With a Republican “field” that has yet to define itself or even its message, OWEbama and his marionettes haven’t had much to do of late other than campaigning (actually FUNDRAISING) across the country on the taxpayers dime.. Air Farce One keeps jetting off to fundraiser after fundraiser, mysteriously financed by the taxpayers as the collectivist kitty keeps growing and the “impartial” media is completely silent.. As they rake in the Bolshevik bucks, the leftists are all using their enormous brain power to come up with another “slogan” for OWEbama..

According to Reuters, (“RPT-Obama’s slogan: looking to replace Hope and Change”) the liberals appear stymied. For the mildly observant, the Republican “slogan” might have just appeared with the headline of the story, “Looking to replace Hope and Change..” Since I am feeling generous today, I would like to forward a few options for the fellow travelers.. How about the “Continuing The March Towards Marxism”? How about “Mao-Maoing The Nation Since 2009”.. What about, “It Was Somebody, ANYBODY Else’s Fault But Mine..” What about, “I Was Shopping With My Wife In Europe.. No, Playing Golf.. No, Playing Basketball.. It Wasn’t None Of Me..”

Within the infantile world of the left, the ONLY thing of consequence is a “slogan”. Just a few words.. Just a few words will effectively cover up the billions of “words” within the liberal legislation that not only has “gotten us into this mess” but has effectively prolonged and punished the productive which has been the avowed goal of the socialist left since it was practiced by the Democrats Communist heroes in Russia..

Words are weapons to the left. They are weapons of “mass distraction” or when directed at the liberal urchins, they are weapons of “ASS distraction”.. Statistics, or as they are known when utilized by the liberals, “convenient” or IMAGINARY statistics, are their IED’s.. Just a few words are all that the true believers of the fifth column need to properly corral their chattel.. Actually, the liberal voting base of moochers and mendicants doesn’t even need a WORD, they just need to see the letter “D” on the ballot.. Thus the absolute importance of a “slogan” to the elitist liberals and their immediate goal of diversion and deflection for everyone else..

Words are also very important to the liberal elitists because as a liberal elitist, they are much smarter than everyone else is and that includes their own voter base. They blatantly patronize the lowest classes with their “promises” to continue their class warfare upon their betters on their behalf. They “excuse” their failures by blaming the few Republicans left in Washington. They “project” their own hatred, bias and discrimination upon anyone slow enough to be caught up in the tornado of totalitarian sewage.. Given enough words, the liberals believe that they can con anyone into believing anything and based upon the results of the 2008 election, they may just be right..

The old “change we can believe in” of 2008, the one that “launched” a socialist inexperienced community organizer into the highest office in the land, needs to be replaced. (Actually, both the idiotic slogan and the community organizer need to be replaced..) The intentionally vague gibberish of 2008, the Marxist material inflated with the nostrums of nonsense, the fascist fairy tales and the Bolshevik blankets of baloney have to be replaced with the necessary DIVERSION from the “historic” record of the past four years.. OWEbama will prove that it is much harder to run AWAY from your record than it is to create one out of thin air..

They have considered using “winning the future” which was the flotsam they floated while trying to promote their “budget”. You know, the one with RECORD debt, deficits and defaults attached to it.. The one that saddles each and every family in America with over $70,000.00 in debts and that total just went UP as you read those words..

Also they have tabled “greater together” which has been their “youth outreach effort”. The “youth” need to actually pay attention BEFORE they start paying taxes as OWEbama and his Health Scare Scam ALONE will burden them and THEIR children for decades to come..

This new slogan “will have to reflect a new reality..” Actually, it will have to DEFLECT the “new reality” of OWEbamanomics, the economy created by a group of people that have NO IDEA how to pay their own taxes..

“OWEbama is no longer a Washington outsider.. Unemployment is still high and economic insecurity for many voters is a huge concern that a simple slogan cannot overcome..” The author appears to overestimate the capacity for the “independents” to be swayed by a cool bumper sticker.. Stuffy statistical stuff like “unemployment” and “economic insecurity” can be quashed with a slick slogan and the “impartial” media are also ready to lend their “impartial” hand in the liberal election efforts of the Democrat’s Dear Leader..

Noting the hypnotic effects that liberalism has over the mentally malleable, just listen to the words used by OWEbama at a California “fundraiser” (see, I told you..) earlier this week.. “As hard as these last three years have been, don’t underestimate the changes we’ve made..”

If the world were steeped in REALITY, those words would be ALL that ANY opponent would EVER have to say and the liberal lunacy would be given the heave ho in November.. Just replace “we’ve” with “they’ve” and the job should be done. His FAILURE has made these “last three years as hard as they have been”!

The whole “your shoes untied” piffle isn’t directed at the smelly socialist base, they are sufficiently addicted to the handout mentality that has been progressively pasteurized for generations.. It is actually meant for the “independents”. Before you give these “independents” too much credit for possessing the power of critical thinking, this is the exact type of buncombe that they fell for in 2008 so there is nothing that says that they won’t fall for it again in 2012..

“In his (imaginary) state of the union address, OWEbama also played up the issue of economic fairness..” This is NOT an “issue”, this is an IDEA, an idea hatched within the polluted terra infirma of the perverted progressive mind. “Economic fairness” is NOTHING MORE than socialist redistribution from those that produce to those that do not and never will..

Allen Adamson a “marketing firm director” says, “owning ‘fairness’ is a powerful idea, you have to define fairness for who..” Exactly.. The liberals think that they OWN “fairness” and what they own is THEIR carcinogenic configuration of “fairness” which has NOTHING AT ALL to do with “fairness”.. When the liberals start talking about “fairness” all that they want to do is REWARD their lemmings.

Example: “Discrimination”. When the left heaves this stinking carcass out onto the stage, their answer is REVERSE discrimination or as they like to call it, “affirmative action”.. The left ELIMINATES the “equality of opportunity” and replaces it with gender/race set asides that ARE NOT based upon qualifications, they are based upon APPEARANCE ALONE. So much for the idea of NOT being judged by the color of your skin but by the content of your character.. I keep forgetting that the left only wants to use SOME of the message from Dr. King..

David Axelrod, OWEbama shill and visual stand in for Emmett “Doc” Brown from “Back to the Future”, can’t seem to get away from the halcyon days of old, “this election is also about hope and about change..” Lets investigate..

If ANYTHING that OWEbama and the collectivist caliphate had done since 2009 been anything remotely successful (from an American point of view, that is..) why would this election be about “change”? Being that the liberal Democratic Marxist mission hasn’t completely succeeded in toppling America, from THEIR perspective they still have “change” yet to make.. Based upon their RECORD of “accomplishment” since 2009, exactly what did they “hope” to do that they haven’t done?

“We’ve got a lot of challenges.. We’re going to work our way through this moment.. But that will require change..” In their order of appearance: these “challenges” have been constructed by the Democrats, this “moment” has been at LEAST six years in the making, (the time when BOTH Houses of Congress were decidedly LIBERAL) and the RIGHTING of America will certainly require “change”..

“Changes that we have to continue..” That was Axelrod’s contribution.. “Changes that we have to END”.. That is my contribution..


11 responses to “Words

  1. “Hope and Change” seems to have been the shiniest apple on the presidential campaign tree. Drawing millions of mindless minions interested in the hope of the government changing their lives for the better for them. From the ignorant inner-city no-sweat for pay to those who continuously see this world in a bi-shaded prism of black and white. Their actions guided solely by their thoughts that all are racists or bigots.
    In Owebama’s search for a new slogan, ‘Let me be clear’, I can’t think of a better one to top the present one than “Free money for everyone!”
    Think about it. It’s short, easily remembered and repeatable and it’s sure to draw the same crowd he did before if not more. Probably more Republicans, Conservatives and, what the heck, more dead people too!! Hell, he doesn’t have to make good on the promise any more than he did on the “Hope and Change” so why should he care, he hasn’t cared about America in anything he’s done in the presidency thus far!

    What really ticks me off is at the bottom of my IRS form, they ask if I want to contribute to Owebama’s campaign fund. Well hell yes I do. NOT! Last I heard he had some where around a billion dollar campaign chest and I’m pretty damned sure he didn’t get that by going from bar to bar selling roses.
    How is that legal?

  2. Joe,

    Since you found this at the bottom of your tax forms, the Democrats will never see it because, as the entire OWEbama cabinet and Charlie Rangel can attest, they don’t pay taxes..

    They would have never known if you hadn’t told them..

    Thanks as always,


  3. If there is one word which needs to be cast in Titanium for this coming election, I would say the word would be FAIR and if we want a second work, how about HONEST!I I admit it without questioning – every word uttered by a Liberal is totally one hundred per cent suspect to me. I have to check before I swallow.

    I would ask the Republicans to openly name all the tax cheats in governemnt jobs, showing their pay and benefits and their taxes due for what year(s). Then formally give them 90 days to pay up fully or resign,

  4. The ‘solution ‘ to the “word ” problem – throw away the Liberal Dictionary, and mandate the usage of only one , namely Webster’s.

    FAIR and FAIRNESS are now Liberal code words . A Liberal who cheats on taxes , according to the Liberal dictionary is not a tax cheat, but merely one who has ‘forgotten’ to report income.

    Also, a ‘ deadline ‘ for a Liberal ( think Eric Holder ) is not a set day and time , but rather ” infinity ” .

    Therefore, until the Liberal Dictionary is eliminated, progress will be stalled.

  5. That’s why they are having such a time coming up with a slogan… they have changed the meaning of so many words now that there aren’t many left that “everyone” understnands and wil use in the same way.

    Oh, and Joe…you ask how the billion dollar war chest became legal? Look to that stupid “campaign finance reform” bill that was written by McCain and Feingold a few years back… When the unconstitutional part was taken out by SCOTUS all that was left was the stupid part which is what we are stuck with now. All of the Democats wailing and whining is only because they no longer have a stranglehold on the free speech rights of organizations like the NRA, Right-to-life, and any other conservative group. The left-controlled media don’t hold all of the cards any more, but, there are now no limits on what people can contribute (anonymously) to PAC’s and 527’s.

  6. Speaking of definitions – if you wanted a concise definition of Affirmative Action , or an classic example of Affirmative Action, or the destructive results of Affirmation Action, would the answer to all of the above be . . . . . . . Barack Huessein Obama ??

  7. T,

    It wasn’t his billion dollar campaign war chest I was questioning the legality of although quite rightfully it should be. What I was asking was how is it legal to use IRS forms in asking for donations to his campaign? I seem to remember something about there being a law prohibiting the president and/or possibly any congress person from soliciting funds for his/her campaign purposes in or on Federal property. The IRS forms are official government property making the solicitation for Owebama’s campaign ON government property. To my mind, therefore, such illicit begging of the paltry president should be deemed illegal.
    Thank God I’ll only have to look at the question one more time as I write
    $0.00 in large magic marker numbers before I hand it over to my accountant!

  8. JJ,

    Here’s another definition for everyone: Ineptocracy; (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy)
    – A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least liable to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    This word has brought a ray of light to my day and at the same time a tear to my eye. For every time I hear the “Onyx Oaf” Obama mention ‘share the wealth, our country’s future is crystal clear unless we establish common sense in Washinton again..

  9. Family,

    For those interested, the latest TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  10. Joe,

    Ineptocracy – you nailed it. Spot on !!

    BTW, is there a term for the current phase that we are in, namely the period prior to becoming a total ” Ineptocracy ” ? Just a thought.

  11. Has anyone wondered why the networks that support Owebama are advertising on FOX ? Even Al Bore’s network , Current TV, is doing it . Are they trying to convert FOX viewers to Liberalism, or are they trying to take advantage of the large FOX viewership, or are they so desparate that they’ll advertise anywhere ? Might be a combination of all three, since afterall, they want their boy to win in Nov. Some might even say that it is imperative for their boy to win in Nov . I might agree !

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