Remember November

A few slogans have appeared on this site relative to OWEbama.. “Never give in, never give up and never again” was one of the earliest incarnations. Now I would like to forward, “Remember November” as it seems that “remembering” what OWEbama and the liberal left have destroyed since 2009 is the key to affording him the early political retirement that he so richly deserves..

Our inability to “remember” allows destructive Democrats like OWEbama to “overlook” a large number of “historic” accomplishments that NEED to be remembered, especially by those who will be casting ballots in November..

In our day to day, ever changing and fast paced lives, the liberals COUNT on our INABILITY TO REMEMBER what it is that they have done to us. Rarely, they have done something that was just SO offensive and or destructive that no matter how they tried to divert our limited attention, it just couldn’t be swept under the reactionary’s (prayer) rugs.. The Clinton/Lewinsky LIES under oath, for example.. Then again, “justice” CERTAINLY wasn’t well served in this situation because as I have said before, “being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry” or, NEVER having to say that you were WRONG..

OWEbama is living proof that it is easier to look “forward” than it is to look “back”..

In 2008 when he was slugging it out with Mr. “Thirty-five years of political experience”, OWEbama certainly wanted everyone to “look forward” because if ANYONE took even a cursory look at his PAST, it would have been plainly evident that his candidacy should have ended on the spot.. Those who attempted to shine the light of day upon this “historic” interloper were summarily branded as “racists”, the liberal default ONE WORD “argument” aimed at those who have an ACTUAL “argument” to make..

Even with the most empty and vapid of political resumes, a “record” that wouldn’t have been strong enough to land anyone else a job as the town dog catcher, OWEbama STILL had PLENTY of reasons to want everyone to look “forward”.. Here are just a FEW examples..

OWEbama was MORE than cozy with such luminaries as Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Tony Rezko, Emil Jones and John Stroger.. ALLEGEDLY, OWEbama himself wrote a few “books” and even a few eye-opening quotes from them didn’t seem to matter.. Here is but ONE of them.. “I will stand with them (Mooselims) should the political winds shift in a different direction..” He even had the gall to admit that he was “mentored” by Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed communist and he even wrote that he chose Marxist friends and professors in “college”. (I will assume that this is true since his transcripts are unavailable..) For those in need of further evidence, it is available if you would like to dig.. As you do so you will be prodded by the left to “look forward”..

So the shampaign of 2008 began and it was all about the “looking forward” of “hope and change”.. Even though he possessed a political resume of an amazing 163 days as a Senator, armed with more intrepid votes of “present” than otherwise, even as he was awarded the title of having the MOST liberal voting record in the Senate, everyone needed to look “forward”.. The Republicans cooperated by forwarding the milquetoasty McCain and the deed was done..

If the Republican sideshow (speaking of milquetoast..) ever ends, the liberals will have to “campaign” again and after this “historic” record of debt, deficits and defaults in place since early 2009, a record that falls firmly at the feet of OWEbama and his Marxist marionettes in the Democratic Party, we will AGAIN be told to “look forward” as the liberals have so much behind them that they MUST cover up.. We will be told that “the job is not done” and THAT is the ONLY truthful element within the progressive perfume, the heretic’s hypnosis..

When the left tells you to “look forward’, it is your job to immediately LOOK BACK. After doing so, you need to tell everyone about the clarity of hindsight when glimpsing at the “record” of the socialists..

Here is an element of this “historic” president that needs to be “remembered” as we “look back”. How about a peek at just a few of the unconstitutional “Czars” that were chosen?

“Science Czar” John Holdren.. Encourages forced abortions and mass sterilization.. “Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein. Believes that animals should be represented in court (Cass apparently hasn’t been to court, “animals” are represented every day and usually at the tax payers expense..) as well as organ harvesting WITHOUT approval.. Mark Lloyd, “Diversity Czar” firmly believes in curtailing free speech and admires Hugo Chavez (which, along with an inability to pay your taxes, made one a “fast track” appointee under OWEbama..) Carol Browner (should be “Red-er”..) “Global Warming Czar”, a well known socialist who LOVED the “cap and trade” totalitarian taxation nonsense.. Van Jones, “Green Energy Czar” and proud communist.. Some are gone, some are still there but it matters not.. You must “look forward”..

Shall we remember a few of the EARLIEST moments of the collectivist caliphate that took up residence in “Pelosi’s Swamp”?

Who did OWEbama visit FIRST as the president? Mahmoud Abbas, the “leader” of the Fatah Party in the Palestinian territory.. With whom did he give his very first press interview to as president? Al Arabia Television.. Who remembers HB 1388, one of the very first bills signed by OWEbama.. Over twenty million ($20,000,000.00) tax dollars were used for “migration assistance” for Palestinians with direct ties to Hamas to invade the United States. Speaking of remembering, Hamas unequivocally supports the Islamic Resistance Movement.. These “historic” OWEbamanations took place while the nation was being bombarded with the Scamulous, the totalitarian takeovers and the “Bailouts for Buddies” middle class tax redistribution process.. This should hopefully reinforce within you the idea that OWEbama is NOT ALONE in working towards the destruction of the United States, EVERY Democrat in Washington is complicit..

As this “historic” charade has continued on, we have seen such forgotten scandals as “Fast and Furious” and the champion of the “Green Ruse”, Solyndra, all conveniently fade into the blackdrop of Bolshevik bombast.. YOU are the VICTIM of OWEbama and the Democrats and the Democrats have NEVER had to deal with any sass or back talk from those that they have victimized and enslaved for generations before. YOU are to become another of the indentured servants who will be ADDICTED to the bloated bureaucracy that is the liberal form of baby sitting government..

For those who wish to do so, I encourage you to “look back” as the Democratic distracters demand that you “look forward” and, please don’t forget, “Remember November”..


13 responses to “Remember November

  1. Family,

    The latest NLTZ TOTD for everyone:

    Thanks as always,


  2. If you had to pee really REALLY bad, would you:
    a) hold it until you got home
    b) pee in a cup
    c) find a dead muslim


  3. Great article, Larry, a keeper for sure! And I do choose to do so. I find myself re-affirming your message in reminding those who either don’t care or don’t choose to know, that we are being told what to do by governmental morons.

    I compare liberals to credit cards, in that they are all for what brings the “hope” presents of the day, but when the “change” side of the bill shows up, they haven’t planned, they aren’t responsible and they don’t know how to pay the consequences of the debt looming in the days ahead other than to blame someone else for their problem.

    It is shameful, indeed if not downright embarassing, to actually need a call such as this when through three, undoubtly all four, years of Owebama’s term, his agendas has caused the nation’s debt to skyrocket, and maintaining a consistitent historically high un-employment level all behind the facade of “restoring the economy.”

  4. We can look back until the cows come home, but it won’t make much difference because there are too many stupid voters who will do as they are told , namely — re-elect their boy.

    Maybe it is time to concentrate on getting control of the Senate and the House, as some pundits have suggested.

    The freeloaders want their freebies – plain and simple.

  5. Don’t know if you will post anything today (3/14), but did want to let you know you and Basko are in my thoughts.

  6. JL,

    I may not get many comments here but yours reminded me of how special the “family” is.

    It was one year ago that Basko crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

    I greatly appreciate your very kind thought,


  7. Stupid WordPress. Lost two posts and maybe this one.

  8. Richard,

    Welcome to the club – you are not alone. 🙂

  9. What do you mean, “lost”?

    Are you submitting them and they are disappearing?

    Need info, “comments” as we can all tell have gone way down for some reason..


  10. I was replying to the latest two articles. When I clicked the “POST COMMENT” button, I was told I had to be logged in to reply. I’m not sure how long I have been posting, but I have NEVER had to log-in to post after the first time. By the time I got back to the articles, the posts were gone so I incorrectly assumed they had posted and I would get notified of follow-ups.. Didn’t happen.

  11. Off subject but since you mentioned Clinton/Lewinsky, getting Fluke “posted” somehow doesn’t seem disporportionate. I give you an article by Thomas Purcell;

    “Having gone on junket trips and been involved in how those sort of things work, I can tell you that not just anyone is picked to have a seat before a congressional hearing and have a say on particular issues. Your name typically is submitted by people who have a lot of drag with Congress or you are well known enough about a particular subject to be considered.

    That’s why it came as a bit of surprise when a innocent unkown college student by the name of Sandra Fluke sat before Congress and testified about the horrors of having to pay for her own contraceptives pills. The media types and pundits portrayed her as a struggling young student being victimized by the insurance companies and a woman living in a man’s world. Hardly.

    The red flag for me was two fold: one, that she was attending a very expensive school (Georgetown) and two, that she was self-described as a ‘public interest’ scholarship recipient. Public interest scholarships are not given as poverty scholarships, they are typically credits given for political purposes.

    Fluke is not your normal young college student. For one, she is a 30 year old experienced community activist, older and wiser than your typical college student. Experienced in spades-she sits or has been a part of no less than six different women’s rights groups, including the Manhatten Borough President’s Taskforce on Domestic Violence (I hold nothing against that) and numerous other New York and New York state coalitions.

    Fluke was the recipient of 2010 Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles Fran Kandel Public Interest Grant. The grant is given to student lawyers for projects that make governmental and social institutions and agencies more accesible and responsive to members of society whose needs are not otherwise adequetly recognized or asserted. In other words, Fluke is a woman who knows all the ins and outs of the government aid system, and a strong proponent of the concept of social justice.”

    Social justice seeks to create equalitarianism through taxation, income, even property redistribution. Why bother with the ‘politically correct’, call it what it really is, socialism or communism!

    Sorry this is so long but I feel my digging on this is worth all of us knowing.
    The Public Interest Scholarship I mentioned? A partial list of the Georgetown’s mentors for the program of include:
    Katherin Barton, Attorney, Appellate Section, Environment and Natural Resources Division, U.S. Department of Justice
    Brigette Kaiser, Staff Attorney, Office of General Council, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    Sarah Lictman Spector, Staff Attorney, Family and Children’s Health Programs at Department of Health and Human Services
    Lynn Overmann, Senior Advisor, Office of the Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice
    Judith Scott, General Councel, Service Employees International Union, James and Hoffman.
    Don’t recognize the names? These are the same SEIU that we all know and love as the purpled shirted thugs of the AFL-CIO.

    If Owebama backs down on the Georgetown case, or any other objection to Obamacare mandates, it would mean that First Amendment Rights apply directly to Obamacare and it would be struck down in it’s entirety.

  12. Joe,

    Of course there had to be more hidden behind the Fluke story. And, the OWEbama media would obviously not pursue it. When she first appeared, I said ” something smells fishy ” .

    Whenever Pelosi is involved, the truth is usually absent !

  13. JJ – You know good and well Fancy Nancy’s hubby is a Tuna merchant, so things will always be fishy with here! 🙂

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