Test Pattern

Is anyone else picking up on what has been going on “politically” of late? I see both a “test” and a definitive “pattern” and both aren’t too encouraging IF the restoration of America is one of YOUR “top priorities” as the Kenyan Kollectivist USED to be so proud of saying every five minutes..

Yesterday, Mitt Romney “won” the Illinois primary. (Spoiler alert: the following shall be classified as: Humor) With the “history” that has become the strange world of Illinois “politics”, six million “dead” voters were again heard from.. I suppose that they were just trying to reassure all of the local Democrats that they will AGAIN be sufficiently ambulatory once their hometown (via Kenya) boy faces the Republicans in November..

(Serious) One of the telling revelations within this primary “win” is the fact that about 20% of eligible Republicans decided to show up for this primary. (Humor) After all, there is absolutely nothing at stake here, its just an insignificant primary.. (VERY Serious) What IS “at stake” is the Republicans choice to upend the Brown Bolshevik in November.

This “choice” should be in STARK contrast to the suffocating socialism that has been forced upon America since January of 2009.. This Illinois “test”, like ALL of the tests administered within the liberal Democratically decimated public schools, is a failure for a number of reasons.. A mere twenty percent of eligible Republican voters managed to wander in and cast a ballot for someone at a time when they (and unfortunately generations to follow..) have been victimized for almost four fascist years.. Not only was this a “test” it is part of a very dismaying “pattern”..

It is NOT necessarily the fact that the Republican field of presidential aspirants seems large at this point in the proceedings, it is the fact that this “field” that has SO MUCH to work with courtesy of OWEbama and the collectivist caliphate, and yet no one can seem to find a “winner”..

The “impartial” media let their feelings show early on in this “contest”. In their demented view”, if you seemed to have a chance of gaining ANY early momentum against OWEbama, you needed to be silenced or better yet, eliminated altogether.. The unabashed liberals wanted the Republican primaries to be more of an embarrassing and endless scrum, sort of similar to the ones surrounding Democratic “events” involving the Black Panthers in Philadelphia and the SEIU..

First it was Herman Cain. The “buzz” around Herman was growing UNTIL the “discovery” of an alleged lengthy affair. However, such things as marital infidelity, real or imagined, done under the fascist flag of the Democratic Hammer and Sickle, is of no consequence. Just ask Nina Burleigh..

Next it was on to Newt Gingrich. The “impartial” media placed their water cannons upon the Gingrich candidacy as soon as the embers began to glow.. As OWEbama coconspirators, they KNEW that ANY “debate” or ANY exchange of ideas with such an impressive intellectual like Gingrich would spell a certain END to the OWEbama era (error..). Once it appeared that things were “settling” towards Romney, the “impartial” media began to almost cheerlead.. All the while, your compassionate collectivist “friends” were STILL QUIETLY hard at work spending and spending and spending your life savings away..

The “pattern” is a definitive lack of “excitement”. Conservatism’s arch enemy, “apathy” has again struck, and by the way, “apathy” is also the liberal’s BEST friend.. Since the Marxist madrassa has gone almost “underground” of late as opposed to the ridiculous and heavy handed socialist spend-a-thon that began in January of 2009, the liberals REAL “victims” of the middle class, have LOST their “momentum” that led to the creation of the “Tea Party”.. (Speaking of water cannons, BOTH the Republicans and the Democrats sprayed as much water on the Tea Party as they could..)

How can this possibly be? OWEbama has STILL destroyed over six million middle class jobs permanently and gasoline, which WAS $1.78 when OWEbama slithered into town, is now $4.00 a gallon.. This is BEYOND the staggering debt and deficits that the liberals have foisted upon America. This is BEYOND ALL of the immorality that the left has now MADE LAW. The “oh, well” attitude of the “victims” reinforces my belief in what I have termed the “Socialist Stockholm Syndrome”..

This “Syndrome” will NOT get any better. Since the “pattern” of the “impartial” media’s personal campaign of “cover and concealment” for OWEbama, a scheme that was laid out upon the socialist sand tables many months ago, OWEbama has “raised” over $85,000,000.00 which is over SIX TIMES the amount raised by the ENTIRE “Republican field”.. The REAL “1%-ers” of the liberal elite, the “1%-ers” that NEVER get any of the “attention” from the puerile progressive “protesters”, have assembled and tithed as all good fifth columnists should..

The “pattern” that WILL develop from all of this collectivist cash is the hypnotizing of the so-called “independents”. Will you be hearing FACTS like OWEbama has INCREASED the debt owed by every American in this country in “record” time? What about the FACT that this concept of “debt” and “spending” was called “irresponsible and unpatriotic” by CANDIDATE OWEbama back in 2008.. What about the FACT that this “debt” was created by a House and Senate that was FIRMLY Democratic SINCE 2006.. What about the FACT that OWEbama’s almost insurmountable debt is almost $15,000,000,000,000.00 and the BAD news is that the “budgets” that he has unflinchingly submitted have HIS debt at a staggering 26 trillion dollars by 2022.. What about the FACT that this OWEbama debt has increased 47% in less than three years time?

Nope.. You will be regaled with the “pattern” of happy hypnotic tinkly pianos with softly spoken over dubs, the air will be perfumed with his fascist flatulence as OWEbama will “convince” you that he and the liberals are your “friends”.. You will be “regaled” to the tune of at least eighty-five million dollars (as of this writing..) worth of this narcoleptic nonsense.. And it will WORK.

Why will it work? Because the “test” for this “pattern” was done in 2008 when the Republicans launched a weak-wristed response to an overtly socialist “community organizer” with 143 days of Senatorial “experience” and the liberal’s “shampaign” of totalitarian tripe WORKED.. If things get “desperate” the “pattern” of calling everyone in America a “RACIST” will again remerge from under the reactionary rocks..

This also reminds me of the old “test pattern” that used to be run on television in the “old days” when no one was broadcasting at around four or so in the morning.. You would see the SAME image with this sonorous monotone sound that droned on and on and on.. The effect THEN will be the same NOW.. The same OWEbama fictional “image” with that sonorous (Soros) monotone sound that will drone on and on and on.. The hypnosis of heresy..

With all of these well established progressive and conservative “patterns” firmly and “historically” in place, we have to wonder how we will do in November once the REAL “test” begins..

If America fails this “test”, if America fails to dethrone the Democratic deity, if America fails to disrobe EVERY Democrat and deprive them of their unlimited access to YOUR money through the taxation trough in Washington, then the “pattern” of the last four years WILL NOT “CHANGE” at all and it will probably get even WORSE..

Let’s “Hope” not..


26 responses to “Test Pattern

  1. I want to run for president.
    I need a Chief of Staff / Speechwriter.
    Any takers??

    Wait till you see MY platform…


  2. I want to be Sec. of Defense. Rules of engagement = Find them, kill them, Come home!!!! I like Patton’s plan ” do not die for your country, make the other bastard die for his” I would get rid of the pea shooters we demand our troops use so the do not hurt the enemy too bad and go back to real guns like the 1911 in 45 Cal, and the old enemy killer the 30-06.

  3. We should have the same “exit strategy” for Iraq and Afghanistan that Patton had when he crossed the Rhine River into Germany in 1944….

  4. gsteelwraith

    No, we should have an ‘exit strategy’ such as the one the Russians provided for Napoleon. Leave nothing but scorched earth and ashes for them to feast upon. He lost three quarters of his army in the long retreat from Moscow.

  5. Dave from Anaheim

    Nuke their ass and take the gas!

  6. Family,

    I’ve NEVER asked this before within the comment section but what do these comments have to do with the original piece?


  7. Happy to see that the ST.LOUIS police dept. kicked the ‘occupiers’ off the St. Pat’s day parade route… good-on-ya!

  8. Yes, Larry… a very dissapointing turnout for every one of these ‘votes’ it sho.uld be important enough to show ‘interest’ and ‘investment’ in our future!

    Thanks for the artic le

  9. sorry, should read disappointing…guess aging is playing havoc again..

  10. sturmudgeon,

    If people aren’t even interested in TRYING to derail the Bolshevik revolution after four years of focused feral fascism, when the VICTIMS, even in a very Democratic state like Illinois can’t find the time..

    Unlike the liberals, my vote only counts ONCE. I CANNOT overcome the apathetic, the uniformed, the uninterested, the uneducated..

    THEY will in turn return us to the tax and spend liberalism that has failed for decades, let alone the last four years.

    I stand alone. I think that I will go run Curahee..

    Thanks as always,



    The sleeping masses will wake up in October
    It is hard to pull the lever for Romney who lost
    to McCAIN who lost to Obama
    What the hell are we thinking?????????
    I still root for NEWT brokered CONVENTION


  12. In my state, Pennsylvania, we have NO say in who our candidate will be. By the time we hold our primary elections, the candidate will already be chosen. Apathetic…..yea a little. I have no voice, I am stuck with whomever the rest of the country nominates.

  13. Larry.

    Many years ago, after driving all night, I checked into a hotel in a small town in Maine. Upon entering the lobby at approx 6:00 AM , I saw an older gentleman intently watching TV . After registering, I noticed that the guy was staring at the ‘test pattern’ ! And, about 1/2 hour – he was still there , and so was the test pattern.

    You are correct, things haven’t change much for one segment of society.

  14. While reading this post, I got to thinking…..EVERYTHING OWEbama has done is a test. A test to see just how far he could go. Has anybody stood up to him and said no and have that no stay a no? Just curious.

  15. Well, isn’t that nice. WordPress has changed my posting name without me even having to ask them to do it!

  16. Owewbama can do and/or say almost anthing that he so desires, even if it entails self-contradiction, because he has a HUGE army behind him, including the MSM or LSM, the Liberal mentality, the minorities, the environmental wackos, the freeloaders, the Hollywood elite, the George Soros types, and on and on.

    He has it made in the shade, and he can even flat out lie without
    repercussions. There is almost no stopping this ultraradical. Therefore he’ll continue and we will suffer more with each passing day.

  17. Larry,

    Please indulge me for a moment and permit me to go off-topic .

    Since there are many astute posters on this site, I’d like to pose an open question : During a jury trial , opposing counsels provide their various ‘experts’ to prove or demonstrate their case. If they are ‘experts ‘ in the same area of involvement , how can one side be right and the other side be wrong ? If they are truly ‘experts ‘ on a specific subject or discipline, then one would assume that they would be in accord with each other, and not 180 degrees out of sync.

    Just a thought.

  18. JJ,

    There is a very easy answer to your “off the subject” question..

    Having been in more trial situations than anyone that I know, these so called “experts” are VERY well compensated for their “opinions”..

    These “experts” make careers out of this malarkey and if you wanted one of them to “testify” that the Earth was flat, for the right price, they would..

    Their “opinions” are for sale. Dangle enough green in front of one of these “experts” and they would even say that OWEbamaScare ISN’T a socialist enterprise..

    Federal testimony is even better, “price” wise..

    Its quite a scam.

    Thanks as always,


  19. Larry,

    So, the phrase ” how much justice can you afford” rings true to an extent .

    And, the whole plethora of ‘lawyer jokes’ has merit. Accordingly, my disdain for many lawyers has been vindicated. Thanks.

    However, do any of these legal gymnastics extend all the way to the Supreme Court, where it can take as few as 5 Justices to render a decision that can affect the lives of millions of Americans ? Think about that – only 5 humans who can affect so many lives . Does ‘once a lawyer, always always a lawyer’ apply ?

  20. JJ,

    As an example, Cyril Wecht (hope that I spelled that correctly) and Michael Baden have made boat loads of cash following each other from courtroom to courtroom as opposing “experts”.

    “How much justice you can afford”? Ask OJ..

    A good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the judge.

    For an interesting read, try “The Bretheren” by Woodward as relates to the “Supremes”..

    Once a lawyer, always a lawyer..

    And as I have said, “lawyer” and “liar” aren’t seperated by more than a few vowels and consonants..

    Thanks as always,


  21. JJ- I wonder what judgement in the hereafter will be meted out to the Supreme Court Judges who passed ROE v. WADE, allowing wholesale slaughter of babies?

  22. rko41,

    The SC judges have quite a deal – lifetime appointment, bennies, no fear of job loss if they make a bad decision, limited court time, and apparent partisan political voting. After all, they are political appointees.

    Which raises the question – is this the best method to run the Supreme Court ? Politics vs Justice !!

  23. ( continued)

    Therefore , since they are basically not held accountable for their actions in this life, perhaps they feel safe in the hereafter.

  24. Larry,

    Thanks for book recommendation .

    Does the following qualify as ‘truth in advertising ‘ ?

    ” Columbia University School of Journalism “

  25. It’s a bird ……… no, it’s a plane ………. no, it’s Superman .

    It’s a fee …….. no, it’s a tax ……… no, it’s a penalty ……. no, it’s not a tax …… no, it’s not a penalty ……. no, it’s not a fee …… yes, it’s only a tax when it’s not a penalty ……

    Which of these comments should be brought to the SCOTUS ?

    Apparently the OWEbamacare attorneys believe that the answer is . . . .the second group !!!! And, these are supposedly OWEbama’s “top notch ” lawyers ! Even Uberliberal Elena Kagan didn’t agree with OWEbama’s sharks , sans polka dot suits, red noses, and face paint, as they attempted to turn the SCOTUS into a 3 ring circus.

    Oh , and BTW – many years ago on TV . . . . . . it was Superman .

  26. Get a barf bag handy and watch this shyster:

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