Karma Sutra

I suppose that we could debate the alleged sagacity of Ohioans in casting so many ballots for Romney, but I have to congratulate them on one hand and then lambaste them on the other..

The voters of Ohio turned out certified nut bag Dennis Kucinich in favor of one Marcy Kaptur. Back in 2007, Kucinich was passing Marxist mash notes to Kaptur saying among other things, “I’m the president of her fan club..” I’ll wager that he isn’t even a member of the club let alone its “president” today.. Therefore, congratulations are in order..

However, the decision of the Ohio voters has placed me in a creative quandary.. With Dennis “I’ve seen Moon Men” Kucinich gone from the socialist sociopath society, whom will I be able to compare to our own ridiculous Ron Paul? I would use Howard Dean, but he has become as extinct as the illusive “conservative Democrat” or the “liberal intellectual”..

OWEbama’s gas prices got you “bummed out”? How about his deficits, his debt and his defaults, do they have you singing the blues? Does his “Fast and Furious” scandal or his Solyndra scandal have you down in the dumps? How about your INVOLUNTARY “investment” in the Chevy Volt failure?

I don’t know why but it would seem that the ONLY “story” of ANY consequence according to our “impartial” adversarial media is the “Rush got it right” revelations against fascist Fluke.. The OWEbama “record” of purposefully destroying America since 2009, has gone the way of the Stegosaurus.. Deflection and distraction are the name of the game and the liberals and their fellow travelers of the adversarial media will continue this progressive program through November..

Speaking of Fluke, shall we call her “Miss Informed” or would she prefer the spelling “misinformed”?

It seems that some cab drivers are upset that the companies that they drive for aren’t allowing their “traditional religious attire” to be worn while at work.. I COMPLETELY agree with the cabbies on this one.. I endorse and encourage them to wear as much of their native headgear, etc. as they would like. (As long as it doesn’t tick..) As well, I would encourage them to place large illuminated reproductions of their “home” flag on the roof of their respective cabs.. That way I know which cabs to BOYCOTT. The problem with this is that the few cabs that would have the stars and stripes in full view would cause a panic or a stampede at the airport.. Once these Mooselim cabbies aren’t collecting any fares, they will be “let go” and another source of American money being funneled to terrorist causes will dry up..

Today I saw a sign that was stuck into the ground at an intersection, “Erase bad credit $250”.. I am assuming that for the paltry sum of $250.00, those who have been proven to be irresponsible can be “bailed out”.. (Hey, if it’s good enough for OWEbama’s friends, you know, the “ones who got us into this mess”, it’s good enough for any other lowly liberal who is “overextended” of their own volition..) I’m not sure as to exactly how much of one’s “debt” can be erased for this $250.00 but I have to ask.. What happens to this money that has been “erased”? SOMEONE loses out in this equation.. WHO pays this debt that has either been bargained own or erased altogether? Seems silly to ask, doesn’t it..

Is Michael Moore still out there somewhere punishing buttons, zippers and buffet lines?

On the progressive pervert and Democratic deviant front: ICE and the OWEbama government are using YOUR tax dollars to “provide” transgender detainees with their “hormone treatments”..

“Wind farms” in the Northwest are being paid with YOUR tax dollars NOT to produce any energy.. Bonneville Power Administration, rewarded courtesy of OWEbama and the liberal left..

Scamulous TAX money taken from the middle class (Thanks, Stoli Joe!!) that was SUPPOSED to go to 400 Detroit “job seekers” (Good luck with that in the OWEbama Depression..) for “clothes for job interviews” ended up going to only.. Two “seekers”.. Of course, like ALL liberal “feel good” fascism, we ALL know that the ONLY reason that someone from Detroit can’t land a job is because the clothes worn during their interview were “out of style”.. Again, “results” are never relevant within the liberal world, “intentions” are of paramount importance..

The idiot liberals are “debating” the “three criteria” for the KILLING of Mooselims. At first, they concerned themselves with the savages outside of America, now they want to squabble and squawk about those Mooselims INSIDE of America.. The left keeps trying to claim that these are “Americans” and THAT is allegedly the sensitive point in all of this.. First, if you have ANYTHING in front of “American”, say “Iranian-American”, if you use a hyphen between “American” and ANYTHING ELSE, you are NOT an “American”. As well, I do not care WHERE your mail gets sent to, if you are identified as an ENEMY to REAL Americans, you should be in the process of taking your last breaths.. On that note, liberals, take a deep breath..

What is the best way to deal with the cost of gasoline which has skyrocketed under OWEbama? According to the Bowing Bolshevik, “energy alternatives”.. “Energy alternatives” not unlike Bonneville Power Administration and their being PAID NOT to produce energy.. How about the “alternative energy” that is being used by the three people in America who have been suckered into buying one of OWEbama’s Chevy Volts? All of this should be at least as “successful” as the other OWEbama forays into idiot “green” redistribution like the wildly successful Solyndra.. (Unreported OWEbama scandal number twenty..) Not to be assuaged by the reality that surrounds this “green nonsense”, “OWEbama touts fuel-efficient cars at North Carolina stop”.. (Fox News)

One of the most likeable traits about imbecile Bill Maher is that he likes his Kool Aid sweetened with the sophomoric sewage of socialism..

What did Maher and the “sensitive” left call Michelle Bachmann, Laura Ingraham and Sarah Palin? Let’s see, silence over Bachmann, Ingraham and Palin, faux “outrage” over some liberal straw MAN from Georgetown.. These are the same broads who ignored the Clinton sexual assaults..

The whole “doomsday” babbling needs a bit of clarification.. There have been approximately 500 or so Leap Year’s since the calendar was created in Rome in about 45 BC. Missing that extra day every four years would make today’s date to be July 28, 2013.. The Mayan calendar as well does not account for Leap Year so, if you take a good look at it, if what these lunatics say is true, the world actually ended about seven months ago..

Actually, the world ended on January 20, 2009..


12 responses to “Karma Sutra

  1. This Fluke story is falling apart rapidly as some of the bored mainstream media lethargically look into why now. They are even saying this was planned two weeks ago. I guess what they do is plan distracting bombs and hold them in reserve until they know something is coming they don’t want us to know about too soon, and sexcapades are always great distractions.

    The only way we in America will get to control gas prices, is to drill, drill and refine. The states are starting to sit up and take notice they have been under the Federal thumb too long, so they are reverting back to “We’ll take care of it from here, and you can stop taking our money and hogtying us with paperwork”. The less paperwork a state has to fill in can only be a bonus. My son’s small computer business has had a letter from IRS on average since January, two letters a week. One request was a second timer, so I wrote on it that this is the exact information you asked for two months ago which I sent. Another letter was duplicated twice (that means sent three times) before they made a ruling. If all government offices and congressional personnel were to pay for their own postage, the Postal Service wouldn’t be in such a deep hole.

    Larry, I have decided to take ten copies of “The Big Picture” article with me to the caucus meeting and pass them around. I have even included a TOTD and some of the pictures. We’ll have to see what happens.

  2. Larry,

    Wow, you’ve covered a lot of topics today. So, just a quick thought on the last paragraph . If anyone has any faith in the Mayan calendar, perhaps they should consider the following : if the Mayans were so smart, why did they all disappear hundreds of years ago ?

  3. sorry to disagree man, but as a Canadian and impartial observer Ron Paul is the only candidate with consistency and integrity. The others are all RINO or nanny state/ big govt types. I realise as Mark Steyn said in his new book that almost 50 percent of Americans depend on govt for money, thus a guy who wants to cut govt spending drastically, get out of useless wars that cost trillion dollars, and aren’t winning US any friends, etc, is not gonna be popular nor does he stand a chance at being elected. He is against the elites that want a NWO aka global governance by elite, thus has another strike against him. all the best to you Larry

  4. gsteelwraith

    I’d say the whole Mayan calender thing is silly. We couldn’t get lucky enough to have the world end right after Obama’s re-election.

    The Fluke business is further proof (as if we needed any additional such), of how the MSM is doing what ever they can to hide the maladorous and mendacious nature of Obama’s efforts to swindle us into voting him back in for life. This is classic Saul Alinsky tactics of daemonizing one’s opposition so they maybe isolated and eliminated. The liberals have been waiting to get rid of Rush for years, but they have made the classic mistake of overplaying their hand with the dogpiling of naysayers and the overblown sums of sponsors heading for the exits. Though he used the terms correctly, Rush shouldn’t have used the words he did, as it lowered him to the level of his enemies.

    All things being equal, if Ms. Fluke (wow, what an appropriate name) is this thin-skinned, she would do well to stay out of customer service if she decides to stop being a freeloader and starts contributing to society.

  5. noleftturnz


    Bless your heart..

    My first “advance man”..

    Thanks as always,


  6. noleftturnz


    If your theory holds true, we should be rid of the liberals in about a decade or so..

    We can always “Hope”, can’t we?

    Thanks as always,


  7. noleftturnz


    I will admit to you that I am a little hard on Dr. Paul. Sometimes my desire to elicit a giggle gets the best of me.

    However, for the points that Dr> Paul makes that are salient (the Fed..) his views on a few other things (legalizing drugs) tends to make things a wash..

    Completely agree on the “choices” that we are left with against what has to be the WEAKEST and most destructive liberal ever placed into office. This SHOULD be a cakewalk and the Repubs should have been working towards this November back in January of 2009..

    Sometimes his definition of a “useless” war is also troublesome..

    I’ll be nicer, don’t want to offend a member of the “family”..

    Thanks as always,


  8. noleftturnz


    Can’t we also say that this “Alinsky method” was used by the Republicans on the Tea Party?

    The liberals are certainly grudge holders, look at how long it took them to get “even” with Nixon for “outing” the left’s poster boy Alger Hiss..

    They won’t stop Rush though. Other SMART advertisers will step in. Lets hope that a “reverse” boycott of those who ran from Rush works..

    Thanks as always,


  9. Family,

    A link to the latest NLTZ TOTD for you..


    Thanks as always,


  10. I would label the Fluke misinformed considering the foggy figures, friends with no names and non-accountable financial strife she offered as an “expert” witness before a Congressional panel. While she dances to the strings of the Progressive’s Main Marionette Puller Pelosi, the MSM, had they ever heard the term, “responsible jounalism”, lathers to tear Limbaugh or any other “right” voice down rather than seeking facts and informing the American people.

    Cabbies. I had the ambigous experience of having to call one a month or two ago. I had been taken by ambulance to a hospital with no way to get home and, not wanting to bother any friend or family I chose to take a taxi back to my residence.
    I was alerted that the taxi had arrived and when I walked out that cold morning the taxi was there but the driver was not. I stood outside not wanting to miss my ride home. After awhile a man of eastren or middle-eastren decent walked out, carrying a candy bar, opens the cab and says, “Good morning” in such a heavy dialect that I’d thought I’d just dialed customer service for my computer!! I noticed that he has an unusually large amount of beads hanging from the rear veiw mirror and that the dash board is covered with some sort of ornate mat. As we are headed towards my home he asked me a question with a half-a-mouth-full of candy bar that someone back in his home country may have been able to decipher. I told him I was hard of hearing, he gave me “queen wave” and we rode in silence the rest of the way home.
    The odd thing is that he became very fluent in English when I refused to tip him. I’m not cheap it’s just that when the speed limit is 65mph in minimal traffic, two lane, all the way home and the cabbies only doing 50 they’re no better than liberals with their hidden taxes.

  11. Joe,

    Regarding cabbies, apparently almost all in NYC are foreigners, and maybe not yet citizens. And, apparently all the cabs must have what is known as a “medallion” , which is very expensive ( possibly around $100,000 ).. This raises the question : where do these foreigners get that kind of money ? Does the US gov’t. have a ‘program’ to fund them ?

    This country seems to relish in dispensing ‘foreign aid’ . Wonder how much froeign aid Owebama got for his education ! Just a thought.

  12. Larry,

    We cannot survive another decade of this blatant disregard of our Constitution.

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