Rallying Cry

“Out with the ‘O’, in with the Newt’?

Should this become our new rallying cry?

Let’s discuss..

The “impartial/adversarial” media has been very quiet, they WANT Mitt to triumph BECAUSE they know that he can’t beat OWEbama.

Ron Paul and his “Dennis Kucinich-Pat Paulsen-Ralph Nader-Ross Perot” show needs to go home. Now.

The biggest problems with both Mitt and Santorum is that they seem too NICE to get down and fight for what the left has taken and for what the liberals still have in their socialist sights to destroy.

As proven by Newt’s performance, NO ONE on either side of the ledger can keep up with him in ANY debate format. With the “discovery” and “timely” exposure of the liberal’s new friend, otherwise known as Newt’s ex-wife, Newt proved that standing up to what the left will be dishing out with EVEN lower blows and rabbit clouts, dealt with a firm hand (liberals take note: THIS is how you also deal with terrorists, rogue “nations”, otherwise known as YOUR friends..) backfires with true Americans. THIS is what is needed to counter the liberals.

Remember what is ultimately at stake: THE LEFT WANTS AND NEEDS THE ACQUSITION OF AND THE RETENTION OF POWER. The left, once the smoke clears, empowered by the previously mentioned “impartial/adversarial” media will shift into overdrive once a final Republican candidate seems clear of the field. Prior to that moment, they will assist Mitt by ignoring him and focusing their ire on Newt especially. ALL of the friendly “looking the other way” relative to Mitt will disappear if he ends up being the Republican nominee..

Thus the strength of Newt, who has had to fight this battle for his entire political life, becomes incredibly important. Time to call a spade a spade.

Everyone needs to understand that politics during an early election cycle IS NOT empowered by “ideas”. It is all about being shocked and entertained. What made Cain disappear once his candidacy gained momentum? The “discovery” of some alleged affair, not his stand on ANY issue. This was the “hope” (no pun..) when Newt’s ex-wife became a media sensation and when a “moderator” decided to BEGIN a debate by assaulting Newt with this “news”.

A sterile “discussion” of political thoughts, plans and positions is a sure cure for narcolepsy. Hearing Mitt and Santorum, with their dial-tone excitement excites NO ONE. You fight fire with fire.

Newt is by far the biggest threat to the liberal OWEbama orthodoxy and the reason is that only he can wither the eventual dismal tide of progressive propaganda that is building behind the leftist levees.

Meanwhile, the leftists agenda very, very quietly rolls on.. Most recently, OWEbama destroyed thousands more jobs in order to placate the extremist left by ignoring the pipeline. Don’t worry, once the votes are tabulated and if by the typical Democratic dirty tricks and odd vote-counting procedures he manages to steal another win, he will turn his back on those that brought him to the dance just as he did in 2009.. Example: whom did OWEbama (allegedly) “bail out” almost immediately? Those that he railed against to the delight of the knuckle-dragging liberal left when he was promising the world during his “shampaign”..

Is the fate of America more important than the egos of Santorum and especially Mitt? We need not even ask this question.

Is Newt perfect? Certainly not. No one should be looking for perfection. We should be looking for someone with the intellectual firepower to defeat the Democratic socialist “Final Solution”.

The circus needs to end and the attention needs to be brought back to the Democrats and Dear Leader who have put this once great nation into the unfortunate position that it is in..

Take the House. Take the Senate. Take the White House. Accept no alternatives.. Never give in, never give up and never again..


39 responses to “Rallying Cry

  1. You are so on the mark! Clearly logical, concise and to the point! I think the “new” White House of 2012 can use a writer like you. Would hate to lose ya, but if Newt has you on the staff to assist him in his speech writing, I believe that a wider audience will be reached, as the Truth of Obama’s folly needs to be brought to light so that he and his croonies can crawl back into the dark recesses of the evil that they have unleashed against the American Constitution and her people! Keep up the good work!

  2. YR,

    Wow, thanks for the ringing endorsement.

    All of the fun and games need to come to an end. The FOCUS MUST be brought back to OWEbama and the liberal left.

    It’s time to weed out the “impartial” media by having a untied front. THEN all of their “nicitees” will be shelved and their blatant bias can be revealed (at least to those that haven’t recognized it yet..)

    The left will fight unfairly, strength and intelligence are needed in order for the right to prevail. The public is with us, they have just been waiting for someone strong to pick up the flambeau..

    I’m sorry, but I have never seen these traits in abundance from Mitt or Santorum.

    Never give in, never give up and never again!

    OWEbama: One and Done.

    Thanks as always,



    You have said it right lets kick ass and not pull
    any punches beat the MSM as only Newt has done
    The MSM is doing to Romney the same they did
    to McCain kiss his ass until he was the victor of the R
    then destroy him against Obama
    Y ou have outdone yourself on the post and I agree
    with YR OF TEXAS you should be on Newts team
    Ignore the negatives on Newt and look at how he can accomplish our goal of defeating Obama
    The closest I have been to Texas is using the old
    TV label of JR nut my grandson just did a tour of 5000
    miles across country and back He fell in love with
    Austin Texas

  4. JR,

    Thanks as always for your kind words.

    Taking from Eileen’s leadership, I am digging into OWEBAMA. the FOCUS MUST be on the LEFT.

    If Newt asked, I’d be there yesterday. I’ll just keep plugging away with the help of the “family” in the meantime.

    “Root for Newt”. Buddy, I like that..

    Thanks as always,


  5. well, if newt is our guy i will vote for him with fingers crossed hoping he isnt fooling us.

  6. I’ll add another thumb up to Larry from Texas. Everyone that posts here is intelligent, and able to write clear concise messages, so we need to go to as many blogs as possible and spread the word. Larry is leading so we need to be faithful followers and put the word out. NO MORE OBAMA!!!!

  7. I’m for Newt. An awesome debate. Newt put the CNN guy to being speachless for a few seconds. I sure don’t need or want any mittens.
    Mittens appears to be a shade arrogant and he does not relate to most folks I know.

  8. Larry,

    Good one – you’re back, my friend. BTW,do you submit any articles to your local newspaper ?

    Wonder if Newt sent a thank you note to John King for that opening question during the last debate. These so-called journalists keep testing Newt, and Newt keeps winning ! Who will be Newt’s next victim ?

    Any guess as to who Newt will name as his running mate ?

  9. The tide has turned, and I think many more people, including myself, are going to “ROOT FOR NEWT” (very catchy phrase, JR) and will upstage the MSN every chance we get. I just could not get excited about any of the candidates because they lacked the fire I know is going to be needed to burn down the OWEbama house. With Newt’s opening salvo I actually have a positive attitude now. And thanks for reminding us we can’t find perfection, but we can find a fighter, Larry. When YR suggested you as a White House writer, I added my yea! I think you should write a couple of speeches for Newt and send them to his campaign staff and see what shakes loose. But send us a copy too, so we can get a feeling of winning the future. I think opportunity is knocking, Larry.

  10. JJ, he has a lot of nice things to say about Gov. Perry. He also likes Sara Palin.

  11. Newt’s what we have left after Cain was railroaded out. He’s the only Republician Left who doesn’t put you to sleep. Newt’s got pazazz, at least more then the others. Go Newt.

  12. Newt is speaking for the majority of Americans when he eschews the shackles of political correctness and assumes an offensive posture instead of the defensive fetal position of establishment “conservatives” when attacked by the liberal machine. When Newt said he “…..didn’t want to bloody Obama’s nose, he wanted to knock him out” he tapped into the mainline of Americans’ frustration and anger with Obama and his crowd, including the media. Yeah, Newt has some baggage, however, remember when we chose that God fearing, pure as the new fallen snow, peanut farmer from Georgia. That really didn’t work out so well, did it? Let’s not go down that path again. Make no mistake about it, the last thing the media wants is to have their boy having to go up against Newt in a debate. Although, I expect, ratings wise, it would be similar to the Super Bowl.

  13. JR,

    I appreciate your kind words and the words of the family made me put together a “speech” for Newt.

    It is done and it will be out tomorrow and it is entitled “For Newt”.

    Thanks as always,


  14. whosebone,

    That is all that we can do, isn’t it?

    Thanks as always,


  15. Graywolf,

    You are not a follower, you are a conservative so you are a leader.

    We have a job to do. It will be done.

    Thanks as always,


  16. JJ,

    My local paper will not have me. They are as decidedly left as any rag in America (St. Louis Post Disgrace)

    I’ll stick with the family, Human Events or Townhall won’t even look at an “outsider”..

    Thanks as always,


  17. Richard,

    Free Speech number one will be out tomorrow, per your request.

    Thanks as always,


  18. Mac,

    Straight shooting my friend. Well said.

    Thanks as always,


  19. Out with the O for sure. Newt is arrogant, but so is O and I think the only thing that will beat O is arrogance. If Newt gets the nod, I’ll feel more optimism than I’ve felt in some time (although it does worry me a bit that Glenn Beck thinks Newt is just another Big Gov koolade drinker). The fact that immediately on taking office would repeal Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, Sarbane-Oxley and get rid of all the Czars and Czarinas makes me think he’s the only one who stands a chance against O.


  20. beyond disgusted

    Excellent piece, Larry. I have watched every debate this political season & thought Newt won each & every one of them, even when the media was trying to convince us that Romney won. That said, he was absolutely on fire last week in the 2 SC debates. He really is the only candidate who will be able to withstand the liberal onslaught coming to our nominee as I fear both Romney & Santorum will fold like cheap suits.

    Regarding Dr. Paul, I would love to see him as Treasury Secretary.

  21. Docta G,

    I wouldn’t worry about Glenn Beck’s thoughts.

    NO ONE can shrink government. All one can hope for is a stemming of the incesant tide of unlimited liberal governmental growth. If that makes Newt a “big government kool aid drinker” then ALL of them are..

    Thanks as always,


  22. beyond disgusted,

    Spot onI hope that everyone will like my Newt speech.

    It seriously took 45 minutes to write.

    The liberals make it very easy..

    Thanks as always,


  23. Family,

    The latest TOTD: ANOTHER unreported OWEbama crime:


    Thanks as always,


  24. Family,

    Does anyone else find Coulter’s endorsement of Romney to be a bit bizarre?

    Thanks as always,


  25. Regarding Coulter, she has supposedly dated Bill Mahrer . If true, then there shouldn’t be any real surprise about some of the things she does !

  26. Family,

    Here is the free Newt speech:


    Thanks as always,


  27. Larry echoing the other great comments already posted , I wanted to jump up and shout YES to this post. Thank you for the summation of what many of us think but cannot put into words the way you do.

  28. wingman,

    Thanks for your kind words but I feel that just reading through the comments over here at NLTZ, EVERYONE can put their conservative thoughts into words just as well as I can.

    Thanks as always,


  29. Victor G. Crockett

    Newt was on it in SC, good for him! He seems to have the “fire in the belly to take it to Obama, we need that!!! The so-called media, right or left, are coming out hard against him. I believe that tells us something profound. Regardless of his faults, who doesn’t have a few, he is the “man of the times”!! As the picture painted by the media in 1980, Carter was ahead of Reagon by enormous margins well into Oct80! Reagon won via landslide, REMEMBER?????? We must focus on the “end result”, OBAMA MUST BE DEFEATED!!!!!!! Let the process work, stop backbiting between ourselves, consentrate on the true foe, BHO!!!!! May GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  30. Larry,

    What an excellent argument to not vote for the liberal elites.

    For those that don’t know, we in South Alabama had a bad electrical storm go through our area last Monday and we’ve been dealing with the return to normal. By Wednesday last week Alabama Power restored our electric but the phone and internet remain off. The phone and internet company just could not get their act together.

    My patience ran out and I went to Hughes net for internet service and so far (cross your fingers) everything is working well, I just need to buy a new router so that I can use my laptop instead of my tower computer (which runs very slow). We signed up for Vonage and we should get the equipment sometime this week. Let’s hope the changes work. I am behind on my profiles, though. The two Rick’s are done and I’ll forward them to Larry and try to fix the Newt file as well. What I need to know from you guys is do you want all the candidates or just the top five: Mitt, Newt, Ron, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, etc?

    Now onto this excellent essay/article. I tip my hat to you Larry. Your eloquent words, are music to our ears. You nailed every point and highlighted the problems and issues. What we need to do to take back our Country from those that deem to destroy. Wow!

    I’ve been thinking of designing a bumpersticker and found two or three from this article. The first is the images of the American flag, the Capitol and the White House and the words over that say… Take back the House, Take back the Senate and Take back the White House and Defend our Country. Then underneath ACCEPT NO ALTERNATIVES!!! Never give in, never give up and NEVER AGAIN!!! Then I’ll add Larry’s website address.

    I can do the Root for Newt and the Owebama, the One is Done!

    If you think that they are good, I’ll move forward and design them. Larry and JR , since they are your words I’ll forward the designs for your approval before forwarding them to the company.

    Larry I have about 10 inches of articles I printed out and/or copied out of books that I either borrowed from the Library or purchased on Owebama. I can put what I have together and forward that so you and include it with your findings. I just don’t want us to duplicate our efforts.

    One thing that is very sure in doing all this research is that there is no perfect candidate and there probably never will. Most of our politicians have a hint of corruption in their DNA. It goes with the territory I’m afraid. Money, sex and power.

    What I hate from the media is the double standard. It’s alright to go after Newt for HIS affairs but where were they when John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy and the rest of those horny bastards who preyed on the young and/or naive? Do you hear the crickets? They all had whisper of and/or even screams of infidelity in their past and a majority of the press looked the other way.

    I had an online argument with a liberal about John Ensign affair. She was outraged that he had an affair because he was a Republican. She accepted the Democrats who had affairs because it’s in their makeup but she couldn’t understand and was appalled that a Republican did the same thing. She said it was a hypocrisy. Money, sex and power go hand and hand. I am not naive to think that a Christian Republican couldn’t keep it in their pants and not overdose on the power they hold and the money they can get from that power and control.


  31. Eileen,

    First: thanks for your kind words.

    Second: You are free to do as you like with anything from NLTZ.

    The OWEbama “file” has to be huge, Solyndra and Fast and Furious ALONE have to be huge..

    I think that it is timw to start dissecting the rotting corpse of political liberalism. They have had four years. Nothing.

    I will vote for WHOMEVER the Repubs put up. Period. NOW we should begin trying to remind the “independents” just how badly they screwed up in 2008.

    They shouldn’t need this reminder..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.


  32. JJ,

    I think your thinking about Laura Ingraham who dated briefly Keith Olbermann. She was once engaged to conservative author Dinesh D’Souza. She also has dated former New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli (what was she thinking? That obvious loud mouth, yikes) .She was once engaged to businessman James V. Reyes, but that engaged ended when she got breast cancer.

    Ann Coulter dated Bob Guccione, Jr., and conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza(boy does he get around). In October 2007, she began dating Andrew Stein, the former president of the New York City Council, a liberal Democrat. That relationship ended sometime in 2008 or 2009. I haven’t heard anything on who she is dating now.

    Don’t know who Chris Matthews is dating or dated, nor do I care. For me to even be in the same room with him, he’d have to have duct tape on his mouth. I think he is married and for a long time. I don’t remember her name and really don’t care to look it up. He’s a scumbag.

    On to the Conservative show host for are also backing Romney, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh (although I found two articles that state he is for Newt and Mitt). I’m not familiar with all the conservative radio and cable show host. You give me a name and I’ll look up the information.

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday to Larry! Have a great and fun day!

  33. “Give a Hoot, Vote for Newt”. Happy birthday Larry, I just had mine also.



    See the big boys are spreading lies against Newt
    to be expected if they hate him then he is who we need

  35. Happy Birthday it would seem.

  36. Family,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, it’s the 28th, right around the corner.

    Thanks as always,


  37. Larry,

    Are you going to divulge your age ? 🙂

  38. Well, I thought since your birthday falls on a Saturday, I thought your wife (if I remember her name is Carmen?) might take you for a weekend retreat for your birthday. A spa day, sporting event, something special for your day. Have some fun and enjoy your day. We will still be here awaiting your next article. Happy Birthday!

  39. Let me add my Happy Birthday to the rest… I hope you are having a great day.
    I really like this post. It is uplifting and hopeful, unlike a lot of the stuff I’ve been reading lately about this primary’s possible results.
    I just hope that Newt has not imploded, although it doesn’t look too great. He has surely been off his stride this past week. That last debate was a real disappointment. It is hard to be positive today.

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