just ask Rodham.. Who can forget that hideous screed of hers.

    Thanks as always,


  13. T,

    In the end: “ANYBODY but OWEbama”.

    I like the “second of thirty”, too..

    Thanks as always,


  14. JJ,

    They will BELIEVE whatever they are told by the “impartial” media, their shop stewards or any of the other Marxist minions out there shilling for OWEbama.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  15. Alabam,

    Firstly: FAMILY; PLEASE keep Alabam and his wife in your prayers.

    Cain was lambasted by the “impartial” media as have ALL of the alleged “frontrunners” so far.

    Their SILENCE relative to the crimes of OWEbama? Standard operating proceedure..

    Thanks as always,


  16. Graywolf,

    Send them to OWEbama instead..

    Be sure to send an explanitory note along as well. The idea of border security is about as foreign to the liberals as is patriotism..

    Thanks as always,


  17. LOL, what of 30 am I??? Jus curious! Bob Smith not sure if he’s from NH or Ma but sure supports Gingrich. Since I’m a Smith maybe I’ll lean in the Gingrich camp…what say everyone?

  18. G.,

    THIS is the Republican “chance”, so similar to the 1979 opportunity that Carter presented.

    NO REAGAN is either available or is willing to do the job that NEEDS to be done.

    OWEbama CANNOT be allowed another four years to further complete the liberal “Contract UPON America”.

    The Repubs have known this day was coming for FOUR YEARS, yet no STRONG conservative voice was ever lifted, just Romney (Mitt ain’t it..)

    I weep..

    Thanks as always,


  19. renoman,

    THE ENTIRE FAMILY is number one..

    Number one with me.

    Thanks as always,


  20. G. Nichols, Perry is not as well known as he should be. He is very strong on gun rights, and states rights. He has done more for border control than the feds by putting 15-1700 Texas Guard troops and many Texas Rangers on the border. As I mentioned above he has acquired 6 Gun Boats. Each has 900 horse power, and 4-6 machine guns to patrol Falcon lake. He packs heat which he used to waste a coyote that was about to attack his dog on a daily run. He sued the EPA over the rules on air polution crossing state lines. The court put a stay on the regs. He refused many millions in federal education funds because of the strings attached to it. We have NO state income tax, speed limits up to 80 MPH on I10 and 75 MPH on farm to market roads. He wants to cut the federal government to bare bones.

  21. beyond disgusted

    This is such a sad state of affairs. We have had 3 years to prepare for this election. Of those still in the race, I like Gov. Perry & hope he can stick it out till the end of the month for the Florida primary. Whoever our nominee ends up being, I hope he will be prepared for the scorched earth campaign that will be waged against him; it will be brutal. In the end, I would vote for a bale of hay over the current occupant of the White House.

  22. I checked out a website that lists all of the republican candidates and their views on all of the major issues. Romney was with the people on a couple and totally against us on most issues especially the Second Amendment. Also Santorum is very anti-gun ownership for us. Neither of them would make much improvement over Barry the boy wonder. There is no way the Republicans can come up with over a trillion dollars to match Barry’s illegal shampaign contributions. If either of those two get the nomenation it will fully guarantee the re-election of the muslim from Kenya. Excellent article Larry.

  23. Honestly, I’m still undecided on who to support and who can beat Obama. I wish they would stop hurting each other and FOCUS ON THE REAL PROBLEM… OWEBAMA, the liberals in Congress and the Senate. They are turning people off with attack on each other.

    As for Bachmann leaving the field, it was coming, just didn’t know when. I think she better off in Congress and maybe running for Speaker of the House. She’s not strong on many things and she didn’t have a chance in hell of winning against Obama.

    If you want me to I will research all the pros and cons of the rest of the field and provide links where I found out this information, so we all can make the right choice.

    Our Caucus is in early March and I hope by then there is still a choice on who to vote for. I really don’t like Romney and doubt his policies would be much different then Obama. They are both liberals in my eyes.

    I think Newt is the smartest of the lot and would crush Obama in the debates. Since Obama has nothing to show that’s positive in nature. The economy, unemployment, ObamaCare, everything most Americans hate. Since his cures have only made things worse. Is he really going to spin that things are better (and we will not believe the spin) will he really run on his record? So what can he do to his competition? He needs to attack them personally (as that Fox idiot Alan Colmes did today. Alan Colmes Mocks Santorum For Bringing Dead Son Home) I’m sorry but that man is creepy and makes my skin crawl. He just hit a new low if that was even possible. You can bet Obama will have every lawyer in his administration look into their background and find every torrid details of the candidates.

    I don’t know what hides in Rowney’s background but we all know the skeletons in Newts closet and you can bet that Obama will attack him on that. I read somewhere that Newt is the candidate that Obama wants to run against and I have a sickening feeling that they’ve got plenty on him.

  24. beyond disgusted,

    After today’s socialist stunt, isn’t it clear that ANYONE will get your vote as opposed to: A) third party lunatics B) write in nonsense C) staying home.

    Choosing A, B, or C gets the socialist MORE time to carry out the progressive pogrom.


    Thanks as always,


  25. Eileen,

    LBJ was supposed to have been a real creep, one who would stoop to ANY depth. Nixon was paranoid and the Clintonistas had an enemies list.

    That’s NOTHING compared to OWEbama and his desire to hang onto his free vacations, golf games and European shopping trips..

    Tell the world.

    Never give in, never give up and never again,


  26. photojoe,

    OWEbama CANNOT run from his record of “accomplishments”.

    Last time, they just made things up, now he has to go into full deflection mode.

    Bachmann, Cain and the rest who eventually drop MUST continue to “fight dirty” for the Republican candidate. THEY have to hurl the mud. If they do, believe me, it will stick.

    One and done, baby..

    Thanks as always,


  27. After watching Iowa last Tuesday night I had flashbacks to 2008 where they placed McCain in position to run for president. The only excitement McCain’s group had was the infusion of Sarah Palin. It would appear we are now down to the 2 dullest duds that can be found to run against Obama. I am beginning to believe the GOP really does want Obama to win again. Hey, just maybe they are all on the same side of what? Agenda 21 and the Rhoades people? A dictatorship? One World Order?
    I’m already burnt out with this nonsense.

  28. NjNurse,

    Me too..

    Thanks as always,


  29. Family,

    The latest TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  30. beyond disgusted


    I did not mean to imply that I’d go third party, etc. That would be suicide. Just meant I’d vote for whoever the Republican nominee is, whether I like him or not.

  31. beyond disgusted,

    Having re-read MY OWN comment to you, it did sound accusitory..

    Very sorry about that, it was directed at “anyone”, not you..

    Your conservative crudentials are firmly in place as witnessed by your “family” membership..

    Thanks as always,


  32. The picture did not tranfer. The idea is here, and you cansee Perry is not soft on illegal immigration Good pictures at www. hondaatvforums.net.
    State troopers ready launch gunboats along Rio Grande

    Texas Highway Patrol displays its gunboat Thursday at the 2012 Houston International Boat, Sport & Travel Show at Reliant Center. (James Nielsen / Chronicle)

    Tactical Marine Unit Launched to Patrol Border : MyFoxAUSTIN.com

    The Texas Department of Public Safety is launching six new shallow water gunboats to patrol for smugglers along the Mexico border.

    Each cost some $600,000 — funded through a combination of federal grants and Texas Legislature allocations — and feature an armored hull, machine guns and armored glass, Montgomery County Police Reporter says in a story on its website.

    The new ly formed Highway Patrol Tactical Marine Unit will eventually number 40 DPS officers. The team will work in coordination with local and federal law enforcement agencies and provide assistance as needed.

    The Reporter says DPS will name each of the six vessels for a fallen trooper. One unveiled on Thursday is named for Jerry Don Davis, killed during a traffic stop in 1980 in Lubbock County.

    MyFoxAustin reports that the 34-foot long swallow water interceptor boats come with six mounted high-caliber machine guns.

    We are not surrending
    one inch of Texas to the cartels, or transnational gangs that support them,” said McCraw.

  33. Graywolf,

    I found this article on immigration and thought you like it.


  34. Wonder if any of the GOP candidates realize that by dishing ‘dirt ‘ on each other, they are giving Owebama a lot of ammo to be used against them.

    BTW, do we really need primary elections to start almost one year prior to the election? And, what is really so important about the Iowa caucuses ?

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