The Big Picture

I would certainly hope that by now we all know what is at stake in November. It is of the utmost importance to look at the “Big Picture” in relation to the November election. As much as it would be nice to hand the progressive potentate a humiliating “57 state” loss, if we lose sight of the ENTIRE election, we will STILL lose in the long run.. There is a difference between “focus” and “tunnel vision”..

I find it hard to believe that after four years of determined Democratic destruction that ANY Democratic candidate, regardless of the office that they seek to either hold or “occupy”, would have even the remotest “hope” of winning.. Once again, the FACTS that SHOULD surround and envelop the Marxist machine seem to dissipate into the air of diversion.. The EVIDENCE that should be quicksand for the liberal socialists becomes collectivist concrete with the aid of distraction.. We have to thank the “impartial” adversarial media for their help in this..

The fact that the Democrats are still “in it” numerically after all of the terrorist IED’s that the liberals have intentionally planted within both our society and our economy is stunning to those even mildly observant.. THAT is one of the big problems: not ENOUGH of the OWEbama “victims” are “even mildly observant”.. Even with the comical chaos that has become the Republican primary season, ANY “generic” Republican candidate should be miles ahead of ANY Democratic candidate, “double digit” miles ahead..

After all of the fascist fallout from the Democratic “War Upon America”, things are pretty much “Even Stevens” heading into November.. Ridiculous..

Yesterday, (Allegedly) Republican Senator Olympia Snowe (RINO-ME) announced her retirement. The biggest issue relative to the potential loss of the Snowe seat is the loss of a Republican seat as it affects the assignment of Congressional Committees etc., however as a true BLUE RINO, her individual vote didn’t count for much. As of this writing, the liberal Democrats in Maine are all chafing and falling all over each other to run for this seat and if we are lucky, someone might convince Ron Paul, the Republican Dennis Kucinich, to abdicate his Republican “run” for president and to skip over to Maine, not unlike the Alan Keyes ill-advised efforts against OWEbama for the Senate seat from Illinois in 2004..

Here are a few sterile numbers for you.. The liberals currently hold a 53-47 seat majority in the Senate. Thirty-three seats are up for grabs. The liberals currently hold twenty-three of these seats and ten are held by Republicans. Political “insiders” have a total of ten of those thirty-three seats as “in play”, seven being held by the liberals and three held by the Republicans.

The most “vulnerable” of the Republican seats are the newly open seat of Olympia Snowe from Maine, Nevada’s Dean Heller and one Scott Brown of Massachusetts.. Hey. I remember ONE of those guys..

In February of 2009, CNBC business news editor Rick Santelli while on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange decried the OWEbama “plan” to refinance mortgages and suggested a “tea party” wherein traders would toss their derivatives into the Chicago River on July 1st. The idea of being fed up with OWEbama’s Brown Bolshevism took off from there.

In what had to be the most telling of “Tea Party” inspired political upheavals, the rumpled whisky stained Senate seat from Massachusetts that had been occupied by the Democrat’s best swimmer was taken by the little-known Republican Scott Brown.. Brown defeated Martha Coakley who had to endure the “help” of Typhoid Barry who came to Massachusetts to campaign on her behalf.. In March of 2011, Brown had an “approval” rating of over 70% but that has now “changed” to only a fifty-fifty proposition.. I am willing to say that Brown’s drop in “popularity” is along the same lines as the drop in popularity of the Tea Party.. Why?

The “problem” with the Tea Party is that the premise behind the Tea Party is that the public or the “constituents” have had it. The Republicans, who should have wholeheartedly embraced the Tea Party, have actually held them at arm’s length. The “impartial” media, led by their progressive puppet masters like Harry Reid, began to call those who DISAGREED with OWEbama, in other words, the REAL “victims” of OWEbamanomics, “extremists” and that was when they were trying to be nice to them.. The Republicans acted as though they couldn’t find any life preservers to heave and even to this day, the Republicans have left the Tea Party adrift at sea as they try to tread water on their own..

Democrats from all over are emerging from under their respective rocks feeling as though they have been raised from the dead. For example, Nebraskans who thought that Ben “Bribe Me” Nelson’s “retirement” might take the heat off of them and their pocketbooks have now been told that “retired” since 2000 Democrat Bob Kerrey wants another chance at a seat at the Senatorial tax trough.. Nelson, infamous for his “Cornhusker Kickback” (his “bartered” vote on OWEbamaScare, joining Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu who had her own “payoff” for her vote..) now wants to roll in the sidewalks in order to do who knows what.. Larry Sabato has insightfully said, “whoever is president, the (50-50) Senate is going to slow him down.” (Fox News 03/02/2012) THIS my friends, is the “big picture”..

Presidents (normally) make “suggestions” relative to spending, then Congress spends. However, with OWEbama, there were no “suggestions” there were DEMANDS. With a firm House and Senate going full throttle leftist starting in early 2009, the socialist “window of opportunity” was wide open. The licentious left KNEW that it would slam shut in 2010 (THAT’S why they were in such a “don’t read it, just pass it” lather from the get-go..) and 2010 gave us the shocking mid term election of the one and only.. Scott Brown.

Redistricting may help the liberals in the House, more than likely it may end up being an across the board both Party “push” for those attune to gambling lingo.. Here in Missouri, redistricting is forcing two disgusting liberal leeches, Russ Carnahan and Lacy Clay, to have to square off, so that is an unquestioned victory for Missouri. California Republican Representatives David Drier, Jerry Lewis, Elton Gallegly and Wally Herger have already tossed in the towel due to redistricting.. If the repulsive liberals land twenty-five seats in November, the House reverts back to the Dark Side..

Making the House and Senate FULLY and DECIDEDLY Republican will neuter OWEbama should enough of the dead and the ILLEGAL manage to vote for him and if by chance some random Republican EVER manages to capture the party’s nomination and then somehow wins the November election, we COULD see a wholesale OVERTURNING of the OWEbama heresies..

THIS is the “big picture”. Work towards it until it is clearly in focus..


7 responses to “The Big Picture

  1. Way to go, Larry. I wish we could get this published in every newspaper. I certainly agree – not enough of the voters are taking notice of the shenanigans going on in the District of Corruption. We can certainly do without more Scott Browns. What a waste of a golden opportunity to make a contribution to society. Instead, he just puffed up his sails and went with the flow. Good riddance to Snowe, but don’t they have any true Republicans to assert themselves for the good of their country? I realize it is putting yourself out there, but what a day it would be if you could say “I helped turn the tide” and we came together as a nation to heal.

  2. Quite right on the points as usual.

    While I will agree that the Republicans never embrace the Tea Party, I would say that is the Republican Party’s problem. The Tea Party, as far as I can tell, suffers no lack of support in it’s cause. In my opinion, had the Republicans gone ahead in treating the Tea Party as common brothers “for the common welfare of the nation”, they would have formed an unbeatable alliance. As it is, and it is one reason I do not place complete trust in the party, the Republicans chose votes. When Republicans run contest-free establishment campaigns (McGovern, Romney) they’ll lose. Should they run a nationalized conservative campaign, they’ll win, but they are afraid to do it. Why? Because they are afraid of losing the election!!

    We have a little case of what I call political engineering here in Nebraska. Our long-time Dumbocratic Sen. Ben Nelson has chosen to retire. A wise move considering he will forever be know as Cornhusker Kickback by selling out his 60th vote in the Senate behind late night, closed doors to pass Obamacare. The “engineering” we have taking place in the state is interesting. There were three Republicans running for Nelson’s soon-to-be-vacant space, all long time public servants and well-known. Suddenly, a man from New York who’d been living there the last decade, past Democratic Senator and Governor of Nebraska with the recommendations of Harry Reid decides that he’s going to enter the race! Whoops!

  3. beyond disgusted

    One footnote: Even if Republicans can hold onto the House, and manage to retake the Senate, I fear it won’t matter. Owebama has already rendered Congress irrelavent by doing what ever he wants thru executive orders and regulations. Should he be re-elected, there will be no stopping him, or even slowing him down. I’ll say it again – we need Divine intervention.

  4. noleftturnz


    I suppose that I do have the silly fantasy of being able to say “I helped turn the tide” but I know that that will never be the case.

    Unfortunately, there are too many people who DIRECTLY PROFIT both financially and through individual power for the nation to EVER “come together and heal”.. Too many people would have to give up their “power”..

    Its a nice thought though..

    Thanks as always,


  5. Agreed. But, politics is a ‘dirty’ business, and I wonder if we will ever find a ” Mr. Clean ” ( or a Mrs Clean, or a Ms. Clean ) to sanitize the District of Corruption. The WIW ( Wimps in Washington), especially the RINOS, aren’t going to do it. Consequently Owebama, Holder, and the rest of the lawbreakers will continue their destruction of the country.

    It’s all about money and power, and the District of Corruption wants to keep it that way. Until something drastic happens, they win . . . . and we lose.

  6. Oxymoron of the day – ” Honest Politician ”

    Sorry, just couldn’t resist !

  7. Larry,

    Sorry that I re-interated on what you had to say on Nelson and Kerrey coming back to Nebraska to run for Senate. I’m so totally PO’d about the situation but I had vowed to un-seat Nelson, and told him so in public forum, now it’s Kerrey I’ll be working to see that he never sits his fanny down in that seat.
    There’s been quite a bit of to and fro in the Public Pulse section of the Omaha World Herald, the state’s biggest and most wide spread newspaper. The pro comes from the most vocal and the liberal minority of the state and after Kerrey, living in New York and having absolutely nothing to do with our state, their letters to the Pulse remind me of an adolescent “Welcome Back Kotter” variety…only this time there’s nothing funny about it.

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