No Cause For Alarm

Brace yourselves.. “Cost estimates” for the OWEbama Scare “have ballooned by $111 billion ($111,000,000,000.00) from last year’s budget..” (Fox News 03/03/2012) Those of us familiar with the liberal nomenclature shouldn’t be startled by this revelation at all.. As a matter of fact, this number had better be put up in pencil as it will need to be adjusted upwards many more times before all is said and done to the middle class.. Actually, it went up in the time that you read that last sentence, as has the “historic” OWEbama debts and deficits..

The House Ways and Means Committee “wants to know by Monday why the estimated ten-year cost of helping millions of middle class Americans buy health insurance has jumped by about thirty percent..” I say, why wait until Monday? I’ll give them a few answers now..

The Health Scare Scam was the collectivist cornerstone during the heyday of the OWEbama totalitarian tyranny. When the progressive “perfect storm” of a thoroughly liberal House and Senate combined with an egomaniacal community organizer in the Slight House, everyone (the victims..) knew that bad things were going to happen. What was worse was when the liberals looked at the calendar and they then correctly concluded that they had a little less than two years to go unimpeded full throttle with their “final solution” for America.. It seemed to be the culmination of over sixty years of progressive pogrom planning and they weren’t about to let the “opportunity” slip by..

This was when OWEbama was DEMANDING (and getting..) a liberal lockstep fascist formation from his fellow fifth columnists. “Hurry up” was the name of the game. The leftists, with the help of the “impartial” media laughingly claimed that their “hurry” was due to the “importance” of what it was that they were addressing at the time, regardless of the topic.. The reality was that they knew that they had a very limited time to throttle the middle class and they had to “hurry” not only before the 2010 mid term but before anyone might find out exactly what it was that they were up to.. During this unfortunate time, their Bolshevik bills were too important to even be “read” by the Reds.. What could possibly go wrong with a “plan” like that?

So now a group of people who were completely confounded by something as simple as a 1040 income tax form were going to be giving “estimates” on what it was going to cost the middle class in order for the liberals to save the world.. As well, these bogus “estimates” HAD to be much lower than what they would turn out to be just in case any intrepid “reporter” managed to “read” this bill and so that the “victims” of the OWEbama nonsense wouldn’t burn the Slight House down..

“The revised numbers, buried deep in the president’s budget, stumped lawmakers and some administration officials for most of the week..” Really.. AGAIN, they were “found” “buried deep” within the OWEbama budget and the fact that they were FINALLY “found” hiding there should come as no surprise. Lawmakers might have been “stumped”, but “some administration officials” WEREN’T as they have been on the “Target America First” Bolshevik bandwagon since January of 2009.. As well these “lawmakers” might have been “stumped” because they were too busy listening to the “problems” of the giddy gals at Georgetown University who want the middle class to pay for their “protection” from their socialist sorority sexcapades..

“At issue are subsidies that will be provided under the health care law to help middle class people buy private coverage in new state insurance markets that will open for business in 2014..” I am going to wager that the BIGGEST burden in all of this will NOT be the “middle class’, it will be the “unmentionables”, the liberal voting base of the LOWEST class and their perpetual drain on the copious taxes continually stolen from the middle class.. It’s good to see that these “markets” will “open for business in 2014” because at the “historic” rate that OWEbama has been destroying jobs, they may be the ONLY “jobs” available in 2014..

“Numbers” are irrelevant to the liberals, they just simply say things like “can we afford NOT to..” when it comes to being caught within their lies.. Their righteousness supercedes the realities that surround their “historic” heresies.. Another reason that these “numbers” are irrelevant to the liberals is that they are STILL handing out “health care waivers” to their favorite socialist organizations in order to secure their group votes in November..

In a letter sent to Turbo Timmy, Michigan Republican Dave Camp said, “this staggering increase cannot be explained away by legislative changes or new economic assumptions and therefore must reflect substantial changes in underlying assumptions..” WAY too many “assumptions” in all of that.. See, “change” when implemented by the left ISN’T good.. These are actually “changes in underLYING assumptions” that were made by the liberals..

In a classic example of liberalspeak, we have the following.. “About two-thirds of the increase is due to effects of newly signed legislation that raises costs for one part of the health care law but still saves the government money overall..” As ALWAYS with the left, there are no DETAILED explanations of how the liberal “spend money to save money” fascist fairy tale is going to work out.. What was this “one part” that caused this “increase? If this “part” goes “unnamed”, I will assume that it directly benefits the liberals indentured servants of the lowest class.

As well, a “30% increase” came from only “one part”? How many “parts” are there in a Bolshevik bill that covers well over 2,000 pages and well over 400,000 words? How many more “parts” will be unearthed by the opposition that will need to be axed only to be trumped by the liberals who will “discover” another “part” that will need ANOTHER “30%” (or MORE) increase to fix?

Hold on.. “The rest is due to technical changes in Treasury assumptions about such matters as the distribution of income in America..” WHAT??? A lack of details ALWAYS accompanies the liberal siniffishness that things are too “technical” for the middle class victims to understand. AGAIN with the “assumptions”, why not a few concrete facts? The liberals aren’t concerned with the “distribution of income in America”, they are ONLY concerned with their REDISTRIBUTION of income in America..

“Administration officials say the big increase from last year’s estimates is no cause for alarm..” It’s just the liberals demanding MORE of YOUR money for redistribution and based upon their “historic” performance since January 2009, what is so alarming about that?


23 responses to “No Cause For Alarm

  1. noleftturnz


    The latest from NLTZ TOTD:

    Be advised: Eileen’s work on OWEbama is starting to come in.. Excellent stuff.. Coming soon to NLTZ..

    Thanks as always,


  2. Larry,

    As usual our minds are thinking as one. I thought I had the perfect answer for the Ways and Means Committee in “The Congress should have read the damn bill!” but again you aced me.

    And about Ms. Fluke of Georgetown claiming $3,000 for birth control is bankrupting some of her classmates. Do you know how many condoms $3,000 will buy? Seriously! I mean I figured it out and that amount of money should provide enough condoms for sex 2.74 times a day! All I can figure out is either the regulations have relaxed or I was dating the wrong Catholic girls, Now if good ol’ Billy Bob were still the prez this girl would be hired as a White House Aide in a New York minute.

  3. Joe,

    As I said over at the TOTD site, I will pay anything that leads to LESS lawyers being hatched.. Anything..

    Thanks as always,


  4. The greater question is, who is going to be open for business in 2014? Obamacare supporters may have great-sounding sound bite on their side but we opponents have concrete facts. As I see it, there aren’t those in position of influence or power who are willing to express and use those facts but they’d better start using them.

    While most people know about the individual mandate which will allow the govenment to (unconstitutionally) force them to puchase a product they may not want, there are several other ways Obamacare will destroy our healthcare system, our economy and our way of life.

    It takes no Ways and Means Committee, it takes no investigation. All those in Congress know what they’ve done in contributing towards the demise of our country. Their actions cannot bear up against facts and facts are facts: Obamacare creates new taxes on everything from medical devices to medication to flexible savings accounts. Obamacare grossly effects small business’ by demanding they cover all full-time employees or face a steep fine. This then adversly affects the labor market (which Obama’s never given a didly about anyway) and increases un-employment.

    The time to repeal Obamacare is now.

  5. Oh and this just in: Fluke is a Fake, (Patriot Update/Washington Post)
    The carpet-burned “rosey-cheeked” on her back bankrupt by contraceptive collegian Ms. Fluke, who thinks it’s her entitlement to do anything with a .ick and our responsiblity to pay for it, turns out NOT to be the 23-year-old law student but, rather, a 30 year old feminist activist who chose to go to Georgetown after “specifically reveiwing it’s insurance policy and discovering that it didn’t cover contraceptives.” She went to Georgetown with the express purpose of combating that “problem.”
    Ms. Fluke is supposedly genuinely interested and worried about affordable contraceptives. I have a suggestion: A pair of firmly zipped pants! No wait, I have a second suggestion: A pair of firmly crossed legs!

  6. There is no cause for alarm because the alarm should have sounded November 2008! I think one of the worst things the three “equal but separate” branches of the government is their lack of concrete facts. That is also my take on this side show of a primary process, and that is they say they will do this or do that, but they fail to tell us HOW they will do it. OWEbama didn’t lie when he said he would bring change, he just omitted HOW the change was going to come about. And boy, am I ever with you regarding lawyers. If a candidate is a lawyer, chances are he won’t get my vote if there is a conservative non-lawyer running. Our family, all seven of the children and us, have been prepared for years with food storage and water, so we know how to rotate and take advantage of sales on food items. We happen to live on a fault, so earthquake is a possibility. My wife and I each have a back pack with emergency items we would need, and a large duffel bag with crank radios and gas cans and such for cooking. We also have the silver heat keeping individual blankets and even silver sleeping bags. Am I paranoid? You betcha! I go by the Scout motto: BE PREPARED!

  7. By the way – maybe it is time to bring back the chastity belt? I read this article and it makes me suspicious of the timing of this sex misdirect and the admission of the new Billions of dollars tucked into ObamaScare. Nah, they wouldn’t do that, would they?

  8. As soon as I heard that Ms. Fluke or Fake. or what ever her real name is, was testifying for Nasty Nancy , I figured something was ‘fishy’.

    Maybe Rush did not have to apologize, he might have made the right call afterall !

  9. Ms Fluke’s parents are are so very proud of her. What a gal. They probably had to go into hiding with a girl like that.

  10. Carl-Edward Endicott

    I think it would be simpler for Miss Fluke to change her name, than for her family to change theirs.

  11. Carl-Edward,

    I agree. And I’ve been biting my tongue, or my keyboard as the case may be, in not having changed it for her in my previous posts!

  12. Joe,

    OK – I’ll bite . So, what name did you have in mind for her ? 🙂

  13. JJ,

    Not name, names. Remember I’m an ex construction worker. But not here, I choose to maintain the respectabilitiy of the No Left Turnz site rather than lower it and myself to liberal levels.

    Besides my computer will not allow me the luxury of hyphenating letters in which case the “U” in Ms. Fluke’s name would be shown pronounced “short” instead of “long.” That in itself is damaging enough were it not for the possible exception of vision where someone needs to pound the “L” out of it.

  14. Hey Joe,

    Haven’t you heard about the phonetic keyboard ? It would solve some problems, and there are special senior discounts available ! 🙂

  15. JJ,

    Odd that you should mention discounts. Ms. Fluke testified before Congress that birth control pills could cost a Georgetown law student $3,000 over the (inter) course of three years and couldn’t afford it. The Washington Times discovered there was a Target Store less than three blocks away from the University that “sells a months supply of birth control pills for only $9 to people who do not have insurance covering contraceptives.”

    Let me see now, I’m not a woman, nor am I a lawyer, but my math is still pretty good and at $9 a month the total sum for three years would be a whopping $324!

    The 30 year old Fluke (remember prounciation) and past president of Georgetown Law Students Reporductive Justice should have her lips shown shut.

  16. Joe,

    She would, of course, expect someone else to pay for that minor surgery.

    Also, she has the qualifications to be a lawyer – the capability to blow things out of proportion to prove her case ! Then she can proceed to become a politician like her idol – Nancy Pelosi.

    Don’t know much about Georgetown, but it sounds like it is one hotbed of sexual activity. Apparently law school students don’t wait for their law degrees to start screwing everybody.

  17. Although the term ” separation of Church and State ” is not in the Constitution, it is part of the lexicon, particularly now regarding the Obamacare mandate regarding contraception. Along these lines, has anyone heard that the Owebama admin. wants some control as to whom the Churches and Synagogues can hire ? Any truth to this ?

  18. JJ,

    I assume you mean as in “hired help” not in insurance providers. Either way I haven’t ran across anything that suggests even Constitution-stomping Owebama has the gonads to try…yet! Afterall, it hedges on discrimination.

    Owebama is quite in line with Alinsky’s thinking in going directly for the top in attacking and taking away religious freedoms by “non”-dealing with Catholic Bishops, his most dangerous foe. While the MSM were in a Fluke “n” Rush flush this last week, they conveniently “forgot” to report? a letter written by Cardinal Timothy Dolan recapping a recent meeting he and the U.S. Conference of Bishops had with the White House regarding the mandate.

    “The conference asked if the broader concerns of religious freedom, that is revisiting the straight-jacketing mandates, or broadening the maligned exemption, are all of the table. We were told, “they were.”
    So much for the, “work out the wrinkles” from the shiney sh!t spinner.

    “Instead, the White House advised the bishops’ conference that they should listen to the “enlightened” voices of accommodation.” In other words, federal government knows more about the Catholic religion than Catholics do. They’ve even assembled a crack team of experts…I think Ms. Fluke is one of them.

    That’s right, who would know better of nation’s government and religion and the separation thereof than a man whose birth is still being contested and spent 20 years in a church under the Rev. “god-dam-america” -oh-so-wrong Wright.

  19. Hey Joe,

    Great post – you are the ‘wordsmith of the day ‘. Thanks for a spot on response,

  20. Dave from Anaheim

    The ironic thing is Miss Fluck is a lesbian, so she shouldn’t need any contraceptives. The whole thing was set up by the Pinocchiobama camp to trap Republicans (Americans) into another diversion to cover another Pinocchiobama fluck-up.

  21. Eventually most of the Liberal schemes will backfire. Therefore, if true, the lesbian information is not a surprise. Now, if info. on the ‘real’ OWEbama were to be forthcoming, imagine the size of that ‘backfire ‘ .

  22. noleftturnz


    Best line of the month: “Apparently law school students dont wait for their law degrees to strta screwing everybody..”

    Wish that it were mine!

    Thanks as always,


  23. Larry,

    The line is now yours – use it whenever you wish.

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