“Mitt Ain’t It”.. Now where did you first hear that and how long ago..

The caucus circus seems to now be either falling apart or falling into shape depending upon your personal perspective.. 30,015 folks from Iowa “decided” and the usually adversarial / “impartial” media has conveniently been a little too supportive of Mitt and they have matched this with their silence about OWEbama the Bolshevik Bumbler.. This is another of the “battles” in the war that has been declared upon YOU.

Mitt is McCain without the valor. He IS “OWEbama-Lite” or should I say “OWEbama White” or would that be “OWEbama-Whiter”.. Media silence relative to a Republican candidate for the presidency is their official endorsement. I will say that Mitt can’t defeat the liberal lies and the “impartial” / adversarial media “attention” that will be all his alone once he becomes “official” and the rest of the cast of characters drift off to become “analysts” at Fox News during this election cycle.. Therefore, he cannot defeat OWEbama. There, I said it. The media is thrilled. I am not.

One cannot help but hold the Republicans responsible. They have had three years, three years time in which the liberals and their “leader” have done their level best to destroy America and their answer to OWEbama and ALL of his “change” is.. Mitt.. This is ALL about “war” and the vast majority of Americans don’t understand that “war” has been declared upon them and their way of life and this next election is just another nail in the coffin..

The liberals unquestionably declared “war” upon America over sixty years ago and they haven’t stopped at any time since. The liberal minions, the “media”, the Mooselims, college “professors” and others are all “in it to win it”.. Other minions include the ACLU, radical judges and on and on and on.. This “war” has been both fought openly and surreptitiously. The leftist “perfect storm” of a liberal House and Senate, combined with a socialist president has now made the nation’s debt EQUAL to our annual GDP.. (This is but ONE example of the left’s INTENTIONAL destruction of America within the past three years alone..)

Speaking of the “impartial” media, when Reagan had a debt that represented 6% of GDP, the liberals and the “impartial” media squealed to beat the band.. The best the media rodents will do now is blame the REPUBLICANS for that which was created by the OWEbamas and their urchins and underlings.. The left just keeps winning battles, winning this “war” of attrition and they are moving ever closer to winning their “war” on America.

The left loved and apologized for the Communists yesterday, they grovel before and apologize for the Mooselims today.. ANY deviant or defective is welcomed to their “big tent of ideas” as long as your primary “idea” is the end of America. If you have America within your sights, the liberals will more than willingly hold the ammo belt for you..

They will not be satisfied until America is either trashed or transformed. The liberal flag of cowardice and capitulation will be flying high at the Democratic Hajj, otherwise known as the Democratic convention (more closely resembling the Wannsee Conference, January 20, 1942 actually..) and this fascist farce will produce the typical progressive pabulum (their “platform”) that will be nothing more than the longest suicide note ever written.. Our answer? Mitt..

One of the problems may stem from the fact that Mitt comes from a state that has for generations, been lousy with demented politicians. “Flip-Flopping” and Fluoride must be present in the drinking water in equal amounts in this recalcitrant region but, speaking of water, at least Mitt hasn’t left any women for dead in the back of his car while he swam to safety..

Mitt has been all over the map “politically” for years and we are now at a time when America needs a polar opposite to the liberal cancer occupying Pennsylvania Avenue, not a comrade.. No Democratic Doppelgangers need apply.. Someone with convictions, not a contortionist.. And by “convictions”, I do not mean the kind collected by the LAST Democratic administration and the kind that SHOULD be being collected in overwhelming numbers by this latest one..

This “war” has been taken to the American people on a number of fronts. I will just use a few headlines from the past two days in order to reinforce what everyone should already know.. “Headlines” are almost always written by.. Members of the liberal elite, coconspirators in the “war” on America..

“Obama picks amnesty lobbyist for WH policy director” (the hill dot com) (Obama) “Courts Latinos with 10-month freeze on 215,000 deportations, cites earthquake from 2001..” (politico dot com) “Bankrupt Solyndra seeking to pay bonuses” (Washington Times) “Obama plans to cut tens of thousands of troops” (Reuters) Federal Court blocks Oklahoma ban on sharia law” (Fox News).. That is just within the last twenty-four hours, how many headlines, how many more “battles” has the anti-American left “won” in sixty years? Who is supposed to lead us into battle against the liberal scourge? Mitt..

Is the media “impartial”? Using the past few days as your “Readers Digest” barometer, I will allow you to decide for yourself.. “Obama seeks power to merge agencies” (AP News My Way dot com) OWEbama alleges to want to “shrink the federal government” IN AN ELECTION YEAR and after spending (literally and figuratively..) THREE YEARS impressively expanding the size and intrusiveness of the federal government beyond all logical reason. Beyond all “logical reason” held by anyone other than a liberal, I should say.

“Obama will call on Congress to give him a type of reorganizational power last held by a president when Ronald Reagan was in office.” Such maneuvers were called an “abuse of power and an assault upon democracy” when Reagan did so (counter currents dot org) now we hear only crickets from the lapdog “impartial” media as “Dear Leader” attempts the same. (For different reasons from Reagan as well, but I digress..)

Obama sends a carrier into the Straits of Hormuz as the Iranian toads make their jejune threats, anything of a similar nature done by ANY Republican is immediately assailed as “saber rattling” by the chattering asses.. This was barely mentioned by the “impartial” media, as have the numerous “shadow” wars OWEbama has waged. Measure this measured silence against the constant Democratic / liberal drum beat against the war that the Democrats actually voted on and sided with under the Bush administration.. ONLY a liberal could say, “I voted for the war before I voted against it” and STILL hold elective office..

How is it possible to answer the failings of OWEbama and the liberals when you are sending someone who seems to sing out of the same hymnal of heresy? We need an answer to OWEbama, not another member of the chorus. Were Mitt considered to be ANY kind of a threat to the standing liberal power structure, he would be taking an extreme thumping from this “impartial” media and howls of indignation would have reigned down if it would have appeared that he was even remotely closing in on the Iowa crown.. (Please note that Santorum DID NOT go all “Gore” over his eight vote loss, another liberal trait when they LOSE..)

This is yet another battle in the sixty-year, multi-front “war” declared by the liberals. It would appear that Mitt is being sent in to “fight” for us..

I fear that the “war” is lost..


32 responses to “War

  1. There hasn’t been anything near an honest election since the 1980’s. It is completely obvious that the Republican party really wants to lose and intends to lose this coming election. In 1992 & 1996 they insured the lose by nominating the only Republicans in the country that could not beat Bill Clinton and added the extra insurance of a third party “pretend” conservative candidate. In 2008, they ran a RINO that no good American wanted in the White House who made zero effort to win. McCain actually would have won if not for massive election fraud. In every large city in the country, every dead Democrat votes in every election and they always vote Democratic. Surprise, surprise! Romney is the RINO that could not even beat McCain, much less beat the deadbeat from Kenya. The only reason McCain got more than 10% of the real votes was Sarah Palin. The Republican party does not have and will never have the One Billion dollars plus that Barry S. has received in illegal contributions. Between the lack of money, no real desire to win and the millions of fraud votes that will be cast, nominating Mitt is just extra insurance for the Republicians to guarantee an easy win for BHO. Sad but true. Without photo ID required to vote in every state, we the American taxpayers and voters will really get the shaft again. The only hope we have to survive as a free nation is to lock the dirtbag up but the Republican leadership will not even try. There are many grounds for impeachment but zero will from the establishment. We need to completely clean house in both parties, the White House and all of the federal courts.

  2. photojoe,

    Right as rain my friend..

    Thanks as always,


  3. Family,

    The latest TOTD for everyone:


    Thanks as always,



    Not a Mitt backer but we must beat Obama and conceding
    before we start the election is not the way to go.
    As Rush states Mitt has 12 votes to date and needs
    1144 to get the nomination. Plenty of water to flow under
    this bridge yet.
    Also the general public is fed up with this adminstration
    and wants to change to a conservative mode.
    The MSM is looking to get us Mitt and we know they will
    ram it to him if he is the nominee.They also spread lies
    that the public eats up.

  5. Viva la revolucion ! As for me, and mine, once King Barry is recoronated, we are on the way to another land where we will watch in dismay as Amerika gets its just desserts for being so stupid and believing in “hope and change” Keep the powder dry, as you will need it very soon 😦

  6. If Owebummer wins, we’re screwed, once again. I have said for months that there is not one Repub running that shows me any reason to vote for them. All just a bunch of panty waiste “guys”. I will have to hold my nose and vote once again. We have to vote the sucker out.
    Good article Larry

  7. Dave from Anaheim

    You have echoed what I have been telling people. Mitt Romney is definitely not who we need running for president, but the most dangerous candidate currently running is the clinically insane Ron Paul. I am currently in South Carolina, and have advised anyone considering voting for this nut case to do the country a favor by staying home next Saturday.
    I also totally agree with “photojoe”. If you think the fraud in the 2008 election set records, which it did, you will not begin to fathom the level of fraud already in motion for the upcoming election in November.

  8. I heard after Iowa that Romney, who couldn’t beat McCain, got endorsed by McCain, who got landslided by Owebama. This does not bring me comfort.

  9. JR,

    Not conceding but realistic enought to see what is happening all around me.

    You are right, there is time to “change” but with the “endorsement” of the impartial adversarial media and their incessant drum beat for the mentally flaccid, the task becomes more difficult..

    This article is a prediction based upon current events. No matter what, ANY challenger to the Narcissist Nero will get my vote.

    Thanks as always,


  10. Brian,

    The socialist soft-soaping of OWEbama has begun.

    When was the last time ANYTHING of a realistic/negative view was written about ANYTHING pertaining to OWEbama?

    ALL that the world is getting is this “fake to the center” nonsense, stuff like “wanting to shrink government”.. Pure hokum, Bolshevik baloney..

    Thanks as always,


  11. Anaheim Dave,

    Did you see the latest TOTD? Just ANOTHER Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich quote. Give the guy sixty seconds and he will say something goofy.. He must study Biden’s notes..

    The overwhelming fraud of 2008, noted on numerous occassions right here, was also empowered by the stupidity of the “independents” who swallowed the OWEbama liberal jibberish in too large a number.

    We have to believe that these independents have learned their lesson and that is why the liberal lap dog media is stroking Mitt while simultaneously going mute on the back-swing Bolshevik.

    Thanks as always,


  12. Mary,

    Spot on.

    We have to “hope” that the challenger will remain loyal to those that brung him to the dance.

    Winning philosophy: Just do EVERYTHING in 180 degree opposition to OWEbama and the licentious liberals.

    Thanks as always,


  13. Papa Bear,

    This alignment does seem suspicious doesn’t it?

    If I could only believe that all of these Repubs have the best interests of the nation at heart.

    It’s certainly a given that the anti-American left doesn’t. OWEbama and his shameful performance stands as proof positive.

    This should be as exciting an election as 1980. NEVER, since that time, has there been WHAT SHOULD BE, such a striking opposition to the sitting Progressive Politburo.

    Things need to pick up NOW.

    The problem is that I see Mitt to be as transparent as a pane of glass and about as exciting as a dial tone..

    Thanks as always,


  14. The fraud in the WH wants to ” streamline ” the gov’t. by mergeing depts.
    This does not mean that he intends to shrink it – he just wants everyone to assume it. Then, he can put one of his lackeys in charge of the consolidation. This gives him more direct control over more people.

    Now, if Congress doesn’t approve of his ploy, then once again he will blame Congress for his personal failures. And he’ll continue to say he needs “more time ” to correct the mess that he inherited , and therefore needs to be re-elected !!

    Many say that Oebama wants to destroy America. But, for what reason ?
    Possible answers :

    1 – He is not an American
    2 – He is a Mooselim
    3 – He is a puppet who does as he is told
    4 – He wants to be a Dictator
    5 – He doesn’t understand the revolts in other countries, and that many Dictators are dead or in exile !

    Something to think about, or just a little Saturday Sarcasm – you decide.

  15. Larry,very thankful for you and for all of this conservative, constitution loving cyber family. I must agree w/ any/all posters who recognize job 1 is defeating Obama. All of the candidates are better than Obama. Don’t forget that we are also motivated to cleanse the system of Eric Holder and every potential Elena Kagen. Newt has horrible personal baggage. Santorum filibustered the right to work bill in the Senate and has voted for lots of big govt spending. Perry can’t speak, is weak on immigration, forced 12-yr old girls to take a vaccine w/o proof is was the right thing, and now attacks Romney for Bain free-market work. Newt is bashing him for speaking French. We needed a Mitch Daniels, someone w/ a record of cutting spending and balancing budgets. We needed a Sarah Palin, a normal person from outside DC who had a record of taking on corruption, even in her own party. I think all of us like something about Ron Paul, some like everything. Personally, I think he would weaken our national defense, he would leave us vulnerable to terrorists, Russia & China. Further, I think his Libertarian stance would go beyond legalizing marijuana, and lead to the logical inclusion of heroin, prostitution and porn. I am not a big Romney fan but I certainly think he is exponentially better than Obama and his Chicago cronies and socialist low-lifes. I am respectfully asking that we all dial down as much negative as we can with the exception of Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Biden, et all. As most of you know, we really need God. We face major trouble if the direction does not change. Blessings to all.

  16. Doug,

    Well put.

    Thanks as always,


  17. JJ,

    Spot on..

    In the end and as a very sad commentary as to how bright the voters actually are, whomever makes the best COMMERCIAL will win..

    As long as they can place it within American Idol or some dancing show, everything will be just fine..

    Thanks as always,


  18. Alabama Redneck

    Thank you once again, Larry, for your thoughtful insight. Your article and all the posts that followed have been spot on.

    I am not a fan of Obamney nor do I see any diehard conservatives in this race. John McCain’s endorsement of Mittens should be enough to scare off even the most ardent supports for a Romney nomination but, alas, I have the feeling that too many people still indulge in the pablum that the MSM have been spouting this entire election cycle. Mainly that Mittens is the most electable to defeat OWEbama. They did the same with RINO McClain and once he had the nomination they turned out all the dirty tricks and savaged him. The coupled with a suspect election tem that had him going in circles and not taking it to OWEbama sealed his fate. Hi choice of Sarah Palin was the only thing that made even a hint of respectability in his campaign.

    I, for one, would still like to see Herman Cain get back into the fray. If he had a great communications manager and others on his team he could make toast of all the other candidates and then take it too the imposter in chief. The libtards could not play the race card and Cain could consolidate the base and attract the young, older, independents and a lot of moderate Democrats as well. While he may or may not have had a 13 year ‘affair’, we know absolutely nothing about OWEbama’s past. Nada, zilch, zero. We know absolutely nothing this man. What is he hiding?????

    Brian: I agree with you that the imposter wins we best have dry powder and plenty of lead handy. I’m ready.

    JJ: You list 5 possible reasons OWbama wants to destroy Americe. May I suggest a sixth?
    6. All of the above.

    Larry, thanks to you and all the family for letting me vent. I apologize if I have offended anyone as that was not my attention. Still I think it is most important that we all agree that whoever the eventual nominee is, we MUST vote for him even if you have to take a barf bag into the booth with you. The most important thing is to get the vermin our of the peoples house.

  19. Alabama,

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: How is Mama? We pray that all is well..

    Next, aren’t you as surprised to see John Bolton hitching on as well? That one shocked me.

    Cain got the treatment reserved for Mitt in a few months. Cain versus OWEbama? The left wouldn’t have it and the race for sleaze was on.

    Feel free to vent away, my friend.

    Thanks as always,


  20. As I’ve stated before none of these clowns are capable of beating Obama even if there weren’t massive voter fraud. The media has tacitly approved of Mitt Romney, by giving him the pass he won’t get once its Mitt vs. Barry. The Republican Party has failed to learn the lessons from 2008. Never never never let the MSM pick your candidate and they have all but annoited Romney as they did McCain in 2008.

    This said, I still say they should do as I suggest, which is to put Romney up as a straw man for Obama to beat, and concentrate our efforts and money on keeping the House and taking the Senate. Let the Dems vote their Clown Prince of Crime in for another four years (the unwashed masses will do so in lockstep anyway), and let Obama
    blow a billion dollars on getting in,it won’t matter if the Tea Party caucus can keep him in check. While the party may accept Romney, we conservatives will not, he doesn’t represent our values any more than Barry O does, but he can serve as a tethered goat and a sacrifice if it means keeping the Communists from taking over the country entirely. We sacrificed 55,000 men to try to keep a country free, we can afford to sacrifice Romney’s career to save this one.

  21. beyond disgusted

    I too hold the Republicans responsible, or should I say the Establishment Republicans. Remember, they dislike conservatives almost as much as the left does. In backing Mitt, they are telling us that they have no intention of winning. In this war, we’re not only battling the left, but members of our own party as well. It’s not looking good………………………

  22. Family,

    The latest TOTD for your perusal:


    Thanks as always,


  23. What can I say? Another spot on analysis of what has become of our scumbag politicians we have to choose from this election cycle. It makes me want to cry for our beloved Country.

    I’ve been doing research and background (I’m up to 202 pages) on all the candidates and deep into scandals and skeleton’s in their closet. (I’ve got to say some are real winners) For someone to “claim” they are a Christian then spend a great deal of time lying through his pearly white caps about his background, career and political history, there is absolutely nothing in Mitt Romney’s past that suggest he is anything but a liberal.

    One of the candidates, Stewart Alexander is running under the Socialist Party USA, the Green Party and the Peace and Freedom Party (which has absolutely nothing to do with either Peace nor Freedom). He is actually ticked off that some people are calling Obama a socialist. He claims that Obama hasn’t gone far enough.

    Anyway, in a recent interview I read regarding the Wicked Witch of the West, Pelosi, (as opposed to the Wicked Witch of the East, Hillary Clinton) she is still blaming the economy on Bush. They really think we all are stupid.

    Look, I know there is no real candidate to put my backing to, they all have questionable past histories and it will come down to who can uproot Obama and kick his ass out of the People’s House. They all have skeleton’s in their closets. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Right now, I’m still leaning toward Newt. He has shown through his political history that he can balance a budget and rein in spending. Is he the ideal candidate? NO! But he is very smart¸ probably the smartest in the group and I think he can take on Obama through the debates. Since Obama has nothing to show positive from the last 3 years (do we expect him to be proud of passing ObamaCare?) without pissing a lot of people off, then he can only attack Newt personally, his affairs, the questionable things he did as Speaker of the House (but I think Pelosi was far worse).

    I can post what I found here but it’s up to Larry if he wants me to post Romney background/history. It’s close to 20 pages and would take up a lot of web space to post. Most of it is cut and paste text. Once again the liberals are choosing our candidate. I know of no one who wants Romney as our candidate and I have a sinking feeling they are participating in the Republican caucuses.

    On another note, I watched the Brad Pitt film Moneyball today and although I am no fan of his I’ve got to say it was a great film and brought back fond memories of why I once loved baseball. Any fans should see the film. It also explains why are sports are so screwed up. Moneyball could be all sports not just baseball.

  24. I can only add my agreement with each and everyone of you. Great article, Larry. And you are so right that the voters have no idea we are embroiled in a war. We are fighting for our country and the stupid GOP are as meek as a church mouse. We really need someone with balls and backbone!

  25. Very telling for me was an incident during the debate circus where Perry got up in Romney’s face and Romney turned to Wolf Blitzer for help. Somehow, I can’t see Mitt going up against Putin. Mormons that I know are genuinely nice, good people, however, they are very passive. I sure wouldn’t feel comfortable having to depend on them to have my back during a bar fight.

    It occurs to me that we have survived as a country because there has always been a strong leader to emerge at critical times. I believe that through political correctness and general neutering of the male population, we have pretty much removed the “greatness” gene from our DNA. The strong potential leaders that I have seen coming forward have been women and we have seen what the media does to them….unless they are unaccomplished lefties like Hillary.

  26. Eileen,

    This site belongs to everyone in the “family”.

    Your investigative services have proven invaluable, we need you now more than ever.

    Thanks as always,


  27. Richard,

    What can we do to get someone with the qualities you have correctly mentioned?

    Is time running out?

    Why must we settle for less?

    Thanks as always,


  28. Mac,

    Well said.

    The political “game” and its related gamesmanship have also created the new neutered political animal.

    Far be it for ANY special interset / splinter group (and a “group” is usually ONE person..) to get their feelings hurt..

    Have we rounded a corner that we can never turn back from?

    Thanks as always,


  29. Perry is getting a bad rap over the Gardasil vaccine. The vote in the Texas legislature was like 97 to 3 in favor. He let the bill pass because of the massive support. Research what he stands for. Listen to his comments in SC. We do not need Romney or Paul. Again there are no good choices, but I think Perry is the best of the bunch.

  30. Graywolf,

    I will do my next profile on a candidates Perry and Sanatorium. I’m still researching Newt I will send what I find to Larry so he can post the results. His profile, history and the various scandal, issues and other questionable behaviors. The good, the bad and the ugly. I’m doing this because I cannot believe the media will be fair and unbiased. I’m just looking for the best, strongest candidate who can do a 180 to rid the riff-raft and give America back to the People that it was originally intended for by our Founding Father’s. An educated voter is the best way to give this Country back to the people who live here and those that entered legally to become a citizen. It’s lesson time folks.

  31. Mac-
    You are absolutely right about Romney. There is no passion there and no way would he be strong enough to stand up to and face other countries and the UN as they all try and kill us off. We really need a pit bull who is aggressive, not passive!
    I think with Eileen’s research maybe we can find the junk yard dog we need. Christie is nobody’s patsie. Surely we can find a fighter who loves his country and isn’t ashamed to show it or have our back.

    One and Done! God Bless America!


    Larry looks like your site is getting the attention it deserves
    all the posters are showing and now we must expand
    keep up the great postings
    Eileen I have been pushing NEWT for some time
    all of his past is nothing compared to what we do not
    know about Obama

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