The Totalitarian Tunnel

You may not like what I am about to say.. I believe that the “light” at the end of the totalitarian tunnel which should be getting considerably brighter as each day gets us closer to the election in November, so bright as to literally blind us, is now considerably dimmer because it has moved another four years down the tracks..

It’s always darkest before the dawn and I believe that there will be four more years of darkness (pun intended..) before anything remotely resembling light will be seen.


This protracted political season hasn’t really generated something that it should have instinctively generated due to the fascism of the liberal left that the nation has had to endure for almost four years now. There has never been a more focused and deliberate destruction of America by the deviant Democrats. The proof of their handiwork is inescapable and should be the recipe for a humiliating defeat at the polls later this year..

An “enthusiasm inertia” should have naturally taken place well BEFORE ANY Republican candidate decided to throw their hat into what has now become this ridiculous “ring”. There is a definitive lack of enthusiasm that has been exacerbated by typical right wing apathy and due to a few other reasons as well..

I really do not see any enthusiasm for ANY of the Republican candidates that are still “running”. That said, once the smoke clears and ONE of these candidates remains standing, I don’t see the supporters of the chagrined also-rans clambering to run to the front of the parade to put their hands on the flag of the chosen Republican standard bearer.. When there is literally NO enthusiasm for his or her candidate of choice, how can we expect there to be a groundswell of enthusiasm for anyone else who needs to be convinced of the merits of this candidate, say these illusive “independents”..

In the very recent past, there WAS an exciting element that appeared upon the national landscape. Born from the excited words of a business reporter, the Tea Party and the excitement that surrounded it were the natural responses to a collectivist caliphate that refused entry to any other persons or ideas. The “people” had finally decided that they had had enough..

The problem was that the same politicians that should have enthusiastically embraced this Tea Party movement, decided to shut out them out or to at least ignore them.. Everyone knew that the liberal elitist political Marxist machine and their fellow travelers of the “impartial” media would set up their IED’s along the political roads but who would have imagined that the Republicans would also run interference? The fact remains that the Republicans either colluded with America’s enemies of the Democratic party or they themselves were apathetic to the idea of the “people” having ANY say in how things are run..

In this particular case it is unfortunate that timing is everything and the appearance of the Tea Party was just a few years too soon. Then again, OWEbama and the Marxist marionettes haven’t “changed” their totalitarian tune one iota since the Tea Party’s inception, (or even since the collectivist coronation in Chicago..) so the basic premise behind the Tea Party remains in tact. The impact of the Tea Party essentially started when their work placed Scott Brown into a seat that had been solidly Democratic. This was a well-worn out seat from Massachusetts that had been Democratic since the Jurassic period. The momentum should have continued because the socialist stimuli that created the Tea Party was still churning away from stage left..

Where did the internal Tea Party momentum go because the “external” OWEbama inspired momentum that created the Tea Party has kept its Stalin/Mao inspired momentum on track..

This successful campaign AGAINST the Tea Party, actively enacted by the liberal left and with what has to appear to be the tacit approval of the Republican Party, has taken the idea of the will of the PEOPLE out of the political equation.. The Democrats have successfully kept their voting base manacled to the welfare state where individual ambition is eschewed, now the Republicans in at least “blocking” the Tea Party, want their voting base “barefoot and pregnant” so to speak.. Docile. Passive. Noncombative..

Since the Republicans themselves have shunned the Tea Party, the liberal left hasn’t had anything else to do with their time other than to FURTHER destroy America and to raise more money through fundraisers from other elitist liberal lunatics in order to garner four more years to FURTHER destroy America. Everyone knew what the liberal response to the Tea Party would be, no one knew that that would be essentially the SAME response from the established Republican political machine.

The liberals are unified. They have been for sixty years. Their mission statement during this time has been to destroy America by any and all means necessary. The fact that the left IS unified under this disgusting banner and the facts surrounding the “historic” accomplishments of OWEbama to that end SHOULD unify the Republicans.

This pathetic primary power grab with its eighty “debates” makes the Republicans look like the Democrats of 2008. The nation NEEDS another “Reagan Revolution” and Willard and Santorum are left fighting it out for the chance to be McCain without the valor..

Since the “light” at the end of the totalitarian tunnel just got farther away, the liberal anti-American left will have another four years to again run over us and they will do so again and again and again..

Since the liberal left will be in charge of this “light”, it won’t work because neither no one nor anything “works” under a liberal regressive state. OWEbama’s cuddle buddy Jeffrey Immelt’s multi-billion-dollar corporation that paid no taxes last year will make the “light”. The “light” was supposed to be powered by idiotic useless solar panels that were supposed to be made by bankrupt Solynda but the taxpayers paid for them and the raises for their “1%-ers” anyway.. By the way, since some Democratic union built this tunnel, it will probably collapse in a few days anyway..

Will the last person who leaves the room please shut out the “light”..


15 responses to “The Totalitarian Tunnel

  1. Sad but true article, Larry. Since no conservative American wants to see Mitt (Obama light) in the white house, we are left with choices of left-wing loser “A” or moderate loser “B”. Santorum has a liberal voting track record and is very anti-gun, Ginrich has a severe morals problem, Mitt is against the people on almost every issue and the flake from Texas has zero chance of winning. Pray for a brokered convention! The terrible field really matters not as they cannot match Obummers cash flow and media support. With “O”‘s 10-20 million fraud votes, there simply aren’t enough good people to offset the fraud. I will vote but I know if will just be a total waste of my time. If I wasn’t so broke from paying my taxes, I would move to Guatemala.



  3. I too, have a distinct feeling of sadness due to the truth of your article, Larry. JR – I certainly hope you are correct. but in the article it mentions the demoncrats are united, whereas the repubs are fighting tooth and nail with each other trying to out do the other person. Since your article on a brokered convention, Larry, I have read several places where it is being predicted. I’m old enough (too old) to remember watching TV coverage on the conventions when it was exciting and fun. If the Tea Party and Republicans can’t get their act together, that light at the end may never be lit again. I weep for America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. God Bless America and those who serve as our watchmen at home and abroad, military and local police and other caretakers. Without God, we will be a Greece.

  4. JR,

    It isn’t a question of giving up, it is a question of properly interpreting the situation at what is still an early stage in the hopes of “changing” things.

    All of the things that have you “pissed” need immediate attention and again, the parallels to 1980 are unquestionable.

    In 1980, the right was ready. In over three years time, knowing EXACTLY what we were going to be getting from OWEbama, the Republicans couldn’t capitalize.

    There is still time.

    Thanks as always,


  5. Richard,

    The ONLY problem with a brokered convention is that the Republicans will have to devote MORE time to attacking each other as opposed to attacking the horrors inflicted by OWEbama and the liberal left.

    In their black hearts, the libs would enjoy a brokered convention for that reason.

    The only thing that stopped the brokered convention in 2008 were the OBVIOUS PAYOFFS to Rodham. I am still surprised that it worked..

    The ONLY reason that I would like to see a brokered convention would be a groundswell of enthusiasm for ANOTHER, yet to be determined candidate.

    I distinctly remember what apperaed to me to be the “grooming” of young Republicans a few years back.. Jindal and Rubio.. What happened?

    The WORLD cannot survive an intentionally weakened United States for another totalitarian term. Like it or not, the WORLD is powered by the United States and the liberal’s intentional destruction of America has detremental effects the world over.

    I am still leaning towards a TOTAL focus on taking the House and Senate but I haven’t even heard anything exciting about ANY candidate in ANY state..

    We shall see..

    Thanks as always,


  6. When will these GOP candidates realize that their ultimate foe is OWEbama, and not each other ?

    Also, wasn’t there a question regarding Rubio being a natural born citizen ?

  7. CauscasionForRemovingObama

    you are wrong. no matter who wins the Republican primary all of America should have 3 distinct motivators: Obama, Holder & Sebelius. It is of little importance which Republican wins. It is of great importance that Obama and Holder exit. Larry why don’t you start. Be the man. If your favorite guy Newt doesn’t win, be the first to proclaim your support for whoever gets the nomination. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings. I hate to see you give up so quickly and easily.

  8. “Causcasion”,

    Note the word “should” in your first sentence..

    “Be the man”..

    You MUST be new here, no matter the candidate, I will stand behind them.

    I am most saddened by the state of ALL of the candidates..

    Thanks as always,


  9. I too am not excited about any of our candidates, however, if our candidate forces barry to run on his record we should win. He will need to hammer day in and day out on barrys record and failures. This will be very hard to do because barry has the press in his back pocket.

  10. H2omtnrider,

    Coming very soon to NLTZ.. “A Very Close Call” which has to do with the concept of “if our candidate forces barry to run on his record we should win”..

    It will be up in seconds..

    Thanks as always,


  11. And here is the link for those so inclined..

    Thanks as always,


  12. As well, the latest NLTZ TOTD. Here is a link..

    Thanks as always,


  13. The true enlightenment of the adored “Dark Angel’s” phrophetic rays of ’08 have since shown the Darkened Angle for America as, including down-the-line liberals away from this worm that has shown his true “color”. Still there are those that are blinded by the ‘blackness’ of deception. There always have been, there always will be, the problem is it’s growing steadily worse in our nation.

    Politicians who pick and choose, no matter whether they be liberal or republican, of causes that are for the betterment of our country, of our nation, is only interested in ONE THING. His or her re-election! If you think that they’re interested in you or me, I’m sorry folks, you’re dead assed wrong.

  14. I wish I could share your optomism, I really do, but I’m afraid I don’t see any silver linings in the black clouds. None of these candidates is fit to be dogcatcher let alone President, and the debates have shown that not only is the MSM firmly in Obama’s camp, but we should have a ‘None of the Above’ option on all ballots so we can flush these losers and start over. Our primary here in Ohio is next Tuesday, and I’m finding there isn’t anyone whom I’m willing to flip a lever for. Its like being asked whether you’d rather be shot in the gut or shot in the back when you’d rather not get shot at all.

    The light at the end of the tunnel typically is the headlights of the oncoming train. I really wish a Reagan Revolution Redux is coming, but there isn’t one coming. The GOP has a collective deathwish, they won’t make Barry run on his record because they will be seen as racist, and they are more concerned with being liked by the media than they are with drawing a distinct line against the evil inhabiting the corridors of power. We the voters need to force a brokered convention, though I fear the fix is already in. It’ll be Obama vs. Obama-White, and no matter what happens we lose.

  15. One of the first things Owebama has actually done for himself in building votes is to increase the number of government workers. Hey, do you think that they are going to vote against the Bolshevic Bullshit, possibly knocking themselves out of a job by way of future republican govermentalay controlled cuts in the budget? Now they are also going to sway their spouse and any relatives that are dumb enough to listen.

    Next, you’ve got the blacks. They’re gonna vote for him, pure and simpley, it’s a race thing. Sure, there are some that have become aware of the fact that Owebama doesn’t “sound as good as he looks” for blacks or, for that matter, our country, but the majority of the minority don’t.

    Of course down the line Democrats will vote for Owebama, this includes liberals without question. The ignorance prevails.

    Hispanics, of course. Owebama is their path to citizenship. To hell with the American people’s wishes, Congress or the Constitution.

    You know the labor unions will be in full support of Owebama. He is their key to money and power in business, local and state politics.

    Big business will support Owebama, they already have and will continue to do so. He will give them access to taxpayer dollars so long as they support his political and social agenda. Settle your mind and “Think Green” for a moment… Don’t think Solyndra or numerous others that made “contributions”, that is their right. Think of our tax dollars on failed government give-away-favors. That is our RIGHT!

    There are nearly one half of Americans that pay no taxes at all. In fact, these people receive money from the government. There is no way, anymore than the government workers, do these people want to “rock the boat”, to do anything to stop the flow of government money to themselves. Can you call this anything other than a government economic dependency? In other words, socialism?

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