Normal Business Practices

As the “impartial” media tries to spin your attention to such comical things as smoldering “books” in Afghanistan, if you look hard enough, yet ANOTHER OWEbama miscue has managed to mysteriously slip through the “mainstream media” network cracks..

Just TWO DAYS AGO, “several” of the “nearly two dozen employees at bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra who were approved for bonuses Wednesday had months earlier received pay raises as high as 70 percent..” (“Bonuses given after raises at Solyndra” Washington Times) I am willing to wager that this is the first that you have heard of this..

“Attorneys” argued that “the extra cash is needed to keep key employees from fleeing only to be replaced by more expensive outside consultants..” These employees are only “fleeing” in order to keep from being locked up by the authorities..

Since OWEbama’s “historic” “Kevorkian Jobs Plan” instituted since 2009 which has led to the PERMANENT loss of millions of American jobs, why would this “attorney” assume that replacements would be “more expensive”? If these “jobs” of those who would “flee” were up for grabs, how many applicants who are now unemployed due to OWEbama “historic” double-digit unemployment would show up and how many would probably take LESS money to run the company even further into the ground like their well compensated predecessors? As well, since these are the “people who got Solyndra into this mess”, WHY ARE THEY STILL THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

These “attorneys” say that without this cash infusion these workers have “little incentive to stay”.. A bankrupt company that has been kept afloat by the OWEbama redistribution of millions of middle class tax dollars, with what sounds like more on the way, I’d call that MORE than an “incentive to stay”.. It’s quite obvious that positive results or profits aren’t necessary when it comes to “certain businesses” under the OWEbama caliphate..

“Shocking” is what bankruptcy Judge Mary Walrath called the LACK of “disclosure” of the fact that Solyndra execs got not only salary increases but now they are after these bonuses as well, this AFTER this “green” OWEbama scam stole multiple millions of middle class tax dollars. It was so “shocking” to Walrath that she APPROVED THE BONUSES.. I wonder which judge will be next in line for the Court of Appeals?

This is ALL of OWEbama’s doing but how did OWEbama react to the bonuses awarded to the members of AIG, a company that ISN’T bankrupt.. (Please keep in mind that OWEbama voted FOR the AIG bailout while he was a Senator, one of the few votes that he actually cast.. Hey, doesn’t that sound all too familiar? “I voted for the War before I voted against it”..)

Listen to the puling progressive: “It’s hard to understand how derivative traders at AIG warranted any bonuses, how do they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat?” (New York Times 03/16/2009) Wow, he has gone from “outrage” over bonuses for AIG to the “endorsement” of the rewarding of these “1%ers” from Solyndra.. Why else would OWEbama want to “reward” this idiot “green scheme”?

According to yet another attorney, “insiders” like one George Kaiser stand to continue to benefit from OWEbama’s Bolshevik benevolence in relation to this failed experiment in junk environmental “science” that is Solyndra.. Who is George Kaiser? He “was a fundraiser for OWEbama during the 2008 presidential campaign..” NOW it all makes sense..

Yes a myriad of posturing potentates in the House and Senate all fell over each other trying to get before the CSPAN cameras to rail against the AIG bonuses back in the day.. Where is all of their thespian “outrage” now that this “green” scam is still rewarding these Solyndra “employees” with even MORE taxpayer “green”? AIG was cast as “corporate fat cats”, Solyndra is trying to help the “environment”, so therein lies (literally..) the difference..

Even Back Door Barney Frank said that the bonuses for AIG were nothing more than “rewarding incompetence”.. (Bloomberg Business Week “Off with their heads, samples of AIG outrage”) This isn’t anything remotely resembling “news” to Barney, he oversaw the rewarding of “incompetence” over at Fannie and Freddie especially when one of his “not-so life partners” was one Herb Moses who was the head of Fannie while he was laying like spoons with Bend Over Barney..

These “employees” need this tax money because they have “taken on many new responsibilities”.. It would be obvious to conclude that keeping the company SOLVENT WASN’T one of these “responsibilities” and for that rampant incompetence, OWEbama wants to again “reward” these employees of a completely failed company..

Speaking of “responsibilities”, OWEbama’s “Justice Department” “filed no opposition to the request” for these bonuses to be paid to these business failures.. That was because Holder and Company were too busy doing a “Sandy Berger” kind of document shredding relative to the OWEbama “Fast and Furious” SCANDAL while all of this was going on so very quietly behind the socialist scenes..

The “reorganization officer”, one R. Todd Neilson “testified that the bonus plan was his idea”. This was AFTER Solyndra “Executive Vice President” Ben Bierman “quit” to take another job.. He was either smart enough to want to leave a sinking socialist ship or he just managed to purge all of his files and destroy all of the evidence implicating him in this OWEbama unreported scandal faster than any of the other “executives”..

The biggest difference between the AIG bonuses and these Solyndra bonuses and raises is that the AIG executives were under a legal contact and these raises and bonuses being bestowed to the Solyndra/OWEbama minions were recommended in order to keep those that should have been fired and jailed from “fleeing”..

Where are the smelly Soros sponsored “Occupy” rodents? Aren’t these Solyndra “1%-ers” supposed to be “protested” against like the Wall Street executives? It’s not about “money”, this is liberalism so all that really matters is WHO has the money.. By the way, this so called “occupy movement” has filed to become a PAC.. It was always about “politics”, LIBERAL politics..

Neilson was asked “if he thought about seeking court approval for the pay raises”.. He said the decision “varies on a case by case basis”.. This is kind of similar to the “case by case” basis that OWEbama ILLEGAL immigrant family members manage to receive once they are finally placed into the hoosegow..

Solyndra “attorney” (talk about a busy guy..) Bruce Grohsgal said “there was no thought we were hiding something..” Liberal business shenanigans can always hide in plain sight when the protectionist “impartial” media is about.. Grohsgal also said that all of this was “normal business practices”.. “Normal” within the perverted progressive “business” world of OWEbama and all of his elitist phony cronies..


8 responses to “Normal Business Practices

  1. Family,

    The latest from NLTZ TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. And it continues to get worse and worse. O-bummer-a has to buy his friends. I doubt he has any friends who don’t have their hand in our pocket. What can you say to such a robbery? Can I file a police report regarding being robbed? Ever wonder how many Bernie Madoff’s there are around who haven’t been caught, yet? Things are looking pretty bleak. I cannot for the life of me figure out why congress is doing nothing about the fraud in the WH. It is almost a pact they have signed together in order to protect each other. Without a doubt, we really need to find somebody with the balls to get things moving to get OWEbama arrested and put on public trial. If this had been a Republican president, just how many days would he have before he was indicted, tried and swung from some gallows? I doubt he would have made it to his 100 days mark.

  3. Now I know why the book burning was leaked, and why it was done at all! At this stage I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t even religious books that burned. Who knows it could have been X-Executive Vice President of Solyndra Ben Bierman’s files connecting him to Owebama.

  4. At various times, I’ve heard that we huge oil reserves, maybe even the highest in the world. However , the Libs won’t allow drilling in public lands. In fact, the gov’t. been quietly buying land so that it won’t be used for oil drilling. According to Owebama, drilling is bad, but it is OK to give Brazil 2 billion dollars to drill, and then we will buy their oil. Is that a prime example of Liberal Logic, or a direct attack on our economy ?

    At what point will the stupid voters have enough of this nonsense – when gasoline and heating oil are $5.00 per gal. , or $8.00 , or $10.00 or $20.00 per gal. ? What is the breaking point – everything has a breaking point ? Or, do they expect it to be free, like their food stamps, healthcare, housing, etc. ? At the rate things are going, the latter might be the answer.

  5. We have only begun to plumb the depths of the criminal corruption and deceit in this White House. Between Solyndra Operation Fast and Furious, et al. there isn’t anything this president has touched that doesn’t stink of graft and greed. Congress won’t do anything about it because they themselves are complicit in his crimes. The Tea Party Caucus doesn’t have enough clout yet to take action, and they’re being shut out of committees and hearings by the establishment of their own party whom fear for their own jobs and liberty should their sins be made public.

    Our energy policy has but two goals: higher profits for the oil companies as they sell oil drilled here elsewhere at a better profit (like it or not folks, this is good business sense. Nobody is going to sell their products where they can’t earn a living from it), and our own Neo-Weimar government seeks greater control over our lives. Its a fact that a populace whose movements are restrained are much easier to control.

    Voting out Obama in November won’t be enough to stop this erosion of our liberties or stem our headlong progress toward a totalitarian state whom will require much blood to be shed to ouster. We must send all of those complicit in this to the unemployment lines. The voters are being squeezed, and even illegals can’t use Food Stamps to feed their cars, and they will vote with their anger. It remains to be seen if this will be enough to overcome the rampant vote fraud, and the criminal and knavish schemes Obama and his enablers will use to retain power.

  6. Family,

    For those who would like to count along, here is a partial list of the “companies” and what they managed to get using the “green swindle” thanks to OWEbama..

    Solyndra: $528,000,000.00

    Beacon Power: $43,000,000.00

    Ener1: $118,000,000.00

    The list goes on and on and on..

    Thanks as always,


  7. Family,

    As well, the latest NLTZ TOTYD for you..

    Thanks as always,


  8. And, the upper management at Fannie and Freddie, who made tens of millions of dollars, are having their legal expenses paid by . . . yup, we the taxpayers !!! Obviously these slimeballs have no shame.

    Wonder who wrote the contracts that allowed them the extravagant perks and bonuses . The District of Corruption must be proud !!

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