Offered Nothing

To borrow from the feral Food Nazi who is probably on yet ANOTHER taxpayer funded “vacation”, ‘for the first time in my life I am ASHAMED of my country’.. Well, let me rephrase that.. Since OWEbama has been “in charge” I have been ashamed of the morons that put him into higher office, I have been ashamed of the millions of illegal votes that also helped to put him there.. You get the picture.. No, I am ashamed of the liberal Democratic government and their cowardice as pertains to the genuine atrocities in Syria.

For almost an entire calendar year, the Assad government has been targeting its own people. OWEbama has done the SAME with the citizens of this country but he has used different destructive measures..

The Cowardly Lyin’ and his Secretary of Statists, have a well developed pattern of sending American troops WITHOUT the endorsement of the rest of the government to nonsensical scrums for reasons unbeknownst to anyone. Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic (whatever that is..) and Congo. In case you missed the myriad of headlines, (Obama sends U.S. troops to central Africa to aid campaign against rebel group” Fox News 10/14/11) the “Lord’s Resistance Army” has “according to the administration, waged a campaign of murder, rape and kidnapping..” (This sounds like what countless women had to go through during the Clinton administration..)

Even a “secret war” UNDECLARED and NOT voted on by Congress in Libya.. George Bush was excoriated by the LIBERAL “impartial” media and all of the knuckle dragging “don’t draft me” collectivist crowd over a war that the Democrats SUPPORTED. That is, they “voted for the war before they voted against it”..

The liberals love to “create” atrocities and “genocide” out of thin air, especially when they have to DIVERT the nation’s attention away from other of their socialist shenanigans.. GENUINE atrocities have always had them stymied and besides, with the emasculation of the American military at the dirty hands of OWEbama and the congenital liberal weakness in general, our “response” doesn’t have the effect that it would have had in different times..

Have no fear, “more than 60 nations” held a “meeting” in Tunisia and they have “asked the United Nations to start planning for a civilian peace keeping mission that would deploy after (AFTER?) the Syrian regime halts its crackdown..” (Fox News) Liberals, aren’t they adorable? Without an effective PHYSICAL deterrent, what would cause Assad to “halt its crackdown”? Exhaustion? Running out of ammunition? Boredom?

The Syrians must be breathing a sigh of relief as the Halfrican Heretic said yesterday that “the U.S. and its allies would consider every tool available to stop the slaughter of innocent people..” Owebama the “tool” has FINALLY recognized this atrocity and yet like all liberals bent upon capitulation, he just can’t seem to pull the trigger.. Literally.. I suppose that it will be time to form a “task force” or two, maybe a few “roundtable discussions”.. Timetables, exit plans.. Liberal nonsense and hand wringing..

As well, OWEbama “did not give specifics about what that might entail”.. OWEbama is as allergic to “specifics” as he is to capitalism and democracy.. The “specifics” are only necessary once the requisite liberal “stink tanks” have had their say as to what the liberal “leader” should do..

OWEbama then intoned darkly, (how else would he “intone”..) “it is time for that regime to move on”.. America feels the same in relation to the collectivist caliphate in “Pelosi’s Swamp” but I again have to say, without an effective DETERRENT, the Syrian government will not change its pattern, not unlike the OWEbama politburo..

The U.N. estimates that Assad killed 5,400 people in 2011. Hundreds more have been killed since, twenty two just yesterday.. These “meetings” are providing LISTS of “crimes against humanity”.. The ONLY deterrent in a pile of “lists” would be the fear of dying by paper cuts.. Otherwise, its business as usual for Assad and OWEbama the progressive posturer continues fight a war of useless words..

How low has this gotten from my perspective? “We commend the brave Syrian people that are moving toward democracy and reform..” I would like you to guess who made that statement? OWEbama? Rodham? Nope.. Ismail Haniyeh the leader of the Egyptian Al-Azhar Mosque.. America USED to be the LEADER when it came to supporting those who desire to install democracy, now with the prostrating progressives, all that America does is file for “arrest warrants”..

The demented Democrats have now suddenly become concerned with something else within the Assad arsenal.. “Assad’s extensive weapons of mass destruction..” (The Cable dot com 02/24/2012) “Syria is believed to have a substantial chemical weapons program..” “The United States knows where Syria’s WMD stockpiles are..” “The U.S and our allies are monitoring Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile..” These intrepid words came from another OWEbama/Rodham “unnamed” socialist shill.. This “unnamed” weasel had more to say..

“There is a highly active chemical warfare program in Syria..” This Statist Department blowhard babbled on over “stockpiles”, “chemical weapons stockpiles” and “chemical warfare programs”.. Doesn’t this sound EXACTLY like the run-up to the Iraq War which so many of the Democrats voted FOR before they voted against it? Lets look to the illusive Secretary of Statists herself and how she looked at things in Iraq..

In 2002, “War Hawk” Rodham voted FOR the Iraq War. “Clinton has just stated flat out, that she does not regret her Iraq War vote..” (mydd dot com 02/06/2007) Somewhere within all of that “thirty five years of experience”, “she says she wouldn’t have voted that way if she knew everything she knows now..” (ABC News 12/18/2006) As the virago hoped for the liberal Democratic nod, she changed it to “I certainly wouldn’t have voted that way”.. Even within the Congressional record, Rodham gravely warned, “If left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capability to wage biological and chemical warfare..” (10/10/02 p. S10288) Now this SAME prognosticator who has a weather vane attached to her head is using the same language in relation to Syria. Will she deny this “vote” later? These kinds of liberal poll watching poltroons should NEVER be in office, elected or otherwise..

Read the following quote: “The WMD program is in play now and that’s important because it highlights the innate danger that the existence of this regime poses to U.S. security and regional interests..” Question: WHEN was this statement made? Was it in 2002 or was it made in 2012? Was this quote made relative to today’s Syria or to yesterday’s Iraq? This statement applies to BOTH of the situations equally but the anonymous liberal whisperer made the statement just yesterday. It was the SAME argument that was SUPPORTED by the Democrats in 2002 in relation to Iraq..

Our wonderful crack State Department sent out a warning to Iraq, (???) Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia “warning them about the possibility of Syria’s WMD’s crossing their borders..” The liberals haven’t considered the PROBABILITY that these “WMD’s” that might cross INTO Iraq, ORIGINALLY CAME FROM IRAQ! The liberals stalled and delayed the original incursion into Iraq which then afforded Saddam the opportunity and the TIME to “move” his WMD’s into friendly Syria..

To any Doubting Thomas out there, the anonymous urchin said, “We are talking about legitimate WMD’s here, this isn’t Iraq..” As always, this agenda driven drivel from a liberal wasn’t supported by ANY “proof”, they are just hedging their bets so as to look all “pro-active”.. Too late..

The correlation between Assad and OWEbama within the text of the following anonymous liberal quotes bear reflection.. This “regime is willing to do anything to save its own skin..” “They are willing to kill the country to save the regime”.. Again, is he talking about Assad or OWEbama?

OWEbama the shivering socialist wants to “bring about Assad’s downfall as safely as possible” even though “no real strategy exists internally (within the OWEbama administration) to force Assad from power..” Seances, Ouija boards, mash notes, are all possibilities within the OWEbama “War Room”..

At the 60 nation chin wag in Tunisia, Rodham said that she “supported more sanctions but she declined to endorse any direct help to the Syrian opposition without the consent of the Syrian government” You read that right, Rodham won’t do ANYTHING unless Syria’s government, STILL under Assad’s control, allows her to do it.. I am again ashamed..

Saudi Arabia walked out of this silly sham saying this nonsense was all about “inactivity” and that these idiot meetings “offered nothing other than the threat of increasing isolation” of Syria.. OWEbama and his ridiculous representatives “offered nothing”? Welcome to OUR world..


13 responses to “Offered Nothing

  1. Family,

    The latest NLTZ TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. EXCELLENT, SUPERB, PHENOMENAL ARTICLE!!! WOW, I cannot say enough how great this piece is. I am speechless, you have said it all…… on!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. With each passing day, it is obvious that OWEbama is not a real POTUS .

    I’ve often wondered what he would have done if he were in charge when Pearl Harbor was attacked, or when the twin towers were leveled on 9/11 .

    And, each time the results were the same – scary !!

  4. And speaking of Obama’s “Tool”, I wonder if the boy has ever held a rifle before. I like to think of his first experience of someone handing one to him backwards, telling him to sight down the hole in the barrel and then showing him where the trigger was.
    Do you suppose “Jigger” Joe is to religious to be re-elected president or would he first have to recover his “g-damn rosary beads” that he’s shoved up someone’s rear?

  5. Oxymoron of the day – ” President Obama “

  6. While I understand the desire to aid the Syrian citizenry in this horrible mess, the best course for the United States in the long term is to stand aside and allow the Syrians to assert their own independence. I say this because this is how we became the nation we were. France did nothing to intercede on behalf of the 13 Colonies until they could prove that they could be a viable entity. They were not about to commit blood and treasure on our behalf if they knew we would lose anyway.

    Arming the rebels would be a bad idea, as we don’t even know whom they are. It is likely we would simply be giving weapons to our enemies (Libya ring a bell anyone?), and if nothing else Al-Queda or any number of other radical operations would get them and turn them on us. Helping out Arabs and Persians has been losing proposition for us for many years, as we’ve inevitably made bad choices in allies, and our allies have ultimately turned on us. Do recall folks, we trained Bin Laden to fight the Soviets when they invaded Afghanistan. Yeah, look how that worked out for us. Consider how our own adventures in the ‘Graveyard of Empires’ is turning out. Once we leave the Taliban or some other tin-pot despot will take over and all our efforts will be for naught.

    While it may be viewed as being callous to idly standby while this humanitarian atrocity unfolds, the United States must think long term here. While it may feel good to stop the killing now, in the long term it will bite us in the ass. We can no longer afford to nation-build, and the emphemeral benefits are vastly out-weighed by the costs and the consequences. We saved the Iraqi people from their dictator, and ultimately we were treated like a guest whom outstayed their welcome at a party than a valued ally.

    If we intervene at all, it should be only if asked to do so by the Syrian people themselves, and not some BS United Nations resolution, and only if there is some concrete benefit to us. “What’s in it for us?” should be our new foreign policy catchphrase.

  7. Another Masterpiece, Larry. And I still think we should expel the United Nations from our lands and cut the umbilical cord immediately.

    gsteelwraith – I agree with you. We can no longer be a builder of nations. Not only can we not afford it in both life and treasure, just how horrible a world would it be to have several Obama nations to contend with? Scary thought!

    JJ – Even the mere thought of Obummer being POTUS during those two events gives me hives and chills!

  8. gsteel and Family,

    In finally getting around to reading what I wrote, one of my main points never made it in print though I had hoped that through an indirect manner the point had been made..

    This is more about the hypocritical liberal nature when it comes to matters like this. By pointing out the numerous flip flops, I had thought that I had made the point.. After about 1,400 words, I figure that everyone is getting tired of reading my missives..

    My TOTD “Cry Uncle” has my perspective relative to the idea of being an “occupying” force.

    The FACT that this administration hasn’t even mentioned nearly 5,500 deaths, let alone done anythign about it while sending troops to Africa for nothing is an outrage.

    Have “mistakes” been made in trying to “work” with recent Middle Eastern fighters? Yep. The decision to arm the Afghan resistance against Russia? A place where Russia was literally run aground? Yep. I am sorry to say that the ‘theory” that we trained Bin Laden is not true.. Operation Cyclone armed them most importantly with SAM missles which undoubtedly turned the tide against the Soviets.

    Besides, Bin Laden was “upset” over the Saudis taking American assistance over the Kuwiat Iraqi invasion as opposed to taking his generous offer.

    That said, someone needs to “choose” on this one. The prospects don’t appear to have a big payoff for the U.S. but I find the liberal hypocrisy on this to be telling..

    Thanks as always,


  9. gsteel,

    Total agreement. Seal ’em off and let them go back to killing each other off the way they more readily understand and are used to, caveman style with sticks and stones. Of course it would be impossible to build a fence around the Middle East, we’ve already proven that along our Southren border, besides the Islamists have more than a car jack like the Mexican Coyote’s do for raising the UNWELDED border fence to crawl under.


    Add two more American soldier servicemen deaths to that list since the “burning of the books.” They weren’t identified for sure what branch but I think they were Air Force were shot dead at an Afghanistan Interior Ministery building. There’s also protests and riots being held in Pakistan over the “en-lighting” of their book of “enlightment.”

  10. We need to get entirely out of the Middle East. Let them kill each other all they want because when they are through with that they will be coming after us. The problem is that there are Christians in the Middle East for the moment and they are the ones that Assad is protecting. The Islamists want to rid the Middle East of all infidels. Assad may be a monster but for now he is probably the only thing preventing the Muslims from killing the Christians. There is no winning in the Middle East and the sooner we make ourselves energy independent the better.

  11. Since the fraud in the WH is wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on his Pie In the Sky green energy crap, has anyone determined how much of his personal wealth he has invested in these schemes ? If they are so good, and so important, one would think that he would illustrate his fervor by becoming an investor.

    I’m willing to bet the ranch ( again ) that the answer is ZERO . Any takers ?

  12. JJ,

    I have LONG made this claim.

    As well, who says that thses “investors” are concerned with profitablility? As long as the tax money flows their way and into their bank accounts, the ability to stay afloat and PERSONALLY profitable for these liberal “investors” is all that matters.

    Example: Solyndra.

    Thanks as always,


  13. Looks like I’ll be able to keep the ranch !

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