A Very Close Call

I have recently made reference to the thought that in 1980, “Reagan was ready”. That he was, but I want everyone to know that it was a very close call.. Shall we reminisce for a few moments?

In the very latest stages of the 1980 campaign, debates involving both the presidential candidates and the vice presidential candidates were cancelled because Carter did not want John Anderson included and Reagan refused to debate if Anderson wasn’t included. Believe it or not, Carter held a “workable” lead even at that late moment and he held firm with his demand because he felt that he could afford to as the “frontrunner”..

As the end of the campaign drew near, the Reagan camp, with but just two weeks left, gave in to Carter’s demands and one final debate between just Reagan and Carter was scheduled for October 28in Cleveland, just one week before the election. The debate had three very telling moments that ended up being crucial to the outcome of the election.

The first was on the very serious subject of nuclear arms, Carter cavalierly mentioned a conversation that he allegedly had with his twelve year old daughter which reinforced his opinion on the subject.. If this “moment” was scripted by his handlers to make Carter sound “human” it flopped miserably, if this “moment” DID actually happen, it made him even scarier.. Second was Carter’s repeated claim that Reagan would cut Medicare and Social Security. Reagan’s “there you go again” response was devastating to the morose Carter. Third was Reagan’s closing statement in which he asked, “are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

These bullet points from a debate only one week away from the election actually moved the race from an extremely tight one, one that was WELL within the “margin for error” of just a few percentage points to a “Reagan landslide”..

Remember: it WASN’T Carter’s well-established list of complete failures that ended his presidency, it was a few lines spoken at a debate, a debate that almost didn’t happen. It wasn’t his foreign and domestic stupidity, it wasn’t inflation, unemployment and the cost of gasoline, it was a few moments taken from the last debate.. Since timing is EVERYTHING within the polluted world of politics, what if this debate had taken place just as it happened only ten months earlier? Would anyone have remembered these quotable lines if that much time had passed?

In almost every poll available, Carter was actually leading Reagan across the board. The REALITY of the world created by Carter that was punishing every American STILL wasn’t enough to get people to see the light.. It took a few words spoken at the final debate..

The “landslide” itself reveals a few points. Even though Carter was, until a few years ago, the WORST president ever elected, he still managed to secure 35,000,000 votes to Reagan’s 44,000,000. This was AFTER his disastrous term as president.. This was out of 86,000,000 votes cast..

Now it is time for some boring but illuminating statistics.. In 1980, there were 164,597,000 Americans of “voting age” and 113,043,734 Americans were registered to vote. (A difference of 51,553,266 who were “of age” but didn’t register..) Of the 113,043,734 registered, only 86,515,221 showed up to vote. (What were the other 26,528,513 doing that was more important than voting Carter out of office?) The turnout of voting-age population ended up at 52.6 percent. (What was the OTHER 47.4 percent thinking?) (By the way, in keeping with their blind tradition, 82 percent of blacks voted for the hopeless and hapless Carter..)

The difference AFTER this crucial debate based upon those who managed to struggle to the polls was 8,423,105 votes more for Reagan.

WHY wasn’t this amount even bigger? Carter didn’t do a single thing right during his totalitarian term yet if it weren’t for a debate one week before the election, he might have been given ANOTHER FOUR YEARS!

What does this tell us about those who are actually casting votes? The apathy of those who do not show up or who don’t even register is mere laziness but for Carter to be LEADING in 1980 until the last week of the campaign and for him to garner 35 MILLION votes is inexcusable.. Are there that many masochists and Marxists in America?

Is it better for more “voters” to stay at home, those whose ignorant votes count as much as the informed, the observant and the concerned? It would appear so because those LIVING THROUGH the torment of a liberal presidency seem to have an extreme memory loss once they part the curtains of the voting booth..

This “very close call” in 1980 portends the election of 2012..

OWEbama’s “historic” record speaks for itself. Yet, those securely manacled to the failures of liberalism will do their diligent duty and they will vote as instructed by their plantation owners. The lazy from both sides will still stay at home.. Even though his record speaks for itself, a LARGE percentage of the population simply AREN’T listening..

What MORE needs to be said to the “independents” at this stage? Here are just a few of today’s OWEbama inspired headlines.. “Home prices tumble to 2002 levels”.. (Yahoo finance dot com) “Durable Goods Demand Falls Most In Three Years” (CNBC) “OWEbama To Cut Healthcare For Troops” (Free Beacon).. Even with so many “impartial” people and organizations running interference for OWEbama, the small amount of truth that has been revealed about him should be enough to ensure his defeat..

Even with the distractions given by the “impartial” adversarial media in OBVIOUS support of the OWEbama caliphate, numerous scandals and muck ups have been revealed yet OWEbama still manages to hold onto at least 45% of people polled.. The fact remains that there is no one on the Republican side who will “say it” in the manner of Ronald Reagan..

Isn’t it hard to believe that a few words like “there you go again” could tip the balance of nationwide opinion when the unvarnished record of the socialist sociopath couldn’t? Is it hard to believe that within the world of “politics”, “politics” don’t seem to have any impact on the outcome of elections? Will we see a complete fascist failure manage to squeeze by even though he has mastered the art of domestic socialism? Will the tried and true leftists “your shoe’s untied/the sun was in my eyes/the dog ate my homework” brands of diversionary distractions conquer common sense and the HOPELESS reality that has surrounded their “hope and change”?

Based upon recent history, with Ronald Reagan BARELY winning in 1980, who will be BARELY able to beat OWEbama, the most BEATABLE president EVER, in 2012?


16 responses to “A Very Close Call

  1. It is, indeed, scary that there are so many Americans who just do not give a you-know-what. They will, if this election does not get rid of Owebama. They will, for sure!!! But by then it will be too late. God help us!!!

  2. Family,

    The latest NLTZ TOTD for you, here is the link..


    Thanks as always,


  3. Scary is an extremely mild word for what this article tells us. And right now the answer to the question you asked regarding who can barely win – NONE OF THE ABOVE! I talk politics to my kids all the time and make sure they are registered to vote and avail themselves of that privilege. I regularly forward E-mails showing what is happening to our country, so I know they know of our dire circumstances. Thanks, Larry, for the great articles and thoughts you bring us and thanks to all the ‘family’ for their great thoughts.

  4. As an “adopted” ie naturalised American and refugee from a far left family, I see the problem more as innocence and naivete. Americans trusted their authorities, because for centuries Americans were self governing, knew their representatives, competed for excellence and enjoyed a high standard of living – the envy of the world.
    The left has systematically dumbed down education, discredited “the family,” and built a wall between the people and the government. In other words tried to turn the USA into Europe.
    Now Europe is lovely for a vacation, all that pomp and antiquity, but it is hog tied with regulations and still highly feudal. The constant negatives “can’t do this or that without a ton of paperwork,” “can’t go here or there…” “can’t take action against injustice or malpractice without a ton of money…” a fettered press etc., ultimately leave the effect of being squeezed by an invisible anaconda.
    America – you don’t want to go there!
    Fear, oppression and confusion generate helplessness and powerlessness.
    Denial, likewise.
    It looks as if too many Americans have retreated into such states.

    Let’s turn on the lights for our fellow Americans still in darkness. Tell them how it is, how it need not be, and how they still have the power to RESTORE AMERICA’S GREATNESS.

    There’s a swamp of blood, mediocrity and sadism if we fail.

  5. Dara McNamara, (one of the best names EVER, sounds like an action hero from the movies..)

    Thank you for your thoughts and I want all of the NLTZ family to check out her site:


    Excellent reading!

    Hope to hear from you again.

    Thanks as always,


  6. Larry,

    Using your numbers as a base, and then adding an increased racial vote ( Carter is not Black ), increased pressure from the union bosses, increased presence of Acorn, increased abuse of Absentee Ballots, and the increased use of the social media networks for instant mis-information, it would seem that OWEbama should win. And, let’s not forget the almost 50 % that don’t pay federal income taxes and the entitlement crowd who will vote for more freebies, along with the MSM ,then the ‘numbers ‘ are in OWEbama’s favor, sad to say.

  7. JJ,

    Its not over but the Repubs had better get it together..

    The OWEbama goes underground” plan is in place. No more “historic” pieces of “legislation”,..

    Just like the environment, if a large “catastrophy” takes place, the environmnet can cure itself.

    By no longer applying the socialist strangle hold, the economy will take care of itself.

    Some “numbers” go up, OWEbama takes credit and the Repubs run in circles..

    It is what it is..

    Thanks as always,



    I attempted to post this earlier but goofed
    If debates win elections then who better than
    He is not out of it yet wait for Super Tuesday
    The MSM is pushing the Obama reelection
    as an automatic now Also now the stock market
    movement trends to his reelection per the MSM
    The numbers you showed means that there are
    a hell of alot of non voters that need to wake up
    Once the nominee is set we will all come together
    to work on defeating the Democrats in the House
    Senate as well as the WH

  9. Obama is counting on the old saw that you can fool some of the people all the time. The blacks will vote for him in lockstep, period. To suggest otherwise is either foolishly optomistic or denying reality, nothing will alter this. There is also the slacker Protoletariart of OWS types whom will not bite the hand that feeds them. The numbers you put up suggest there are many out there who feel their vote doesn’t matter, and see no point in bothering. The numbers are definitely in Obama’s favour. The only way we have a shot of securing Obama’s ouster is to put up a candidate whom can be seen as being a better alternative. This hasn’t happened.

    It wasn’t just timely zingers which got the Great Man elected, he appealed to our better selves. I don’t remember ‘there you go again’ near as fondly as I do the ‘white city on the hill’, or his belief in a higher authority. None of these characters have done this. Obama’s soaring rhetoric has been seen to be what it is, the words of a con-man; and none of us are willing to buy into anything the other candidates say, for fear of getting burned again. Reagan made us want to believe in him, I heard speak in person, he could stir the blood. Obama manages only to stir my gut, the others just make me ill.

  10. It is certainly scary to think that this election could hinge on a timely statement or two made in a last-minute debate. Newt is the only one up to effectively debating Obama anyway, but any of the three (not including Paul) leading Republican contenders runs just as high of a risk of foot-in-the-mouth disease as they do of producing a classic statement like Reagan did, especially under pressure . Whoopee – future of the entire country rests on a 50-50 shot of saying the right thing at the right time? Who are we kidding?

  11. The polls and the hype the Dems put out are really not believable to me. The polls are usually not right and the dems are saying how Obama has all this support so why is he asking the black churches to support him? Wouldn’t that be a given? I think the the dems are doing their lying thing as usual. No, we can not let down our guard but I am thinking the MSM and the nasty libs are pulling our legs with their BS. The rise in gas prices alone will destroy any credibility, not that he has much, he has and if it’s true he wants the prices to rise so that we will step-up investing in alternative fuels, well, he’s done.

  12. NJNurse,
    You are correct in all your points. For the smart people, OWEbama’s credibility is all shot to Hell!

  13. All good points, but there is one important area that is difficult to change , namely — stupid voters. Especially those who prefer to remain stupid voters.

  14. Since the Ponzi scheme is illegal, the new , and legal, get rich quick idea is to start a ‘green energy’ company, pay yourself an outlandish salary, put the company into serious debt, file for bankruptcy, get a federal bail-out , give yourself a huge bonus, and then walk away. Is this what the liberal colleges are teaching ?



    Vote for NEWT
    The only guy with an energy plan and the
    abilty to beat Obama

  16. NJNurse,

    You’re right.


    You are also correct.


    You got something right too…finally!

    All the “shaded shyster” in the Oval Office has to do is no more than his ‘brothers’ in blaming their conceived, self-inflicted inferior status. Blame the white man, or in Owebama’s case the president before him.

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