What started as a mere 280 disgustingly intrusive liberal Democratic politicians (219 in the House, 60 in the Senate and one Brown Bolshevik) telling several MILLION formerly free Americans that they HAVE to swallow the socialist swill of OWEbamaScare, has now left us with the dim “hope” that nine judges can see the light and “change” things.. Hundreds of millions of AMERICANS and THEIR opinions are of no consequence. (And they never have been..) We hold our breath awaiting the “opinions” of the Supreme Court..

Mind you, the FACTS surrounding this cornerstone of the collectivist “Target America First” campaign are irrelevant to the liberals and it seems that they are irrelevant to the VOTERS/victims as well.. AT LEAST 67% of the genuine VICTIMS of this heresy in the latest Communist Broadcast System (CBS) poll said that they were AGAINST this bill.. (That HAD to floor the liberals at this “impartial” bastion of progressive poison..) The INITIAL LIE of $900 billion as the “cost” for this babysitting program has been jettisoned TWICE by the CBO and it now stands at $1,700,000,000,000.00 (TRILLION) (and counting..) middle class tax payer dollars to support the liberal voting base who ALREADY HAVE “medical care” (just step into ANY “inner city” emergency room at any time for your proof..) and they ABUSE this “privilege” (freebie for THEM) each and every day..

Lou Dobbs has theorized that upwards of twenty MILLION formerly INSURED Americans will be sent adrift by their employers who will take the OWEbama PENALTIES rather than pay the EXORBITANT OWEbama medical demands.. As long as the liberal base of “occupy” vermin, ILLEGALS and societies shiftless, the worthless and the barnacles are “covered”, according to the liberal Democrats, the middle class can go jump in the lake.. But leave your checkbook behind when you go..

It is obvious that OWEbama is the “enemy” in all of this but is he the biggest one? This socialist “community organizer” had socialism coursing throughout his 2008 shampaign and he “promised” to bankrupt America with his savior-mentality health scare scam (just like the LAST liberal who darkened the White House, only this one pulled the scam off..) If not OWEbama, then who might be the biggest “enemy”?

Mary Landrieu? Blanche Lincoln? Ben Nelson? These three blackmailers demanded to be “compensated” for their votes and all three were proud of this fact. You’re not there yet but you’re getting warmer..

The real “enemy” has to be the political ferret, the Republican turncoat turned Democratic fair-weather-fiend, Arlen Specter, who cast the deciding vote. For his political suicide, the Democrats let old Arlen take a whipping at the hands of the OWEbama BRIBED Joe Sestak who lost to Republican Pat Toomey.. After wandering about all teary eyed with his hat in his hand, Arlen can be found “teaching” at the university of Pennsylvania, instructing the amorphous minds there in of all things, “the relationship between Congress and the Supreme Court, focusing on the separation of powers and the confirmation process..”

My prediction: the Supreme Court will let the heresy stand. We will find out in June..

The progressive prognosticator has for the third time been caught whispering to another nation’s “leader” that he is going to triumph in November, the latest being the socialist sock money Medvedev.. Without question, what we have is the MOST beat-able incumbent ever to embarrassingly decide to again run for the office that he now holds and I feel that OWEbama the oracle is probably right..

The two biggest elements in all of this are as follows: The Republicans and the “impartial” media.

The Republicans, even after four years of focused fascist aggression by the Democrats against ALL that is American, STILL can’t seem to find ONE candidate to oppose the WORST president in history. I had no idea that the Republican talent pool was as shallow as it appears that it is..

For the life of me, I cannot imagine why OWEbama is flying about on the taxpayer’s dime going from fundraiser to fundraiser. The “impartial” media LOVES the bowing Bolshevik and they will slavishly devote ALL of their formidable resources to aid the liberals in any way that they can. Ignoring damaging facts, embellishing imaginary accomplishments, “creating” the “news” as opposed to “reporting” it.. There is no need for a single socialist liberal to donate a dime to the collectivist cause, the “impartial” media will take care of “informing” the American public..

In Romney, a ridiculously weak candidate going against the WORST president in history.. We had better concentrate on taking the House and Senate..

What a shocker.. There has been a “discovery” of a “test score scandal” in the nation’s “public schools”.. Not ALL of the public schools, mind you.. Here are a few of the “cities” being investigated.. Milwaukee, Detroit, Miami, St. Louis.. ALL OF THEM are bastions of “inner city” liberal Democratic “special interests”.. ALL OF THEM are “run” by the Democratic fellow travelers of the NEA..

Two factors at play: The goal of the liberal NEA is to “graduate” another generation of UNEMPLOYABLE people, who will then become wards of the liberal socialist welfare state. This guarantees their “life-time” membership in the lowest class which also makes them perpetual Democratic voters.. Their “test scores” aren’t important, their “feelings” take precedence. They can’t read, they can’t think and they cannot function, ergo, they are perfect Democrats..

This is nothing more than “reactionary recycling”. In order for liberalism to continue, an unending supply of victims needs to be generated in perpetuity. There is no more effective and convenient vehicle for the liberals “final solution” than the abattoir of the “public schools” and that is why the liberals have purposely targeted the public education system with their carcinogenic “compassion” for generations..

As well, keep in mind that WHITE liberals sold (“souled”..) the blacks on the idea that being educated was “selling out to the white man..” The liberal elitists fully understood that the uneducated are much easier to shackle to a life of indentured servitude than those who have the capacity for abstract thought..

Speaking of abstract thoughts, gasoline was $1.78 a gallon when OWEbama took office and six million Americans have had their jobs terminated under his totalitarian tutelage.. Debt, deficit, depression and defaults.. Scamuli, bailouts and takeovers.. Solyndra, Fast and Furious.

Remember November..


18 responses to “Wilkipedia

  1. I agree with you all the way, Larry. And your comment about not knowing the Republican talent pool was so shallow, really marks the spot. I have lost all hope of the Republican party to right their ship and charter a course consistent with the American People. Sixty-seven percent and we are cowering. We should be ashamed of ourselves. I realize the Dem’s play dirty, but we can out play them if we play HARD and keep the facts in full view and stop accepting the posture of a whipping boy. Republicans should gird their loins and get into the fight and hold our heads high. At this point we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We must take the House and Senate or accept socialism/communism within two years. I may be over the hill by many years, but I’m not yet under the hill, so I plan to fight!
    (Just a little humor, Larry regarding WordPress. As I spell checked my posting, it didn’t like the name they gave me and wanted to suggest rog.) 🙂


    Your message is on the money in most places
    However the battle for the Republican candidate
    may go to the convention which is good for the masses as
    .we may get a true cinservative in the end. Also the
    public is to busy watching DWTS until October when
    it counts and the Dems do not have any idea who the
    opponent will be till then and we will have aired all our dirty
    linen in the open Winning the house and senate is also
    a must and it looks like it will happen as the Dems are
    losing in the polls around the country


  3. The kids who are given the social promotions ( ie , not really being educated ), along with the liberal college instructors / professors who promote the liberal agenda, and the freeloaders who want all of the gov’t. benefits,belong to a group known as ‘useful idiots ‘ .

    “Useful idiots ” were instrumental in the successful implementation of Communism and Marxism. However, these people didn’t know that they were being manipulated until it was too late.

    History is being repeated, and the aforementioned ‘useful idiots ‘ don’t know that they are being manipulated.

  4. If OWEbamacare stands, is it safe to say that stupidity has prevailed ? And, will the libs give due credit to Adolph and Karl ? Just asking !

  5. ‘Obamacare’ should of course be defeated, but it is only a symptom of the cancer known as government. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, the IRS, the EPA and public education also be abolished forthwith, as the beginning of the dissolution of the Federal government.

  6. gsteelwraith

    You’re dead on as usual Larry with your analysis of the situation. Your opinion of Romney squares up with mine, as well as the hope for a brokered convention. It also works well for us in that Obama will not have a clearly defined target to sling his brand of bile at until August, and the Democrats will have only a narrow window to take their shots. Indeed if Romney gets the nod, we must concentrate our focus on unseating Dems in the House and Senate to ensure Obama becomes an irrelevant figurehead. Given his unusually candid comments with the Soviets, we know now he plans to dismantle our missile defense in order to make the Kremlin and his Chinese paymasters happy. We the People need to ensure the President does not have the flexibility to weaken us further by having a Legislature capable of hitting him with treason charges that can stick.

    As for Obamacare, so far things look hopeful, though I will not say more than that, after all hope is the on-ramp to the superhighway that is disappointment. However, how embarassing it must be for the White House when Obama’s own appointees (including the one whom has never even presided over a traffic court) are laughing at his Solicitor General, because his legal arguments are so pathetic. In the end we may find that while the central tenet of Obamacare is struck down (after all why should there be a tax on people simply because they are citizens?), parts may pass Constitutional muster and remain. We may see a King Solomon-like decision where both sides will be victorious and defeated, as this bloated baby of a law is split in twain.

  7. rko41,

    Excellent points..

    How long are the “silent majority” going to just sit about letting a few do the heavy lifting?

    If THEIR apathy didn’t DIRECTLY effect me, I would not care.

    Thanks as always,


  8. JR,

    Ain’t givin’ up..


    Thanks as always,


  9. JJ,

    The useful idiots occasionally learn that they are being victimized, that’s when they start torching their own neighborhoods.

    The liberals then REWARD this activity with more of YOUR tax dollars.

    Thanks as always,


  10. Carl-Edward,

    Such elimination is a lofty goal but the left has succeeded in “growing” government” to a point that all that can honestly be accomplished is an ending of its further expansion..

    Until the silent majority gets off of its collective duffs and does something, NOTHING will “change”.


    Thanks as always,


  11. gsteel,

    Spot on as always..

    Couldn’t have said it any better.

    Thanks as always,


  12. I was encouraged today, although I will still be praying for the right decision in June, by words from Supreme Court conservative Judges, Scalia, Kennedy, Roberts Jr., Alito Jr. along with Thomas in saying that they had the majority, and were inclined to do so, to strike down the entire statute as unconstitutional.

    This morning I read Thomas Sowell’s column telling how a 1942 U.S. Supreme Court case could effect the decision on Obamacare. This 1942 case is important enough that Owebama’s administration is actually going to use it in defense of the healthcare law in that it has the legal authority to impose Obamacare mandates on individuals by way of “interstate commerce.”

    “Over the years, “interstate commerce” became magic words to justify almost any expansion of the federal government’s power, in defiance of the Tenth Amendment.. That is what the Obama adimistration is depending on to get today’s Supreme Court to uphold its power to tell people that they have to buy the particular health insurance specified by the federal goverenment.”

  13. Joe,

    If you are referring to the case of Roscoe Filburn, the Ohio farmer, ( who IMHO , was victimized by the US gov,t. ) , then it is easy to see why the OWEbamacare lawyers would use that case, since it is the typical OWEbama backdoor, half-truth approach to the liberal agenda. Using a bad decision as precedent is their stock in trade. And, by going that route, it becomes very obvious that they are devious and desperate.

    If OWEbamacare were as beneficial as they claim, they would NOT have to resort to such desperate and devious measures, and millions of dollars would not be wasted on countless law suits, including the SCOTUS.

  14. JJ,

    Filburn isthe one, a small farmer who grew wheat on his farm strictly for his families and farm animals use. The U.S. Dept. of Agr. fined him for growing more wheat than allowed under the “Agricultural Adjustment Act” which passed under Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce. Filburn didn’t enter any of wheat into commerce, interstate or otherwise butr the courtdeclaired it as supplieng a need of a man who wrew it which would be otherwise reflected by purchases in the open market, meaning that effected interstate commerce.
    Get right down to it we shouldn’t even have a vegetable garden or a fruit tree!

    The overiding theme of Obamacare suggest if a person doesn’t opt in to it they face a penalty which in essence makes it illegal for that person to exist a liberty-loving American. Does Congress have to power to create commerce in order to regulate it? Should we all be forced to buy cell phones in order fo easy access to emergency numbers? Or how about the government telling us what cars can drive and what foods we can eat ? NOT IN THIS BOY’S LIFETIME!!

  15. Joe,

    Nor mine !

  16. Interestingly, as with what Larry says about Obamascare having to have been swallowed by formerly free Americans, he exemplifies the point in what the government has been doing in stripping freedom from the people for the past one hundred years. There was a time when the citizens cared, of course that was when Congress still listened, but within the last fifty years the pace has quickened and people just don’t seem to give a dam.. Or is it the fact that there are more “Hand Me Out Harrys” that would rather be taken care of by the guvment than pay the price for losing their freedom…afterall, in a way they already have.

    It has been estimated that everyday, innocent common citizens such as myself and everyone here in the Family, I will even be so bold as to say Larry with his knowledge of law included, unknowingly breaks at least three criminal laws each and every day. Federal mandates, statutes and regulations have become so voluminus and vague over the past century that any over-reaching prosecutor can target anyone at any time.

  17. Joe,

    If they are the unconstitutional “laws” forced upon formerly free Americans by OWEbama, I will “violate” as many as I can and I encourage everyone to do the same..

    Thanks as always,


  18. Just had a weird thought – would the term ” unconstitutioal law ” qualify as an oxymoron ?

    Yeah, it is a weird thought – no response is needed.

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