On The Face Of It

For those who might not have noticed, a few of the most recent articles and “thoughts” have been sort of wake up calls..

ALL of us know that if elections were actually based upon FACTS and EVIDENCE, the Democratic Dear Leader and all of his Marxist marionettes would be in one of his favorite places, the OWEbama permanent unemployment line.. Better yet, I would prefer that they be housed in one of MY favorite places, federal prison.. Or if they like, they can be stored at Guantanamo Bay, (which is STILL open, OWEbama promise BROKEN..) so that they can play on OWEbama’s three-quarters of a million middle class tax dollars built soccer field and they can all share prayer rugs however many times a day..

Elections are based upon neither facts nor evidence. Elections are merely “show business” for ugly people. This fact is stunning considering the unfortunate impact that the government has upon too many of the elements in our lives. It’s hard to believe that more imbeciles vote for the “American Idol” than vote for someone who TAKES MONEY AWAY FROM THEM..

For example, if “Mr. Candidate” used the reality surrounding the complete and total failure of OWEbamanomics, if Mr. Candidate lined up pie charts and bar graphs, PowerPoint presentations and assembled thousands of economists and accountants in support of the bleeding OBVIOUS, the tailored totalitarian “response” to this would be the hackneyed accusation of being a “racist” or some other sexy barely polysyllabic diversion..

The “impartial” media, as opposed to ignoring this intentional nonsense and then pummeling the ducking Democrat, would instead rush to Mr. Candidate’s campaign headquarters and would then “report” (endlessly..) on the fabricated false claim therefore giving the gibberish “legs” while effectively IGNORING the TRUE claims, the “facts and evidence” surrounding the economic malfeasance by the progressive poltroon..

As well, facts and evidence become cheapened and their “reputation” becomes sullied when the opposition cooks up obviously false “facts and evidence” and then tosses them into a serious conversation/debate with the most serious of expressions.. It becomes “guilt by association” as the progressive poison of lies tends to tarnish everything that it comes in contact with in a contiguous manner..

Here is an example straight out of the OWEbama Democratic Diversionary Play Book. When asked about the perpetual OWEbama manufactured (the ONLY manufacturing done under the progressive politburo..) ten percent unemployment, when the surrounding “facts and evidence” of Marxist malfeasance are supplied, some socialist shill (insert ANY of them..) waves all of this off and then proceeds to pull a totally random number, say “three hundred million” out of thin air and then they say that these were “jobs saved or created”.. Since the liberal liars have been called out so many times on this rubbish, they have since morphed their nonsense into the even more obtuse, “jobs supported”..

The liberals, possessing a strange removal from reality, will then up the ante by mentioning the “jobs saved or created”.. Over at Solyndra! OWEbama is STILL pumping precious middle class tax dollars into this collectivist compost heap, OWEbama is STILL paying bonuses to the employees of this failed fascist folderol and in what should, if we dealt in political reality any longer, be a stunning SCANDAL, enough of one WITHOUT the help of “Fast and Furious” to end his presidency, yet the left calls this a “success” and the supposedly cerebral liberal constituents “believe it”..

This is a stupid sort of “overconfidence” that only the left can pull off with any regularity and without any residual residue or damage.. Let’s take some of the “overconfident” warbling of Mitt Romney lately. (I will choose Mitt because I am willing to say that barring a Clintonian stumble, he is “it”..)

A few nights ago, he was doing a bit of off the cuff bragging when he reminded those present that his wife “drives a couple of Cadillacs”.. When he was later asked about his obvious deficits with the conservative wing of the party, he responded with “I’m not willing to light my hair on fire to try and get support”.. Republican “overconfidence” never plays out well because the “impartial” media always “covers” these flubs differently as opposed to the about face that they do when ANY liberal spouts off.. The media “silence” towards Mitt will become a wave of histrionic hollering once the sideshow ends..

Need further proof? When was the last time that Bonehead Biden was this “quiet”? Unless they have him strapped to the walls of his office in D.C, he is out and about and he is saying the usual idiotic things that he has done for decades.. The crickets that we “hear” from the “impartial” media has me looking for Biden’s picture on milk cartons.. Dean, Kucinich, the entire undermedicated collectivist crew is apparently on “vacation”.. Even the usually chatty Carter “appears” to have his trap shut..

As well, as important as “facts and evidence” are, they invariably sound pedantic and pedestrian and weighing in with several salvos of them makes one sound not unlike a one of the typical Marxist monochromatic liberal “professors”.. As exciting as a dial tone.. Unfortunately, THESE are the “results” of OWEbama and crew and they need to be stated and they need to be absorbed.. Repeatedly..

Lets take a look at just one of the candidates who disappeared from the Republican campaign. Herman Cain fell by the wayside NOT because he had some “radical right wing agenda”, it wasn’t because he uttered something unsavory that was caught by the “impartial” media, it was because “someone” located someone who let fly with the allegations of a long affair. This was more than enough to end the candidacy of a Republican..

The Democrats have had not only candidates but sitting presidents who have been obvious cads and in one famous case, once “caught”, he LIED to the American people and he did so UNDER OATH without any repercussions.. Liberal hero JFK put his progressive pickle into as many women as Clinton but the difference is that the JFK gals WANTED him to do it.. About the ONLY liberal who ever went down over being a philanderer was the idiot Gary Hartpence who actually TOLD the media to follow him around as he diddled around.. They kind of HAD to call him out.. Other lecherous liberals have hidden in bathrooms after being caught chasing their “baby Momma” while their wives were dying of cancer.. You get the unfortunate picture..

The “rules of engagement” are different for us, as they should be. With the Democratic proclivity towards political deviance, their personal deviance should come as no surprise to us and it is something that is welcomed with warm claps on the back within their collectivist camp..

We are not “dealing” with “normal” people here, neither their politicians nor their supporters. We can NEVER “understand” them, we can NEVER “change” them.. Therefore since we MUST deal with the “unconventional”, we should deal with them unconventionally. Please note that this same game plan applies to the Mooselims and this is not the ONLY similarity between them and the liberals..

On the face of it, this SHOULD be a cakewalk. The “facts and the evidence” stack up squarely AGAINST the Brown Bolshevik and his liberal lemmings. What it will end up being once all of the liberal tricks and traps are employed is unfortunately another thing altogether..


9 responses to “On The Face Of It

  1. noleftturnz

    The latest NLTZ TOTD for everyone..

    Go read it, its free.. Not “free” like OWEbama Scare..


    Thanks as always,


  2. more and more I am seeing the merit in Gerald Celente’s position of “political atheism”

  3. How true it is that if the ‘facts’ were ever allowed to be printed or reported by a total unbiased communicator, we wouldn’t need all the hand wringing we are going through. OWEbama would be in jail today along with many, many of his appointees. That thought makes me smile to picture it. But alas and alack, Congress and the Supreme Court, those other branches ‘separate but equal’ are not even close to being equal, and sometimes I doubt they are even separate! We all need to get into shape as we go about with our shovels, rakes and hoes trying to uncover the truth.

    Never Give Up, Never Give In and Never Again. One and Done!

  4. I don’t know about any you others, but WrodPress is really wacky. I put my cursor over what I had typed to check the spelling and it posted! Weird!

  5. Larry,

    You can add ignoring the Constitution, and by-passing Congress to your last paragraph.


    Yes, I’ve cursed at Word Press a few times. Sometimes a whole paragraph would “disappear “.

  6. I am of the opinion that if ALL elections were “actually based on fact and evidence”, there would be fewer politicians, no matter the political persuasion, standing outside jail house bars or in unemployment lines.

    I propose that a majority of the ignorant public would be willing to accept “guilt by association” by being thrilled with a little “game-show” atmosphere in that all politicians, when making a speech, be connected to polygraphs machines. (This could also apply to MSM reporters) The machines would sound a horn when it detected an abnormality. There would be no chance for explainations. Gone, done, outta there, no chance for public office, EVER.
    But then again you have California who don’t give a crap who they elect!

  7. Joe,

    Sounds like fun – but the MSM reporters ( not journalists ) would ‘report’ that the politicians all claimed that the polygraph machines were “rigged”.
    Especially since many of them know how to “rig” an election.

  8. JJ,

    For your further education. Polygraph machines are not easily “rigged.” I have had to take the tests myself, the same machine used all the time, along with co-workers of different political persuasion and race during the government’s brainchild of Affirmative Action. A lot of (Democrat) blacks didn’t make it in after failing the lie-detector test. Yet surprisingly there were no cries of “rigged” or “racism.” Not a high powered politician, true, they were trying to go to work on a nuclear facility.

    Of those politicians who would make a claim of being rigged, by all means bring in another machine, an un-biased operator of the machine and ask them the same damn questions again! I’ll guarantee you they will still go down in flames. Oh yeh, plug in those “reporters-of-the-spoof” too, that should be good gor a giggle.

  9. Joe,

    That was my point, namely that the politicians would “claim’ that the test was ‘rigged’, and the imitation journalists would ‘report’ it as such.

    BTW , how many ‘honest politicians ‘ do you know ?

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