The Big Mistakes

Choose whichever you would prefer: the “Venezuelan Waterbug” or “Venezuela’s Mr. Potato Head”.. Either way, this “president” wants to “shake hands” with his “US counterpart” once both gain reelection.. (Breitbart dot com) Please keep in mind that BOTH will use the same tactics in an attempt to insure their respective reelections because they agree with each other in more than just underhanded election strategies..That’s right, Central America’s waterhead wants “good relations” with Washington. The reelection of OWEbama would surely guarantee such an outcome as complacency and appeasement are the diplomatic collectivist cornerstones of both OWEbama and his Manchurian Secretary of Statists who has proven to be the most ineffective and bumbling Secretary since Madeline Albright.. (Who also qualifies as having the most unwarranted sir name in history as well..)

NEVER has a Secretary of State had such an endless series of opportunities to advance democracy within the world and NEVER has a Secretary of State been such an invisible farce and a failure.. As the number of shadow incursions takes place, (none of which by the way, were voted on by Congress..) what should be the FOCUS of American-style democracy, the Middle East, is ignored.. The OWEbama/Rodham silence and inaction relative to the genuine crisis in Syria certainly borders upon the criminal.. As OWEbama surreptitiously sends American troops to Sudan, Uganda and the Congo, the crimes of Egypt and Syria go unanswered..

Chavez’ October election charade will be as comically corrupt as the OWEbama shampaign in November. (That is, once the Republicans finish trying to lacerate each other for OWEbama’s benefit..) Both will have scads of dead voters casting ballots, ballots of those who “disagree” will summarily disappear and cartoon characters will again make it to the ballot box in order to vote for these two cartoon characters..

One has to believe that Dhimmi Carter will make another appearance to “verify” Chavez’ reelection as the warty little liberal homunculus has been all about endorsing, encouraging and enabling America’s enemies since 1976 when he has found the time in-between building clapboard houses for America’s useless underclass of siphons and leeches..

“Hopefully we can shake hands again and talk and have better relations..” Note the word, “again”.. Who can forget their last “handshake” which also allowed the lumpy little weasel to bestow upon OWEbama, a “book” that allegedly chronicled Latin America’s “exploitation”..

This took place in May of 2009 at what was ridiculously called the “Summit of the America’s”. OWEbama and Chavez decided that as opposed to merely passing Marxist mash notes to each other and playing fascist footsie under the table, they should embrace and share a collectivist kiss for the assembled members of the supportive “impartial” media..

A REAL American president would NEVER have allowed such an insect to embarrass and humiliate both the office of the president and the United States of America in such a scurrilous and brazen manner. Such meekness has become expected of OWEbama and because it is expected, “leaders” like Chavez know that they can take advantage of it any time that they wish.

“Better relations”? What has happened to these “relations” within the four years of the OWEbama administration? How can these relations be anywhere near “strained” when they both agree on so many topics? What has happened within Venezuela in that time that would lead Chavez to say such a thing? Has the US been supplying any opposition forces intent upon dethroning the Cuban puppet with ANYTHING? Unfortunately, nothing of the sort can be reported..

What he means by “better relations” is a wholesale endorsement of Chavez’ socialist dogma and taking a look at OWEbama’s “historical” performance in America since 2009, I would say that that endorsement is in the works. Chavez needs to understand that Owebama has been very busy destroying America with the same socialist seriousness that Chavez has been applying in Venezuela..

Allegedly, there was a “diplomatic clash” involving “Venezuelan Consol” (another word for “spy” paid for by the hospitality of the American taxpayer..) Livia Acosta within the last two weeks. This socialist strumpet participated in an “Iranian plot to launch cyber attacks against the United States from Mexico while she was a diplomat stationed there.” We ALL know just how cozy the “relationship” is between Chavez and the “leader” of Iran.. These two have been collectivist cuddle buddies for years and this failed cyber crime has gone both unanswered and virtually unreported within the “impartial” media.. Still waiting to hear ANYTHING from OWEbama or Rodham about this matter.. OWEbama is too busy being quiet so that the “impartial” media can “report” on nothing more than the coming and goings of the Republicans as they plod through two thousand or so “debates”..

Chavez laughingly called the expulsion “unjust and abusive”.. This should have been an “arrest, detention and extermination”, so as always with the left, criminals of any and all stripes are getting off light..

What do you expect from an administration that likes to play “catch and release with Mooselim terrorists? What can we expect from a liberal administration that could only find ONE MEMBER that would vote to take out the Mooselim Spinach Chin? What can we expect from a liberal ethos that during the LAST liberal administration couldn’t find the nerve to take out Ol’ Spinach Chin on at least two separate occasions BEFORE his minions took out the Twin Towers, an administration that would rather have had the repulsive rug crawler taken before the imbeciles in The Hague so that the ACLU could DEFEND the Mooselim terrorist?

Certainly the BEST way to get a liberal administration and its lap dog liberal media to pay attention to your grievances which are only based in fantasy is to portray yourself as a “victim” of some kind.. Upping the ante on this humorous pity party, Chavez finished with “there were threats against them that created a real, serious and imminent danger”.. This should not be confused with the “real and imminent danger” of those who oppose Chavez in Venezuela as he has in the past, asked Colombian thugs (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC) to kill those that have opposed him.. Wouldn’t this be the actual definition of “unjust and abusive”?

Comedian Chavez has YET to provide ANY proof of HIS charges relative to some diplomat/prostitute.. His response was that the American State Department should do it for him. “They should have it, (the proof) it’s in their territory..” These “crimes” then became even more sinister.. “We have personal complaints of officials (spies) who say they have been insulted..” “Insulted”, now that will leave a mark.. “When they go to restaurants with their family, they have been recognized and assaulted..”

There is NO PROOF of ANY of this but Chavez has learned from the American liberals that PROOF isn’t necessary, all that is needed is the false allegation, the bigger the better, the more spectacular and unbelievable the better and the “impartial” liberal media will do the rest.. These fake allegations stand in stark opposition to Chavez’ opposition who are “assassinated” at his request by his Colombian “friends”..

Chavez still continues to amuse, “note that OWEbama said he would give importance to Latin America but he has not given it and that was one of the big mistakes..” Chavez hasn’t been paying much attention to what has been taking place in America since 2009, as this is but one of the thousands of “big mistakes” made by OWEbama..


12 responses to “The Big Mistakes

  1. Family,

    The link goes to the latest TOTD and it is vital to how NLTZ proceeds.. Take the time to vote with your words.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Carter’s work with Habitats for Humanity has been exemplary, and really shouldn’t be grist for scorn, folks. Building housing for the poor and homeless is an honourable calling, much more so than Dhimmi Carter’s post Presidential political activities. I’ve never understood why such a good, and decent man, would feel he has so much in common with brutal thugs and dictators like Chavez, Castro and other such. Does he feel it is his duty to try to enlighten such people, or is that deep down he agrees with them?

    Less of a mystery is Obama and Chavez, whom do have much in common. Given the chance, we know Obama will indulge his inner Moussilini, as his Venezualan counterpart has.

  3. While “Hugs” Chavez and our own “Master of Bows” Obama are planning their re-elections I have a plan to help them. One which, in the socialistic strabismic world, I think they will be “driven” to and we normal people will find the plan quite acceptable too.

    Consider this: In less than a year we will be electing a man for the office of The President of The United States of America. The person elected will be the president of ALL Americans, not just Democrats or Republicans.
    To show our solidarity as Americans, let’s all get together and show each other our support for the candidate of our choice.

    It’s time we come together, Democrats and Republicans alike for the common good of our country.

    If you support the policies and character of the Republican Party, please drive with your headlights on during the day.
    If you support the policies and character of Obama and the Democratic Party, please drive with your headlight off at night.

    Thank you for your cooperation…

  4. Jude O'Connor

    When we have an entire Congress stand and applaud the President of Mexico after he gave our Congress a scathing speech it sure makes me think we have one big job ahead of us come November.

  5. gsteel,

    I will more than question Carter being termed a “good and decent man” based upon his “post presidential political activities” alone.

    Carter DOES both empathise and sympathise with Castro, Chavez, etc. He has never missed the chance to do damage to America, much like Jesse Jackson. Carter, as a liberal is already “enlightened”, he agrees with them.

    He is and will continue to be a national disgrace, no matter how many hammers he picks up.

    Thanks as always,


  6. Joe,


    Besides, by keeping the lights off, maybe the left will be saving “energy”..

    Anything to get them to do it, my friend.

    Thanks as always,


  7. Jude,


    He probably had at least one “OWEbama Fast and Furious” gun in his pocket as well..

    Thanks as always,


  8. gsteelwraith,

    A snippet from the book ‘In The President’s Secret Service: Behind The Scenes With Agents In The Line Of Fire And The Presidents They Protect’ by Ronald Kessler about Carter;
    “A complete phony who protrayed one picture of himself to the public and a very different one in private, eg., would be shown carrying his own luggage, but the suitcases were always empty; he kept empty ones for photo ops. Wanted people to see him as pious and a non-drinker, but he and his family drank a lot. He had disdain for the Secret Service and was very irresponsible with the “football” nuclear codes. He didn’t think it was a big deal and would keep military aides at a distance.”

    Carter, though not as grandoise as Clinton did equal him in the damage done to our country. His so-called habitat for humanity is no more than a tax write off for him as I’ve yet to witness even one of the “inhabitants” voluntarilly working in building their home. No offense.

  9. How sad is it when we have to question the moral character of public officials and can do so only by the company they keep, because any paper trail of his family was conviently eaten by the dog? Venezuela is muc, much too close to the U.S. in the event of a war, which is where it will head if OWEbama loses the election. When words such as ‘radical’ and ‘tyrannical’ and other derogatory names associated with this embicile for three years, we begin to wonder if we will ever be free again. I’m not built for servitude nor bowing and scaping. And I don’t plan on learning!

  10. Joe,

    So, maybe Carter isn’t the complete idiot as many have believed – his Habitat is not just about trying to gain redemption !
    Owebama got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely NOTHING.
    Carter at least got signatures on a useless Peace Accord. Wonder how he feels about Owebama’s Nobel Prize . Not that it matters – just curious.

  11. Thanks Joe a book I haven’t read, I will have to visit the library sometime this week. My instincts tell me that the Clinton’s were probably the worse in the lot. I’ve heard some snippet of the derogatory comments made by Hillary about the damn Secret Service, But she has called the police a number of times with false alarms from the NY estate.

    I could never be a secret service agent when the people I’m suppose to protect disrespect me on a daily basis. I know the Obama’s don’t like them either. I wouldn’t take a bullet for anyone of those blowhards.

  12. The Clinton’s disdain for the Secret Service was rivaled only by their disdain for the Military… Refusing to ride in a car if the driver was in uniform and other stories I heard from Navy friends stationed in DC while I was in. I have no respect for either Carter or Clinton mostly because of their attitudes toward the military, regardless of their public persona. It is no surprise to me to hear the Carter was a huge phony… he is an “air theif”!

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