It Will Never Happen Again

From the title, one can conclude that I am speaking in reference to another OWEbama/Carter liberal clone/clown skulking into the Slight House or even the present progressive poltroon repeating.. I am not actually talking about either of those horrible possibilities at this particular moment and when it comes to the liberals ability to steal elections, I would NEVER say “never”..

What I am actually speaking of would be the response to a few of the seminal events that have been a part of our nation’s history if they had happened today. The FACT is that we, as a nation, will never respond in the same manner that we did when these events actually occurred in our nation’s noble past. That said, the “end result” will unfortunately never be the same so I certainly hope and pray that such events never occur..

Lets look at the FDR “Depression”. No one in his or her right mind can call that which was instituted by Roosevelt anything other than outright socialism. (We shall not get into whether the “Roosevelt response” actually lengthened the nation’s misery during the Depression.. It DID by the way..) The BIGGEST difference between Roosevelt’s Depression and OWEbama’s Depression is how the respective generations of Americans were reared as well as the cancerous effects of liberalism at that early stage in its incubation during the Roosevelt Depression and what has unfortunately happened since the virus of liberalism has aged and infected America..

The Roosevelt era American was raised, lets just say “differently”, if we would like to be diplomatic.. (And if we are concerned with “brevity” in this point in the proceedings..) There was work to be done and Americans back then didn’t shy away from the concept regardless of the socialist shadow that was cast from Washington..

The double-edged sword during OWEbama’s Depression is that you have to factor in generations of liberal “laziness” that has been enabled by their handout mentality. For generations, the left has been training (indoctrinating) people to believe that their liberal government will “take care of everything” and that it isn’t even necessary for them to participate in the process. All that the liberal’s lemmings have to do is either stroll to their mailbox or stand in line at some government handout hut.. So much for Kennedy’s “ask not what your country can do for you” and this concisely proves the degeneration of the liberal ethos since those days..

Another repulsive element to the effects of generations of the liberal nomenclature is IF by some remote chance OWEbama had SOME kind of a “jobs program” (stop laughing..) along the lines of Roosevelt’s WPA or the TVA or even the CCC, today’s totalitarians would have to have their bogus “affirmative action” and other such irrelevant intrusion applied and if these “numbers” didn’t add up the way the socialists would like, then some ulterior “-ism” was in need of exorcising.. The whole thing would never get off of the ground.. ALL of the dystrophic strains of liberalism have literally made generations “unemployable”.. (The left’s “friends” in the NEA have also “helped” in this collectivist cause..) (How about the “jobs plan” over at Solyndra..)

Now lets look at Pearl Harbor and World War II. Our nation was attacked, we UNIFIED under this unfortunate rallying cry and a generation that was raised to “share”, having lived through the Wall Street crash and the Depression did what was necessary to vanquish our common enemy.

Now lets look at how the liberals acted after America was attacked on September 11th. The liberals IMMEDIATELY began crawling to coddle the Mooselims and their new pet phrase was the imaginary “Islamophobia”.. This disgusting display began only mere moments after their phony singing of “God Bless America” that the liberals all just mumbled along to.. (I still cannot believe that more than just a few of them didn’t spontaneously burst into flames when they sang the word “God..”)

Roosevelt even constructed “internment camps” in America.. Imagine what would happen if a Democrat today would suggest the construction of Mooselim camps.. (Take a glimpse at how they responded to the “Mooselim Club Fed” at Guantanamo Bay..) Look at how the liberals responded when the terrorists were merely given a bath.. (AKA: Waterboarding.. Mooselim Surfing..) Today’s liberals excommunicated Joseph Liebermann simply because he refused to agree with the liberal line on the War, what would they do today to a Daniel Patrick Moynahan?

As well, the collectivist cowards initially went apoplectic over Guantanamo Bay but now that OWEbama is in office, the “psychotic Cindy Sheehans” have all disappeared as have all of the “marches” and “protests”.. When was the last time that ANY liberal mentioned any of the “time tables” or “exit plans” that the “impartial media USED to “report” at the top and bottom of EVERY news hour just a few years ago?

The liberals immediately decried even the concept of a “War on Terror”. Several of the rather disingenuous of them “voted for the war before they voted against it..” There was surely a “difference” between Hitler’s organized armies and the smelly savages who carried out the attack on the Twin Towers, but the liberals stood almost as one against ANY serious retribution of ANY kind.. Other than issuing subpoenas..

After Pearl Harbor, America’s place as the WORLD’S “manufacturer” put us in position to easily re-tool and America began (even as far back as “Lend Lease”..) to quickly build the necessary tools of war. Since the onset of the liberals beloved “World Economy” Marxist meddling and along with their ever-helpful domestic unions, CHINA now manufactures EVERYTHING.

The necessary belt-tightening and even rationing of the WWII era would today be met with copious progressive puling that the “poor are being singled out” and other such morose Marxist moonshine..

The “unity” that covered America after Pearl Harbor is completely verboten to today’s liberal animal because for generations, ALL liberals have worked expressly towards their idea of keeping Americans DIVIDED. EVERY liberal who laughingly claims to be working towards “unity” is doing the exact opposite. (Liberal Definitional Inversion..) For example, $harpton will laughingly lay claim to being someone working towards “unity” of the races.. OWEbama himself said that he was a “unifier, not a divider..” The liberals have developed and harnessed their political power expressly through keeping ALL Americans divided.. Not to mention the left’s fervent desire to embrace and enable any diminutive despot who considers America to be their enemy..

What would America’s response be TODAY to something along these lines? Would we unify to defeat an attacking enemy? As long as the current cancerous strain of licentious liberalism still infects the political landscape, it will never happen again as it did..


7 responses to “It Will Never Happen Again

  1. Family,

    The latest from NLTZ TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. Another SPOT ON! When we talk about nine eleven, we don’t have the pain or feelings or bonding invoked by Pearl Harbor. Yet, it happened just over ten years ago and we can barely remember it. I just read of the passing of another GREAT Soldier from the Normandy Invasion at age 93. The media then was johnny-on-the-spot to keep us informed during World War II. I still remember the news reels of the war when we went to the movies. And it was a very unifying catastrophe. When talk comes round to the World Trade Towers it seems nobody or everybody was to blame and they can’t get their fingers in pointing position fast enough. I just don’t see evidence of any unity or brotherly love brought from nine eleven. Frankly, I’m offended when people just shrug their shoulders our change the subject. This election cycle will be either the changing of the guard or the changing of the world order. We must make the right decisions if we want to bring our country back from the precipice. It will take years to accomplish this, if the Republicans can make a clean sweep in November. If the Democrats out-fox the conservatives, it will be about two or three years when our Republic will be pushed over that precipice. Who will be our new founding fathers for a new America? What a nightmare that invokes!


    This is my third try to post
    winning the House and the Senate
    is important buy the way this guy operates
    we need to het him out
    I still think NEWT is the man
    They love to have Romney or Santorum
    Easy marks
    What happened to the idea that even Mickey MOUSE
    could beat this guy?????
    Lets get together and i am behind whoever is nominated
    Must remove this POTUS

  4. ves ‘ is used in many Bibles, to many it is a harsh word, and understandably so.

    Since we have many citizens locked-in to the welfare system , some pundits refer to them as ‘slaves ‘, because they are losing various freedoms. Of course there are s ome recipients who enjoy the freebies, because they
    prefer not to work.

    The OWEbama regime wants bigger gov’t., more social programs, and more control of everyone’s life ,thereby putting more people into the so-called ‘slave’ category. Owebama, The Divider, will happily enslave all races.

    The Great Emancipator , Abe Lincoln , signed the Emancipation Proclamation in Sept. 1862, and now the question is – who will be the next Great Emancipator ( presumably the POTUS ) , who will reform the welfare system, reducing it’s numbers, and freeing the modern day slaves ?

  5. Word press strikes again. The beginning of the post should read :

    The African Negroes who came here as slaves were called slaves, and they knew that they were slaves, unlike our modern day slaves who don’t realize that they are enslaved.

    Although the word ‘slaves ‘ it is used in many Bibles , to many it is a harsh word, and understandably so.

  6. JJ,

    While President Lincoln freed the slaves of physical bondage, any hopeful Great Emancipator of today would have to free them of phycological bondage. A feat I think that would prove insurmountable

    Ideally a welfare system is for those either to sick or dis-abled to maintain a decent lifestyle, not as you, say for those who enjoy the freebies because they prefer not to work. But therein lies the problem. The welfare recipients have over decades redunduntly been gormandized by liberal lies of their “deservance”, their “entitlements” based solely on their skin color.

    Listening to the liberals, blacks believe they deserve their paychecks from the government in reparation for the evils that the white man had perpetrated on the slaves. Very few of “they” having ancestory to original slaves.

    Realistically, what you’re asking would be slow, decades slow. You would have to change the mind-set of those welfare-generational reproducers by beginning in the schools. And to do that you would have to change the government ran school system first. That in itself would be good for our whole country!

  7. True, the system has been broken for a long time, and can’t be fixed overnight.

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