An Incentive

The liberal Democratic declared “War Upon America” has taken an intentional back seat to the “impartial” adversarial media’s obsession with the thousands of Republican “debates” and other diversions like “non-binding primaries”. (If they aren’t “binding, what is the use??) As these Republicans chip away at each other under the full glare of the media, OWEbama and his Bolshevik buddies CONTINUE to chip away at the middle class under the cover of darkness..

If the following headline shocks you, you have obviously been taken in by the overt obfuscation of the liberals and their fellow travelers of the “impartial” media.. “Dependency Index Shoots Up 23% Under Obama”. (news investors dot com) If the next statement surprises you, you’ve been sufficiently gulled by them as well: This is EXACTLY what OWEbama and the liberal Democrats wanted to “accomplish”..

The information within the article isn’t much better, depending upon your perspective. If you are a shiftless socialist Democratic failure, things have certainly become much brighter for you under the OWEbama experiment.. “The American public’s dependence on the federal government shot up 23% in just two years under OWEbama, with 67 million now relying on some federal program..” When that many people are “relying” on the liberal government, that means that that many people will in turn VOTE for a liberal government that has enslaved them along with those that have been properly shackled for generations..

“The increase under OWEbama is the biggest two-year jump since Dhimmi Carter was president..” Yet ANOTHER shocker.. Welcome Black Carter.. “The rise was driven mainly by increases in housing subsidies, an expansion in Medicaid (NOT Medicare which treats the elderly like the liberal liars like to claim..) and changes to the welfare system along with a sharp rise in food stamps..” These “dependence programs account for more than 70% of the federal budget..”

This goes a long way towards explaining the FACT that OWEbama and his socialist administration have NOT “created jobs”. They have been too busy rewarding the Marxist mendicants within their fascist fold.. This is further PROOF that government DOES NOT create jobs. Government, depending upon how many Democratic socialists are found within it or how many are attached like Bolshevik barnacles to its hull, either makes it easy or they make it hard for the private sector to do the “job creating”. The bottom line: the more Democrats present at any given time, the more difficult it is for the nation’s productive to continue to be productive..

THAT is why OWEbama trots about first claiming that he “saved or created jobs” and when he was cornered on that exaggeration, he transformed that howler into the myth of the even more vague “jobs supported”.. The ONLY “jobs” created by the OWEbama experiment were “jobs” within the liberal Behemoth governmental enterprise that were involved in fleecing the middle class in order to pay for his handouts to the liberal voting base of moochers and derelicts.

In 1962, this “governmental dependence” index stood at 10. Now under OWEbama and the liberal Democratic collectivists, it stands at 294.. This is just another of the truly “historic” achievements that the “impartial” media LEAVES OUT of their “impartial” swooning over OWEbama..

Let us not forget that these “recipients” DO NOT pay ANY taxes. “Almost half of Americans (49.5%) didn’t pay any income taxes in 2009..” Maybe we should amend that slightly.. A large number of OWEbama’s RICH friends didn’t pay any taxes either.. Take OWEbama’s buddy Jeffrey Immelt, who now is part of some “outside panel of economic advisers”. He used to be the boss at GE and GE didn’t pay any taxes either.. I guess the smelly Soros sponsored “Occupy” simians missed this when they were targeting the alleged “1%”..

The beneficiaries of the liberal’s redistribution progressive Ponzi scheme, the recipients of the middle class’ forced separation from their income at the dirty hands of the Democrats don’t pay any taxes. Period.

“The number of people dependent on the federal government shot up 7.5% in the last two years..” This was the avowed goal of the OWEbama nonsense as this almost assures that there are now another 7.5% of voters who will be casting numerous ballots on behalf of their progressive plantation owners..

That said, if you RELY solely upon the government for your sustenance, you should automatically forfeit your “right” to vote, period.. You contribute NOTHING, you vote only to REWARD YOURSELF. Don’t like it? Get a job start paying the taxes that you avoid due to your sloth and only then will your opinion or your vote count for anything.

“In 2010, for the first time ever, average spending on dependence programs per recipient exceeded the country’s per capita disposable income..” AGAIN, yet another unreported “historic” OWEbama accomplishment.. Whatever is left of the nation’s “disposable income” has been rounded up by the liberals in Washington for its redistribution to the Democratic voter base.. The rest has gone to “bailout” OWEbama’s rich buddies, the “ones who got us into this mess”..

The whiners and the excuse makers for the fascists like to pule that this is “merely a reflection of the deep and long recession..” None of these imbeciles have an answer for this: “the index shot up 8% in 2010, a year when the economy grew by 3%..” Trying to remember, who was in charge of the government in 2010? Besides, the “deep and long recession” was not only formulated, “enabled and empowered” as the liberals like to say, by the Democratic House and Senate years before, it was exacerbated by the addition of their fifth columnist community organizer from Illinois in early 2009..

Former OWEbama “economic advisor” (Great job, Lar.. “Mission Accomplished”) and former Harvard misogynist Larry Summers said in the “1999 Concise Encyclopedia of Economics” that “government assistance programs contribute to long-term unemployment by providing incentive and the means not to work..” Quite “concise” indeed.. Of course, once you become part of the liberal governmental machine it is mandatory for you to jettison any and all common sense or “concise” economic theories in favor of the inbred socialism of the left..

The “incentive” for the liberals to utilize this carcinogenic “incentive” is the perpetuation of their perpetually addicted voter base. When you are addicted to the liberal handout governmental cash cow, NO ONE ELSE can or will give you what THEY have given you or more importantly, what they PROMISE to give you once election time rolls around.. Not only do they “promise” you but they remind you of what the “evil” opposition will TAKE AWAY from you if the opposition is placed into office..

“An incentive”? As with EVERY other liberal Democratic “idea”, what ends up as a “win-win” for the demented denizens of the left ends up as a “lose-lose” for the REST of America..


10 responses to “An Incentive

  1. The average benefit of a person on the dole is approx. $36,000.00

    The average income of the average worker is approx. $34,000.00

    Is there any incentive for those in the first group to get a job ? Hell NO !

    Any guesses as to what happens when that first group is more than 50% of the voting bloc , and votes themselves more bennies ??

    Apparently they have no clue as to what is happening to the Socialist countries in Europe ! As noted in prior posts — Stupid Voters .

  2. Even if we managed to get enough REAL conservatives in Congress to pass legislation (ummm-maybe?) AND someone in the White House that won’t veto it (ummm-sort of doubtful at this point), to make real changes to the entitlement system – including Soc Sec, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment, Food Stamps, etc. etc. etc. – it is highly likely that this 50% is going to hit the streets in civil unrest like they did in Greece. I see another Civil War in the making. We are collecting guns, ammo, food and toilet paper at our house…..Lock and load.

  3. And to make it even more harsh, those with the $36,000.00 are not taxed, whereas the one’s earning the $34,000.00 have to pay taxes for themselves and all the leeches in the first group.

    As I was reading the article, I couldn’t help thinking how the libbers change the wording of anything they say from one speech to the next. They are still beating the dead horse, just changing the wording so it isn’t clear what is happening.

  4. You need a thumbs up marker at the top of your articles. Loved and agree to this article and ‘liked’ comments also. Great Job–well done. Keep up the good work.

  5. Richard,

    Actually, if you stop to think about it and considering the liberal’s chosen icon for their party, “they are beating a dead ass.

    “An Incentive?” With the figure now it means 1 in 5 Americans are suckling off the goverment’s teat…our taxes. What’s the liberal’s incentive, 2 in 5?!

  6. Family,

    The latest TOTD: click the link..

    Thanks as always,


  7. The Deputy Dictator in the WH , Moosehele, has ruled that the Military must eat more fruits and vegetables. With a butt the size of Texas, she is also a hypocrite. Does the term ” do as I say , not as I do ” apply here ?

    Remember the garden that she “planted ” at the WH last year – any bets as to how often she re-visited that ” garden ” to weed, water, and harvest the veggies ? I’m willing to bet the ranch that the number was LESS than ten . Any takers ?

  8. On a side note, when a Justice on the SCOTUS, believes that our Constitution is not worthy to be an example for another country , should any red flags be raised ? Is it time for a change in the process of selecting these justices ? Just a thought .

  9. JJ,

    Please.. These are the liberals, what other color flag would be raised?

    Thanks as always,


  10. Larry,

    I would like to see the Libs raise the white flag, as in ‘surrender’, and have them give up their destructiveness, before this country fails altogether.

    Their love of deficits and socialist ideals is destroying us. Willful destruction of our economy should be considered an act of treason, and punished accordingly.

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