Mitt Happens..

This is 2008 all over again.. As a matter of fact, this is 1980 all over again.. Lets take a look back over our shoulders for a moment..

Lets start with 1980. ANYBODY could have whipped the liberal homunculus Dhimmi Carter. His pitiful record of Bolshevik bumbling, a record that up until very recently, was the most disgraceful ever produced by a president in a single term.. However, even though ANYONE could have defeated Carter, it was incredibly important for the Republicans to put someone into the Presidency that was going to actually “right” the wrongs perpetrated by the totalitarian traitor.. This was a situation where a “lesser of two evils” presidential campaign would have caused about as much damage as the unimaginable continuation of that which preceded it..

The stage was perfectly set for Ronald Reagan who had tested the waters in 1968 and then taken a hard run at Gerald Ford in 1976. Fate placed this great man into the right place to overturn the fascist follies of Carter.. Due to the deep principles held by Reagan, conservatism stepped in and saved America and the world when both desperately needed saving..

Now we move to 2008. The “impartial” adversarial media had conducted a war upon George Bush that was embarrassingly obvious to everyone including the politically unobservant. (As a sidebar, how can anyone actually be classified as “politically unobservant” any longer since the government INTENTIONALLY INTRUDES into nearly EVERY aspect of an American’s life and most importantly, since the government physically takes away large sums of the income that the “politically unobservant” have earned?)

With both houses of Congress under Democratic control since 2006, Bush was simply a marked man, intentionally targeted by a myriad of liberals with more than a few axes to grind. With the stage thus set, ANYONE who was a Democrat could have won in 2008 after the merciless Marxist massacre of progressive propaganda leading up to it. The proof? The “winner” of the 2008 election was an inexperienced community organizer with more skeletons in his collectivist closet than even the housewife with “thirty-five years of political experience” that he had defeated for his party’s nonsensical nomination..

Now we move to 2012.. It would appear that based upon the facts, ANYONE who is a Republican should be able to soundly defeat the “historic” record of Democratic debt, deficits and defaults.. Scandal after scandal, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, a secretive Health Scare Scam that will punish the middle class for generations to come.. A list of abject failures so long that he has actually made Carter look like an absolute political piker..

The stage is set for the next Reagan.. Instead it seems that the candidate to face the forlorn fascist is another McCain without the heroism.. Another Mondale without the bags under his eyes.. We are again faced with another situation where a “lesser of two evils” campaign is not sufficient. The problems INTENTIONALLY created by the Democrats will not simply “go away” even if the Democrats do.. Firm and definitive counter-measures need to be implemented in order to fix what has been destroyed by the Democrats..

It is hard to believe that since 2009, the Republicans haven’t been working to both discover and then convince someone with Reagan-esque principles and fortitude to step forward to AGAIN save the nation from the failed liberalism of Carter/OWEbama caliphate.. If they HAVE been working since 2009 to find someone, what does that tell us about the caliber of the people who are now engaged in the “business” of politics?

There is no Republican in the wings like there was in 1980 when ANY Republican could have defeated the ridiculous Carter.. Luckily for the WORLD that “anybody” was Ronald Reagan.. In 2012, the scenario is playing out even darker (no pun intended.. Well, maybe..) and in what should be a ridiculous cake walk, AT BEST this will go down to the wire.

The bad news is that when elections “go down to the wire”, the Democrats always find thousands of “mystery votes” cast by the deceased, cartoon mice and entire football teams.. As well, they do their level best to discard the legitimate votes of legitimate voters who DON’T vote Democratic.. Watch for their histrionic screeches of “voter irregularities” that ALWAYS seem to crop up ONLY in the important “swing” states like Ohio and Florida.. The left will blame the ballots, the voting machines, ANYTHING that will allow them to have allegedly “impartial” arbitrators to become involved.. When that fails, they will dust off the “Al Gore International Embarrassment Manual” printed after the election LOSS of 2000.. It will afford the left another opportunity for them to trot out the hijinks of heresy..

The media “silence” in relation to Willard will all come to a screeching halt once it appears that he has broken clear of the field. In an age where the effects of rampant liberalism have punished the nation and the world, I can’t believe that there isn’t someone capable of doing the conservative broken field running that America desperately needs.

Even though 1979 was horrible, 2012 stacks up to be even worse and this should be an open door for the conservative ethos but no one seems to want to hold the flambeau.. Politics has now cheapened itself by hysterically acting as though they will please everyone.. The idea of political moral absolutism has vanished only to be replaced by the hand wringing and vacillation of weakness. They are no longer politicians who at least CLAIM to be looking out for their constituents, they are now amateur thespians who rely upon the words written by others that roll before them on the teleprompter.. In the end we will hold our nose and vote for Willard..

Without a distinctly Republican House and Senate at his disposal, without a cabinet of confirmed and rock-ribbed conservatives, I have no idea what is in store for us. Rest somewhat assured that if OWEbama steals another election, we KNOW what is in store for us.. In only ONE of the previously mentioned political situations, there was someone braced to effectively make a difference when the situation called for a distinct difference to be made.

It is certainly a “sign” when the opposition has to choose between a power-hungry inexperienced ex-president’s wife and an inexperienced community organizer and it is even a more dismal sign when one of those two actually manages to defeat the Republicans..

What has happened to “dynamic” political leadership regardless of the political party? Where have all the Daniel Patrick Moynihans, the Barry Goldwaters, and the Ronald Reagans gone? Will there EVER be another Democrat like Zell Miller? Are political principles extinct? What happens when the “talent pool” becomes so watered down, so thinned out?

Mitt happens..


11 responses to “Mitt Happens..

  1. It is actually easier to see why the Republicans haven’t been looking for the next Raegan, because they have been engaged at infighting and snubbing the Tea Party. The House of Representative may have a majority, but it is only on paper. We have a speaker who is a RINO and so introverted and scared, nothing positive is being done. He is folding every time a Democrap says Boo! He starts to be strong but ends up walking the line for the D’s.

  2. Its becoming more and more obvious to me just how ill-equipped this cast of losers truly is. The reason Romney hasn’t gelled with conservatives is because he is so phony. After seeing this nation bamboozled by the poor man’s Richard Pryor act we got saddled with, we do not want to be responsible for perpetrating an even worse fraud. In Romney we have ‘Obama White’, and he just won’t pass the smell test. Santorum has some nice points, but he is too soft by half on the subject of the “Enemy Within” (also known as illegal aliens). While Ron Paul as fiscal ideas well worth pursuing (disbanding the Fed, for starters), his social issues and foreign policy will ensure he won’t get a seat at the table, let alone the nod. This leaves Gingrich whom is simply unelectable courtesy of all the baggage he brings.

    We need a new candidate. Period. While the talk of a Constitution Party and such sounds great, political reality states quite clearly a third party will mean President-For-Life Baby Doc Obama.will win. We conservatives need to find and draft a new candidate, and push for a brokered convention. The Republican Establishment must be told in no uncertain terms that their man is an unfit candidate, and unless they don’t want our votes, and, more importantly, our campaign contributions they’d better find somebody else fast.

  3. Hello All,

    I couldn’t agree with Richard more. The House speader and his cadre have done nothing to the Tea Party except denigrate them and side with the Democrats. I have been reading about how they are trying to intimidate the newer members and have been leaving them out of the committees. The RINO’s should be afraid. Especially John Boehner. Everytime I hear he is embroiled in an issue with the Democrats, I start a mental countdown until he caves. What a punk!

    I am not a fan of Mitt. Period. I will tolerate voting for Newt and I like Santorum more than either. I can put up with the illegal immigrant question until this mess Obummer has created has some steps made to clean it up.

    It seems to me that we need to send the Republican Establishment a message by voting in more Tea Party candidates and hopefully obtain a reasonable majority in the House as well as the Senate. I will celabrate hard when Harry Reed is no longer the Senate majority leader.

    b.t.w. I know this sounds conspiritorial (I am a bit of a nut like this), but watch out for Obama wanting to declare any martial law getting near November. I wouldn’t put it past this administration to do anything to hold on to power. They will raise the rhetoric and then blame Conservatives (Tea Party) folks as somehow causing an uprising that has to be put down before we can be allowed to vote. Man I hate this guy!

    Well, well, how I have gone on, lol.

    “til next time,



    Is peace really that easy?

  4. Alabama Redneck

    Larry, you are so right. The Republican party is nothing but a bunch of wimps looking to stay in office with all the lucrative perks. Their total rejection of the Tea Party (which isn’t actually a ‘party’) just shows how stupid they have really become. If they had embraced the TP and their ideals when it first formed in 2010 and stood their ground after the 2010 elections, we may have had a reay leader. They let the MSM and WH control the entire agenda and caved in on just about everything with their compromising.

    I agree with Richard above that the house majority is only on paper and they still don’t want to listen to the tea party members,

    If we have to go down this November let us at least go down with our heads held high. NO Romney, NO Santorum, NO Gingrich and NO Paul. I vote for Sarah.

  5. Infidel Mohammed

    Redneck, but Gingrich and Santorum are the Tea Party. More important is to take majority in Senate and House, then the Presidency. while Obama, african’s have postponed riots and are getting fatter.

  6. PUULLEEEZZE! I was watching as the Wicked Witch of the West rather reluctantly passed the gavel of Speaker of the House over and at no time did I see the handle or the head of it strike him in the nuts, yet bring out the tissues!, as we had a weeper on our hands for our new “strong” leadership. Now if the man had just hit Pelosi square between the eyes with the thing and was crying out of long pent up relief, I could understand it. But just being handed a piece of wood, I don’t think so, the boy has got something more than just office title in mind.

    As this whole thing with the Republican candidates drags on, I’ve had the feeling for quite some time now that the GOP is looking for the “clean, well spoken and charasmatic white boy” they can put against Owebama. The liberals are all in favor of this because it could help assure another term for Owebama and the ‘impartial’ MSM is certainly aiding it by vehemently and doggedly attacking those of the early republican field that they felt posed any signifincant threat to.

    This is all being helped by dear ol’ Mitt, a true blue blowhard and liar as Owebama is. The more the first followers of his are finding out about him the less they like of him and with good reason. He’s not a conservative by any means, never has been and, if elected, never will be.

  7. Larry,

    It is curious isn’t it? The number of skeletons compared between an ‘organizer’ and a ‘housewife’? With Owebama’s association with Ayer’s, “God-damn America” Wright and even at that time questionable nationality it would be enough to bury any presidential candidate. Now ‘wifey’ Clinton had a few of her own bones, hubby had even more most of them ‘blow dried’, but the question comes to mind here that the Ciintons are wealthy, it took even more wealth to push Owebama ahead of them. Where did it come from and why hasn’t it been fully exposed?

  8. beyond disgusted

    It would seem that the Republican establishment not only has no desire to win, but has a death wish as well. Our attempts to change the Republican party in 2010 from within have failed thus far. Sadly, this election, if we have one, will be between the makers & the takers, & under Owebama the takers have made significant gains.

  9. George Soros said recently when asked about Romney, that either Obama or Romeny would be alright. That confirms to me that Romney is as progressive as Owebummer. Romney comes off insincere and lame. He says he will ‘Fix” things, never says ,”How” he will do this. He only says he is a business man. All of the candidates need to tell us their plan for doing all of this and get off the negative band wagon. I get sad thinking about it all.

  10. Let’s face it – politics is ‘dirty’ business. However,as we know, we need people in the politcal arena. The obvious requirement is to find good, honest, dedicated individuals to do the job. Therein lies the dilemma.
    How many good , qualified individuals would want to subject themselves, and their families to the excessive scrutiny and ‘dirt’ digging that , unfortunately comes with the territory ?

    That having been said, why then would someone decide to run for office, espeially that of the POTUS ? Is that person a true Patriot, who wants to give their all for the absolute good of our country and it’s citizens OR, are there ulterior motives at play ?

    That brings us to the current crop of GOP candidates , and which one is the best choice to defeat Owebama. After all the mud-slinging, statements taken out of context, half truths, etc. – who is the best ?

    I don’t know. It’s a question of real strengths vs real weaknesses , not those manufactured by the Owebama media.

    For the time being, apparently, the ‘show must go on ‘ .


    I have read and reread all the posts here and
    want to state that the current occupant of the
    White House should be the most vulnerable
    since Carter so that anyone nominated can
    beat this guy The MSMis not with us and never
    will be but the avenues of communication have
    changed and if we get off our duffs and work hard
    to show people that the doers need there support
    to save this nation it can happen
    We must think positive and not let the con men
    spread the word that we are weak



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