Its Proper Perspective

It has never been more important for you to consider who it is that you listen to and it will continue to be this way until after the November election.. What appears on the surface to be “good news” can easily be placed into its proper perspective with the “right” amount of truth applied by the “right” people..

Here come the numbers so brace yourself.. The S+P 500: Up for the fifth consecutive week. Closes above 1,400.. Up 2.4% this week. Up 11.7% this year. Up 107.6% from the all-time low of 03/09.. HOWEVER, it is still down 10.3% from its all time high.. The Dow Jones: Up 8.3% this year. Up 102.1% from the all time low of 03/09. HOWEVER, the Dow is down 6.6% from its all time high. NASDAQ is up 17.3% this year but it is down 39.5% from its all time high.. (All from “Bulls and Bears” 03/18/2012)

This begets what would appear to be a quandary for the leftists.. Can they take credit for these numbers? YES, just as easily as they have tried to BLAME everyone else under the sun for anything that has gone wrong or gone bankrupt since 2006, they will crow to the high heavens over these numbers.. How can this be? The Democratic double standard..

Shouldn’t the Bolshevik belly-crawlers of the Soros-financed “Schlock-u-pie” simians be running, knuckles a-draggin’, to the gates at the Slight House? Shouldn’t these true-blue Americans call out the “one-percent” liberal elitist political lies emanating from the OWEbama caliphate? Nope, they’re still bellowing about the “bankers”, and they have AGAIN conveniently forgotten that OWEbama is the one who “bailed” those bankers out.. As always, the liberal elitists are allowed to keep their money. Since they SAY all of the correct things in public, their portfolios are therefore their business..

If OWEbama and his Marxist minions would like to call this their “recovery”, they need to be very careful about doing so.

The value of “timing” is of the utmost importance to the liberal left. Since 2006, they have systematically driven the nation into the financial ground. They moved to “warped” speed once the liberal “Supermajority” found their seats, culminating with the Health Scare socialized medicine gambit. They no longer deal in trillions of dollars, they have scaled it back to the “mere” billions and millions.. As well, the overwhelming majority of the PENALTIES written into their liberal legislation, won’t really begin to penalize the productive (those that benefit from high stock numbers..) until after the votes have been tallied in November. Spoiler alert: this was INTENTIONAL..

In short, the liberals have just “scaled back” their Bolshevism from “completely outrageous and blasphemous” to “out-of-control typical redistributionist” levels.. In doing so, once the stranglehold of socialism was released from the throat of the economy, through the “magic” of capitalism, the economy began the process of healing from the heresy..

That said, the ONLY place that this “news” can be foghorned about is within the liberal “1%” elitist enclaves and there is no shortage of those. You will NEVER know about them because our ever-diligent “impartial” media NEVER seems to be able to find them.. In the same manner, they can NEVER “find” a Republican ex-President, but every fifteen minutes or so, we have to “hear” from Dhimmi Carter or the liberal Lothario..

The “impartial” LIBERAL media has written the “rules” relative to this and these “rules” are VASTLY different for Republicans. NO Republican could ever take “credit” for these numbers and if he or she did, the “impartial” media would awaken the Soros sycophants of the “Schlock-u-pie movement” and they would alert them as to the address of EVERY Republican candidate or contributor so that they could defecate upon their front lawns, all while the “impartial” cameras rolled..

The “impartial” media would IMMEDIATELY screech: “The gains in the Dow Jones Industrial average, the S+P 500 and the NASDAQ benefit ONLY the Republican ‘one-percent’. Yet the price of gasoline under this Republican president is well over four dollars a gallon and as well, this Republican president has presided over the loss of over six million jobs on his watch. This doesn’t say much for his commitment to the suffering of the middle class who do not have the stock portfolios of the Republican elite..”

Just replace the word “Republican” with the word “Democrat” and you will actually have an HONEST representation of this information. The question then becomes, why haven’t you heard this “news” from ANY of the “impartial” media sources? CNN? The New York Times? ABC? WHY has there been a “news” “black out” that has enveloped OWEbama? Based upon the recent girly histrionics of the liberal lemmings and their “hatred” of the “corporate” whatever, this should be right within their collectivist crosshairs but mysteriously it is nowhere to be found on their reactionary radar..

The liberals have HISTORICALLY “looked the other way” when it came to the perversions, ethical or otherwise, of the members of the progressive pantheon. Billy Bob Clinton turned the Oval Office into the set of a low budget porno movie and even as an embarrassing list of his VICTIMS stepped forward, (combined with a few LIES he told under oath..) all that the left could do was cast aspersions upon the “character” of those who would dare to accuse the drawer-dropping Democrat.. However, if you call one ignorant liberal set-up job a “slut”, all bets are off..

Even the topic of “gas prices” is volatile. We are still too far out from November.. The leftist liberals will just utilize a bit of socialist symbolism, some temporary measure that will allow the price of gasoline to drop by a few pennies a gallon and OWEbama will be hailed as a conquering hero by the “impartial” media.. Never mind that gasoline was $1.78 a gallon when the liberals all danced like savages in the slimy streets of Chicago at the collectivist coronation in 2009.. If gasoline goes from four dollars a gallon down to $3.95 we will incessantly hear, “OWEbama made gas prices go down..” Don’t bother asking about those six million middle class jobs that vanished, because all that the left will say is, “Six million jobs? OWEbama lowered gas prices..”

It is our obligation to enlighten those wobbling due to the Democratic dance of deception.. The left will try to tell the world that OWEbama has given America a “thousand points of light” yet the harsh reality of it is that the Democrats have more aptly left us with a “thousand points of blight”.. Those of us not hypnotized by the fascist flatulence of OWEbama and his coconspirators of the “impartial” media, HAVE to keep things in their proper perspective..

Remember November..


7 responses to “Its Proper Perspective

  1. Speaking of gasoline, Sunoco has closed a refinery in Phila. Makes one wonder why, since as we know, the price of gasoline has doubled under OWEbama. Apparently Sunoco will attain greater profits by purchasing gasoline from China.

    Not only are jobs lost by the refinery closing, but with less production,won’t the prices continue to rise ? And by exporting about 2 % of our gasoline, less is available for our usage , which will also help keep prices up.

    Perhaps Steven Chu is very happy with the current situation.

  2. Seeing the whole picture is really important. That is why I like this site. I feel every one in the family has our country at heart and will expose shenanigans or missteps no matter who is responsible. We really call it like it is and respect truth and transparency.

  3. know this is a bit off topic, but it is very timely. Obama on March the 16th signed an Executive Order titled “National Defense Resources Preparedness”, which basically allows the Federal Government to nationalize EVERYTHING–even food and water!–when martial law is declared (which can be declared by Obama under the flimsiest of excuses). If you click on the link shown below, just scroll down to these sections that proves what I said about food and water, or else use your “Find” feature if you have it on your browser:

    (1) Sections 201(1) and 201(5)

    (2) Sections 801(c), 801(e), 801(f) and 801(n)

    The link is

  4. gsteelwraith

    Much as I assume that everything Obama does is to secure ultimate power for himself, the NDRP Order is simply a reiteration of the one that has been operating since Dwight Eisenhower in one form or another. What has changed is the nomenclature, as certain governmental bodies didn’t exist when Clinton last updated it. If such a Martial Law implementation plan exists (and I assure you one does) it won’t be where any of us can look it up. We should all be wary of anything coming out of this White House, and we should look out for that ‘Reichstag moment’ as Glenn Beck calls it. That could be a most unpleasant October surprise.

  5. gsteelwraith, I believe the martial law implementation plans are shown in Presidential Directive Decision 25 (PDD-25), if I am not mistaken. Good luck on finding it on the Internet!!

  6. Presidential Directive Decision 25 (PDD-25) is now available only at the Clinton Library at

  7. pleonardson10, I clicked on the link you gave, and what came up was A BLANK PAGE!! Was it my computer tht can’t show the PDD-25 page, or has it been “whited out”? Please, someone go to it and see if you can view that page now and let me know on this blog post. Thanks!

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