The REAL One Per Cent-ers

Of late, I have heard a number of liberals making heavy weather of a few statistical anomalies (anoma-LIES) relative to the “numbers” with the Dow Jones and the S+P 500. They are squawking about the rise in these “numbers” from the early days of the OWEbama caliphate..

This “argument” made by the liberal political elite, PROVES that the left houses an overwhelming number of the “1%” that the George Soros’ (a REAL 1%er if there ever was one.. More on that later..) financially backed “occupy” morons SHOULD be targeting with their totalitarian tirades..

Keep in mind that the VAST majority of the middle, lower-middle and lowest classes aren’t invested in either the Dow Jones or the S+P 500..

THESE Americans, long FORGOTTEN by the liberal elitists, are actually “invested” in things like gas prices and jobs.. By the way, OWEbama and his buddies from the Marxist Madrassa have made over six million jobs disappear and gas prices are two dollars a gallon HIGHER than when he usurped office.. Keep THAT in mind as November draws near..

Which effects REAL Americans more, the price of a share of Google stock or the price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline? Which effects REAL Americans more, Apple’s place within the S+P 500 or the fact that over 6,000,000 jobs have evaporated under the Democrat’s watchful eyes..

This talk of “money” tires me because the left is MORE concerned about the acquisition and retention of money by SOME and the redistribution of money from the REST than anyone. Just as the socialists in Russia were, the American left is just concerned about WHO has money..

Bill Gates has money. Bill Gates says ALL the “correct” things in public, therefore his money is HIS. Rush Limbaugh has money but he openly giggles at the sophomoric socialists, therefore his money must be SEIZED.. Michael Moore has money, but he leads the progressive parade of leftist lunatics and knuckle draggers, so his money, even the money that he invested in the dreaded “Halliburton”, is his and his alone.. No “occupy” varmints barking and bellowing in front of HIS mansion..

Class warfare/class separation are distraction techniques used by the MONIED liberals so that their own allies of the lowest caste won’t figure out that these ring leaders of the smelly socialist circus are the REAL “1%”-ers.. These elitist leftists get around this by dangling the collectivist carrot in front of these jackasses in the form of a stipend redistributed from the middle class and it is ALWAYS JUST enough to keep these indentured servants manacled to the lowest class.. The fact that these “self-inflicted victims” of liberalism continue to fall for this and for them to also remain faithful to those who WORK towards keeping them in the lowest classes is frightening proof of the “Socialist Stockholm Syndrome”..

As well, when “someone” has money and “someone else” doesn’t, it is “unfair”.. When there is “unfairness” about, there MUST be “victims”. Liberalism needs victims (real or imagined..) and it actually wouldn’t be able to function without them. Liberalism is therefore geared towards the creation and retention of more and more “victims”. It is also necessary for these “victims” to be too stupid (or too lazy..) to realize that they have been swindled and generations have sufficiently proven that the left has a (cess)pool of both the stupid and the willing.. Here is just one example of the many collectivist coconspirators in this compassion play..

The liberals through their “friends” of the NEA reinforce this demand for the constant reproduction of the lowest class. These “teachers” have been “rewarded” by the left with trillions of middle class tax dollars for their intentional destruction of what was once the most effective public school system in the world. The grade and high schools are now just “indoctrination stations” where FAILURE is mandatory.

Once these dopes are sent out into the “real world”, their FAILURE, that was intentionally orchestrated by the liberals and their lemmings, causes them to.. Run to the SAME people that “got them into this mess”.. They do not turn their backs on the liberals, they RUN to those who WANT them to remain in the lowest class.. The nation’s poorest reflexively run to those that have done everything to keep them POOR..

The fact is that the left is intentionally divided into at least two monetary groups, groups separated by a gap that is frightening and will NEVER be closed by the elitists of the left. (How the few middle class “union” members buy into and imbibe the socialist snake oil is more surprising still..) What is even more stunning is the fact that the lowest liberal urchin BELIEVES that the liberal elitist in his air condition mansion behind the walls of his gated community ACTUALLY CARES about the plight of the barnacles of the left’s lowest class..

It makes sense to equate the economy (and in this case, two elements within the economy, the Dow and the S+P 500) with the environment. The environment has the unique ability to “cure itself” even WITHOUT the “help” of the liberals. The environment has been doing so even before the Marxist mutation that became the liberal carcinogen.. Volcanoes erupted, forests were set ablaze by random lightening strikes, etc. Over time, the environment managed to recover by itself even before the first liberal slithered out of the socialist swamps or from under the reactionary rocks from which they were hatched..

So it is with the economy, or in this case, the Dow and the S+P 500. Once the socialist stranglehold of Health Scare, (the MAJORITY of this progressive poison won’t be swallowed by the middle class until AFTER 2014..) the copious “Bailout for Buddies” programs and the other collectivist cure-alls successfully stolen from Stalin, once the effects of a Democratic House and Senate, spending and spending and spending since 2006 were finally harnessed, many elements of the economy have slowly been placed in “hands off” mode by the uber-leftists. They knew that over time, if they left it alone, it would “recover” in time for another OWEbama shampaign and they would take credit for these gains.. Once capitalism was allowed to be capitalism, the economy “recovered” just in time for the election, after which the full court press of socialism will again be reapplied, if the WRONG party steals the show again..

Once a Republican candidate is finally declared, the Marxist misdirection will go full bore.. It is OUR job to try to clear the air and to remind the VICTIMS of OWEbama’s liberalism as to just WHO the REAL “one per cent-ers” are..


8 responses to “The REAL One Per Cent-ers

  1. Family,

    The latest from NLTZ TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. beyond disgusted

    Super post! You continue to nail the lunatic left.

  3. I could feel the “heat” of your article, Larry, lucky I got it read through before it melted my monitor!

    I will not now, nor will I ever belittle myself in comparing myself to a minority of those who believe that our Republic has been wrong in it’s ideology of free men, free enterprise and free religion. If it weren’t for our Constitution, our military, and I’m sorry to say, our government, these 1% wouldn’t be here today. No matter how much “back money” to buy tents, sleeping bags, masks and bottled water, let alone drugs for the ‘slightly above curb crew.’

    You can count on it, I AM an air purifier!!

  4. Could not have said it any better. In fact, I probably would slip and say something really hateful then get carted off. I would dare any TV station to not report the Dow and S & P closing numbers for a week. Don’t they realize the people involved in the Stock Markup (deliberate spelling) are not watching the news? They already are on the computer constantly checking this market, that market and any other market when it closes. I still get most of my news from Internet sources. I just cannot tolerate the insipid “Breaking News” and whatever else they think is earth shattering. I get up and leave the room and check the Internet before I go to bed. I sleep better if I’m not yelling at the TV before bed.

  5. Extraordinary piece. Please create share buttons. Would love to post on Facebook.

  6. The benefits that a so called poor family of four receive in welfare, food stamps, etc. is equal to receiving a gross income of approx. $45,00.00 .
    And, not having to work for it. You would be surprised at the number of those so called poor that are actually proud of the freebies, because they believe they are ‘gaming’ the system, by doing ‘nothing’ .
    Is this the new ” proud American ” ???


    SSS Stupid Slimy Socialist
    Thats what we have created
    by welfare entilements
    Someday the Golden Goose will run out of money
    and the shit will hit the fan
    The tax withholding system feeds this problem
    If we all stopped sending money we would dry up
    the well of plenty
    What a joy that would be

  8. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints started a welfare program during the depression in the 1930’s, yet their system not only grows and flourishes, those who once had a necessity of using the system are now more secure in their lives and are non-dependant on the welfare program and are helping to support its growth. This Church is often in place sharing and assisting countries suffering from something devistating before the Red Cross shows up.

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